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03/30/23BJ was covered too? Khloe Kapri Review
03/22/23I saw her yesterday. She is a freak for sure. Had an amazing time but she did say BBFS is not on the table. Graycee Baybee
03/16/23She’s one of my favorites. Would love a review if anyone partakes. I certainly will if she ever comes out to California.  Khole Kapri on PC
03/11/23Man, Khloe is a dream girl for me. Would love to know if this is legit Khloe Kapri NYC
02/15/23I got asked to draft one up for a sex tape. Only time of about 30 I’ve filmed with NDA’s Normal?
01/23/23LinkedIn or verified work email Adria Rae San Francisco
01/22/23Would love to hear any reviews on her PC added Braylin Bailey
01/22/23I plan to see her this week. Excited Adria Rae San Francisco
12/31/22I emailed her and asked if she might be coming to California. She responded and said no but thanks for being a fan. Seemed like she could have easily said yes and asked for a deposit if it were a scam. I know it’s not much to go off of but seemed legit to me. Someone should TOFTT I bet she’s an amazing time.  Kylie Rocket Eros
12/08/22Sadly I had two appointments set up with her pre-pandemic and she had to cancel both times. One of my biggest regrets not being able to see her as I heard from another hobbyist that she was absolutely amazing.  Kenzie Reeves Engaged. No Chance of Providing. Maybe…
11/22/22Does anyone have any recent reviews. One poster here saying worst experience ever. Talked to someone else on another forum saying she was amazing. More intel would be much appreciated.  Jessie Saint
11/19/22Did she say no to BBFS or did you not ask? Adria Rae
11/14/22I read a positive review on Reddit recently Kali Rose Los Angeles
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