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03/30/23Yeah, thru Talent Testing. Whipped out their phones and pulled up their online portal (I did the same). If I'm smashing a civvie, wrapping up! Smashing a PS I paid to see and flew to see who gets regularly tested, I'd prefer all natural baby lol JUJU return
03/30/23About $30k - $35k. How much have ya'll spent?
03/30/23Darla was incredible. Most expensive one I've been with tho... However BBFS and CIP were on the table... And damn she's even hotter in person. Would recommend. Lourdes is crazy
03/30/23Oh and MSOG is on the table... however I believe i had to put in some extra dough for it JUJU return
03/30/23I'd recommend her however I didn't repeat after the first session -- I've been with many fine PS... Juju's body tops almost all of them in my book (including big names like Kay Lovely and Cali Carter).  When I first saw her, she came to the door in blue laced lingerie and my jaw dropped.. however, the reason I didn't see her again is because CFS is only allowed, even for repeat clients.  I was turned off this - Especially when there are providers out there like Theodora Day who giggled when I showed her my test and said "of course if you want me raw, let's do it"... or Alex Grey who took the condom and threw it across the room as she grabbed me and put me in her.  I want THAT kinda chemistry in a session... With Juju, beyond the insane body and good looks, it felt like a normal "session" in my book -- Get in, get your pops, and go.  With all that said though, everyone should experience that ass of hers.  Grabbing her tiny waist and losing yourself in that ass is an experience I definitely won't forget...  It almost made me OK with CFS. lol.  JUJU return
03/29/23**I met Dakota months after Jasmine/Darla. Also met Theodora Day through Lourdes -- One hell of a session. Lourdes is crazy
03/29/23I feel your pain but in my opinion, it's worth it -- Once you get access to the list, you have that access for good.  What I did was I found out through the forums that Jasmine Caro was providing through Lourdes... so I made the $1100 deposit, then got access to the list, then immediately got a session booked for 30 days out.  Turns out, they also had Darla Pursley.. so I signed up for her too! The $1100 went toward my first visit with Jasmine so I didn't have to bring as much cash.  You lose $100 for the processing fee.. but for me, it paid off... I got to meet my favorite PS of all time who only worked with Lourdes for a period of 2 months.. Dakota Tyler.  If I wouldn't have gone through that process and got access to the list, I would've missed out on that opportunity. Lourdes is crazy
03/29/23She's incredible -- I've seen her twice now... The first time as a duo with Dakota Tyler.  She's awesome!  Theodora Ray Review
03/29/23No it has to be Kay Lovely!!! :) UTR Kay?
03/28/23Ah ok cool! Thanks Cali Carter in Los Angeles
03/28/23One of the best.  What are her rates now-a-days? Last time I saw her through PC was like $2k/hr... and it was CFS. :/ Cali Carter in Los Angeles
03/27/23Good news for you Barney -- She is available through Lourdes ;) Vanna Bardot
03/24/23Great catch King.  Duos sound amazing.. Wonder if anyone has any reviews.  If BBFS was on the table for both, worth it... if CFS is there and you have to "change out" protection each time.. ehhh... Miami Duo
03/22/23Hazel Moore wasn't on BC when we banged. She just told me to put in an extra tip for a Plan B. (actually most providers I've met who weren't on BC just asked for a tip for a pill) Welcome Cali Carter to the Tryst AGency
03/22/23Provocative post King! Love it!

For me, this doesn't bother me one bit. If I only banged people who had the same beliefs as me, my pool would be small. If I was marrying Brandi, yeah, we'd have a problem.. but for God sakes we're just hooking up with these women. I don't care if they talk about their love of the mormon church, I'm down to clown.
Brandi Love True American
03/22/23I believe so -- Last time I saw her, CFS was only on the table. BBBJ is there. Welcome Cali Carter to the Tryst AGency
03/20/23Exactly. I booked her through Tryst -- Easy process. (I highly recommend her btw - Had a great time!) Reese Robbins
03/17/23Damn this is news to me. Actually saw some of her work a few months ago and thought "hmm wonder if she provides".  Well, that question has been answered.  RIP. Raven Bay - Gone Too Soon
03/15/23That's good to hear! Yeah, she's amazing. One of the only independents that actually had a website where I didn't have any questions.  Most of the time, we have to ask questions about what's on the menu... Not her. Lol. All she did was use some indirect terminology.  For "bare" she had a little emoticon of a bear. Fits her personality - She has this cute/quirky nature about her.  Good find john!

(P.S. This strikes another win for good communication over OF.  Most everyone will say "woah woah woah, none of that talk over OF. " -- Yes, caution needs to be exercised but we CAN get some good intel through this channel. Hell Rebel Lynn.. go follow her OF. She literally put her tour schedule on there.  She's just indirect about everything with enough "plausible deniability" to pass the smell test. She uses terms and only experienced hobbyists like us on EA would understand.)
Brenna Sparks

I get tested before every meet even if I know the girl still requires CFS. 

