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Well said, King. If a company wants better reviews, they should focus on impeccable service. That's just good business.

All members here can communicate freely without consequence. We all have opinions, and each person has a god-given right to voice their own.

Fuck That Escort Site!!!
11/01/22This is EXACTLY why EA exists. To help others avoid scams like this. Thank you so much for sharing! Pamela Peaks Scam (Sophie Dee)
11/01/22OMG, those titties tho!! MOMMY TITTIES!!! Ashlyn Peaks in Miami
11/01/22TrystAgency has been booking a very long time and has personal relationships with a LOT of providers. They all trust him like a brother. Prolly the best facilitator in the business! Jessica Jade?
10/19/22thanks Escort Access Update!!!
10/19/22we appreciate you Escort Access Update!!!
10/19/22you're welcome Escort Access Update!!!
10/18/22Watchlist added ... on each thread post, there is now a red button under the vote count/icons. Add/Remove from WatchList. Your active watchlist is in the menu on top. Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/18/22def different than the photos on her booking webpage: https://bookjoslynjames.com/ Joslyn James in Cali Now!
10/18/22wtf happened to her face? Joslyn James in Cali Now!
10/17/22That might disrupt the flow of most of the site, but I will see what I can do. In the meantime, you can always right click on a link and open in a new tab Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22I will build that Progress Report How Are We doing?

Great suggestions all. Yes, I am currently working on a system to mark new posts for the individual user, marking them as not new when you view them. Or by your last page visit date/time.

As for the length of the direct messages, yes I can increase them. They were maxed at 250 characters, I increased them to 8000.

I am also working on a "favorites" or "watched" system for posts. There will be a icon on top of the post "Watch", and you will be able to quickly see or manage your watched posts in your Account area.

Comments for a post are currently sorted by vote, but I will put in somethings that will allow you to sort them like we do the posts on the main page.

These things all take a little work, but as soon as I get them coded, the database adjusted with new stored procedures, and all tested, I will re-publish the site and notify everyone.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions. I will work on these things this week :)

Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22I have to admit, in the three years that I lived there, I only saw 1 headless body hanging from an overpass. :) Kiki Klout Tijuana
10/17/22Yeah, Mexico can be fun, but it you are out at night, things will get sketchy. The narcos have a very strict rule against harming tourists, but sometimes the desperate minions do not adhere to it, and robberies and kidnappings are common Kiki Klout Tijuana
10/17/22There are literally tens of thousands of sites out there like that. Wouldn't you like this site to be valid?
10/17/22fake Lana roades real or fake?
10/13/22Voting on comments will keep them pushed to the top. The admin also has the option of featuring posts :) Have I learned?
10/13/22she's a hottie for sure! Attn: You lucky NY fuckers

This happens alot. Many providers (and some agencies) have very poor management skills when it comes to following up on booking requests. They get SO MANY emails that you just fall through the cracks.

Their inbox is also littered with Twitter and Instagram emails, because they do not know how to set up email rules to have those automatically go into specific folders.

Out of all of the agencies, Tryst Agency seems to be the best when following up on booking requests in a timely matter.

Rest assured, rkoman, it's not you. I am sometimes amazed at how much money some of these providers leave on the table.

Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)
10/07/22There is a scam in Mexico like this and it is VERY effective. If you contact a provider who is "contracted" with a "handler" and you back out of the date, even with advanced notice, you will get threatening messages telling you that you have to pay. The best thing to do is to just block the number and move on Intimidation Bullshit Tactics
10/06/22Gina West is VERY flexible. She may be a little older, but I will take experience over anything if I am paying for it. Hello everyone
10/05/22Tryst will prolly answer this when he comes back online. He knows her personally. Janice Griffin
10/05/22a milf squirter! Deauxma Providing?
10/05/22Brook Page & Gina West are both in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area ... My mother/daughter doubles fantasy is kicking in.. Dats alotta titties! Hello everyone
10/05/22Welcome Gina, we are glad that you are here. For those that are looking for it, her OnlyFans is https://onlyfans.com/theginawestxxx Loving this site!!

oh dear lord... def a bucket list goal!!!

boys, shine up your peckers, and take advantage of this with the quickness!

Kate Bloom and Emma Rosie....NYC Nov 1-15

If she is recording it, there might be something else going on. my spidey senses def looked up


Kazumi Offering FuckAFan
10/02/22those mommy titties tho King putting back on to the classics
10/02/22I have all of you beat. My OTF milf was Kay Parker :) King putting back on to the classics
10/02/22"more problems than Jeffrey Dahlmer.." .. lolol Would you rather? Kristina Rose or Trinity St Clair.
09/27/22GREAT [email protected]! Tipping
09/27/22those lips though.... fucking hot!! Savanah Storm
09/23/22just testing a comment reply Fake Cytherea Scam
09/23/22yuuuup Fake Cytherea Scam
09/23/22Tru dat! Fake Cytherea Scam
09/23/22I agree...Tryst is the best!!! Follow the rules
09/06/22Now THAT is a sugar daddy hunting success story right there :) $5M .. That is some powerful pussy! Riley Reid
09/04/22oo93, thank you for asking, and I hope your question was answered. We appreciate you. Sara Jay
09/04/22:) Ashlyn Peaks available in Miami and Ft Lauderdale

She def provides and the email that Tryst gave is 100% legit. Yes, she is expensive, prolly one of the most expensive, but from what I have heard, def worth every penny.

Caviar isn't cheap, boys!

