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09/27/22you should ask Else why she wont ever work with her again.. Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/26/22It is Joanna Angel
PC wont list her as public cause she doesnt want to upset the relationship that lita and joanna have
UTR JA New York (PC)
09/26/22She is $2500 per hour through PC Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/26/22i would 100% go with Daisy Need advice
09/26/22She is a cool chick with a great attitude. She would be great for an interview  Tori Avano Cali Tour
09/26/22If she had any balls at all and TRULLY believed what she said she would drop her stage name and never use it again. If PORNHUB had any small part of their business that stood up for the porn community they would scrub all of her scenes from all of their platforms. Neither thing will happen cause her name makes money. If it wasn't for her name she would just be some loud mouthed bartender with decent tits Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry
09/24/22I am on the case Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/23/22$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/22/22DM use as well would love to work with her Slimthick Vic
09/22/22Yeah they were asking for money for paid promo and custom videos
Not sure she even has an instagram. Her custom videos can only be ordered at [email protected]
Thanks King for spreading the word
Fake Cytherea Scam
09/22/22what he said Anyone know if Violet Starr escorts?

Why dont you just reach out and find out yourself?2 mins was all it took

IG model
09/19/22The amount of fakes in Vegas is huge. Eros USED to take better steps in preventing fakes. Now they just dont care as they just want sales Eros Las Vegas listings
09/19/22it didnt cost 6 figures Luna Star International Provider
09/19/22No..these girls posting videos with Filters is all Lauren Phillips Permanently Living in Vegas
09/18/22Brooke Page
Corinna Blake
Recommendations: Phoenix, AZ
09/17/22Its not the same Luna Star International Provider
09/17/22I spoke to Holly at the end of the Trip she is tweeting about. She was upset to say the least. I offered to buy her a flight back home but she was to upset to take me up on the offer. Holly is amazing and yes she has been through ALOT but she is a 100% sweetheart. I would be happy to work with her if she wanted Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/17/22We have been in contact and con confirm that AT THIS TIME she is a hard no Angel Youngs
09/16/22I can confirm she does bare and yes it's extra..and you need a recent test Lets have some fun in Nashville
09/16/22I can promise that anyone seeing her will have an amazing time. and her current rates are amazing. Book her direct and have make some memories that will last a lifetime Lets have some fun in Nashville
09/16/22I never care really. I mean I don't want them to show up like they just got out of bed. but casual clothes are fine by me Do we care what a provider is wearing?
09/15/22thank you for sniffing out the scams. this is exacty what this forum is about. Helping spread information good and bad to our members. keep up the great work Multiple Scam September Reign IG Accounts
09/14/22Possibly Pornstar Escorts Q&A: Sara St. Clair
09/14/22Jenna is based in Vegas...never heard of this other girl till today Juliet
09/14/22She probably does, but you have a 98% guaranteed success rate if you book Jenna AND Juliet for a double date. Email Jenna and Offer them both $1200 for the hour and get ready for some fun Juliet
09/13/22Dont be a lazy person. its right there in her twitter. But since it seems you need some help [email protected] Does Robbin Banxx Escort?
09/13/22I am not a big fan of helping promote girls working with other agents, but Daisy is amazing for sure, dont miss her Daisy Stone is confirmed in NYC
09/13/22Yes she does. send her an email Does Robbin Banxx Escort?
09/12/22Doing our best to make this dream come true for everyone SAVANNAH BOND
09/12/22She has never provided Abella Danger
09/12/22I think she did stop Vanessa sky
09/10/22Both Provide and can be made to happen Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22I have seen those Sex Island trips..that would be pretty fun Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22Dani used to at one time. She is a very cool person..glad I got to work with her. No more though everyone missed the boat on that Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22I can help with 2 on that list Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22well you know we can make that happen..LOL Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22go big or go home I like it Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22That is an iron we have in the fire
Please send thoughts and
Tommy King
09/08/22I wouldnt be shocked by this number at all. seems about right knowing what i know about other girls of her popularity and what they are making Sophie Dee OF Money
09/08/22Pretty sure we will have Lexi Lore, Leda Lothoria, Jessica Ryan and maybe a few others Planning to book for Exxxotica
09/08/22She has mentioned many times in the past that if she wants to fuck someone she just will. She does not provide. GOD DAMN if she did though...WOW Karma Rx
09/06/22LOL..its def HER that has the $$$$...6 figures a month on her OF alone Riley Reid
09/06/22where did you stumble upon her if she doesnt have social media? Erotic Medusa
09/06/22I dont think Diamond does any more...Penny did at one time but I think has also stopped. Reagan can be if you contact the right people..wink wink What aobut Diamond Foxxx, Reagan Foxx and Penny Pax?
09/05/22She doesn't at all. Riley Reid
09/05/22Your wrong in this case. She used to be available but no longer is. She is someone I know personally and she isn't available Has anyone seen Jada Steven’s Lately?
09/04/22I know Rochelle Ryan pursling and last time I spoke to her about trying to set up with one of our own clients she said that she was only seeing her regulars as she was slowly transitioning out of providing completely Richelle Ryan
09/04/22You seen people driving Ferraris and you don't whine and complain. You just look and say "Nice" and the. Dream about owning it
Who cares how much she charges honestly. People obviously pay it. If she is an all time favorite of yours then be happy she's available and if you want to see her let us know
Luna Starr FMTY