Does my local clinic give me funny looks when I come in every couple of weeks? Sure. haha. I actually made friends with one of the ladies who draws my blood and we now get a good chuckle each time I come in.  Just told her I'm always staying up to speed for my dating life (which is not the truth since I'm always wearing protection in real life. The only time I go bare is when I'm seeing my favorite stars.)

Is this expensive? Yeah. My tests are $125 each time for the 10 panel test. I just consider it a cost of doing business -- Additionally, I never ever want to screw up my reputation with a provider/agency by ever having a finger pointed at me for a STI.  Peace of mind.. like I said, even if I'm going CFS and CBJ.

Should we be getting tested regularly in the hobby?
03/14/23I usually plan out 2-4 weeks in advance.  Even then, I've had providers who get up and go on a random tour.. :/ Booking advice
03/13/23My 2 cents, I will never try to book during a convention again (exxxotica or AVN). I had 2 cancellations on my last trip.. and essentially ended up going home empty handed. :( Chicago Exxxotica Lineup/Hotels
03/10/23Excellent catch King! Sarai Minxx Touring Again
03/09/23Excellent post King -- And you're correct. MOST of the PS I've seen (even some I've gotten to know well), told me they have an agency handle their OF.  They send the content to the agency, the agency sends it out on a schedule, responds to messages, etc.. The agency in many cases even takes the funds from the OF and then gives a cut to the girl.

From what I hear, most new girls in the industry get this peddled to them - "Hey, focus on your porn career, and you can make some money on the side just by sending some photos to an agency on your OF.. It's another income stream and very little effort." 

It's sick. But this is the world we live in -- Me personally, I see this as a major opportunity here for a OF competitor that verifies that you're actually talking with the girl.  If only I had the brains, time, and funding haha...
Why I always say OF is Simp Bait?
03/03/23Good spot Marty! Now if only i could find some recent reviews lol VRod back on tour
03/02/23Indeed ;) haha. Honestly if no one would have told me about that, I would've never known! (P.S. Never bring this up to her in person) Isabel Moon In Tampa
03/02/23I've placed multiple reviews throughout the messages in the forum -- However, I need to create a thread for the review.  TL:DR; I recommend her, but not for more than 1.5 hours. Ass is great, BBBJ is fantastic, BBFS/CIP is on the table (with recent test), Greek is also on the table w/ notice.  She's worth a visit. Isabel Moon In Tampa
03/01/23Yeah, I'm not understanding the down votes for a post that's asking about experiences with her. If this was some fanboy "omg I love her and she can do no wrong", I get it.. but this is an innocuous post! Anywho, I do hope we get a review! Trinity St Clair
02/28/23She's incredible - One of the best bodies I've had the pleasure of seeing.  Note: She absolutely does not offer BBFS - Bring a clean test, you'll be given a smirk and a polite "no baby, sorry". Juju Bahreis
02/23/23For my session, yeah. It may be different for others. I didn't really push the issue :/ Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
02/23/23TL:DR; I recommend Isabel, but only for a shorter session.

Long Explanation:

Just saw Isabel again for a few hours recently -- Unfortunately wouldn't recommend her for more than a 1 hour session.  During our session and before/after the "deed", she was on her phone/not paying much attention to me. I could only go for about 20 min before ole Charlie gave out and had a few hours of time left to burn.  I felt a tad like a human ATM after the "deed" was done.  Not my usual experience with a provider -- And I have quite a long list of providers I've seen.

Please don't get me wrong, the actual service is great. Top notch! Her ass is incredible... But I wouldn't consider her as a caring "GFE" type (by that, I mean someone who gives you their undivided attention and gets to know you and all that.  The convo was pretty stale.. whereas with providers like Cali Carter, I swear the convo/attention from her was almost as good as the actual sex.).

Is she still worth the experience? Sure! BBFS and Greek are on the table -- And the DATY/BBBJ was fantastic.  But, I believe it's best to get a real good pop in during a 1 hour hour session and pack up and go.  I didn't even get MSOG for a multi hour session.. And almost felt awkward to bring it up.   Just my 2 cents, fellow gents! :)
Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
02/23/23A rare opportunity indeed! Good find King! TS Astrid Lee & Lelia Belmont Las Vegas Duos
02/22/23She's incredible. Looking back now after all my experiences, she's definitely Top 5. Cali Carter
02/22/23Great review! Also, in my experience, most active pornstars are actually more likely for BBBJ/BBFS. It's the "indies" who are more CBJ/CFS. Glad Kitana is awesome though. And thanks for sharing!! Kitana Montana Review
02/21/23Yeah, I finally got a chance to fully work with Tryst recently -- And can confirm, fantastic agency.  So refreshing to have good communication. There's a lot of little details in this hobby... elevator key cards, what's on the menu, girl showing up a little late... so it's nice to have an agency like Tryst behind you handling all of the details.

