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This is really interesting and I’m curious to see if anyone has said anything about me here.  I had a provider tell me that there are a few Blacklist sites that she uses that are extremely tight with serious screening to make sure that only providers have access.  

Mr Number App Used in Hobby

Penelope Kay

Eliza Ibarra 

Blake Blossom

Talia Shepard

Ava Addams


What pornstars do you wish provided?

You can be discreet at any busy hotel with security, I just try to identify a spot to meet her that’s not right by the security guards.  Like a bar or bench/chair near a shopping area.  As for discretion where people from your conference won’t notice, that’s a whole different challenge.  Something I did once is meet the girl at the lobby bar then I slipped her my extra room key so that we could both get past security and up to the room separately so as not to get attention of co-workers or industry people who might be around.

Discreet hotel recommendations in vegas
11/11/22Depends on what you’re looking for.  I travel a lot for work and love to see someone that I have a connection with already.  The lady that I’ve seen the most in the last 3 years is 2 states away but I’ve probably seen her 25 times and we have an amazing connection and spend 4-5 hours together each time, which is more what I want than just banging hot chick for 60-90 minutes.  Do you guys have regulars?
11/10/22Damn bro. Ava Addams would be a dream Perfection Models
11/07/22I don’t remember. It’s on their site, and I personally felt comfortable providing the info that they requested  Tryst Agency Insights
11/07/22She doesn’t. She had actually stopped providing a year before I first saw her, but she gave me kind of a special arrangement. Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
11/07/22I don’t know how they compare to other agencies, but I can’t imagine a better experience than the professionalism and quick replies that they gave me. Tryst Agency Insights
11/06/22She was fun, very passionate GFE. She was my first escort and on only saw her for 2 years until our schedules made it difficult to get together about 3 years ago. But we got together probably about 25 times. We’re still friends. Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!

$5500 with Lexi Luna 

before her, it was $2400 two times with Little Cici.

What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/03/22Hayden winters Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!

A bit of a facade is expected.  Unless I’m the anomaly, I’m willing to bet that most of us put up a bit of a facade too.  

for over the top theatrics during sex, I’m not a huge fan of it.  On a recent date I could tell that she was legit enjoying it, but she did ask me to change one tiny angle which was more pleasing to her and the change in how she responded and climaxed was fantastic.  I’d rather be told a different way to please her in the moment, rather than her putting on a show and faking it. 

How do we feel about the theatrics in the hobby?
10/27/22Like I said, go for the bath.  On a recent date I had a huge suite with a jacuzzi tub by the window that overlooked the Las Vegas strip. I had a hair tie for her to protect her hair,  wine, chocolate covered strawberries, bath bombs and candles around the room.  We had the most amazing foreplay time with an amazing view.  Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?

Shower sex is over rated (same with pool sex) and nothing like what you see in porn.  The floor is wet so you have to be careful not to slip.  You need lots of silicone lube because the water will wash away her natural juices.  And unless you’re going raw, dealing with condoms is even more of an annoyance than usual.  And at the same time, your provider will be worried that her hair doesn’t get too wet.  

on the other hand, shower or tub play time is wonderful if you’re making it a make out session with lots of full body contact, using hands/fingers on each other. When I used to see Hayden Winters we always stayed in a hotel with a jacuzzi tub so that we could enjoy a bath together. 

Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?

Its not what you see in porn for sure since you have to deal with changing condoms.  
If you go for it, find girls that are already into each other and maybe you’ve seen one or both of them individually before.  
Check out they have some of the most gorgeous high end providers I’ve ever seen and girls that offer duos will list which girls they work with.  

My only duo experience was with an Eastern European provider that I’d seen before.  Normally she and I go two rounds but in order for me to cum the second time she has to use her mouth and her hand.  

So what we did this time is she and I did round 1 together, then for $300 extra, her roommate joined us, and I enjoyed an amazing double BBBJ, lots of playing and kissing, then when girl 1 was finishing me with her hands and her mouth, girl 2 was kissing me and letting me suck her tits then I came on both of their faces.

So much more fun to let them treat me like a king and worship my body than dealing with all the position and condom changes.  