That is def NOT Nicole posting an ad...LMAO

her email is right there in her IG listing available to her 3.5 million fans. send her an email and ask. Here i will even be a nice guy and slid it in for you [email protected]

Nicole Aniston

I spoke to Holly Today..she is currently in NYC and looking for some work. Not sure how much longer she will be there but PRETTY sure I can help you see her for about 1200 for the hour

I wouldnt do anything with Uma even for free

Would You Rather? Holly Hendrix or Uma Jolie
09/01/22we have been chatting with her Skye Blue

I think that there are some other factors that make this a little different sort of hobby but I get the point of what your saying. As a hobbyist myself (loved it so much I bought the company) I def wont over stretch my means but if someone I REALLY wanted to see was close by and I had the money I would def pull the trigger. You only live once and those memories will last forever and so would the regret of not taking that risk and making that dream come true.


Providers Are a Luxury
09/01/22We have not spoke about tours cause she does have a pretty busy shoot schedule. Her feedback has been off the charts though Alexis Tae available in LA
09/01/22Yep been escorting for years. I mean come on she is a semi famous Instagram person. Just now getting some main stream porn scenes. You really think those PAWGs are traveling to Greece and Maldives cause they are taking pictures for their t-shirt company Dani Banks recent tour - Did anyone get in on this?

She was one of my best friends and one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing personally in or out of the bedroom.

She seems happy in her life concentrating on making content for herself and her fans. she doesn't shoot anymore other than for herself. I doubt she will ever become available again

count yourself lucky if you ever got the chance 

Veronica Avluv
08/31/22I can confirm she does not see fans Dee Williams
08/31/22Hello there Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/30/22to be fair Luna shoot ALOT more than Veronica does and is still extremely active in the adult industry VR Tour Dates
08/30/22I sent Kalina an email we shall see what she says Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/30/22Thats a big money duo for sure. I know I can help with Luna..but Kalina I would have to phone a Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/29/22Her email is in her twitter Jenna Starr
08/27/22we have had clients ask the measurements of some stars so they can bring clothing gifts for them to model, or they buy something from the models amazon gift list and ask them to bring it. just make sure that they own the item and it wasn't something that wardrobe had them wear in some scene Special outfit requests?
08/26/221500 for the first hour and 1000 each additional hour. Welcome Hazel Grace to the Tryst family
08/26/22When someone is your all time favorite you bury your face in those titties and make some memories.  Having Carmella Bing Big or Small, No Difference
08/26/22 Spencer scott
08/26/22I have spoken to her and I dont know if she will be coming back or not. no clear answer has been given...lets all hope Emma hix
08/24/22Lizz Taylor is in Orlando 1000 for the hour Disney World
08/24/22Id love to hear what her rate is. I have had friends email her different times and NEVER get a reply Mz. Dani in Vegas
08/24/22She is a close friend and her body has changed since having her first child. make sure you get updated pictures. she is still SUPER AMAZING but not super petite anymore Rebel Lynn?