Also, the roster is getting stronger and stronger. The addition of Hailey Rose puts Tryst up at the top of my "check" list now. :)
Tip Of The Hat to Tryst Agency
02/21/23Damn I certainly hope she would consider it. I've loved her scenes for a while! Tiffany Watson?
02/21/23Wow, I've had my eye on her since I saw her content -- Incredible find!! Welcome Hailey Rose and Max Fills to the Tryst Family
01/30/23Never had an issue with either (the only minor gripe with AIA is sometimes the roster isn't up to date... example: Gia Milana and Elsa Jean are definitely not available.. but they're still on AIA's website). Both are great with communication.  I don't see why you wouldn't just sign up for both :) Also, sign up for Tryst as well. Good communication on their end as well. Lourdes or Alluring intros
01/28/23Yup... Took me a while but finally had one that made me forget about the rest - Dakota Tyler lol. Have you developed feelings for an escort?
01/27/23"I don’t necessarily know why I’m a big fan"

Lol I share your feelings on her King! I plan on seeing her in Miami. It has to be Mia Khalifa look alike.
Sadie Pop Visiting New York
01/26/23Been doing this a while, friend. Already been through her site. PSE doesn’t necessarily mean BBFS… especially now that she’s not actively shooting porn. Sarai Minxx Really isn’t Touring Anymore
01/26/23Anyone know what's on her menu? BBFS? Been wanting to see her for a while and I know she says "PSE"... Just wanted to be sure. Sarai Minxx Really isn’t Touring Anymore
01/25/23I need to put in mine of her -- She's fantastic. Showed up on time, looks great (smaller in person than I thought!), had a great attitude, was personable, and BBFS/CIP was on the menu. Fantastic BBBJ. She's certainly a little spinner. Would recommend to my fellows at EA. September Reign tour
01/20/23Getting some serious Gabbie Carter vibes from Ava Clarke!! Great find King. Elite Companions to Lookout For
01/18/23Yeah, definitely. Would be nice to know if it is available though (with a YMMV). EA Reviews Section Input

My biggest complaint with TER is that I don't know what's on a menu... Very common questions we hear everywhere is "CBJ or BBBJ", "CFS or BBFS", "CIM available?", "DATY, DATO available" along with the last time that was updated (for example, Cali Carter used to offer BBFS with upcharge, but early 2022, she was CFS only).  I'd love if EA's reviews made this clearer instead of having to read and read through all the reviews to catch keywords.

EA Reviews Section Input
01/17/23What do you think about her reputation Tryst? I've always wanted to meet her but was worried about the reviews :/ Angelina Valentine Back on Twitter
01/17/23Except for Bunny's email.. which Panda and I got scammed out of a deposit on... :( EA UPDATE!!! EA-List
01/16/23Excellent! Thanks for the info Tryst. :) Welcome MILF Charli Phoenix to the Tryst Family
01/16/23How do we submit an issue with one of the emails? is 100% a scam.  Panda and I got scammed by that email address (we sent deposits.. and then heard nothing else from that email address) - Yet it's on the EA Verified list!! EA UPDATE!!! EA-List
01/16/23Great idea! EA UPDATE!!! EA-List
01/11/23Well done King!! Great interview. (P.S. I like your format of back and forth on an individual question) Pornstar Escort Q&A: Rose Lynn
01/11/23Excellent review! Included all the details I care about (BBFS) :) Well done! Lia Lovely Review
01/11/23Excellent find! Well done Tryst! Welcome Odette Fox to the Tryst Family
01/10/23Fantastic find King!!! :) Appreciate the detailed info -- Lol always at the top of my list "Is BBFS available". Pornstar Escort of The Week: Nikita Renzikova
01/09/23I thought this was what a deposit was for -- You set up an appointment, you flake, you pay. I don't like this admin fee -- There are many times I inquire someone just to be able to ask some questions and details about a meet.. And many times, yes I do walk away. If I had to pay $50 just to send a message to inquire, I'd avoid them.  Many times I put in a booking request just to see if someone is available at a time and date.. and if they aren't available, I back out.  Again, if I had to pay $50 for that, I'd be upset!

To me, this is a potential PR problem -- Why not just increase your deposit by 5% to cover these issues, or increase your rate by $50-$100/hour.  Find creative ways to cover the expense of these inconveniences.  It's like companies that charge 5-10% for credit card purchases. Everyone hates paying that.

