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10/03/22On the old Reddit she said she was considering. Maybe dm her there u/thecorychase Cory Chase provides?
10/01/22Tryst the real MVP. Thank you! Kendra Lust
09/29/22Kendra Lust is back providing!?!? I hope that is credible  Pamela Peaks Credibility
09/28/22Good review...shes on my list for whenever I get down to Miami Ashley Peaks Review
09/26/22she is not very active on her OF...and also caution anyone you cannot ask in the DMs about meetups on OF. The girl almost always will say no cause they can get their account deleted Ella Reese provide?
09/26/22I would love to know this as well...I've done some research and couldn't find anything Ella Reese provide?
09/26/22The gift off the wishlist goes a long way. A lot of girls I've talked to say that no one ever buys them anything off of it Tipping
09/24/22I’ve seen 3 PSEs and have spent 9k total. I like longer amounts of time so that contributed to it How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22best sex I’ve ever have. Hands down I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review
09/24/22Alright well since the comments don’t appear public unless you sign in. This post is about Slimthick Vic I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review
09/24/22I’ll DM you, sorry for not naming her but I really don’t think she wants it out there that she provides or does meetups. SUTR I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review
09/23/22Definitely going to keep an eye out for her...she still looks great Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/23/22Those filters and heavy makeup can change up everything. Its wild ATF's that don't look the same?
09/22/22will do Slimthick Vic
09/22/22you heard right...I have some info, will DM Slimthick Vic
09/19/22She posted on OF for people to stop asking about meetups, saying “it will neveeeeer happen.” Now we’ve heard that before, she can’t say anything on OF or she’ll get kicked off so idk why people still ask there. Just some intel tho Bunny Madison
09/16/22I actually don’t mind regular clothes cause we see them in vids with lingerie all the time. Regular clothes is nice change up and more real vs seeming like a performance Do we care what a provider is wearing?
09/14/22I'm with you in the fact that I want to enjoy myself. I tend to desire a more GFE so good convo, good sex, and im cool. It's more enjoyable for me to bust one good nut then 2 or more "ok" ones.  The only thing I wouldn't want a provider to do is rush me, like the 15min thing. I had one session where the girl was moaning for me to cum the 2nd position in and it threw me off big time. Providers POV on Climaxing
09/11/22You know it may not be her on OF right…most girls have someone else run it How weird is it to say “I love you”?
09/10/22For active girls right now a weekend with Kayley Gunner or Angel Youngs…but some of the all time greats too would’ve been dope Asa Akira, Kendra Lust, or Lisa Ann Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/08/22Salute to her...easy money for a lot of the big names, even with OF taking %20 off the top Sophie Dee OF Money
09/05/22Syren De Mer out of that group  Preference
08/30/22wow..that would be a helluva night Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/28/22the starfishing applies to any girl you book...I guess I don't see the problem in this announcement mattering as long as she makes you cum (like she said she likes to do) Zerella Skies Full Lesbian
08/28/22As long as she’s not starfishing clients I don’t see why this matters…Kira Noir said the same thing in an interview, she’s into girls but enjoys the act of pleasuring men sexually, that’s it.  Zerella Skies Full Lesbian
08/26/22To each their own I guess...but to your point, there is definitely something to if she is your all time fav you would go for it regardless of what they look like. For example, for me Jayden Jaymes is up there as an ATF pornstar. I know she doesnt provide and never will, but for the sake of the argument she definitely doesnt look like she used to. Recently got her tits reduced and definitely doesn't have the body from back in the day. If she started providing would I go for it? ABSOLUTELY just because, its the experience. Carmella is the same way. If thats your girl, ATF status, you go for it.  Having Carmella Bing Big or Small, No Difference
08/25/22Rachael Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli
08/21/22For the most part they have had more established talent on the show…but yea the new girls definitely get a boost. Adam and Lena manage some of them like Sky Bri Ryan Reid
08/20/22That sucks…who was the girl?  Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/19/22does she provide guys? Any information on Molly Stewart?

Not to the level of LA, NY, Vegas...but plenty of providers come through Atlanta just need to do your homework and keep an eye out on TrystAgency and other sites

Ashlyn Peaks and Zoey Sinn - until Sunday

Paris White - until Friday

Rory Knox - 9/7 - 9/10

Lola Fae 10/6 - 10/8

Ivy Wolfe 11/1 - 11/4

Christina Savoy - some point in December

08/17/22I still watch porn but ever since I discovered the hobby, anytime I see a new girl I like in a video the hunt is on to find out if she provides lol. Even watching the girls I've been with...there's definitely something about knowing you fucked the girl in the video Has the Hobby Decreased or Increased your porn watching?
08/15/22Sooo many factors. Based on the info, reviews, etc...Ryan Conner. You said not based on looks so its an easy pick (looks wise its Karia hands down for me) Would you Rather? Karia MIa or Ryan Conner
08/12/22Would love to hear how she is...she is visiting my city in a few months Christina Savoy Touring Boston & Los Angeles
08/11/22She used to be on Chocolate Citi Models but I see she isn't there anymore. Based in FL Rose Monroe

+1 Kayley Gunner ...I tried to find info on her through the old reddit but I think she was too new. Couldn't go the OF route either cause she doesn't do skype sessions so might be a tricky one.

Ella Reese also...fine as hell

08/09/22Tryst always coming through...where would she be based out of IF she ever became available? LA? Availability?
08/09/22She's one of my favs but I don't recall ever seeing anything about her providing Availability?
08/06/22Alina Ali is awesome, definitely should see her Top ATFs?
08/03/22Tryst roster is reaching elite status. Forget these other agencies Welcome Mona Azar to the Tryst Family
08/01/22would love to know if she did...would definitely be on my list. Kira Noir
07/31/22I've been a big fan of hers for a long time...but the mixed reviews from the old thread (that definitely match her personality on social media) have put me off on trying to see her. Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
07/31/22%100 think ATFs are worth going for. I recently spent time with my ATF in LA and it was a moment I'll never forget. Already thinking about trying to see her again soon. You wouldn't want to be 5-10 years down the road and commenting on a "one that got away" thread so definitely save up and spend some quality time with yours! ATFs worth waiting/ saving for? NYC based
07/27/22She’s on PC PS Escorts on Tour
07/27/22How was it? Alison Tyler Available?
07/26/22CBJ last review I saw, otherwise great experience PS Escorts on Tour
07/26/22On the old thread I believe someone said they tried to book via AIA and she flaked on them...either way definitely go for it she's fine as hell Sophia Leone in NYC
07/26/22Good advice...thanks! Booking: How far in advance?
07/25/22Oh wow…dm sent Luna Star
07/21/22Wow was a big fan of hers a few years back. Will remember this when traveling to MIA! Welcome the beautiful Sophia Del Mar to the Tryst family
07/21/22For me 1.5 to 2 hours...I've done an hour once and felt very awkward and rushed. What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
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