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01/28/23Both are them are superb, within last year PS I’ve Met
01/28/23Yes PS I’ve Met
01/25/232020 before COVID In NYC PS I’ve Met
01/25/23She was great, what you get in the videos you get in real life. I need to see her with the bigger tits PS I’ve Met
01/25/23She felt amazing, she got a BBL so I know it’s must be better now PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Cherry Hilson was good, if you’re a fan of her you will enjoy it , I would repeat only if the price is right PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Cherokee that ass is truly one of a kind, nothing comes close to it, I would repeat every single time I can PS I’ve Met
01/25/23I book her, she was definitely worth it, her body is amazing and she aim to pleases if she lowers the price will repeat  Kailani Kai In NYC (Should I Book?)
01/25/23Misty stone is like her videos but she loves to suck dick did a hour session she suck my dick for 30 mins and we fuck the rest of it PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Miss Raquel was amazing lil kangaroo pouch BUT she exactly like her vidoes dirty talk, performs amazing and suck great dick PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Lacey was amazing everything I wanted felt like I was in one of her videos and Kiki was cool everything covered but she can ride dick PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Raquel on her Eros ad PS I’ve Met
01/25/23Sophia is down to earth and who you see in the vidoes is who you get 100% PS I’ve Met
01/25/23She is great sexy af, great body and can suck a dick PS I’ve Met
01/24/23Her body seem like a fun time Kailani Kai In NYC (Should I Book?)
01/24/23Yes directly went through screening Kailani Kai In NYC (Should I Book?)
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