Just my two cents. To me, this is a bad bad direction.  Once it catches fire, it'll spread.
Admin Fee
01/09/23Great to know -- Thanks Tryst! Emma Rosie?
01/09/23Sure! Most everyone has taken a hit w/ me - Especially if I'm in LA or Vegas. Come to think of it, most girls I meet with show up with a vape of some kind anyways lol.  Helps when I don't have a nice bottle of wine available or if I'm out of wine due to seeing multiple providers in a short span. I just hold out my vape and it's always like "heck yea" haha.. 420 friendly?
01/09/23To their credit, they tried to set me up with Jane Wilde. They spent a good few hours seeing who all could fill in. I appreciated the effort.. but honestly Dakota is my #1 and prefer every dollar go her way. haha... Post AVN blue Balls
01/09/23Dakota Tyler and Theodora Day (duo). Love those two. Saw them in LA a few weeks back. Post AVN blue Balls
01/09/23The info we needed to know! Thanks Tryst :) Cytherea Visiting Chicago
01/09/23Funny enough, this happened to me (through Lourdes) -- Even though I had scheduled 2 weeks in advance. Just the nature of AVN -- Lesson learned on my part. They were really cool about it - Apparently there were a lot of cancellations.  Still had an awesome time - Can't go wrong in Vegas. Post AVN blue Balls
01/07/23Yeah, got the same! April Olsen
01/06/23Yeah.. I tried booking her earlier this year, but I couldn't find anything recent and no one I knew had any experiences. It wound up being too much of a gamble for me so I didn't book.  Hopefully someone here has atleast a verified Twitter or something we could all look at! She used to be one of my favorites. Lacey Duvall
01/05/23The menu seems pretty good -- BBBJ and Greek is offered.. Now does anyone know if BBFS is on the table? Sara St Clair & Jenni Tay Duos
01/04/23Yeah, I think she is done or is primarily only seeing old clients. She's trying to start a family, last I checked a few months ago. Cali Carter
01/02/23Fantastic find! Is she going to be in Vegas for AVN? Welcome Rose Lynn to the Tryst Family
01/02/23The only thing is they do require a keycard for the elevator to get to your room. But I've done it now over 5 times. It's not a big deal and no one has ever said anything. LA Hotel suggestions
01/02/23Me personally, I always stay really close to LAX -- Makes it easy to get to and from the airport and saves you the hassle of all of the traffic (which is horrifying).  Hyatt Regency is my go to - It's 4 stars (which is a requirement for my PS outcalls), really nice with good amenities (they have mini convenience store down stairs - Great for quick water/coffee runs), and has an airport shuttle that gets me to LAX in 10 min. LA Hotel suggestions
12/29/22Excellent review!! Thanks for letting us know if BBFS was available. I get tired of having to ask on every review! Carmela Clutch
12/20/22$1500/hr. Isabel Moon in New York
12/20/22Also, she mentioned she loves anal.. and I don't doubt it. I actually wished I opted for it. She was super clean.. and I couldn't help but put my tongue on it. Get it while you can, my friends :) Isabel Moon in New York
12/20/22Film ($200), BBFS ($500), Greek ($500) Isabel Moon in New York

I actually just recently saw her in LA -- Was fantastic! She's cuter in person and her body was better than I expected. She's been working out!  She came to the door with a tight black, short dress.. I could see right off the bat she was packing a wonderful, tight ass. As we talked, she kept bouncing and smiling.. and I told her she was killing me.. Then she grinned and pulled down her panties... Couldn't help myself.. took her to the bed, ripped off her dress, and did what must be done haha.. 

She has a full menu -- BBBJ, BBFS, Greek, AND Film (+$200).  BBFS with a recent test (+$500). Greek with advance notice (if you go through PC, they will ask for this.. I believe it's $500). Her ass is legendary... Definitely in the top asses I've ever been with.  The view from doggy and holding onto her nice, shapely hips will be imprinted in my mind for a long time lol. 

The overall session was fantastic -- She's really personable. There are rumors going around about her past.. do not bring it up. Be respectful to her - She's been through a lot and has had some crazy ex's.  Best to keep any of that off the list of things to talk about.

Would I recommend? Yes. Would I see her again? Yes! She is underrated - And her rates are really good for what you get.  Compared to other sessions I've had lately that were "businesslike", her session stood out as fun - And she didn't watch the clock!

