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03/31/23That sounds like a really good away to get catfished, targeted, and robbed by locals. But there's always risk I guess Going on a “sexcation” in South America this summer
03/26/23Jayden Cole
Kay Lovely
Gianna Michaels
Chloe Temple
What pornstar where you surprised escort?
03/26/23It's she still all covered? Karla Kush now based in Hartford Connecticut
03/22/23Is that true?!? I've definitely seen her in lots of scenes with black performers. Brandi Love True American
03/22/23Beautiful girl thx! Can you plz speak to msog, bbfs, pix/vid, greek? The people wanna know lol Elite Companion Spotlight: April Waters
03/22/23If it's Nora Wolf I'm gonna go broke. Please tell me it's her! UTR New PC Providers
03/12/23Any word on these beauties' activities offerings? Bbfs or video or Greek available? Scarlett Presley’s Dream Team Line-Up
03/08/23You guys mind saying why you think these girls are underrated? I always love the details hehe Who is the most underrated pornstar (escort)?
03/08/23She's not new, not to porn anyway. She took several years off. If you like her now you need to look up her earlier scenes. Her first scene with Justin Slayer is still epic.

I don't know if she escorts. I heard she had a sugar daddy for a while or got married. Or both lol. But I don't know if she's ever been a provider.
Esperanza Gomez experience review?
03/07/23So is she still going on the trip? Carmen Rae Euro Tour Not Happening
03/07/23Oh no that sucks for her! I know she was looking forward to that trip for a long time. Hopefully she can get a new passport and still make it out there soon Carmen Rae Euro Tour Not Happening
03/06/23I've got some review info from the 2 guys who told me they actually saw her on that NYC trip. They both said I could share, but both wanted me to stay vague. They both say she's for sure worth it if you can actually see her.

>She's exactly as hot as you think
>She's really cool and sweet in person
>Both got bbj but used condoms
>She's more gfe but can border on pse
>Not a clock watcher
>She'll let you go multiple rounds
Chloe Temple
02/20/23This is incredible! I just found Hailey Rose the past month or so. So great for the best agency to snag her. Can't wait for review type details. I'm tempted to be first in the pool so to speak Welcome Hailey Rose and Max Fills to the Tryst Family
02/20/23Easy choice, it's Angelina Diamanti. What she lacks in passion she makes up for by just never saying no lol.

I'm hoping to find 1 or maybe 2 more who are more "into it" and eager. But for convenience, value, and "pleaser" attitude it's really tough to complain about this beauty. Also her tits are AMAZING and her skin has to be felt to be believed.
Who is your “GO-TO” ps escort?
02/17/23Wow I'm really intrigued by this one. Thanks for the spotlight. I would never have seen her without it For OF Clients: Cara Day
02/16/23Thanks for the alert on this. The problem I see is that a lot of providers don't say if bare services are available at all. So some guys just won't know until they get there. You can try asking in advance, but a lot of ladies won't answer those kinds of questions if you ask. That's why reviews are so valuable even if some things are ymmv. CFS is Coming
02/16/23Ya beat me to it kingmob lol! NDA’s Normal?
02/16/23How huge are we talking? And how would you make contact anyway if they're that popular? Mia Malkova
02/13/23I thought maybe it was a client for about a half second, then I figured it was probably just some rando she met. We'll probably never know Keep Client/Provider Shit off Social Media
02/12/23Man I just assumed she was long gone! I'm definitely tempted to give her a shout Emma Starr Intel
02/11/23Yeah I'm with you. I don't hold her past against her, but I can't get too serious with someone who's with other dudes. Also I'd have to be super certain she wasn't too crazy Would you ever date a pornstar?
02/10/23Nevermind! Just saw it in the original post ?? Kaden Kole in NYC
02/10/23What's her IG? Find her twitter but can't seem to find the other Kaden Kole in NYC
02/06/23Jayden Cole was with AIA years ago, but she took a hiatus and never returned. As of about a year ago she was making enough from OF to leave escorting behind. I doubt she'll be back, but I'd love someone to prove me wrong! Brett Rossi and Jayden Cole in New York
01/31/23**showed up for karaoke night Another Karaoke Night
01/31/23I know one dude who died up for karaoke night after a PC model had cancelled on him last minute. Trinity said he wasn't welcome and kicked him out. He never did figure out what he did wrong.