This info right here is exactly why this community will be bigger and better than ever. sharing info that helps and protects your fellow dudes. I never want to hear someone complain about paying a membership when it could literally save them hundreds of dollars but just reading info on the site. 

Keep up the great work King

AIA Scam Going Around

I have heard from folks that they have never had issues with them. I have heard from folks that it took a week to get an answer back on their emails.

I have had girls complain to me that they don't enjoy working with them as they are not great at updating things and communication can be terrible. Other girls have said they are great and havent had issues.

Guess its a dice roll

08/22/22SO WOULD Abigaiil Morris
08/22/22We have been TRYING so hard Abigaiil Morris
08/22/22LMAO....busy schedules and poor planning are just two different things Planning Ahead
08/22/22Spoke with her a few her to sign up here as well. Reach out King and get that interview Aria Khaide on Tour
08/21/22looks shady  Is Discreet Elite legit?
08/21/22She takes breaks now and then just like most talent. They all have their own reasons. New BF, maybe they are focusing on their health, or  maybe their content. So hard to tell these days. The easiest way would be to send PC an email and see if she is available in the San Diego area What happened to Blair Williams ?
08/21/22We can def help. no worries. feel free to send us a DM and ask New to this hobby
08/21/22Ok I can promise you that Trinity does not own sunshine angles. That was a rumor that got started by a competitor. I don't know who owns it but it's definitely not Trinity Legitimacy of Agency: Secret Dream Date
08/20/22She is amazing and both she and us love what we do. We are super happy we could make that happen for you. She said she had an amazing time as well.  Lexi Luna REVIEW
08/20/22Not cool at all.  Sommer Isabella (Warning --Deposit Issues)
08/19/22if you have references from other ladies you have seen and how they will remember you it shouldn't be an issue Anonymity
08/19/22Yes Lexi Lore Review
08/19/22That's why we are here. Happy to help Lexi Lore Review
08/19/22The fact that nobody will be pulling the rug or closing shit down is a HUGE plus. 100% safe place to share the info we all are searching for Reddit
08/19/22I heard from another friend that booked her occasionally that she just turned down a private booking saying that she was done. pretty sure she is focusing on her own content  Alura Jenson Retiring from Industry….
08/18/22That is the Goddess Annabelle Redd Red Heads
08/17/22Brandi is 100% Fire Brandi Love
08/17/22for the most part the site is reliable. The issue comes when scammers find creative ways to exploit the listing services Please do your research
08/16/22I mean if she is offering you 1000 and coming to you then I would say take the money. Dont know who she is but anytime you get a woman to pay you thats just a good deal Shona River
08/16/22yep thats a PC email Christina Savoy Touring Boston & Los Angeles
08/16/22She reminds me of Veronica Avluv but with a way better rate. true MILF Piper Press Touring

I see the marketing strategy behind this post. On one hand she has the opportunity to make fast cash from multiple folks pretty quickly without have to do any work other than making a list to keep track of who is paying. 