Enjoy EA :)

Isabel Moon in New York
12/15/22Luckiest guy on the forum! Elsa Jean
12/15/22Nice!! Thank you for the info spaceman! :) Little Cici - petite dream girl
12/15/22Yeah, every month I send AIA a message and for the past 6 months, she's been on "hiatus" with no telling when she might be back. Lourdes told me she's done done as she's doing very well right now. Which is a shame :( Elsa Jean
12/15/22Awesome find! What's on the menu? BBBJ, Greek, CIM, CIP, BBFS? Little Cici - petite dream girl
12/14/22"According to her, that's not her" If you don't mind me asking, how do you know which one is her or not? Bunny Colby
12/14/22Shit, she isn't available for the dates I had outlined. I'm gonna guess she's really busy :/ Oh well, will have to try again soon! April Olsen
12/13/22Yeah -- When is the $64,000 question haha.. Just reached out for availability at this point. April Olsen
12/13/22Lol already sent in a booking request! Been wanting to see her forever. April Olsen
12/13/22Thank you for the review nj -- Yeah.. I hate to see things like this happen :/ Been there earlier this year with someone who had no reviews and was hit with a CBJ and CFS... For $1500, I felt cheated. 

Btw, eventually you're gonna have to tell us your list of 40 PS you've seen! ;)
TOFTT: Vanessa Blake Review

I have -- Saw her in mid 2022.  Overall, it was a good experience -- I actually had a good conversation w/ her.  I didn't have any issues w/ her attitude, then again, I was a client and not working with her on a professional level, so absolutely no disrespect or offense to other posters. 

The meet itself was good, not great. One thing you have to keep in mind is she has had a few kids - So her body isn't what you saw in the old Bangbros movies. I still found her attractive though! Still has those fantastic bolt ons - Which felt amazing.  Booty is quite a bit larger than what you see in her films - She does have an instagram that'll give you an idea of how she looks now.  I still found her face beautiful! Same w/ her smile. 

Luckily she gave a fantastic BBBJ.. but I was sorely disappointed when I was told no BBFS, even w/ clean test and offer for upcharge.  I don't go spend $220 and get 3 vials of blood taken and travel 1500 miles to be told I have to wear a condom.  I can do that down the road at my local bar for about $2000 less than my total trip cost me after you factor in flight/hotel/booking/misc..

Greek didn't appear to be on the menu, nor were any videos/photos (photos were explicitly forbidden as she's UTR)..

Overall, was she worth the experience? For me, yes. I have always wanted to meet her - And it was awesome spending a few hours talking about her life, her old scenes, and background on some of my favorite scenes! She didn't watch the clock and genuinely seemed like she was enjoying the experience.  It's an expensive encounter, but if you want to meet her, I'd say go for it while you can! She hinted at slowing down on all of this and sticking to previous clientele -- So you may not have the opportunity again to meet her.

Jasmine Caro
12/08/22Will do!! Bunny Colby
12/08/22Have her booked myself -- Will make sure to post a review for y'all! Bunny Colby
12/08/22Does that 3000 get you BBFS or was it all covered? Legal brothels Chicken ranch
12/06/22I'll be right there with ya Panda Bunny Colby
12/06/22The instagram account in question: Bunny Colby
12/06/22The instagram account in question: Bunny Colby
12/06/22The twitter account in question: Bunny Colby
12/06/22Ahhh ok. Makes sense!! Bunny Colby

Panda and I are working together on this. To add to it, I asked her for a basic verification.. and got "My established accounts I've posted on are my verification. :p" (which prompted this post)

Another discrepancy: On an old TER of her, the last email being used was "[email protected]" whereas the new one is "[email protected]".

To me, red flags are going off.. but definitely don't want to miss this opportunity, as well.

Here is a reddit forum post that is fairly new on the topic:

Bunny Colby
12/06/22Thanks for the post King -- Sadly, there goes one of my bucket list ladies :( Kenzie Reeves Engaged. No Chance of Providing. Maybe…
12/05/22Doesn't deter me at all -- Worst case, this is a simple pill to take care of and 3-7 days of down time and a retest after.  You always run a risk.  As long as it isn't herpes/HIV, I'm fine. New Developments in the STI Outbreak
12/05/22You da man King.  Funny enough, I'm going through a major MILF phase at the moment (I have found they generally take care of you better than some young up start) - And this scratches just the right itch.  Thanks! Violetta Michelle & Piper Press Duos
12/05/22The hero we need Panda :) Bunny Colby
12/05/22Yeah, I agree... From what I've been reading about the internet right now, this may or may not be real. Timing is a bit off. Bunny Colby
12/05/22Wonder if that email is Perfection Models.. I can't imagine she'd be independent. Bunny Colby
12/05/22Holy shit - Great find Panda! She's on my bucket list!!! Bunny Colby

A very under discussed topic... Usually I have to do this weeks in advance. My bank, in particular, has a "smell test" of $5,000 at one time being taken out in cash.. Meaning, I get the dreaded manager to come over and ask politely what the money is for.  Most ATM's around me are $600 limit to be removed.

