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04/01/23Yeah Blondie Bombshell was placed in a cell and deported back to Germany when she tried flying into Miami. Europe tours
03/30/23She is my all time favorite pornstar but I think I've been told she charges $2k. I think she still looks great for her age but I think her prime was her early 30's and that was like 10 years ago so $2k feels a little steep imo.

I still may give her a shot though since it would be a bucket list thing to cross off.
Pornstar Escort of the Week: Alexis Amore
03/19/23CJ Miles escorts? I mean I assumed she did since she seemed to go to Dubai often but I just assumed it was for mega rich oil money guys. To-Do List (At SOME point in my life), Will it be possible?
03/16/23I'm pretty sure I've read reviews of her before. At one point when I was working nearby I decided to try DMing a Sophia Rossi Twitter account to try to set something up. They told me to book a nearby hotel and asked for a deposit. I asked for a photo to verify and they actually sent a recent looking one of her at a fancy restaurant that I didn't find on any of her social media accounts. In the end I still wasn't convinced and decided not to go through with it and that Twitter account got deleted so I guess I'll never know if it was actually her.

Sophia Rossi - The Rising Star of the 00’s
03/08/23https://instagram.com/bymaragomez Esperanza Gomez experience review?
03/08/23I don't think Esperanza ever did escort.

And if you like big clits then look up Mara Gomez. No relation to Esperanza but she is also a Colombian woman. She's also not a pornstar but she has a lot of IG followers.

I know she escorts because there are reviews of her in Belgium from her travels there. She's also escorted in Oman. I think she's also available in Colombia.

I'm still working on getting in touch with her to set something up though.
Esperanza Gomez experience review?
03/07/23I never followed her but assumed she was based in Las Vegas. Damn I might try to see her before she leaves LA then Uptown Jenny Finally Moving to New York
03/06/23I'm not planning a trip specifically to see an escort. It's more like I'm planning some trips and if things line up then awesome.

I'm planning a trip to Europe and I'm hoping to see Anastasia Doll, Sophie Dalzell, Mary Madison Love, and Juliette Kierman while I'm out there.

For a trip to Colombia I'm really trying to see Mara Gomez while I'm out there. I still need to figure things out with that because I'm pretty sure she would increase her rates if she realizes I'm American. I know her rates when she has escorted in Belgium so I will know if she's trying to increase her rates on me in Colombia.
Have you ever travelled overseas to see an escort?
03/03/23I don't know if she will be there much longer but Colombian IG model (she's on onlyfans too) Mara Gomez is there. She usually travels there from Colombia every once in a while. There is another Colombian ig model based in Belgium too. Decent reviews for both Brussels, Belgium
02/21/23If it's the South American country then it's ColOmbia with an O not a U. It probably happens all the time because of autocorrect but every Colombian chick I've ever met has told they hate it when someone misspells it haha. Welcome the stunning Gaby Ortega to the Tryst Family
02/07/23It seems like Bambi Knepper is exactly what you're looking for.

Best NON-PS Bimbo escorts in the US?
02/05/23I wish. I'm pretty sure she retired from escorting before 2020, no? I think I remember reading reviews about her farewell tour in 2017. They said she was a little mechanical and felt a bit rushed but that would've been ok with me because she's hot enough haha Jasmine Jae still escorting?
02/02/23If you're satisfied then you're satisfied. As long as you both agree with what's happening then that's pretty much all that matters with this, no?

It seems like you're happy with whoever you're with. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't pay attention to anything negative ¯?\?_?(???)?_?/?¯
The negativity of some people is fucking unbearable
01/09/23I think most people will bring up Danielle Derek. Honestly I only hear good things about her even though she's getting up their in age.

I've heard decent stuff about Sila Star too but she's more expensive and I'm personally not into the look of her face.

I feel like you could get more bang for your buck in Europe. I've heard good things about Soraya Riffy (french reality tv bimbo) and I think she was only like 200-300 €

Anastasia Doll is available in London a lot of the time and she's like 800€ so basically the same price as Danielle Derek for someone like 20 years younger.

Mary Madison Love is in Italy a lot and around 150-250€ from what I hear and generally positive reviews. Nova Nice in Germany also has some great reviews.

Honestly it feels like escorts in the US charge much more.
Best bimbo escort in the US?
01/09/23She started off as a Kim Kardashian impersonator and then she picked up popularity and rebranded into making her own content on onlyfans (no nudes that I know of, mostly just teasing videos).

I have read one instance of her escorting but there's always a chance it's not real. I think they said she charged $3k and her boyfriend/husband comes with her. Apparently he likes to watch so you have to be ok with that but the guy giving this info said he stayed downstairs. He said the boyfriend/husband was really friendly though and afterwards Ashten said that since they're all friends now that he will be in the room next time.

Again, I can't be 100% sure this is a true story but it's what I've read. I think they said they got in contact with her through Twitter initially.
Who’s Asthen? Does she escort?
12/20/22In my personal life I only like natural. Otherwise enhanced. But if they're hot they're hot. Natural or Enhanced?