On the other hand she is creating the image of someone in desperate need of fast cash and that always brings up red flags for me. Its not a new idea by any means but it would be interesting to see how it turns out or if a bunch of dudes get ripped off of 50-100 bucks or more and IF she follows through on the date once the layaway is completed

Has it Gotten to This Point?
08/14/22She is a friend and i have asked a few times. even offered her a very high rate cause I know her fans would pay it. She said no she is not interested in private work Tiffany Watson
08/14/22Her natural boobs were amazing but her new ones are off the charts nice Arabella Raphael in NYC
08/13/22were you trying to book her via the email on her Eros listing? That is a PC email and the lack of communication falls directly on their shoulders not the model Christina Savoy Touring Boston & Los Angeles
08/13/22Her current rate is 1700 for the hour. Defiantly a true GFE Pornstar Escort of the Day: Gabriella Paltrova
08/12/22She did at one time pretty sure she is not available anymore A.J. Applegate
08/11/22We don't release deposits till after the provider has done her job. Deposits
08/11/22posting a picture of who your talking about always helps Rose Monroe
08/11/22I know her pretty well. She used to be available for awhile but currently is living her best life creating content and producing. She is very content and happy with life. If you got the chance to see her count yourself lucky Nada Stevens?
08/10/22Gia is on a break for a bit Pse greek bbfs duo
08/10/22Lexi Lore and Leda Lotharia are in NYC city next week and would be down for it. as long as you have the budget and the recent clean test Pse greek bbfs duo
08/10/22Like most ladies as long as you have a recent test from talent testing I am sure the option is there. Email her with those questions MILF alert
08/09/22Read the post…Shay Foxx MILF alert
08/09/22I was on set one time where she was doing the purring thing...can confirm Brittney Andrews
08/09/22I know her personally and am trying to make it happen but from what i know about her IF SHE EVER does become available. It wont be cheap Availability?
08/09/22I used to help book her back in the day through HUBH she was 1500-1700 then..pretty sure its about the same still Monique Alexander
08/08/22Can confirm that Ivy is currently not seeing clients and yes she still looks amazing Madison Ivy
08/08/22Her rate is 1500 for the first hour and 1000 each additional hour
You can book a double with her and Zoey Sinn for 90 mins at 3000
Ashlyn Peaks
08/08/22Awesome you did sign up. Welcome to the family Hello everyone
08/08/22How Hot is she is the real question here. I mean if she is sexy and willing then there is no issue Oldest You'll Go
08/07/22I would say speak to other Trans escorts. Create a listing on or maybe in the closest city your available in. I don't think anyone here would be able to help you with tips on becoming an escort. Most everyone here are men looking for escorts.  Starter Tips?
08/06/22You are amazing and yes I am biased cause we are best friends but you are def loved by many. Keep being amazing my dear Thank you to my fans
08/06/22If she is I have not heard. IF SHE IS I can promise she isn't cheap Phoenix Marie

Heather Riley in Chicago is amazing


Chicago Recommendations ( Ps or Non-ps)
08/06/22She is not available but it's not cause of her man. He is super supportive and has been her entire career. She is just doing different things and doesn't need to provide anymore. Been friends with her since she came into the industry Kendra Lust
08/05/22Having went as a chaperone with Kimmy Granger on her first ever tour in NYC a few years ago I have to say she was a blast. No we didn't fuck she is just an all around amazing person
But if I had to choose I would say Karma RX or Anabel Redd
Top ATFs?
08/05/22It's still up cause either she or whoever is listing the ad is still making money from it
We as a community need to spread the word
Juelz Ventura Eros Scam..... Ad Still Up.
08/05/22Greek is more than 300 but your still saving 300 no matter what Pornstar Escort of the Day: India Summer
08/05/22Ok so her website says 6000 for a FMTY but a 50% deposit is required. I book for ladies WAY more famous than her and cost ALOT more than that and don't require near that amount for a deposit. I think the offer she is making is 100% legit, she is just overreaching in a big way. HOWEVER she has super fans and they will always pay it Mz. Dani offering FMTY
08/05/22Her rate is 1500...and she will rock your world Weekend in Miami
08/05/22I have Ashlyn Peaks In Miami but 600 won't do it Weekend in Miami
08/04/22Maybe email us and get screened and verified and then ask us about UTRs instead of asking about UTRs on a forum board Who are the Tryst UTRs?
08/04/22Id love to hear her rates. I have had friends email her and NEVER got a reply. like MULTIPLE friends Mz. Dani offering FMTY
08/04/22Talent testing gold standard test is what they are going to require. Talent testing works with locations all over the country Showing test results to go raw?
08/04/22She is a queen for sure...$1700 per hour flat rate. PC now has her at 2k. So yep book through us cause you will get better customer service and save yourself $300 bucks Pornstar Escort of the Day: India Summer
08/04/22I only want to work with models that WANT to do this work. Talking someone into it is not good for longevity and the customers will suffer in the end. Not worth the energy Amanda Nicole

