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11/29/22can you hook me up? Angelina May (Gigi)
11/29/22How did you book? Whats her email? Angelina May (Gigi)

Waiting for a review before i book. I've noticed that providers that do a lot of touring focus on quantity instead of quality.

It's usually CBJ and no MSOG.

Kali Roses Visiting New York
11/25/22i've always wanted to try a DP. Are u paying the whole bill? lol Anybody in NYC want to DP Nicole Doshi?
11/21/22Sorry guys these are the only 2 i would simp for lol. How much would you pay for a Duos with them?
11/20/2210k. Someone help me book it. How much would you pay for a Duos with them?
11/18/22Any reviews on Kitana Montana? Pornstar Escorts To LookOut For
11/17/22Easy and cheap women Traveling to Colombia is not safe
11/16/22Red flag shes not verified. Eros has a ton of scammers.  Alina Ali Eros Ad
11/16/22I heard she does CBJ Kiki Klout Drop Tour Dates
11/15/22Damn. How long is she in New York? Adria Rae
11/15/22I'm currently working on purchasing an LLC, working with someone to create the art work and building a website so that i can start recording my sessions. I plan to make everything very professional. Will I be able to use these talent agencies? Do they look at how long an LLC has been around? Do you think they will be willing to work with me? Any suggestions? I'll be done with everything in late January and then i can start recording. I'm going to start with escorts first. Rank your favorite model agency!
11/14/22I need both of them. Lets see how long Morgan Lee's relationship lasts Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/14/22If it was Chloe Lamour i would be all over this lol. Is she available by any chance? Chloe Amour
11/11/22Damn. Can i get both on the east coast instead? Adriana Deluxe Italy Trip
11/08/22MSOG and BJJJ????? Connie Perignon Rate Increase
11/08/223k is worth it if shes MSOG and BBBJ. Luna Star Going To Milan
11/08/22i've been trying for weeks lol. Your best bet is to start a porn company. I'm working on that. Emma Magnolia
11/07/22I need her on the east coast. This chick is always on the go. Luna Star Going To Milan
11/06/22whats her ig and twitter? Aria Wolf Retiring Soon
11/05/22How did you book Aletta Ocean? What site? Most i've payed is 2k. What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/04/22Has anyone seen her before? Any reviews? Robbin Banx in Los Angeles
11/03/22is it still 4,444 or 6,666 lol Kiara Mia NYC
11/03/22August Taylor. Unforgettable.  Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
11/02/22They're so hot lol. Which one would you pick first? I have to go with Sara Retali first. Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
11/01/22pornstars Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
10/28/22I'm gonna book after the surgery Kaden Kole is going Bigger
10/26/22Great review but bruv thats risky AF. Some of you guys got some balls, i would never. You and her should go get tested ASAP.  Vicki Chase Review (October 2022)
10/23/22whats her ig? Blonde Bombshell No Longer Allowed in States
10/22/22For the people that did duos, do the girls go down on each other? Double BJs? Did you have to change condoms when u switched to the other girl? Are Duos worth it?
10/20/22if she came to the United States she would make so much money Aletta in London
10/19/22Definitely worth it. Shes a super freak. The BBBJ is amazing. My only complaint is she doesnt really like to be on top for a long period of time lol. Uptown Jenny Status
10/19/22lol damn thats not a good sign Kate Dee

I saw this as well but i dont think its going to be one or one. Theyre basically going to put on a show for a group of people. A select few might get lucky afterwards but i'm sure the price is going to go up.

Jenny is definitely available but Lissa has a man and doesnt escort anymore. 

I've seen both in the past and theyre amazing.

10/17/22If you have to ask this question thats a bad sign. If it's too good to be true, it is. Be careful out there.  Lana roades real or fake?
10/17/22I remember when she was $700 an hour.  Kiara Looking for FMTYs
10/17/22I've seen Ms Palomares. I wouldnt recommend it. I might see Jade Jayden and Kiki Klout. Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/08/22highly doubt it, shes really focus on her family and her husband has money. Thankfully we're some of the few that have hit it lol August Taylor
10/08/22I booked her 2-3 years ago. It was amazing. She has one of the best tits in the game.  August Taylor
10/04/22Damn, i've been waiting to book her. Do you know what city she's in? For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
10/03/22But she's definitely done it in the past lol Bridgette B.
09/29/22Can you message me her email? Richelle Ryan

Wow, i never knew testing wasn't standardize in Europe. Thats insane. 

There was a recent post about the same thing in the United States so just be careful. This is why i never understood people wanting Greek. 