Don't know if this story helps anybody, but there ya go
Another Karaoke Night
01/22/23I have heard incredible things from people who have been with her Adria Rae San Francisco
01/21/23She's not available tho, right? Kenzie Reeves Hacked Accounts
01/20/23So Chloe had officially left NYC. My final tally is at least 4 cancellations and 2 guys who actually got to meet her. Chloe Temple Confirmed
01/20/23I remember Karla Kush saying she probably shoulda named herself Karla Sativa. So I'm guessing she's down too, but I don't know for certain. I bet Tryst Agency can find out for you 420 Friendly Providers
01/20/23Good stuff my man! I do have one crazy question. Were her underarms shaved? I looked through her website, and she's not shaved there. Elite Companion Review: Octavia
01/19/23I know if one guy who confirmed he saw her in NY this week. That's it Chloe Temple Confirmed
01/19/23She booked up super fast. I know of at least 3 guys she flaked on, one days in advance, one hours in advance, one literally 5 minutes before the meeting (he was already in her hotel lobby!). I know of one guy who actually saw her. Chloe Temple Confirmed
01/18/23I saw the name on the escort contact list and was thinking of a different Bree Daniels lol Elite Companion Spotlight: Bree Daniels
01/18/23I can confirm that she's there and seeing clients. She's all booked up though for this trip. Chloe Temple Confirmed
01/18/23How is Jesse Jane? There was a time I would have sold a kidney to see her lol Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
01/18/23*the troublesome bookers EA Reviews Section Input
01/18/23I like that! My longshot request would be some way to contact the providers and circumvent the troublesome boomers where possible. Places like Tryst and AIA are fine. But we've all heard of places that we wish we could avoid EA Reviews Section Input
01/18/23I agree it can be tough with menu items because it's always ymmv. But I think it's still worth posting. At least that way we'll know what's possible even if some people get more than others. EA Reviews Section Input
01/17/23Forgive me for bumping an old thread, but is this still a possibility? It's not for me, but I have a friend headed down under. He might just really enjoy this kinda hookup. Got availability and rate info? Triple Threat in Australia
01/17/23I wanna know too! She's a possible backup plan in case another popular flake doesn't come through lol Sydney cole
01/15/23Is that true or are you trolling lol? I know she's done lots of scenes with non-white people Brandi Love Visiting Texas
01/15/23Hetaera is a legit agency. Mia can be a pain schedule with, but she absolutely is available. At least she was last year. I know her sister Ava used to be available too, UTR. I don't know if that's the case now Mia Rose provides?
01/13/23I guess I'm in the minority in this one. I agree that he's wrong, but I don't think the punishment fits the crime. It might be different if he posted their session online or something. Another Client Outed!
01/13/23Thanks! She's one I've been thinking about for years. Any idea if she allows bbfs or filming? If so are they extra? For 2k an hour you would hope some extras are thrown in lol Brandi Love Visiting Texas
01/13/23You're right. Actions have consequences. I just don't agree with the escalation. What's his move now if he wants his own revenge? This stuff only gets uglier. Another Client Outed!
01/13/23I don't agree with the outing. Her stated reason for not wanting anything recorded was to preserve PRIVACY. Now his is gone. Two wrongs don't make a right.

What he did was undeniably wrong. Being blacklisted is definitely in order. But outing him doesn't just ruin his ability to see providers. It possibly ruins his whole life. She could have easily tweeted the facts without exposing him, then shared the other details privately with other providers. This isn't "getting the word out" at all. This is revenge. Understandable but wrong.

In fact, I don't even agree with leaving that picture up here. We shouldn't know that mans face or his phone#.
Another Client Outed!
01/11/23Incredible man, thanks for this! I've been wishing newbie Jaymee Greene would provide, but maybe this hottie is all I need lol Lia Lovely Review
01/11/23Wonderful! Any word on her **cough cough** service offerings? ?? Welcome Odette Fox to the Tryst Family
01/09/23Anyone got review info? Natalie Knight in Texas
01/08/23I can 100% vouch for Hetaera! The owner rocks Hetarea Group
01/05/23Contact Hetaera Group to inquire about her News on Teal Conrad?
01/04/23Yeah, how much would this come to? Cytherea Chicago Sponsorship
01/02/23Can you give some guidance on what makes a great experience for you? What kind of providers you prefer?