As far as your main question regarding traveling, honestly, I am not sure what I'd do. Interested to see responses on here. Getting out large sums of cash is difficult now-a-days.

Cash withdrawal strategy
11/29/22Edit: And yes, I went through PC. Communication isn't their strong point. Kay Lovely update (!?)
11/29/22Keep trying sezz66. Kay is worth it -- One of the best sessions I've ever had! Kay Lovely update (!?)
11/21/22Dakota Tyler is at the very top of my list. What pornstars do you wish provided?
11/21/22More than I'd care to admit.  Especially Autumn Falls. A man can dream. How much would you pay for a Duos with them?
11/17/22Awesome! Thanks for the info :) I may have to reach out to them for Samantha Saint.. Perfection Models
11/16/22Panda, how strict was their verification vs. an agency like PC/AIA/Lourdes? Perfection Models
11/16/22Hazel Moore does not. Asked her in two different sessions and got no each time :( PS escorts who allow filming or pictures
11/16/22Love it! Thank you panda :) Adria Rae
11/16/22CFS or BBFS? Adria Rae
11/13/22Had a fantastic meet with her earlier in 2022 -- BBFS was on the table -- She is smaller in person than I expected and has fantastic bolt ons. I'd describe her as a spinner.  Overall, had a good time - She's personable and chatty. Would recommend to my fellow gents on EA! September Reign

Eh, I'm kinda glad I branched out instead of sticking with my first one.  Got a wide range of experiences.  I just used PC, AIA, Lourdes, and only reputable independent providers.  I used Tryst one time for a girl out in Vegas - Probably the "riskiest". Never used Eros.

Do you guys have regulars?

She is one of my ATF.   She used to be super active in the escort scene!!  She was in Texas a lot in 2021 (before I got started w/ all of this).  Unfortunately I believe she is now out of the game as she can't be found on Eros/Tryst and doesn't have a personal site like I believe she used to have.  Funny enough, she had shot some OF scenes with a couple I knew down in Houston - And then afterward, she appears to have gone cold from escorting. 

Shame, I feel like I missed out on her :/ However, she doesn't look like she used to.. She's had a lot of work done.  Almost unrecognizable.

I believe this is her current instagram:
And her OF appears to be active -- However, I unfollowed because I wasn't getting any responses.  Maybe you could try your luck!

Ashly Anderson
11/04/22Hell of a catch @username. Thank you! Lily Love back in the US for a short time!
10/28/22Yup, but it's usually on my phone and I keep them hidden and off social media.  :) Is it smart to take a picture with a escort?
10/27/22I looked through her links on twitter and couldn't find her website -- Where did you see this? Anyone ever meet Muscle barbie001
10/24/22Perhaps I'm off base, but I actually like her new look. I know that probably removes the appeal she had before though.  Idk, for me, I'm more interested now than I was before.  Victoria June before and after
10/24/22Ive been wanting to reach out to Rachel Starr on her Twitter. 99% sure she's a no though :/ Julie Cash in Dallas confirmed
10/24/22Wondering what the menu is -- I'll be in Vegas soon and she is standing out to me. Quick Q&A with Adriana Deluxe
10/24/22Heck of a looker -- Thanks for putting this together King! Quick Q&A with Adriana Deluxe
10/24/22BBFS is indeed on the table. :) Reviews of Hazel Moore?
10/19/22Tell her she has a loyal following over here that would love to meet her! ;) haha Alexis Adams Availability
10/18/22That was incredibly fast -- Excellent work y'all! :) Escort Access Update!!!
10/18/22She's a complete gem -- I hope this doesn't turn her off from all of this! The Erotic Review isn’t Fact
10/17/22One other thought -- Ability to sort individual post comments.. RIght now, I want to see all NEW comments.. not just the most upvoted. Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22P.S. One final thought -- Love this board so far. I check this now more often than my reddit stream. Thank you!! :) Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22Another one: I find myself running out of space when sending direct messages. Could we increase that limit? :) Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22Piggy-backing on the "new" comments. For posts I've already viewed, gray them out. Then if something has changed on them, make it normal color along with a "new" banner next to the number of comments. Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/17/22Ah - And it would be nice to have an ability to edit a comment for up to 5 minutes after posting.  I have atrocious spelling sometimes... and only realize it AFTER I've published my comment ;) Progress Report How Are We doing?

Two things come to mind - And both are related to my frequent, everyday usage and trying to figure out what has changed since the last time I was on.

1) Seeing how many "new" comments there are on a post from the last time I've reviewed the forum.  Example: The Samantha Saint thread. There were 5 comments a few days ago.. now there are 6.  I'd love a star or something there that catches my attention to "hey, something has changed on this post since last time you were on!"

