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01/28/23 Have you developed feelings for an escort?
01/24/23 Whatever happened to Gauge?
01/22/23 Do you prefer pornstars OR regular girls.
01/20/23 Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/19/23 What pornstar have you been with that was a TOTAL LET DOWN?
01/14/23 Nova Nice - Review!
01/11/23 Travelling abroad to meet Nova Nice!
01/10/23 Danielle Derek in NEW YORK!
01/09/23 Best bimbo escort in the US?
01/08/23 Have you ever watched porn with an escort?
01/07/23 Do you earn alot in order to fund this hobby?
01/06/23 Who was your first escort ever?
01/06/23 WHO’s the best pse for hardcore facefucking?
01/05/23 What does the pornstar escorts earn on average?
01/01/23 Who is your absolute favourite Pornstar escort?
12/21/22 What’s the longest you have hired a girl?
12/18/22 Has ANYONE ever bought a girl for a whole week?
12/17/22 Are you gonna fuck a PS before Christmas!
12/12/22 What Onlyfans/E-girl should escort?
12/09/22 Any blast from the past you missed out on?
12/08/22 Does anyone What Sophia Rossi is upto nowadays?
12/06/22 So i bought an escort for a getaway weekend…
12/02/22 Have you ever bought a girl for a weekend?
12/01/22 Do you have one escort you visit again and again?
12/01/22 Do you have one escort you visit again and again?
11/27/22 Have you ever went to Exxxotica?
11/25/22 Have you ever brought an escort to a social event?
11/20/22 What pornstars do you wish provided?
11/17/22 What is the cheapest country for a sex tourist?
11/13/22 Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/06/22 What’s the best directory for Europe in general?
11/05/22 What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/04/22 What’s a Big fantasy of yours that you’ve fulfilled with an escort?
11/03/22 Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
10/27/22 You have $10k to use, who do you book?
10/22/22 Girls i fucked across Europe - A Thread
07/05/22 Amy Anderssen Review
06/28/22 Have anyone been with Nina Elle?

Comment DateComment textOriginal Thread
01/28/23Hot body though never understood why any girl hides their face Jenn P
01/28/23Many of these “high end” girls are living in a fantasy world. No reason why pornstars prices should be +$500 an hour.  Is it Getting Harder to be Grandfathered in These Days?
01/28/23We’ll always just be VIP Clients. Have you developed feelings for an escort?
01/28/23She’s hot! Nikita Reznikova Cancels Minneapolis Tour
01/27/23Yep Nikki Delano FanFuck contest
01/25/23If anyone goes, let us know What’s up! Go See What Happens
01/25/23I remember her infamous gag factor scene Whatever happened to Gauge?
01/24/23Thanks for the thourough post Pornstar Escort of the Week: Sydeny Cole
01/22/23Damn! Chicago getting treated  Piper Press & Brianna Dymond Duos
01/21/23I’m not blaming any of them, but, money is the key. Sure if someone offered her $3000 for an hour she wouldn’t say no Vanessa Cage
01/21/23Thanks bro, i Will provide an extenssive review in 3 weeks time Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/20/23Will do. A Full review :D This is going to be very interesting Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/20/23Thanks :D, i’ll make an Update in 3 weeks time Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/20/23Now that is a hot woman!! Her body is AAA+! Richelle Ryan Reminder
01/20/23It’s a “regular” girl, a latina i’ve been visiting for years. I’ll give up the price + my honest review in 3 weeks time Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/20/23No, it’s someone i’ve been visiting consistenly for 4 years Buying my ATF for Two weeks, Will Update
01/17/23Nice review!  Lana Love Review
01/17/23Such a hot woman!! Loved her porno’s! Angelina Valentine Back on Twitter
01/17/23I heard she’s such a diva Nicolette Shea on PC
01/16/23Welcome! Welcome Natalia Nix to the Tryst Family
01/16/23I never understood why she downgraded Amy Anderssen 3 Months in LA Begins
01/14/23Oh nothing special, just Got offered a beer. Nova Nice - Review!

They all Will for the right price, and thag is 10000% facts.