Or did you just mean it to be that open ended? Just hoping to get you some useful responses
LA best experiences and recommendations
12/30/22My new years wishes

1. Kay Lovely
2. Chloe Temple
3. Karla Kush
4. India Summer
5. Skye Blue if she's still around
6. Someone I'm forgetting
7. Someone I'm not even into yet
New Years Resolutions “Provider Addition”
12/30/22Jewelz Blu is available?!? How did I miss that? Can you share contact info? New Years Resolutions “Provider Addition”
12/30/22Is Skye Blue definitely still available? I noticed her escort site address was removed from her Twitter bio a while ago New Years Resolutions “Provider Addition”
12/30/22@drnu I was trying to DM you too for more details. Please post here or DM me yourself. Thx! Jennifer White Dancing
12/28/22I just barely missed her when she came back briefly last year. So close! Do you think she'll actually return at some point??? Harlow Harrison
12/27/22Wow that's tragic Harley Dean
12/26/22Aren't all activities covered at these establishments? Nothing bare at all? Lacey Lennon at Chicken Ranch
12/26/22This is kinda a no win situation. Yeah she could charge a cancellation fee, but how could she make a guy who cancelled actually pay it? It's the reverse of the situation guys have with deposits. The problem is obviously that you can't trust someone you don't even know. I dunno what the solution here is, other than some type of escrow ?? Paying For Others Mistakes
12/24/22Any review info on these lovelies? Elite Companions to LookOut For
12/24/22I've heard nothing but wonderful things about her. I've heard she does everything you listed. I tried booking her a while back, but the scheduling didn't work. She's still on my list, but there are others a wanna see first.

Let us know if you see her or get newer info!
Daisy Stone
12/24/22Have you seen Brooke?!? I could be going senile, but I don't think I've seen good review info on her especially recently. Care to inform? PC added a few new girls
12/24/22How high is the rate now? AIA Took in Allie Nicole
12/24/22I'm curious. Is everything covered when they tour? It's all covered at the Ranch, right? Bunny Ranch Providers Touring
12/24/22I'm not sure if you're asking for reviews or if that's a legit ad. All I can say is I know she was available a few years ago. Another porn provider offered to set us up. I have no clue if she was publicly available then or since. Keisha Grey
12/19/22Hope (in no real order)
1. Chloe Temple
2. Kay Lovely
3. India Summer
4. Karla Kush
5. Riley Steele

Want (in no real order)
1. Jessa Rhodes
2. Katrina Jade
3. Gianna Michaels
4. Kendra Lust
5. Jayden Cole (was with AIA pre-OF)
Bonus: Alexa Grace (rumor is she tried it for a very short time, super duper utr, she will never return)
2023 Wishlist
12/18/22Sorry in advance for the stupid question, but what exactly does 'fetish' include? I think I get bdsm, but fetish I'm less clear on Welcome Isis Love to the Tryst Family
12/14/22I was such a huge fan of hers. Man what I wouldn't give..... Emma Starr
12/14/22In my experience Chloe Temple reviews are pure impossible to find. Plz lemme know if you can link to one. DM if necessary Someone here must have seen
12/03/22Wow, you're right. Thanks for the wakeup call. Gotta be safe out there!

"Ain't no p-y good enough to get burnt while I'm up in it."
Snoop Dogg (Nuthin' But a "G" Thang)
STD/STI Outbreak
12/03/22Why the down votes? I meant it when I said I'm not judging. I love you guys anyway lol! Real talk - if you’re married how do you partake?
12/03/22**excuses What is an AA Policy?
12/03/22Exactly, we need to just call it like it is. Hiding behind feeble excuse and pretenses only helps that foolishness keep going What is an AA Policy?
12/02/22I'm curious about this too. This isn't something I would do if I was in a relationship. Not judging tho! Real talk - if you’re married how do you partake?
12/02/22Yeah it's best just to move on. Reacting to every instance of prejudice will only drive you nuts What is an AA Policy?
12/02/22That's not a compliment. That's a racist stereotype from slave days. And notice no woman excludes "big penises" anywhere. Some providers exclude black people because they don't like black people. Let's at least tell the truth What is an AA Policy?
12/02/22Interesting. I always wondered what you do when you're not having sex. Did you just hang out together, or did you split for a while? Did you did you get to know her before the big weekend? It would suck to be stuck with the wrong woman lol Have you ever bought a girl for a weekend?
12/01/22@the_gentleman , could you DM me here? I can't seem to send you a message. Hoping to hear more about Kay. Thx man Kay Lovely update (!?)
12/01/22This is so tragic and disgusting. No one should ever have to suffer that. Wish I could help her out Client Raped and Beat Provider
12/01/22This is an excellent thread! Lots of useful info Cold Approach Part 2 - Online / OnlyFans
11/28/22Thanks. Hopefully she can be booked somewhere else. I can't get PC to respond to me no matter what I try Kay Lovely update (!?)
11/26/22Yeah she used to be legit. She once refunded me money in fact. Sucks that those good days are gone STOP BOOKING JULEZ VENTURA!!!
11/18/22Anybody got good review info on either of these ladies??? Brett Rossi & Athena Palomino Possible Duos
11/18/22Could sometime DM me a list of who's available there? Is that okay to even ask here? ?? Perfection Models
10/21/22I haven't luck in my searching. But I have it on good authority that most of the Hussie Models are available even if it's super utr Val Steele
10/12/22That's a shame. I've been a fan for a while Jennifer White Late Oct NYC
10/12/22Does this mean she currently provides? I'd love contact and review info if anyone's got any to share Jennifer White Late Oct NYC
10/11/22I'm interested too! Any info on Jessyka Swan?
10/11/22She does. She's all about the hustle, but her menu is pretty wide open last I heard. She's on my black list tho based on some messed up racial comments she made. Teal Conrad
10/11/22No! This is serious?!? This is so utterly sad. I had plans to see her too! (that's obliviously not a major reason for the sadness, I realize that) Penny Archer
10/11/22I second Angelina! She's not super enthusiastic, she's more chill. But she didn't say no to a thing I wanted Visiting Dallas
10/10/22Yeah please get me that. I'm still trying to get verified with PC months and months later ugh Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
10/10/22Is she really good? I don't think I've seen any of her reviews Kenzie Taylor Pittsburg
10/10/22**Anyone got solid intel Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
10/10/22I've long had a thing for Brett Rossi, but I understand her menu is kinda limited which is heartbreaking lol. But April Snow is very intriguing.

