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01/23/23I'm not sure if she doesn't but if she don't than it makes sense. I don't think she's EVER had a scene with AA talent. Vanessa Cage

Alina Ali 

Daisy Stone 

Jessie Saint 

420 Friendly Providers
01/20/23April Olsen when she finally starts touring again. 420 Friendly Providers
01/20/23Great review, bruv! Alina Ali in Los Angeles
01/19/23This girls rates are insane.... Gabi Ashton Going International
01/17/23LOL be strong, man! Ariel Darling
01/17/23Willow Ryder has the FATTEST ass. Need that in my life forreal. Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
01/07/23She's gorgeous but the timing doesn't work. Alina Ali in New York
12/20/22Glad it wasn't a ruff ride lol Isabel Moon in New York
12/20/22Speaking of inflation...her body looks like a life preserver. I'm not into it. Connie Perignon Rate Increases
12/12/22She's fairly new. How much is she asking? Jenna Starr January Tour
11/01/22Great fucking review dude. Thanks for sharing Ashley Fires review
10/25/22This girl Gabi has no reviews and is asking damn near $3K ($2500). Thats INSANE. Elite Companions to Lookout For
10/17/22Wow. Thats the worst. Seeking girls are worse than OF girls. Camila Cortez info?
10/16/22?? She goes by They. Fuck y'all downvoting for? Sensitive. Sera Ryder
10/15/22Blacklisted? That's straight up rape, brotha. Escort Rules to Live By, Rules #14: No Means No
10/15/22Damn. Preach young man. Does Moriah Hill escort?

Just found out who this chick was yesterday. She posted something on twitter like, "Do you know me from porn, or from my music career" and proceeded to get roasted.


Does Moriah Hill escort?

Sorry, my bad. Not "her". I mean "they/them".....

Sera Ryder
10/14/22Nevermind. Found her twitter: Sera Ryder
10/14/22'Definitely' is a strong confirmation my guy. Any hints on location or how to get in contact? I don't see a twitter for her. Sera Ryder
10/14/22If you fall for this, you deserve to get shanked. Autumn Falls? Can't be!
10/13/22We'll see what her rates look like. They usually come to NYC and go crazy because life here is so expensive and they want to live lavish. Attn: You lucky NY fuckers
10/13/22Your time is valuable. Trust your gut. Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)
10/11/22Kraz gonna be heartbroken. Zoey Sinn No Longer Providing

Says she "lost her battle with addiction".



Penny Archer

She already complains of back issues on her twitter...So why jump in back first? Easy retirement play, I guess.


Looks like she's going to collecting a big check from twitch. 

Adrianna broke her back (no, not in a way that's fun)
10/07/22Deadass tho. Does she have recent pics? Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/07/22SHe-Hulk! You wilin! LOLOLOL Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/06/22LOLOL How do you know your Blacklisted?
10/05/22I haven't looked at her the same since she got tossed off that roof... Janice Griffin
10/05/22Yo, forreal. We are here to share info. He could do a search, but a lot of y'all ain't posting reviews anyhow Alexis Tae

WTF is a throat dragon and is there video footage?


She's fairly small so I highly doubt that she could throat an 8" cock....

Zerella Skies NYC

Looks like per her twitter post this morning, she's moving to NYC! 


lol, we in there!

Ivy Lebelle
10/03/22I'm not short but I'm also not jumping through hoops for no e-girl OF pussy. Kazumi Offering FuckAFan
10/02/22That's pretty two-faced of her considering her profession. Blake Blossom
10/01/22*winks Best Rimming Provider?
10/01/22?? Best Rimming Provider?
10/01/22Her deepthroat game is CRAZY. Arabella Raphael going on Hiatus
09/30/22Damn, you are thorough. Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22Ok, I'mma look into it. I need to peep that new nose job first tho Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22She really hits brothas with the nickels and dimes, huh? She's asking $1700/hr +500 to film +500 for bbfs +500 for anal? jesus. Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22Ok, thats an option. lol

I'd rather not pay an extra $500-700 to get my ass ate, but it is what it is.
Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22Yo, my mans is GOATED. Kraz, thanks fam. For all my NYC People! Part 2
09/28/22Goddamn, they all do BBFS these days. How much was the 3 hours? Ashley Peaks Review



Good job my dude!

Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/27/22Fuck. I guess it ain't for everyone. Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22Goddamn, Pamela peaks is still around?! lol Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros

She's a baddie, but 2K for 1 hr is not it. 

Glad you had fun man.

Jennifer White review
09/26/22I'm triggered.... Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair

Seems like she had a rough go of it and needs therapy


Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry
09/23/22Same. And especially not for 2500 Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/23/22Would love a DM on this PAWG. Thanks bro! Slimthick Vic
09/19/22.....Did she get a nose-job? Lauren Phillips Permanently Living in Vegas
09/16/22Welcome Mila!  Lets have some fun in Nashville

I like the extra curvy but I’ve not seen any reviews. 

What’s the experience like?

Kali roses tour

1700 for a brand new porn girl with no reviews?


no fucking thanks 

Alexia Anders
09/10/22Great job again! Welcome Scarlett Hampton to the Tryst Family
09/10/22Good catch fam, and thanks for posting this! Winter Jade Eros Scam
09/08/22lol wtf forreal? Did she win? Karma Rx
09/07/22I'm sayin!!! New Escort Auctioning Virginity

This seems like 1000% bullshit. 


I can't imagine anyone would fall for this.