2) Being able to "watch" a post and pin it myself (kinda like a "Save Favorite Thread").  Once again, the Samantha Saint thread.  I want to be able to tag that and make sure that particular post stays hot on my radar. I find myself having to go find that post each time by clicking "Older posts" over and over again for threads I watch that are now days old.

Progress Report How Are We doing?
10/14/22Yeah that is what I was thinking as well. Such a shame. :( Autumn Falls? Can't be!
10/13/22Excellent find @mikeding59 - Thanks for sharing! Elite Companion Kali Kay
10/13/22Thank you! She'd be an immediate book for me. Samantha saint reviews
10/12/22Perfection Models is the one where they don't have a website right? And you can tell through the ad it's through Perfection Models? Does anyone have the actual ad? Samantha saint reviews
10/12/22Damn :( That's a shame. Perhaps Tryst has the hookup for us! Samantha saint reviews
10/12/22I'd think so -- Just my 2 cents, I actually follow a few banging OF models who I'd love to be able to meet just as much as my favorite pornstars. Toochi Kash is one that comes to mind (I know she's on AIA, but wouldn't consider her a real pornstar).  True, they aren't the same technically.. but I'd still want to meet them whether they were just OF or just a pornstar :) So I don't mind seeing posts about them.  Pornstar of OF Model?
10/12/22Wait... she's available??? This is news to me. Samantha saint reviews
10/11/22Wow what a looker! Priscilla Reiss
10/10/22Absolutely! She was a hell of a fun time for me in early 2022. Looks just like her photos/videos.  Shorter and more petite in person than expected - Thoroughly enjoyed grabbing her tiny waist while looking at her perfect bolt ons.  Did the full BBFS w/ CIP, BBBJ, DFK, and did some DATY.  Would recommend for the fellow gents here! September Reign Tour Coming Soon!!
10/06/22^^ this is an excellent template! Danielle Derek
10/05/22Nah, 3 out of 4 times, I've gotten a response, just a simple email or a nudge to go to twitter. Hell one girl just flat out told me right there in OF that she'd love to do BBFS lol. For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
10/05/22 For OF Clients: Toochi Kash

Yeah, I almost booked her this year, but couldn't find any reviews on TER or Reddit.   When I couldn't find any reviews, I sent her a message on her OF about "best place to discuss some details about a planned meet" (was hoping to get an email address), I was blocked... My guess is her OF is managed and thus my request got tossed out and I was blacklisted for implying a meet. 

She's absolutely fine AF -- Would love it if anyone had reviews on her.

For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
10/04/22Hmm... yeah I believe that N.M. means no meetups... :/ Advoree2
10/04/22I believe she tagged the post as PSE, so I would assume yes. She's a looker!!! Hello everyone
09/28/22Ah, a fellow sophisticate who prefers BB for PS sessions :) If I'm paying $1500+, it best be uncovered..  I can use condoms on the locals I meet (and I do).

Great review! Thank you for sharing.
Jennifer White review
09/27/22A man of taste!! Alicia Williams is an ATF... Unfortunately doesn't appear she's ever escorted :( Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22@trystagency You have an "in" with Elsa? Last I checked, she's w/ AIA but she's on hiatus.. Top 3 on my list! Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/26/22Exactly! Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry
09/26/22Ahhh yes -- Confirmed! She is also UTR on Lourdes. UTR JA New York (PC)
09/21/22Excellent catch! She's been on my list. I'm glad it's next month... her website had said at one point "2023". Thank goodness :) Sarai Minxx Booking with NEW BOOBJOB!!!!
09/20/22Absolutely agree with you! Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery
09/20/22P.S. Thanks for the spotlight king! Enjoy these types of indie finds :) Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery

Looks like BBBJ, CIM, and CFS (no BB) // No mention of Greek. (Based on 2022 TER reviews, you're welcome)

Side note: Ugh.. hate having to read through all the TER reviews just to glean what may be on the menu :(

Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery
09/14/22Ah, she does not understand edging. Am I right guys? ;) Providers POV on Climaxing
09/11/22Kenzie Reeves and Bunny Colby! Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22Jemma looks gorgeous! However, from what I can glean, BBFS is not on the table -- And I saw a lot of CBJ on TER.. :/ Anyone w/ first hand experience

P.S. Dang would I love a "Here is who is available and here is the expected menu" -- I've been in this hobby for over a year and met dozens... and the first thing I always want to know is what all is on the menu. If I could come onto this site and go "who is avail who offers BBFS w/ clean test", I'd be a happy guy!
Elite Companions to Lookout For
09/07/22Quick review - Saw her back in February.  Had an awesome time w/ her.  She has a really bubbly personality and her looks were on point.  She's really petite in person w/ incredible tits.  BB/CIP is on the menu.  Not sure if Greek is.  Overall, would highly recommend.  September Reign NYC Tour
09/06/22Hell of a find. Incredibly gorgeous! Erotic Medusa
09/02/22@sapphi10489 - Haha you and I had the same thought. This site could use a "whats on the menu" for the Avails. Leigh Raven going to NYC
09/02/22Latest TER review on Priya is from December 2021 -- I know she's gone through a few body mods recently.  Anyone have any recent reviews?