I don't think they're typically attractive but I'm not gonna lie that I would definitely like to bang a few.

Jewels Jade definitely has that look but it's not too much plus she had the whole milf thing going on.

Suelen Bissolati is another one I definitely want to see and she is definitely really muscular which I'm not really into but she has a huge ass that would make me forget about the rest of her that I'm not really into. 

Are FFB providers attractive?
12/10/22Rebeca Linares

Evita Pozzi
Any blast from the past you missed out on?
12/09/22Check which website? Sheri's ranch or chicken ranch? I'm not seeing any former porn stars on either. Legal brothels Chicken ranch
12/09/22I wish I could've booked her when she provided. She is a yoga instructor and does "spiritual retreats" or something like that is basically just rich people flying to exotic places like thailand or south africa and doing yoga.  Does anyone What Sophia Rossi is upto nowadays?
11/26/22I thought it was legal in the UK? UK Cracking Down on Escorting
11/14/22Alexis Amore Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/13/22Dubai port a potty? VRod is in Dubai.
10/19/22How much is Jenny? NY/NJ EXXOCITA
10/10/22Yeah the other stuff posted makes me think she's legit even though private delights reviews could be fake.

She reminds me of another Argentina named Tiara Apice.

Also, keep in mind that back in Argentina she would probably charge like $100 for an hour. Everytime they come to the US they bump up their prices for the gringos.
Too Risky?
09/30/22Hahahaha remember when she posted that she spends like $50k a month and that a man should be able to take care of that for her?

I just rolled my eyes and said there's no way she's going to last as a DJ.
That Was a Quick DJ Career
09/27/22Yeah FKK clubs are the most popular from what I've been told. I've heard good stuff about the one in Berlin. Some have websites that will let you know which girls will be there that day. Germany
09/12/22$1500 Australian dollars or US dollars? Because it's a big difference haha SAVANNAH BOND
09/11/22Alexis Amore
Madelyn Marie
Rebeca Linares
Aleksa Nicole

Too bad I missed out since I think none of them provide anymore.
Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/11/22There's a subreddit about doing exactly this. They talk about recommendations for places to stay in Colombia too. I've been thinking about doing the same and I'm sure it helps if you speak Spanish so download Duolingo and start learning haha Happy Saturday...What if you could?
08/04/22I heard she wasn't worth it anyways. A review I read said she was kind of a clock watcher and rushing the guy to finish. He said that ruined it for him and he imagined it was August Taylor so he could finish lol Sybil Stallone
07/22/22I thought it would be worth sharing a review from someone I know who saw her

Sienna toured San Francisco a few years ago. A friend of mine who I worked with before the pandemic booked her for an hour for 1700. Personally I thought that was way too much for her but he went for it. He told me prebooked her and did the required screening through email with her assistant. There was also a 100 buck deposit through apple pay. He shows up at her hotel in downtown San Francisco and she opens the door playing loud rock and roll music with dark shades on. He told me that should have been his first warning sign but he wanted to bang her pretty badly so he went along with things. So he handed her the envelope with the 1600 inside it and she asked him to take a quick shower before their session. He comes out the shower and sees her sniffing coke. She then tells him for an extra 100 bucks they can do a few lines together or buy some weed. That was obviously the second warning sign but at that point she had his 1600 so again he went along with things and told her no thanks on the coke or weed. She then tells him she needs to take a shower which had him puzzled because you would assume she would have already showered and been ready to go when they prebooked their session. He then waits for her to come out the shower. After 25 minutes she finally comes out of the bathroom and then goes through her purse and tells him she ran out of condoms and then asks him to make a quick run the store and buy some. Like an idiot he agrees though part of him was just ready to leave and take the huge loss on the 1700. After the store run for the condoms and he goes back up to her hotel room. She tells him go take a quick washing up and once again he does. After he comes out the bathroom they finally get down to it. She gave him a covered blowjob for like two minutes and then excuses herself to use the bathroom again. He knew obviously she was doing more coke or pills in the bathroom. After she comes out of the bathroom she jacks up the music before they have sex. He asked her to turn the music down some and for some reason that pissed her off. She went on a long rant telling him "You don't tell me what to do and I've been more than enough patient with you" which made no damn sense. He responds with what the hell is wrong with you? That made her even more furious and she picked up his clothes and took them into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. He's knocking on the bathroom door and asking what the hell are you doing with my clothes. She finally opens the bathroom door and then he sees she put his clothes under the shower head and soaked them wet with water. She then tells him "grab his shit and get the fuck out" He had to get dressed in the hallway outside her room and drive home in wet clothes. By far he told me the worst escort experience of his life.
Sienna West is Touring Again

This website seems pretty good. Mostly for Barcelona and Madrid but it lets to see some other cities.

I've noticed some IG models from south america pop up on here sometimes and sure enough if you check their IG they have stories and posts of them vacationing in Spain at the same time.
Booking in Spain
07/15/22idk if she would be considered UTR but Sophie Dalzell is available in the UK

I think she was around £500 for an hour
UK IG models/influencers
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