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09/27/22Elsa is no longer available,right? Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/26/22No,she says onlyfans made her a millionaire. And talked about when she did provide,she was forced by her agent that beat her. Karmen Karma
09/26/22Thats interesting. There is a new one with JA also. Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/24/22Applegate is completely out. She doesn't even shoot scenes. I think she got married. Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/24/22Felony still around? How did you get in contact with her? Helena Price
09/24/22Ok,its seems $10k was wrong. I don't know why he said that. But its more around $3k+. She is only available by referral it seems. Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/23/22She books up fast. Last time she was in my area,she was already booked up. Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/23/22You should definitely be getting checked every few weeks if you're seeing escorts. Good to be on prep also.The high end/pse talk about they get frequently checked. Those lower tier ones are another story. STDs are Going Up
09/23/22Nice tip Hallelujah!!! The Angel is Here
09/23/22According to someone else she was charging a lot more. I don't know if its true but he was saying $10k+ Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/23/22She was providing under UTR. On the last sub someone talked about Rachel Cavalli was going to give him a referral to her. Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/22/22Where you book kimxxx? Your Greek experiences
09/21/22Looks fake. I think she was available through PC during a time.I've only found her onlyfans but her twitter was suspended.I don't think she created a new one.The only official thing I've seen is her onlyfans. Halle Hayes
09/21/22Is she the one that was accused of scamming or was it her friend? Kiki Klout in Sacramento
09/20/22All those fees. Your Greek experiences
09/17/22So no bbfs or greek? 2022 reviews
09/17/22Email on her twitter. Looks like the last review was June and it wasn't positive. Anny Aurora
09/17/22Is Cherry Hilson all covered or is BB available? 2022 reviews
09/17/22Been checking since she came out and its a hard no. Angel Youngs
09/16/22I thought she was only with PC? I tried to sign up with Lourdes but they wanted so much information. Reminds me of getting a security clearance. You have to be crazy to give them all that. They could takeover your identity with all that information. Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22Is BB included or extra fee? Any touring? Nashville is way out there. Lets have some fun in Nashville
09/14/22No greek or bbfs? Carmen Valentina
09/14/22Is BB available with her? Pornstar Escorts Q&A: Sara St. Clair
09/12/22I don't know. She was dating some lawyer out of Miami.They might be still together. Abella Danger
09/12/22No, she hasn't provided in years and made a bunch of money on onlyfans and even stopped doing B/G scenes since she is in a relationship. Mia Malkova
09/11/22She has a p411 also. Welcome Scarlett Hampton to the Tryst Family
09/11/22She has email on her twitter and shes listed on AIA. That's not the email listed on her twitter. Its also all covered from reviews. Mellanie Monroe Eros
09/11/22I don't think she ever did and she isn't even shooting because she's in a relationship. Abella Danger
09/11/22Be careful. Someone was taking about their friend got hiv doing that. Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22Sucks I wasn't around for Asa Akira. Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22You pay to send them texts. September Reign | Hazel Grace | Mena Carlisle at Exxxotica
09/09/22Mena Carlisle has a sextpanther but she seems to have a twitter to schedule feet/femdom sessions. I don't know if she offers more. Anyone have experience with Porsha Carrera? September Reign | Hazel Grace | Mena Carlisle at Exxxotica
09/07/22Let me know if she provides and her rates.I would be willing to make an offer is she doesnt. Erotic Medusa
09/07/22Shes been retired. I think to help raise her grandkid also.I think daughter is in jail. What aobut Diamond Foxxx, Reagan Foxx and Penny Pax?
09/07/22Been there and its usually bad. Dead fish and toothy BJ. I wonder what her rates will be after all this nonsense. This is nothing new. I remember another woman getting over $100k when she did this years ago. I've never seen a Saudi-Russia combination. New Escort Auctioning Virginity

This her?Looks like she has a sexpanther if you want to check if she provides.