P.S. When I check for reviews, I check TER (premium account) and r/pornstarswhoescort - Anyone have other resources for valid reviews?
Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
09/02/22PornCompanions Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For

Yeah, I didn't realize I wanted her until I noticed she was no longer on PC... Her latest scenes are bomb!!

Skye Blue
08/24/22One of my favorites! Pornstar Escort of the Day: Jayden Jade
08/24/22Wow excellent find Tryst! Thank you. Welcome to the Tryst Family All Natural Blonde Susie Stellar
08/24/22I've used them a few times -- Never had any issues. Communication has been spot on -- The only problem I have w/ them vs. PC is any correspondence beyond wardrobe will get shut down and you'll be warned.  So the PS I saw were definitely more of a gamble if you're looking for BBFS or film since you can't ask about it or imply it.. AIA
08/24/22She's awesome! I saw her when she was pregnant (early 2022) -- Super bubbly personality.. and a BBBJ to die for.  Definitely one of my favs! Rebel Lynn?
08/18/22Yeah, I saw her in February 2022 -- There was only 1 review at the time lol. And the old r/pornstarescort reddit wasn't kind to her. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Angelina Valentine

Inquired about her in June from AIA -- $1100/hour.

I've always loved her scenes.. but I was turned off by the reviews. At the same time, I still may see her.  I read bad reviews about Cali Carter.. but then I met her and was shocked at how amazing it was.  And her and I talk often - I find her authentic and nice.  So I'm not entirely reliant on reviews anymore. Maybe I'll see Angelina and let y'all know how it goes.

Pornstar Escort of the Day: Angelina Valentine
08/17/22Second this lol Has the Hobby Decreased or Increased your porn watching?
08/10/22Wow she is an incredibly beautiful woman.  Thank you @trystagency! MILF alert
08/08/22I paid $2k/hour through AIA - Definitely on the high end. However, she was fantastic. Super cool in person - And the experience was incredible (minus the fact that BBFS is not on the table... however BBBJ is) Pornstar Escort to Lookout For
08/08/22I went through Alluring Intros -- Didn't have any issues. Pornstar Escort to Lookout For
08/04/22From my experience, Talent Testing is the most well known and understandable to a PS provider -- Another one a lot of people use and know is (Health Labs).  I use personally --  I bring my paper test and also have my online portal on my phone available (since a few providers have said they aren't comfortable with the paper test since it can be forged easily). I've never had any issues going this route - The only time it fails is if a PS provider simply does not do BBFS, like Cali Carter. Showing test results to go raw?
08/02/22Wow, what a find!! Yes, @trystagency, I'll be eagerly awaiting this one :) Chantal Danielle
08/01/2299.9% sure it was due to her insane schedule -- I was lucky enough to see her in that short window and she was talking about schedule.. She's working damn near 7 days a week as is. And she had to move her appointment with me once due to a shoot. Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
08/01/22Excellent review -- For once, someone answered all of my questions in one post.  Thank you!! Angelina Diamanti
08/01/22Yeah - She's amazing.  First saw her a few months ago (Feb 2022) -- First experience I had w/ an escort where literally everything was on the table (Greek, MSOG, BBFS, CIP, CIM).  Got 4 shots off..  Usually after 2, the provider is ready to hang up the cleats.  So yes, "expensive", but she's absolutely top tier. Jade Jayden touring SoCal most of August 2022
07/27/22She's absolutely fantastic -- Recently had her in Los Angeles.  BBFS/filming is on the menu.  Greek, I don't believe so (she's about to launch her first anal scene by the way!!). She was right on time to our appointment and didn't clock watch. Talked with her for a while, she's an awesome girl.  Y'all treat her good -- She's a treat! Kay Lovely Experiences?

Yes -- I met her a few weeks ago right after she was posted on PC -- She was fantastic!! Super cool girl - Her hair is black and mid length right now. She's definitely not the "dumb blonde next door" from her movies.  She's actually a pretty deep individual w/ fantastic music tastes (she's into rock).

BBFS and filming was on the menu, greek, not so sure (didn't ask). Overall, had a fantastic time. She's considering getting some man mades bolted on -- Get in while she's all natural! Her body is almost 100% like it was in the movies. Petite, nice small perky tits..

Would recommend!

Alex Gray - looking for info
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