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This article is in relation to mostly "street hookers"
That is not legal.

Also, that particular area, it appears to be endemic and they want to potray a more "cleaner" iamge as per chapstick comment.

There is hardly money in the UK to do basic policing at the best of times at the moment, forget this lol.

Large sting operations are usually done where the police suspect some kind of exploitation/organised crime/drugs are alongside it.

But overall, it will not affect the PSE market at all. They are all highend and independent.

UK Cracking Down on Escorting

Angela White, Brandi Love (more often), Syren De Mer (tour - she does provide, but not tour)

What pornstars do you wish provided?
11/14/22Ryan Conner, Sara Jay - my ideal body types Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/12/22I was not a fan of the short hair (only think Ryan Keely pulls it off nicely), however her longer hair is enticing... Angel Wicky in London
11/12/22the UK PSE scene is pretty poor with ladies of curvy stature (i.e.big ass and big tits). Big tits aplenty, but hardly any booty about. Angel Wicky in London

Just be wary, she does sometimes change the dates at the last moment...

So i do expect that to be updated and with chops and changes. 


Ryan Conner 2023 Tour Dates
11/08/22The biggest one for sure - covers a wide range of countries.  What’s the best directory for Europe in general?

No longer interested. 

Would have been up there amongst the top a few years back.

Priya rai Recent Pics

Not sure if she will be providing out of Milan.

She came London recently, and was not providing while there. 

Luna Star Going To Milan

MILF PAWG - Dream fulfilled.

Moreoever, love feet and ass - and get to play with that as well!Would never get that oppurtunity in private life for such with the body of my preference.

Also roleplay was fulfilled..


What’s a Big fantasy of yours that you’ve fulfilled with an escort?

Think Ryan Conner also touring:


Nov 9- 10. Charlotte NC

Nov 11 - 14 Chicago

Pornstar Weekly Tour Date Nov 6
11/06/22Emma Butt - I mantain, pound for pound/dollar for dollar - most economical punt out there Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
11/06/22How was the experience? Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!

Ryan Conner - $1200

Her rates are now $1600.


Would have been Sara Jay at $1500 - had she not cancelled her tour.

What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?

Personally not a tattoo fan, however all the ladies I have seen and would like to see do have tattoos! and are prominent.

Ryan Conner is fine example, my ATF, but tattoos all over

Question: Tattoos or No?

Nice review!

Sara Jay Review (October 2022)


Surprised she did not request test result (regardless of trust)

Nice, comprehensive review

Vicki Chase Review (October 2022)
10/23/22Heard her escort services are crap and way overpriced... Mz. Dani Experience

I hate how lucky the US with the amount of homegrown talent!

The UK has to import them lol!

She will make similar money in USA to Europe - given she has the highest rates in Europe, which is equivalent to the start USA star.

Aletta in London

Still beautiful, admittedly not as in her prime...

But her prices are there for a few very select clients - and she must get them every so often given the price point is up there.

Kiara Looking for FMTYs

Recent review on someone who apparently met "Mia Malkova" LOL

Take some of them with a pinch of salt...

The Erotic Review isn’t Fact

They are legit, but are slow AF.

Can easily contact alternative ways. Adultwork etc.

Also, sometimes info is out of date.

UK Sugar babes

Nothing to be jealous about in Europe :)

USA has far superior ladies!

European Clients: Niykee Cruz
10/04/22Ryan Conner also semi-regularly visits, due to come back next week.. But you are right. Sara Jay cancelled her visit (I was booked to see her) - All of them still had their USA prices on... Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22Agree with you, but sadly a lot of european providers are catching up. But overall, the top USA PSE charge far more than top European PSEs Working on this as we Speak

No evidence to suggest she does now.

She is doing well with OF.

Dream punt for me also. Not my particular preference for body type - but her natural beauty drives me crazy lol

Valentina Nappi

GOAT...No doubt and great work.

Best place to stay would central london (pricier), but easier for access for most public transport etc.

Areas to look at specifically - Oxford Circus, Chelsea, Victoria, Marylebone, Westminister areas would be good.

Easy also for Airport transport and great amenities nearby.

Personal preference is big booty PSEs, MILF, PAWGS, MILF PAWG, CURVY etc. 

We are reasonably already blessed with large breasted ladies.

Not sure if your up for cross agency work - but internation sugar babes or the alike may also help spread the word far better

Working on this as we Speak
10/01/22Kristina Rose - but I know she has been moving a bit mad recently. Would you rather? Kristina Rose or Trinity St Clair.


Particularly London

Where do you want providers to tour?