Sybil is a perfect example of a provider that believes she is so popular that her shit not only doesn't stink but that its gold plated and people should invest in it.

Used to work with her in a previous venture and she is terrible. How she keeps getting work is beyond me

Sybil Stallone
08/02/22We are def trying as well. You are not alone in this quest Xxlayna Marie

I have done the same and sent many messages haven't heard anything back yet. TRUST when I say that as soon as info is confirmed either way I will let the community know

This chick is smoking hot in so many ways. mark my words your gonna see her career take off

Chantal Danielle
08/01/22She was just in NYC in June Ivy lebelle available in LA
08/01/22We can def help with updated info on KM and I think folks would be happy to hear.
Just send us and email
Or fill out the contact form on our site for UTR KM
Anyone know anything about Kit Mercer??
08/01/22Sorry just seeing the @ directed at us. Yes she got all sort of requests while she was listed with us, HOWEVER Kay had/Has a VERY demanding video schedule and that could have been one of the many reasons she decided that this was not the work for her Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
08/01/22yes for sure welcome to the community for sure. This community will become something amazing for sure. as more men and providers join and take advantage of the nearly real time info available. Davina Applegate?
08/01/22she is a bi-polar nut job Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
08/01/22She def used to and we have reached out but haven't heard anything back YET Kira Noir
07/31/22Hottie Welcome Ashley Anders to the EA Community
07/31/22She will most def get whatever she asks for. She makes crazy money a month anyhow so it's not like she needs to escort. So the way she prices herself makes 100% sense. She puts her price high so only certain men can afford her and they will pay the rate cause they want to see her...period Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
07/30/22looks like that website is just a place where ladies can create their own booking sites. Free tools to make your own booking website or pay for the monthly fee and you can upgrade to not had ads and watermarks on your images Escort book
07/30/22Kay WAS with us until about July 26. She texted us and asked us to remove her from the website and told us that she was no longer interested in this sort of work and it wasnt for her. Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/30/22I agree. A screen shot of the ad and maybe include the name of the girl..the email and number listed on the ad so that info can be searched EROS SCAM DEPOSIT LIST
07/29/22Who in the fuck is spending $36k a month on expenses??? If she doesn't own a home, or a fucking huge boat and a fleet of cars then she is doing it all wrong What do you guys think of Victoria Junes Proposal?

Hey there this sounds like exactly the same thing that was (and still is happening) to Savannah Sixx. 

Here is what seems to be happening. The assholes that are scamming people out of deposits are hiring models for photo shoots. where they get a legal copy of thier IDs..Typically a passport photo since the expiration dates are so far out. The company then gets the girls to help promote their listings on their own social media. What the girls DONT KNOW is that the same company is posting their listings allover the country in different cities where they arent even visiting. the company normally only has a number to text, no real email and most of the time the listings are not very detailed. Burner numbers are used to tracking them has been difficult. They ask for a deposit and once you give it...BOOM they ghost yah and the girl gets the blame. 