Danny one got solid Intel in either lady bcd?
Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
10/10/22You rock! Just a Post showing our Appreciation for you all
10/09/22Could someone look to recent pics? I haven't seen any She-Hulk pics out there lol Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/09/22Share details and contact info? No Context: Just Appreciating Chèrie Cartier
10/07/22**providers (not officers lol!) Native American Provider
10/07/22Yes! I'm with you all day. Do you know if any of the officers feel differently about the matter? Native American Provider
10/06/22Is that the Tryst Agency email? Karla Kush Hartford
10/05/22Anyone got recent review into for her? The last I saw was from years ago Angel Dark available?
10/05/22My fave irl lesbian who does boys for pay is Nikki Hearts. But alas I believe she's no longer available. Used to do threesomes with her wife Leigh Raven Zerella Skies NYC
10/05/22What's the story on Lana? Why is she disliked? Lana Sharapova in Boston
10/05/22Can you share her email? I don't see it anywhere. She's one of my first faves Angel Dark available?
10/01/22How does she look in person? The pictures are great, but I know some can do magic with filters these days. Shay Sights
09/28/22Yes! India Summer pls! PS I met
09/28/22You're a lucky man! If I had that in my life, I wouldn't be seeing escorts at all lol Eva Lovia
09/26/22I've heard great things about Daisy and good things about Emma. Ashley I don't think I've really heard much about, but she's fine. They all are Need advice
09/26/22I've heard not great things about her and her practices. Not sure what to believe. Can anyone here give us the real lowdown? Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/23/22Yeah I heard 2500/hour Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/22/22Pls DM me too! Slimthick Vic
09/22/22Hmm I may be in Houston soon. Where did you see her reviewed. My super quick initial search found nothing Olivia Fox aka Tayler Mercier, Playboy Model Touring SoCal
09/20/22If someone here knows how to reliably contact IG models pls let me know your secret! I've tried the DM thing but I never get any responses. Maybe I don't know the secret code lol? IG model
09/20/22What did she say on No Jumper? Pls save me from having to listen to the whole thing myself lol Kiki Klout in Sacramento
09/20/22Huge fan of India! But I understand her activity list is more limited than I like. So I'm gonna wait and see a few others first. Super MILF India Summer
09/20/22Leigh and Nikki split up?!? Whoa that's news, I'm way behind. I know Leigh is still available, but anyone know if Nikki is? Sophie Dee Engaged: Zero Chance Now Clients
09/17/22I will do ridiculous things for you if you let me be the first to know when she's available! Angel Youngs
09/17/22I don't know for certain, but I tried contacting her about a year ago and everyone told me it was a No. If that's changed I'll get in line! Angel Youngs
09/16/22Can anyone say who Lourdes has available? Not sure I can consider signing up just to be disappointed. Too many hoops to jump through. DM me Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22Could I get those details too?!? Mariza Lamb
09/14/22See this is why I only like seeing msog providers. I like quality *AND* quantity! Providers POV on Climaxing
09/14/22Sadly no none of that is on the menu anymore. But it used to be! She's even share her wife, Nikki Hearts. It's heartbreaking how good it used to be Leigh Raven going to NYC
09/14/22I just go for who's hot, available, and gives me reason to think she'll be a good time. I've seen mostly white providers, but that because there just happen to be more of those who matched my schedule.