It did make me chuckle ...and makes her look absolutely stupid

I think Lisa Ann's assessment was more fair and her how her experience has changed over the years and the appetite for more "extreme" porn

Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry

Was in the old sub reddit - but she was really good according to that review.

But does not tour - will see you in Seatle i believe and her costs are really economical in comparison.

Was $1500 for 2 hours...

Think she does still provide, but not sure of the rates.

Syren De Mer

Very new to the hobby and only starteed last year.

saw 3 PSEs only, and spent about $2K already...

I only plan to see PSEs hence my price point is higher, but frequency is less.

How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22Unless she is an ATF - that is far too much imo. Even for my ATFs, I draw the line at 2K lol Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here

Personally she does not float my boat. 


However,  I am curious at the price point of seeing her... 

Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/20/22Not done it myself, although been accused of it lol - long story

But Ryan Conner provides it (premium of 1K extra), Lauren Phillips also does I think (again expect an upcharge)
Your Greek experiences
09/19/22Not her person rate I would not - but private flight USA to UK is upward of 50K easily. Throw in Hotel, her time, expenses and other things, it could easily reach 6 figures. Sorry thats what I meant. Not just her time only - the whole package Luna Star International Provider
09/19/22Defo flew in by private jet. It is a private airport, thus no commercial flight lands there. Most likely to be a UHNW - given it would cost 6 figures including flights to get her here... Luna Star International Provider
09/12/22I also done the same and never got a response. Missed the boat, sadly Aletta Ocean in Milan

Angela White.

Beautiful and very smart, judging by the things she has done.

Think she will be a great person to hang out with.


Lily Lane

Very underrated, and does not get booked often in scenes, but she seems pretty chill

Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/06/22Syren... easily Preference

She does... check her schedule.


Sadly cancelled my booking a few weeks ago due to some personal issues (she did not make her European tour)


But a simple search is all you need to do...

Sara Jay

Thank you for all your responses.

I am erring torwards Anastasia - primariily because of costs plus also she has less of the "bimbo" look. Sadly, Aletta (imo) has not done justice after her recent round of surgery.

But lets see.. Will review, regardless whom I see

Anastasia Doll or Aletta Ocean
08/21/22To clarify - she considered DATO as greek. So asked me to resolve our last meeting i.e. pay 1K extra, in order to see her again. Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)

Nice review.

Surprised she gave BBFS, as she clearly stated she would no longer, but the heat of the moment thing.

Shame, I am kinda indirectly blacklisted by her, but would love to see her again.

Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)

The tour in Europe was just secondary thing, as she was mainly down there to shoot with legal porno

She was in Prague i believe. Not sure how many would pay her rates there.

Alura Jenson Retiring from Industry….
08/21/22Thanks for the review! Janet Mason Review (June 2022)
08/18/22Ryan Conner - October 20-21 Atlanta-Tour
08/16/22I tried reaching out to her last year, but she said she only answers on OF (which you cant talk about such stuff). Curious to know her fees also... London Keyes
08/16/22Her willingness to please. She does pretty much most things. She is great at calming one down. Just be wary she is conspiratorial, so may want to direct the convo at more neutral topics Would you Rather? Karia MIa or Ryan Conner

Rate is currently $1600 per hour + $1000 for greek

Europe used to be cheaper, but now its the same rate as USA

BUT really amazing - hopefully can see her again..
Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ryan Conner

Ryan all day every day.

You can do Ryan 2.5 x more than Kia (4K per hour rate).

Also, Ryan is simply amazing - Met her last year, and hopefully can again this year.


Would you Rather? Karia MIa or Ryan Conner
08/12/22Wont be possible with PayPal given the nature of it, and dont think many accept PayPal... Deposits

Nope, no safe way directly through the provider, unless they sign up to an escrow (which no one does).




Mid 50s is the oldest I will go.

Been with Ryan Conner as a late 20s guy.

I have a huge liking for MILFs, and in particular curvy ones - hence Sara Jay my next meet.

But in Europe, we have almost a non-existent selection, therefore rely on the few that tour here from the US

Oldest You'll Go
08/11/22She has stopped providing since last year - she went to have some surgery, but has not been back since. My first PSE and great provider. London Tips/Recommendations
08/10/22Is this a PSE? Is she well reviewed on Adultworks? Confirming/Chasing
08/06/22Yes its legit. She maybe selective though... Ivy lebelle available in LA
08/05/22PSE are unlikely to come to you on Adultwork via the reverse booking. Regarding Tryst, I have not found any PSE on it of note, besides Asstyn Martyn (BBW PSE) London Tips/Recommendations

Ryan Conner - 8/16 - 8/18 in NYC

For all my NYC People!

Adultwork is indeed the most ideal for home based, particularly for PSE. 