Eros doesnt care as they just take the money for the listing. the best way to combat this is to make a list of all the girls listings that are part of this scam. and report the ads as fake or using copy righted images to Eros. If this happens enough then Eros will Ban that account or the models all together and that will effectively shut them down

The legion of pissed off men that send deposits and get ripped off is larger than a few of these scammers. and HONESTY that is 100% the value of being a member of this site. Sharing info like this and letting others know saves people hundreds of dollars

Sia Lust scam on Eros
07/29/22Sophie is NOT available PC put her up on their site and Sophie's PR people had them take it down.
Def not a real listing
Sophie Dee ad
07/28/22She did at one time, When we started this agency i reached out to here as I have known her for awhile. She said that she wasnt available but who knows. send her an email and ask her. pretty sure its gonna take 1500 or more to get her attention Nina Kay

For awhile not to long ago she was one of the most promoted girls on PC. There was a huge falling out she she took a break for awhile. Seems she is back on her own

Good luck

Harley Dean reviews?
07/28/22She was available a few years back but decided that this type of sex work wasn't for her and stopped.
She MIGHT change her mind someday it's hard to tell
Jewelz Blu Available?
07/28/22Just be straight forward and respectful How to ask for kinks but keep it professional?
07/27/22Making sure that the provider remembers you is important for sure. You might need a reference from her in the future and you want to make sure you stand out Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #8: Gifts
07/26/22No sorry she is no longer available. She is only doing her onlyfans
And that's just fine. She's an amazing woman and we are happy she is happy doing what she loves
Katrina Jade Available?
07/26/22She used to be I don't think she does anymore Alison Tyler Available?
07/26/22I would be happy to disclose it...send an email [email protected] Top Anal Providers?

I have ladies that can be available same day...its not always EASY to make happen but it can happen. there are factors that play into this as well. Do you have references that need to be contacted and how long will that take? We answer all our emails in 24hours or less. I cat say the same for other agencies or ladies. 

A week - 10 days is a good standard. Emailing us to say your visiting Vegas in December and want to book so n so will just get a response saying "Email closer to the date to confirm schedules"

Booking: How far in advance?
07/26/22most of her reviews are from years ago as she been out of the game for a few years. I don't even think she shoos anymore Alex Gray - looking for info
07/26/22Having a beautiful woman as arm candy never hurt anyone.  Is Bringing an Escort to an event smart?
07/25/22We have some great anal ladies Top Anal Providers?
07/25/22Yes she does send us a message Luna Star
07/25/22Follow your fav escorts on twitter...subscribe to their onlyfans or do you mean videos of escorts and their sessions with clients Pornstar Escort Videos?
07/25/22Well she went on tour thats not a myth. and not all girls want reviews so maybe guys either dont know about this board yet, or they are respecting her wishes and not posting reviews Ivy lebelle

I have known Daisy for awhile and she is a sweetheart. the reviews and feedback I have read and heard about her all all great. if you like anal then spring for it it and have a blast

she is great all around

Daisy Stone
07/25/22Had a friend ask her directly and she said no Rebel Rhyder
07/25/22at and additional fee sure. Savannah Sixx
07/25/22guessing you would have to take the plunge and find out through lourdes Are the rumors about Harli_Lotts true?
07/25/22yeah that is someone I would def love to book for but given the fact that her best friend was allegedly killed about a month ago making content with some rando I dont think she will be providing PAYTON PRESLEE
07/24/22We can confirm she is available and feedback has been great Savannah Sixx
07/24/22The list is long and vast
Most do just ask them..expect the rate increase of 500-1000
Film/Recording Session
07/23/22Kay just started providing so it might be till after her NYC tour that reviews pop up. Great attitude but a very busy schedule Kay Lovely Experiences?
07/23/22I have heard from more than a few folks that she loves to just start chatting and will do her best to talk the entire time until scheduled time is up. Then let you know that if you want to proceed with anything physical that you need to pay more to extend the time. SO IF YOU BOOK HER you need to make the first move for sure to get things started. Allie Nicole reviews?
07/20/22Probably 1800 per hour Riley Steele via PC
07/20/22riley is beautiful in many ways and is your true Naughty girl next door IF SHE SHOWS UP Riley Steele via PC
07/20/22The ID ask is pretty standard these days. and if you have solid verifiable references that she can email and confirm you then that should be enough Lila Love

sorry the picture is small.

