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08/07/22I lived in Thailand for a year (still have my Thai ID). Vina Sky
08/07/22Hard pass Vina Sky
08/05/22I have to laugh, because I built and currently maintain 3 of those websites mentioned :) Top ATFs?
08/04/22Besides, I head that marketing UTR girls is super hard...I think I heard someone say before that it is like trying to sell a lamborghini that you cannot advertise Amanda Nicole
08/04/22Ya know, girls have no lists, maybe its time for us guys to start a no list :) Sybil Stallone

I believe that this would be the perfect example of how hobbyists/clients should take their power back. As the client (the one with the money), you dictate what you want. Economics 101. The consumer is always right. If you walk into a store, put something into your cart but take it back out before you reach the checkout, it is YOUR prerogative (Thank you Mr. Telephone Man, BobbieB).


Sybil Stallone
08/04/22To clarify, you never actually saw her and she claims that you owe her the full amount? Did you pay any kind of deposit? Did she have any cancelation policy agreed upon in advance? Sybil Stallone
08/02/22OMG...boobies!!! daddy likey!!! Chantal Danielle
08/01/22Not to be a dick and focus on the financial part, but there is only one pharma company in Denmark that makes the vaccine at this time. Should throw a few dollars into tjier stock, me thinks Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
07/29/22Third option...always ask here. This forum is FILLED with hobbyists, of which I am sure 1 or two have had personal experiences with the provider in question :) Tips on how to get started into this hobby
07/29/22I know millionaires that do not spend $432,000 in expenses each year. This girl is living in a fantasy world. She has over-inflated her pussy, and will quickly find herself in a pussy recession :) What do you guys think of Victoria Junes Proposal?
07/19/22those titties are perfect for titty f%#king Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek
07/18/22Robbed by the same girl??? :) What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/18/22was there a question? Alina Belle?
07/12/22I second that :) Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/12/22Those are some biiiiig titties! Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/11/22PrestigeProviders.com.com has a blacklist for the providers who post ads there. Unlike other blacklists though, any provider who adds someone to the global blacklist, they have to explain why, and when another provider looks up a possible client on the list, she is encouraged to use her own judgment. I have seen guys added to a blacklist because she didn't like his shoes.
Just know that a provider probably won't turn down your money if you are on a blacklist unless you really did something horrible. Just because a provider (or client), says something does not NEC means that it is the truth.
Oh, and by the way, if a provider tells you that you are on a blacklist, you have the right to know the source of the blacklist.
In other words, don't sweat the small stuff.
Has anyone been Blacklisted before?

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Testing Today!!
06/28/22just a comment test Rub and Tug
06/27/22Did I mention that I REALLY love her titties?? Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
06/27/22I've always loved her tits Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea

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