New Escort Auctioning Virginity

That's some good work, friend. I don't expect you to post like 30 reviews. That's a lot of writing. From our convos:

Cali Carter -- Sweet girl
Jenna Foxx -- Great fuck
Zoey Sinn -- Great fuck
Jenna Starr -- Amazing Head
Hazel Moore -- Great head, and really nice
Paris Bank -- ??
Jade Skyy -- Total Freak
Harley Dean -- Quirky but hot

Enjoy your vacay!


I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/05/22No dude. She just got married and bought a $5M home. Riley Reid
09/05/22True dat. Sadly, a lot of black providers oddly won't see black men. Its strange. Race When Picking Provider
09/05/22No. This is not true and it needs to stop being thrown around. Some girls just flat out are not interested in meeting up. Katt Leya
09/05/22She’s coming to NYC this month. Not sure of dates yet, but it’s 3K for 2 hours. All covered I’m seeing from old reviews.  Skye Blue
09/04/223K I’d rather go to Turks and Caicos or Aruba.  Luna Starr FMTY
09/03/22Them titties are incredible. Looks like shes good friends with Zoey Sinn. Ashlyn Peaks available in Miami and Ft Lauderdale
09/03/22With providers, I typically switch it up and see what I don't see in my usual dating life.

I date black women and latinas, so its not new to me. I never holler at white girls irl because they  always seem so reserved and not as playful. So when I book a provider, its usually a white girl.
Race When Picking Provider
09/03/22You're right. She looks crazy thick but has nothing but lesbian porn. I wanna know what she can do with a dick, lol JADE BAKER
08/31/22Y'all out here freestyling, shootin up the club and impregnating pornstars. lol

Kelsi Monroe
08/29/22Congrats on landing Hazel! She’s a killer for sure. These girls probably clean up in Atlanta! Welcome Hazel Grace to the Tryst family
08/29/22I flat out won’t even contact a girl unless she has a twitter presence and engagement with the overall SW community.  Newlywed arrested for soliciting prostitute during his honeymoon
08/25/22I'm guessing you still haven't received your deposit refund? Sommer Isabella (Warning --Deposit Issues)
08/25/22Do the IG and OF models know what they are doing? My gut tells me they are majority scammers. Exxxotica Edison NJ
08/25/22Rachael Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli
08/20/22Great post, man. Glad to hear she's a sweetheart. Octavia Red

Bro... What is going on this summer?

These girls know damn well when they are going to be on their cycles. Why even book a tour those days?!

Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me

Thanks for sharing the review!


Ebony Mystique Review (March 2022)

Thanks for posting this, dude.


Janet Mason Review (June 2022)
08/20/22Thats a wild experience. Thanks for sharing and keeping the community going! Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)
08/20/22Yeah, it was all gravy at first... Then she shut the whole thing down without a warning. Didn't tell anyone at all or give any reason. I had a lot of chill people I was chatting with on there that I can't even find now. Sommer Isabella (Warning --Deposit Issues)
08/20/22BRo. Want her in the worst way but she doesn't provide anymore. Red Heads
08/20/22I'm just looking her up now and she's def got an interesting look. The pivot to porn is interesting but not surprising considering her brand. What do you guys think of Connies Perigon's migration over to porn?

It's going to take time to build into a bustling community, but I think its necessary to have.

Reviews are great to have sometimes, but I think its nicer to have a place that we can share information and stay safe/not get scammed.


No disrespect to the interviewer. I know its a lot of work to put these together. My impression from this interview is that Sommer barely seems to even put in the time to participate.

Her answers seems very standoffish, not well thought out, and almost combative.



"I don't know..."

"Not much..."


Am I wrong? Maybe its just me.

PS Escort Q&A: Sommer Isabella

Her old performances tell me she'd be fine.


Might be kinda small for you tho, no Kraz?


Jojo Kiss
08/18/22She's sexy as fuck and has her own swag. I feel like I would book with no review from her performances alone. Diamond Banks
08/18/22Forreal! They need to come up to NYC. Zoey Sinn and Ashlyn Peaks in Atlanta
08/18/22Are you posting a review? Octavia Red
08/18/22This dude Keith the teeth is an asshole, plain and simple. Avoid at all costs. Brandi Love
08/18/22Bro. Same. 

Give me that Mary Jane energy.
Red Heads
08/13/22I wish. As of right now, all signs point to no. Laney Grey
08/11/22Thanks for dropping in! Pornstar Escort Q&A: Mila Taylor


Looks like I need to start working on that dadbod.

Hello everyone
08/08/22'Pouring' or 'Purring'? Brittney Andrews
08/03/22Legend. You're a proper legend, mate. Oh and Alexis T is back and ready to spread joy and cheer
08/03/22I said it once, I'll say it again. TA is doing the good lord's work! Welcome Mona Azar to the Tryst Family
08/03/22Great review bro. Thanks for posting! Daisy Stone Review
08/03/22Honestly....for her I could part with 25, but its gotta be CRAZY. Brett Rossi experiences?
08/02/22Y'all are lucky as FUCK Ivy lebelle available in LA
07/31/22Good call as always, mate Ivy lebelle
07/31/22She's asking for 17xx but I don't see any reviews... Kali roses in NYC
07/31/22I wouldn't call her huge. She's definitely thicker though. Kali roses in NYC
07/25/22Definitely gonna be on the lookout for an NYC visit! Any reviews of Jackie Hoff?
07/25/22Not really my thing. Especially for the up-charge. Top Anal Providers?
07/25/22That's pretty horific. Who was her friend? I'm surprised this wasn't bigger news PAYTON PRESLEE
07/25/22Really? She seems so nice! Jessie Saint

Seems like she's a myth a this point. lol

Ivy lebelle
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