Ones to look out for are Tina Kay, Victoria Summers (i personally did have a great experience, but most do), Ava Austen, Rebecca More - do your research of course. 

Prices vary, but are typically far lower than USA rates (albeit, some are catch up to USA rates now...) 

London Tips/Recommendations
08/03/22Price has gone up over 50% already since. But they are shutting down production, and no license agreement in place... so interesting to see what does happen. Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?

I dont smoke or drink lol, so thanks for the sound advice, but sadly wont apply to me. 

Thanks for the advice regarding YouTube. Might be ideal haha!


Sara Jay Meeting
08/03/22She mentioned she maybe back in NYC from her last tour, Curious to know if any who has seen her from her last tour Ivy lebelle available in LA

I done the same, saved for my ATF (Ryan Conner) and it was a brilliant experience, save for a few niggles.

Intend to see her again when she tours, and sadly missed her last tour earlier this year.

You may feel shit for a while because of the money departed, but each to their own. May also get post-but clarity.

ATFs worth waiting/ saving for? NYC based

Also, be wary of her outing you publicy if you have any sort of public presense....

10K her price, and her right - but no pussy on earth is worth that for an hour.

You can get far better service from top tier pornstars at less than 2K per hour easily.

Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?

If you book a provider direct, then yes go ahead and ask and be profession about it.

Unfortunately, if its through an agency or a booker, you cant ask or talk about unless you get to meet her and then ask.

I want to ask Sara Jay for some things, but I feel a bit awkward going through her booker, and I know the info wont be passed on.

How to ask for kinks but keep it professional?

Good luck with BBFS - majority do not provide it.

Ivy Lebelle is also visiting in September if you are able to link up with her

Which of these do you recommend?

Where did you see her?

What were her rates?

Alexis Andrews review

I would also love to know. 

Up there in my top 5 PSE - even with the reduction of her chest. 

She will tour again in NYC in September I believe. and may tour other cities 

But be prepared for strict screening - and that is made clear when booking her. I think more for her safety than anything else. 

But her prices are very very reasonable in comparison to other top tier PSE. $1500 for in call per , $1300 outcall  - for 90 minutes. 1800 (1600 - outcall) for 2 hours. 

For the record - I did not see her, as I am not from USA and she was booked up super quick. I do have a tripped planned to NYC in Sept... so may get lucky

Ivy lebelle
07/25/22Ask the provider beforehand - but most are willing, either to also use for the OF, or an upcharge Film/Recording Session

Ryan Conner is coming to New York in mid-August i think. 

But, there is a $1000 upcharge for anal with her (on top of the $1600 already per hour) 

Top Anal Providers?

Yep, recent reviews have been off putting. 

Especially last year, she on an instagram tirade about one guy whom she ousted. 

If I had the spare money going, I would personally not mind giving her ago. Was at one point an ATF (till Ryan Conner came along) 

PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/22/22care to post a review of your experience? Brandi Love experiences?

on the old reddit sub... the latest reviews were that she was a bit "abnormal" and not positive (sadly)

one of my old ATFs

Sienna West is Touring Again

For me the ideal is 1.5 hour, however my preferred ones do not offer half hours as such. 

Therefore, I make do with 1 hour - and post-nut clarity can creep in pretty quickly.


What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/16/22I would agree with that sentiment. There PSE here, but limited in number in comparison. You could probably name the big name ones on your fingers. But besides that, it’s just poor. Comparing top 10 perceived UK to Top 10 USA - incomparable mostly PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/16/22If you are also able to include Barcelona in your list... London Keyes lives there and should provide Booking in Spain
07/14/22the erotic review Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #5: Reviews
07/14/22I believe she is now 1K an hour (possibly more if things have changed in the last 5/6 months) Queen Rogue

Currently awaiting to hear back via her assistant for the go ahead for the booking.

The assistant does come across a bit forthright, and straight but I do not think there has been many problems in the past.

Any experience booking with Sara Jay
07/14/22Could you give a review of your experience with her and when is the last time you seen her? Any experience booking with Sara Jay
07/14/22From top of my head, Lucky B Dallas, Virgo Peridot, Danielle Derek, Sexy Vanessa and Queen Rogue are either 1K or less per hour
Prices Question

Vanessa Cage does - she has been listed on Alluring many times.

Syren provides but does not tour - so you have to set out to Seattle to meet her.

Rest - I do not think so (except Brandi)

Busty MILF escorts?

can also add

- Ryan Conner

- Sara Jay

- Kayla Kleevage

- Sexy Vanessa

- Lucky B Dallas

- Virgo Peridot

- Queen Rogue

- Brandi Love

- Janet Mason

I made a list of pornstars who escort.
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