here is the link and her email

[email protected]

HOT Blonde MILF in Phoenix area
07/19/22I can help you with India Summer in Pensacola  Panama city Florida
07/19/22as much as I want and can afford What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?

she is not available

contacted her when we first started the agency and she said she is not interested in this type of work currently

Natasha Nice
07/18/22we have a solid list of Vegas ladies Best In Vegas
07/17/22Porn Companions more than likely has her listed at $1500 for he hour Jessie Saint
07/17/22posting a picture of who your asking about would help greatly Does Amber Jade Escort
07/17/22Love these weekly rules to live by posts Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #6: Outcalls
07/17/22We have reached out to her...havent heard anything yet Agency Twitter Accounts
07/17/22We do this alot from our twitter accounts
Sometimes we know the model and work with her and are just helping retreat her work.
Other times we WANT to work with them and are sort of giving them a social media wave
We directly reach out the those we want to work with but sometimes it takes time
Sometimes we are just fans of beautiful ladies just like you guys
Agency Twitter Accounts
07/16/22I can conquer I have heard not great things. Not just from the provider client rumor mill, but also from scene partners on porn sets. ALOT of other amazing MILFs out there Are the Rumors about Casca Akashova True?
07/14/22April is a 100% doll. Worked with her back in the days of HUBU. Pinball and Pizza and her pets are great topics with her. Never had any bad feedback from folks about their time with her. If you have the chance to see her then do it. April O’Neil
07/14/22Brandi Love is the only active one on your list that is openly available...and MAYBE Vanessa Cage Busty MILF escorts?
07/13/22We have some amazing ladies in Vegas and would love to help you out. Plus I can promise that your emails will get answered promptly Megan Rain
07/12/22I have witnessed another well known agency black list clients and remove members from her service for the minor things like just emailing to much. You want to NOT get put on a black list? Then just treat people with some plane ole common curtesy and you should get the same in return.  Honestly if you dont get the same in return then dont use that service anymore. No agency or provider is so popular that they wont destroy their business by pissing off their customer base. Karma always comes for those that deserve it Has anyone been Blacklisted before?
07/11/22No Texas tours on the Calendar as of yet India Summer NYC July 18-23
07/11/22we have some amazing ladies in Vegas. You wont be disappointed in the least bit Favorite vegas escorts?
07/09/22You are fucking amazing Currently available in Las Vegas
07/08/22Starting what up? You mean this board? This wasn’t me at all I am just someone supporting our MODs realize a dream and regrow the community I’m a place that won’t get banned  Crystal Clark

She’s been on there for awhile

i think she is 1600-1700 for an hour. 

Emily Addison reviews?
07/08/22Would help if you posted a picture or a link to her Twitter so we knew who you mean Does Nola Exico provide?

Not sure why more folks haven't posted reviews of Jackie.  Her feedback has been great and most gentlemen see her more than once.

I know she loves what she does for sure and from what we hear back it shows

Any reviews of Jackie Hoff?
07/08/22Crystal is a close personal friend we can def ask her if she might be available. IF SHE was then it would probably only be in Las Vegas Crystal Clark

Porn Talent agencies yes.

If your in the USA then just google "Porn Agencies" and a list will come up

Not sure about overseas

How are pornstars hired for shoots?

Pretty sure it is really her. 

Also being verified on Eros means nothing anymore as all anyone needs to do when creating the listing is pay a little extra fee and Eros will put that little "verified" tag on your posting

it USED to mean something but doesn't anymore

Do your research

armani black
07/06/22Yes she as available and while she MIGHT come back I just dont know. She has a new child and living the couple life with her new man. She hasnt even started back main stream shooting yet so we shall see Is Emma Hix available?
07/06/22From what Kay has told us she is not currently available. but i can promise that we will update you of changes when we can Jazlyn Ray

it would be so much more helpful for you and for others in the community for you to post more info about you other than just a phone number. 