Erotic Medusa
09/05/22I heard its all covered. Vina Sky on PC
09/04/22BBFS or greek weren't on the menu. I don't know if that changed since she started shooting. Connie Perignon
09/04/22You know her menu? Nicole Aniston
09/02/22Everything better be on the table for that much.If its all covered with a couple positions that would b e ridiculous. Nicole Aniston
09/02/22I saw some bad reviews of her and didn't book. Big time GPS. Serena Santos
09/02/22You know what is on her menu?CIM,BBFS,greek? Leigh Raven going to NYC
09/01/22So did she just sit there and you didn't try get things started? Allie Nicole Touring
08/31/22Isn't that a PC address not her? A provider get flagged as time waster.Thats funny. Allie Nicole Touring
08/31/22Shes been escorting for years. Dani Banks recent tour - Did anyone get in on this?
08/31/22I remember that. He told he would stay with her and then took off to the other side of the country. She was ranting on social media. I remember reading she got a second kid and that guy took off also. Kelsi Monroe
08/30/22BBFS? Jenna Starr
08/30/22How is Luna star?Open menu? Reviews? What agency is luna with? Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/30/22She available for BB? Jenna Starr
08/29/22She has her email on twitter and has a p411. Jenna Starr
08/29/22Sucks she doesn't travel anymore. I think she only occasionally goes to LV to shoot. Nikki Sexx on Avails
08/28/22Its your money.  Kelly Divine was one of my favorites. I'm on the fence with the weight gain,though. Having Carmella Bing Big or Small, No Difference
08/26/22Nice. So it was bb with a test?What was the rate?And is greek on the menu? Alycia Star Reviw
08/26/22I was just asking about her. What are her rates? Welcome Hazel Grace to the Tryst family
08/25/22She use to and has a privatedelights profile but I don't know if she still does. You can contact the email on the private delights profile or her social media. It was around $2k/hr. Alyx Star
08/22/22Any social media on shea lynn? Escorts In Houston
08/21/22I remember someone talking about she was going to take a break and go to school or something. What happened to Blair Williams ?
08/21/22It was weird how she came out of nowhere and was moderating  PSE subreddits and discord. When I was originally gong to book her,there were way too many red flags.So I just kept it moving.Plus,the multiple tryst ads she confirmed were hers. It set off too many alarms. Sommer Isabella (Warning --Deposit Issues)
08/20/22I think this was rebranded sunshine angels. One of trinity st clair outfits she use to own it or still does. Its supposedly legitimate but I haven't dealt with them,so I offer no guarantee. The only reason I would deal with them is for Lily hall. Legitimacy of Agency: Secret Dream Date
08/20/22I would book her but the bbfs policy is all over the place. Some are getting bbfs and others aren't. Makes zero sense. Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)
08/19/22Are you talking about the one that pse created or another one? Reddit
08/19/22I would never give work info/linkedin. Did you send your ID? I've seen people get blacklist with an image of their ID/selfie also. How you end up getting blacklist? Anonymity
08/19/22Thats nice. Does BB and/or anal require an additional fee? Lexi Lore Review
08/18/22Yea,I saw her blacklist a guy that asked about bbfs when I went to look her up. I just kept it moving. Jordan Maxx
08/18/22Whats the name of the discord? Reddit
08/18/22So I'm guessing that greek isn't either? Piper Press Touring
08/18/22How is the menu? BBFS,greek,CIM? Octavia Red
08/18/22Oh,I thought you had her. I heard she went lesbian and stopped escorting. It sucks that there aren't  more redhead pse. I can only think of Scarlett Mae and Jenna Justine. And Jenna is all covered, Red Heads
08/16/22Whats on her menu?One guy talked about he asked about bbfs and she stopped responding. LOL! Piper Press Touring
08/16/22She's pretty well known in the UK from when I checked up on her a year or so ago.Exposed that she was with some footballers. You can check her TER,ukpunting,adultwork reviews. They all seem to be positive. Shona River
08/16/22Lourdes retweeted her but I don't know if she is available. She talked about hooking up with rappers and guys like that. So I'm guessing you would have to make her a good offer. Real shot in the dark, sky bri
08/16/22Shes on alluringintros London Keyes
08/12/22Basically, they say that they reserve a certain time and that's a time they will lose out on money if you don't come. This one high end chick was praising her client sending the whole fee after he had to cancel and saying this is how all guys should act. The Point of a Cancellation Fee?
08/12/22Seems to have limited menu and big time GPS. There are better options. You have pse  like Rachel Cavalli. Kailani Kai ESCORTING!!!!!