Question tho! Are there pornstar providers who won't see certain races? Seems like that would be a useful list to have some here. Lemme know if that needs to be it's own thread.
Race When Picking Provider
09/14/22It's it possible to know who they represent? I don't wanna bother if the list isn't great. DM please Lourdes?
09/14/22Got links to those pics? Lila Lovely

I'm still a fan but she's not as amazing as she used to be. Her current service offering (as of this spring) is way less than she offered back when we first met a few years ago. She's more businesslike and of course prices have gone up too.

It's not that she's bad now. It's that she used to be INCREDIBLE. Unless she's on your bucket list you may wanna look elsewhere.

Leigh Raven going to NYC
09/01/22True. But be honest, when has she NOT looked hot lol! Skye Blue
09/01/22This is horrific and disgusting. Thanks for the heads up, but I just hate our world sometimes NYC Provider Attacked/Verification
08/30/22Does Jenna or Rachael do bbfs? filming? Jenna Starr
08/25/22I haven't met either, but I've heard excellent things about Rachael. Let us know if you try out out! Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli
08/22/22Anyone got good review info on her? Emma Starletto Touring
08/22/22She's been on my list for a while! I just missed her in Seattle last year and I'm still kicking myself. Can anyone tell me if she's okay with filming, bbfs with test, and/or msog. I'd also love to know if she's a good kisser. DM if necessary! Pornstar Escort of the Day: Karla Kush
08/01/22Wow. How about one incredible night? DM me your info? Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
08/01/22You could also try Hetaera. It's run by Kelly Wells. I know Kit was working with her earlier this year utr. Anyone know anything about Kit Mercer??
08/01/22@mugenneuspeed I saw her in Dallas. I'm sure the website in the initial post should let you know where you can find her Angelina Diamanti
07/30/22Wow this all really sucks to hear. I thought both were available but now they're not? Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/30/22Correction: Tall not Talk lol Angelina Diamanti
07/30/22Only about 5'8 actually. Talk for a woman but not super tall at all Angelina Diamanti
07/30/22Do you mind doing how you know this? I would love for it to be true lol. DM me pls Review of Karla Kush
07/30/22This! How do you contact her? Brandi Love experiences?
07/30/22Please post a full review! Brandi Love experiences?
07/30/22How can I get contact for Athena Palomino? I didn't even realize she was back.

Has anyone here got review info for her? I might have to see her regardless, but I'd love to know what she's like before I take the plunge. She would be on my list with Kay and Chloe
PS Escorts To Look Out For
07/29/22Have you got good contact info for Chloe Temple??? India Summer and Kay Lovely would be great to. DM me pls PS Escorts to Look Out For 2
07/29/22Hussie Models, not Buddies. I wish I could edit my first response ugh film sessions
07/29/22Yeah I heard she's very hit or miss, and most guys miss. However she's supposedly incredible of you catch her on a good day. I can't bring myself to risk it Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
07/29/22Pls help me too! Anyone got any info on Lexi Luna??
07/29/22I have had zero luck with that tactic. My DMs are always ignored. Got any tips for actually getting through? Followup for my previous post
07/29/22Juli Ashton! Who's that would have been incredible. I'm just old enough to really appreciate that amazing woman So sad that none of my favorites escort.
07/29/22Are you trying to make me cry? Lol

Juelz Ventura
Katrina Jade
Kendra Lust
Jayden Cole
So Who Are The Girls You Missed Out On?
07/29/22Wow. I would appreciate info about these woman also! Hoping these UTR girls provide ?
07/29/22Wow this is incredible! I just missed her in Seattle last year and I'm still kicking myself. I would definitely pay extra to go bare of it's actually available. Do you know if she allows filming? Review of Karla Kush
07/29/22Are you sure??? I contacted Buddies Models about doing that and they didn't even bother to reply. Pls share whatever details you've got for making that work film sessions
07/29/22She used to! But it's sounds like you have to win a fan contest to get with her now. I'd for sure be up for it, but I'm concentrating on other ladies rn Violet Myers
07/29/22Have you got any good contact info for her? I saw her on PC but I've heard horror stories about that agency Kay Lovely Experiences?
07/29/22I haven't personally seen her, but I haven't heard anything but glowing reviews. I might have booked her myself except I can't get her to respond to an email. Daisy Stone
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