Do you have any ads anywhere? Whats your email as well as your phone number? Whats your location? Do you have a website?


I’m available for hookup and fun??

Yeah I sort of agree with @PornLover554 on this. You need to look at it from a different view than making  a porn company to just fuck your favorite porn stars that don't escort. 

Fucking porn stars is one of the benefits of owning the company and staring in your videos. Create this thing with the soul intention of making money from it. The rest will come as a result of what you do


How to open a porn company?
07/05/22She is outcall only when she is in Hartford however when she is in NYC or Boston YES she will have inall Karla Kush in Hartford CT 7/5-8/1
07/05/22I dont think she is available for private bookings any longer Karmen Karma Contact Info
07/05/22She has been listed on and off at least 3 different times on Porn Companions She def DOES escort Kali Roses
07/05/22She is a personal friend and she is not really interested in this sort of work. It’s not for her. Maybe in the future she will change her mind but right now it’s a no Nala Brooks
07/04/22If you have verified references we don’t charge a deposit for you to book models If we can verify you through other means like work references or a business website your on you don’t need a deposit If your brand new and never done this before the deposit would depend on the model you want to see. First timers can also pay a one time $75 verification fee to go through screening Deposit
07/04/22yeah pretty sure she is a no go Valerica steele
07/03/22I honestly haven’t heard anything bad about her I believe her rate is 1700 ish Heather Vahn Reviews?
07/03/22I have had kink requests yes But what the fuck is an Angry Dragon?? Does anyone has ever requested extreme kinks and fetishes?
07/03/22I would say that is pretty standard yes as far as costs.. we have a few that are higher When it comes to Greek there is a lot of preparation to make sure things are enjoyed without issues. As far as if it’s worth it. That really comes to personal ta extras
07/02/22She has been available off an on for awhile but I believe she stopped right before Covid hit. The people I know in the industry tell me she is super flaky. Super nice girl just not reliable when it comes to respecting other people time Has anyone seen adriana chechik?
07/01/22Depends on who you want really. Communication is poor and customer service isn’t the best And yep she could black list you if you catch her on a wrong day. Some girls you can get anywhere else…others can be booked outside of them. Just really depends Is PC worthy the hassle?
07/01/22Oh I can def help with this request Anyone got any info on Lexi Luna??
07/01/22$1500 for the first hour and $1000 each additional hour and you have to send me some vacuum packed BBQ from the best place in town. Brisket and burnt ends LOL Kansas City Pornstar Escorts?
07/01/22her [email protected] goes directly to PC so you'll get the same answer Sky Pierce through PC
07/01/22We book Reese Robins so we can def help you with her in KC...but hurry as she heads to LA on the 7th till the 21st Kansas City Pornstar Escorts?
06/30/22Id love to ad something to your "Never Negotiate price rule" Don't contact unless your ready to schedule a booking Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #2: Stay in your Price Range
06/30/22Oh I know Eva Notty pretty well ;) NYC Sapphire Strip Club Escort Attends
06/30/22the fastest way to piss off a girl is to contact her about personal meetings on OF. The first thing she thinks of is you putting her account at risk of getting shut down. That being said heck yes she is hot and I will find a way to reach out to her Misty Meaner Contact Info?
06/30/22she used to be available through Porn Companions so I dont know if that email is run by them or if it really goes to Naomi. Dont send a deposit as she tends to be known for being flaky Naomi Woods
06/28/22Never heard of her till today and id bet $100 that the $500 deposit is a scam Anyone have any experiences with Mamigiany?
06/28/22Book her directly and you will save some money rather than booking her through an agency [email protected] Have anyone been with Nina Elle?
06/25/22She is awesome Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sheena Ryder
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