08/11/22From what some have said its pretty much ymmv. Depending on how sober she is that day. Sometimes you get a bj and other times you don't. Limited positions. The last guy I talked with that saw her said she didn't even give him a BJ and only allowed one position that he gets to choose which was doggy. Of course,she  contacted him about booking again when she came to his city.He ended up booking someone else. Uma Jolie?
08/09/22AIA gave me $2200 when I last checked a few months back. Monique Alexander
08/07/22Greek and bbfs on the menu? Whats her contact?
Pornstar Escort of the Day: Stephanie West
08/06/22For that price? Might as well just go to Thailand. Vina Sky
08/04/22I was going to book her until they gave me the $2k+/hr price and bbfs,greek,etc isn't on the menu. For all my NYC People!
08/01/22Let me know if greek is on the menu? Ana Rose in Dallas
08/01/22I don't think its $10k but you would need to talk with her directly. Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
08/01/22Shes UTR. Check 'UTR blonde DDD Pornstar' out of LA from alluringintros. She isn't cheap. At least $2k+/hr Anyone know anything about Kit Mercer??
07/31/22So only cfs?Any CIP,CIM available? Alexis Andrews review
07/30/22I think she did but her boyfriend/husband didn't like it,so she stopped., Monica Santiago Escort?
07/30/22What kind of menu?BBFS,cip,cim,etc? Alexis Andrews review
07/30/22Kay lovely is with tryst agency. I was never able to book Chloe the first time around. Unless someone has met up with her. I'm starting to wonder if she really is even available. Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/29/22Eros needs to start requiring facetime verify or something. Sia Lust scam on Eros
07/28/22Sounds about right. Harley Dean reviews?
07/28/22Someone did talk about contacting her through OF and her quote was $2k/hr.Just discreetly contact her through onlyfans about getting an email,facetime,etc for a business inquiry or something.  Anna Chambers??
07/27/22Is greek on the table? Sophia Leone in NYC
07/27/22Febby twigs is out of NY.Also Nicole Doshi,Abby adams. Top Anal Providers?
07/25/22Kazumi squirts?No,unless you can get into her sex parties with friends or shoot content. Someone offered her $10k and she still wouldn't budge. Any info on Kazumi
07/25/22Are you talking about Wednesday Nyte? The cause is still uknown. PAYTON PRESLEE
07/25/22Is she really that crazy?Or is it more an if she doesn't take her medication thing? PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/25/22I think she retired to real estate or something.There was someone scamming under her name about meetups but she isn't available.  Sensual jane
07/25/22Is bbfs available? Savannah Sixx
07/25/22It was a hard no last time she was asked PAYTON PRESLEE
07/24/22On the old sub someone contacted her on fetlife and it was $2k/hr. So you can either find her fetlife profile and she is also by referral. I don't think you can book her direct outside of that. Rebel Rhyder
07/23/22Is she more gfe or pse(greek,bbfs,etc)? Welcome the beautiful Sophia Del Mar to the Tryst family
07/21/22The lower end ones usually have that policy. The higher end that usually have better screening its less likely. Rejection
07/21/22I'm guessing greek isn't on the menu? PS Escort of the Day: Carmen Valentina
07/18/22What happened? Jessie Saint
07/15/22Where you get that information from? Jasmine Daze
07/15/22Kaylani Lei is UTR Singaporean porn star on AIA I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/15/22Avery was touring with Allie Nicole this year. She went UTR. You can either ask PC or get referral.Could be on hiatus. I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/15/22Mila Jade is on Seekingarragements. Yea,she is still available. I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/15/22I think that was Mackenzie Moss. Hailey Madison NYC
07/14/22Usually through agencies or referrals. But you can always try to contact them through onlyfans,sexpanther,etc. But if you're using onlyfans. Ask for an email for business inquiries,facetime or something. Don't mention meetsup,escorting,etc on onlyfans. Instagram/influencer booking
07/14/22Is bbfs or greek available? Sia Lust

Alina West

kimora quinn

Jen Hexx

Christy love

Jasmine Hall

Mila Jade

layla price


Do not ask Avery Cristy on social media. Only through PC or referral.

$tormy [email protected]

N1kki Benz- only by referral

kaylani lei

kitt mercer

A11ie Haze

Alexis amore

Reena Sky








I made a list of pornstars who escort.

Kiara has her email on her twitter. She was $3,333 an hour and $1,111 for half last time I inquired earlier this year. She requires at least 2 references and ID.


PS Escorts To Look Out For
07/07/22It just goes to an empty page. VIP PAWG
07/07/22Is she a pornstar or onlyfans chick? Jessica Divine
07/02/22Someone that saw her said bare is available with test results and extra fee. Don't mention it to her assistant, though. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ebony Mystique
06/30/22That deposit is ridiculous.I wouldn't trust that. Anyone have any experiences with Mamigiany?
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