Are Duos worth it?
10/20/22She definitely seems happy just doing OF, which she pays someone else to run for her and do all the DM interaction (at least she used to) I figured that out in 2019 when I looked at messages received from her that had been sent to me at exact time I was with her in Vegas. I’d totally see her again if she came back to this. Alexis Adams Availability
10/01/22Would love to see her too  Blake Blossom

She’s definitely had some ups and downs.  She’s definitely not what she looked like in her Playboy days, but she is looking better than she was 5 years ago.  Lexi Luna posted a video on her Onlyfans of them playing in the shower recently that would give an accurate display of Spencer now. 

Spencer Scott Tour/Don’t Be Fooled by Pictures
09/26/22I used to give cash tips, until one girl gave it back to me and said “I want to see you again, please take this back and I hope you can come back even sooner now.” Now I just do small gifts.  Candles le bath bombs always go over well, or a bottle of wine.  If I’ve seen the provider a few times and I know what she likes I can do more personal items. And they don’t have to be expensive especially if it’s personal to them.  Some of that I’ve done this year…(random list I know) pickled asparagus, cute sunglasses, homemade granola, homemade applesauce, lingerie, lingerie gift cards, card game, charcuterie board from Etsy, LED tea lights that activate floating in water.  Probably others but those are the first to come to mind that were all relatively inexpensive but very much appreciated.  Tipping

Probably over $40k since 2017.  It’s probably too much but whatever, I’m already making extra payments on my mortgage which will be paid off in a few years, investing and saving a ton too.  

How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/20/22I used to be the same way. Only tried it because the girl I see wanted to try, now we do it as part of round two on almost every date. Your Greek experiences
09/20/22I’ve worked with her assistant before, very easy to work with  Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery
09/19/22Thank you for being straightforward and easy to work with. Follow the rules
09/17/22If it were me, I’d see Danielle FTV Recommendations: Phoenix, AZ
09/16/22The best use of a ridiculous amount of money that I’ve ever spent in this hobby.  She’s amazing.  Lexi Luna visiting Los Angeles

Haven’t seen her,but have worked with her assistant with 3 other providers before.  I’d expect her to be just as amazing as them.  Her page says Southern Cal, I’d assume LA or San Diego.  Do you know what area exactly? 

Elite Companion Spotlight: Bella Rose

Enjoy the time even if you don’t nut as many times as you want.  You seem like you’re paying attention to various posts in the group and if you’ve been thorough in your planning and how you chose your first provider, if she’s professional and you have the money that you can be free to part with, I expect you’ll have a great time.  For me the only times I’ve had post nut regret was when I wasn’t diligent on the quality of provider and ignored red flags or should have used the money for something else.  

If she’s a higher end lady, she’ll probably really appreciate it if you put the cash in a greeting card with a nice note and maybe some flowers or a bottle of wine.   Those extra things have always paid off very well for me with receiving plenty of extra special treatment.  

let us know how it goes 

Post-Nut Clairty
09/10/22Lexi Luna again.  But instead of 3 hours at a hotel, it would be 3 or 4 days in a cabin in the mountains during the winter. Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/02/22This is just horrible.  It’s situations like this that make me worry about the handful of regular ladies I see that are the most special to me. NYC Provider Attacked/Verification

One of my favorite ladies from California now lives in Brooklyn.  I saw her twice in 2019 before she moved to the east coast. she’s perfect if you’re into super petite girls

Recommendations in New York
08/26/22She’s got good reviews on PD Spencer scott
08/21/22I like private delights, however I recently learned that the girls can delete negative reviews.  But that is probably more likely to happen with lower cost providers.  I use it mainly when I was looking for a mid-level provider at the $400-$500 Per hour range.  Best site for reviews
08/21/22Would it be helpful to recreate reviews that were lost when the old subreddit was deleted?  I can recreate some for ladies that are still providing if I think they’re still relevant, even if I haven’t seen them in a year or two.  Would that be helpful?  Reddit
08/20/22Once they verify you with references or their method without references, you’ll easily be able to book with their providers. They’re a great company New to this hobby
08/20/22They can verify you without references, there’s just a fee and I think you have to provide your ID.  I used them recently and the verification was fast and easy.   New to this hobby
08/16/22One of my regulars recently had someone using her pictures on PD which she does not use.  Apparently they were collecting deposits pretending to be her.   Please do your research

Hi end girls that I want to also have a conversation with, minimum 2 hours.  

If I have a good connection with a provider, my next date will be longer.  Last week I saw a regular for 3 hours one night and 5 hours the next night.  

Next month I’m seeing my ATF PS who is UTR and will be the most I’ve ever spent in one night, but we’re booked for 3 hours.

What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
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