Syphilis Update: Be Cautious of Europe Providers
09/29/22How much is HUGE cash? La Sirena
09/28/22BBFs, damn. How much was it? PS I met
09/28/223 hours and no complaints? Thats worth money by itself Ashley Peaks Review
09/27/22Did you see her test results? Was it recent test? Jennifer White review
09/27/22I want Willow Ryder. Any info on her? Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22How do we contact her? Savanah Storm

I tried instagram and found https://www.instagram.com/hallehayes_official1/ 

this is FOR SURE a scammer. Damn i need a way to contact her.

I've seen many people mention Onlyfans but i know for a fact a lot of models use bots for messages. That route also seems like a dead end.

Halle Hayes
09/20/22I did on IG but havent gotten a response IG model
09/18/22it wont last Sophie Dee Engaged: Zero Chance Now Clients
09/17/22no response Mariza Lamb
09/16/22She used to be worth it until i saw a video of her anus falling out of her body. I'm still traumatized lol. Good luck. Would Ava Devine be worth the money now?
09/14/22Damn thats a pretty good deal. What city are they in? Juliet
09/12/22I appreciate you. I'll keep the team updated if we link up. Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/12/22I've filled out the form on her website 800 times but i never got a response. I have the money but how do i get her to respond? Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/09/22what's sextpanther? i keep hearing this but i dont really know what it is September Reign | Hazel Grace | Mena Carlisle at Exxxotica
09/08/22The fact that people believe headlines off the bat is amazing. Please dont believe everything that you read. They just said that Blac Chyna makes 20 million a month from Onlyfans. Meanwhile she had to sell her cars and take a boxing match to pay the bills. The headlines are meant to get young women to sign up. Dont fall for the bullshit. Sophie Dee OF Money
09/07/22Which girls will be there? Pornstar escorts during Venus Berlin
09/07/22Do you know of any UTRs? Planning to book for Exxxotica
09/06/22Damn, legend. how was Cali Carter and Jenna Starr? I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22There's 2 websites that leak all of the onlyfans girls videos. I dont want to drop the link because it will probably get the site taken down. The video is only labeled medusa. I googled it and the twitter pages that came up is not her. Erotic Medusa
09/06/22What if you provide a clean test? Vina Sky on PC
09/05/22I always thought models have a bot or pay someone to respond to those messages. I imagine they get a ton and dont have time to read them all. Any other ideas? Katt Leya
09/03/22Definitely. Apparently she's supposed to come to NYC this month. Considering she's in Massachusetts i assume NYC is next. Still waiting on confirmation. If she does, i'm booking her. Luna Starr FMTY
09/02/22damn i didnt know she provided, how do i get in contact with her? Nicole Aniston
09/02/22Damn, even for free? Sounds like u know something that we dont lol. Would You Rather? Holly Hendrix or Uma Jolie
08/30/22What email address should i use to contact you about Luna? Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/28/22i need that Emily Willis bucket list
08/23/22Any instagram or onlyfans models?  Exxxotica Edison NJ
08/22/22Here's more motivation, I would pay A LOT. Abigaiil Morris
08/21/22Is she still available for bookings? How does her ass look now without the implants? I've always had her on my list but our schedules never aligned.  Victoria June New Boobs……

i've been trying to see Aletta for years lol. I've never gotten a response from her website or email. Some guy on reddit said that she's very selective and that you have to keep trying and she'll eventually respond. I'm still waiting. 

Anastasia is responsive and easy to setup a booking but i much rather Aletta.

Anastasia Doll or Aletta Ocean
08/20/22u a wild boy, go get tested bru lol Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)
08/19/22Great review. Did both of you provide a test before going bareback? Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)
08/18/22We need Abigaiil Morris.  Red Heads
08/16/22When you met her in person, can you ask if she does doubles with her friend Mary Jean? Booked 2 hours w/ Amy Anderssen this weekend!!
08/12/22Nice, i've been waiting on this one. Does she offer PSE or GFE? Lexi Luna Visits NYC Aug 19-23

I've reached out via email/DM several times but never got a response. If anyone has the plug, let me know.

Rose Monroe -> https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AMLnZu9T7YJ1SMB3IpeHDG6Bi1sRxM5dKHmLP0ytTfoZZg=s900-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj


Rose Monroe
08/04/22Damn that sucks. She even did a scene with Brazzers, you would think she would be willling. I would pay 5k+. We need our Tryst mate to add her to the roster.  Amanda Nicole
08/01/22What about NYC? Ivy lebelle available in LA
07/31/22She used to be 700 back in the day. How do i contact her for the 10k rate? Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
07/29/22This makes perfect since. No wonder why i've seen some IG models on eros and then you DM them but they're like its not them. The photographers are the scammers. Sia Lust scam on Eros
07/25/22Please check ur DM. Luna Star
07/22/22is she available for bookings? Alina Belle?
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