Nicole Aniston
08/26/22This is America... cant we have both???   'MERICA!! Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli

First Hour: $1500

Additional Hour: $1300

Overnight: $8000

Weekend: $15000

Joslyn James Strip Tour

Please be aware that some of the deposit scams that people are currently experiencing on the Eros like ad sites, could be now migrating over to Twitter.

Everyone should be very leery of deposits unless you can get a facetime or video confirmation that the person you are talking to is the actual provider or her assistant/agency (OR you are dealing with a reputable agency).

As posted above, I would be VERY suspicious of it.


Be Cautious if Lulu Chu
08/23/22I second this!!! AIA Scam Going Around
08/22/22EA will be the best place for reviews soon :) Best site for reviews
08/20/22Tryst is da bomb. They have been doing it for many years, are skilled and thorough, and they value their clients and providers immensly Lexi Luna REVIEW
08/19/22sent to the censorship graveyard! Reddit

I am always happy to build upon whatever features that the community might think are helpful.

I must admit that I did not see the old Reddit board before building this one, and it was intentional, as I did not want to be influences by their design. That being said, we do have a few more features that are currently in the works, the biggest one is that you will be able to receive email notifications when someone replies to your thread or comments. We intentionally held back on this feature to ensure that our email server could mature naturally.

You are correct that there is somewhat less interaction on this new board, but this is also a members-only board, where Reddit was a open community forum. We knew from the beginning that it would mean somewhat slower growth initially, but would also provide for a stronger community.

EA is still in its infancy, but is growing faster than we expected. We currently have about 1/10th the original Reddit board members, but over the course of the next few months, we expect to see that number increase three-fold.

We are also starting to see more providers becoming involved directly with EA (blue check verified). As valued community members, we appreciate you and encourage your input. We are, after all, building this for you :)

~Chad Christopher, Webmaster

08/16/22She sounds entitled and spoiled The Point of a Cancellation Fee?
08/15/22hhhmmm... i have seen that idea before...lol Has it Gotten to This Point?

That is one SEXY Filipina!!!

@Tryst, time for me to move back to the Philippines!!! hahaha

Elite Companion Spotlight: Olivia Young
08/13/22I believe that there should be an industry standard: 1) a cancellation only applies within 48 hours of the date, and 2) should be 5%-10% of the agreed upon date price. Providers, like any other business model, should not be guaranteed sales. That incentivizes fraud and intentional cancellations. The process should be fair for both providers and clients. If a provider cancels or does not show up, does she have to pay the client a fee? No. So..... The Point of a Cancellation Fee?

MILFS are awesome. I remember my first sexual encounter with one, it was a drunk Russian blonde milf, wearing nothing but a overcoat and a pair of heels, passing by me on the sidewalk a7 1am on a hot Chicago night.

No words spoken.

true story..GREAT stuff!!

Oldest You'll Go
08/07/22I lived in Thailand for a year (still have my Thai ID). Vina Sky
08/07/22Hard pass Vina Sky
08/04/22Besides, I head that marketing UTR girls is super hard...I think I heard someone say before that it is like trying to sell a lamborghini that you cannot advertise Amanda Nicole
08/04/22Ya know, girls have no lists, maybe its time for us guys to start a no list :) Sybil Stallone

I believe that this would be the perfect example of how hobbyists/clients should take their power back. As the client (the one with the money), you dictate what you want. Economics 101. The consumer is always right. If you walk into a store, put something into your cart but take it back out before you reach the checkout, it is YOUR prerogative (Thank you Mr. Telephone Man, BobbieB).


Sybil Stallone
08/04/22To clarify, you never actually saw her and she claims that you owe her the full amount? Did you pay any kind of deposit? Did she have any cancelation policy agreed upon in advance? Sybil Stallone
08/02/22OMG...boobies!!! daddy likey!!! Chantal Danielle
08/01/22Not to be a dick and focus on the financial part, but there is only one pharma company in Denmark that makes the vaccine at this time. Should throw a few dollars into tjier stock, me thinks Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
07/29/22Third option...always ask here. This forum is FILLED with hobbyists, of which I am sure 1 or two have had personal experiences with the provider in question :) Tips on how to get started into this hobby
07/29/22I know millionaires that do not spend $432,000 in expenses each year. This girl is living in a fantasy world. She has over-inflated her pussy, and will quickly find herself in a pussy recession :) What do you guys think of Victoria Junes Proposal?
07/19/22those titties are perfect for titty f%#king Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek
07/18/22Robbed by the same girl??? :) What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/18/22was there a question? Alina Belle?
07/12/22I second that :) Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/12/22Those are some biiiiig titties! Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/11/22PrestigeProviders.com.com has a blacklist for the providers who post ads there. Unlike other blacklists though, any provider who adds someone to the global blacklist, they have to explain why, and when another provider looks up a possible client on the list, she is encouraged to use her own judgment. I have seen guys added to a blacklist because she didn't like his shoes.
Just know that a provider probably won't turn down your money if you are on a blacklist unless you really did something horrible. Just because a provider (or client), says something does not NEC means that it is the truth.
Oh, and by the way, if a provider tells you that you are on a blacklist, you have the right to know the source of the blacklist.
In other words, don't sweat the small stuff.
Has anyone been Blacklisted before?

All changes scheduled for today have been completed and debugged. Thank you for your patience :)

  • Added: ability to upload multiple images for a thread/post
  • Added: image carousel on thread view to accomodate multiple images
  • Added: ability to up or down vote thread comments (comments sorted by vote count)
Testing Today!!
06/27/22Did I mention that I REALLY love her titties?? Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
06/27/22I've always loved her tits Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
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