X3 Expo is stacked!
01/12/23Did you get to facefuck her? Also Nice review  Lia Lovely Review
01/12/23Genuienly happy for these updates, consistant! Pornstar Escort Weekly Updated Jan 8th
01/12/23Well, there were heavy rumors once that she stole like $8000 in cash from a client Emma Starletto Los Angeles
01/12/23Will do! Travelling abroad to meet Nova Nice!
01/12/23I have! You Can dm me Danielle Derek

Once an escort, always an escort

so i would believe that she does

Rena Fukiishi
01/08/23Damn, I’m gonna need my floors fixed then, gross the tits touches the floor  Anyone Looking to Book Alex Harper?
01/06/23Welcome Dana Welcome Dana Vespoli to the Tryst Family
01/04/23She’s hot and 2) i jerked off to her porn numerous times Cali Carter
01/04/23I really like your interviews! Rose Lynn Q&A Coming New Week
01/03/23What a cute face! :D Welcome UTR-TP to the Tryst Agency
01/01/23I do really appreciate the fast updates on here  Brianna Dymond January Tour
01/01/23Damn!! Barbie! Come to papa Barbie Sins & Kiki Minaj Duos
12/28/22I would always afvise people to contact these girls on OF to be sure that they do escort Lily Starfire
12/28/22Im not sure but What i would do is that i would contact her on OF or @ her on Twitter  Scarlit Scandal
12/28/22Yep, Can confirm Syren de Mer?
12/28/22Vegas has ALOT of girls! Happy hunting and have a good trip. Please make a review for whatever girl you see Visiting Vegas
12/28/22My advice is to never eat any of these girls out, you know how many men they’ve been with Thoughts on Paris White?
12/26/22That’s so great!! Even better! Im a fan Connie Perignon Bigger Ass
12/25/22“After you earn it”, That’s a smart as fuck tactic!! Gotta give it to this girl Julie Cash
12/25/22Nice interview, i read all of them and I’m a fan PS Escort Q&A: Gina West
12/25/22I really appreciate these updates Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Dec 25th
12/25/22She’s so hot! Cant tell you the amount of times i busted a load to her porn Richelle Ryan in New York
12/25/22Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas EA!!!
12/23/22No rules actually and i did not have any requests, however, we had sex 9-10 times, went out together etc. It felt a bit fake but That’s What you Can expect, but nothing unmanagable. What’s the longest you have hired a girl?
12/21/22Natural boobs is the worst, in my opinion. There’s nothing more gross than boobs that just sag Natural or Enhanced?
12/17/22A week i would say  Booking ahead
12/17/22She is the OG milf!  Jesse Jane
12/16/22I do now know for sure but the face she’s traveling alot! She’s escorting UTR Does Paige British escort?
12/15/22No, body building girls are NOT sexy, in my opinion Are FFB providers attractive?
12/12/22I did a Quick Google search and nothing came up? So i guess not Sloan Harper
12/11/22She’s so hot!!  CJ Miles
12/10/22I dont know if Danielle Derek is in NYC but if she is, CHOOSE HER!! She does it all NYC no brainer

Wow!! Anyone tried facefucking her??

If she’s like she is in this video then Damn!!!

12/09/22Even more fun to play with!!  Kaden Kole New Tits!!!
12/08/22Im not sure if she does. Whenever a girl has no social media it usually tilts towards that she does not escort. Angel Del Ray
12/06/22It was someone i used to see, i can’t Seem to find her nowadays. She was from South America for So i bought an escort for a getaway weekend…
12/02/22Haha, that is true. Luckily it was an escort i had been seeing for a while, it was a business relationship, we were both very clear about that. We hanged out, watched movies, went to the Cinema, went shopping, ate dinner etc. Have you ever bought a girl for a weekend?
12/02/22Just a regular Have you ever bought a girl for a weekend?
12/02/229-10 tomes Have you ever bought a girl for a weekend?
12/02/22Even though she is 55 she is hot as fuck Janet Mason With New Tits & How to Get Them
12/02/22Ask for a verification video where she holds up today’s newspaper Is this fake?
11/22/22Thanks for the interview!!  Joslyn James Q&A
11/20/22Danielle Derek!! My favourite just wished she would get bigger tits like she Said all the Way back in 2019 Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Dates Nov 13

Honestly, she would get deported because she screams “prostitute”.

she’s a hot fuck however

Aletta Ocean Back in Milan
11/18/22She was one of the pornstars i absolutely adored back in the early 2010’s Daphne Rosen
11/17/22They’ll always be back when the money is spent  Victoria Cakes “Supposedly” To Retire from Providing

I haven’t but OH MAN!! If you do book her tell us about it!


Heather Vahn
11/16/22I feel like they all do, it’s only the question of how much it would cost PS escorts who allow filming or pictures
11/14/22One of my all time favourite pornstars!!  Hello y’all it’s me Joslyn James
11/13/22All i Can say is, look for if she’s verrified Lily Hall Eros ad real?
11/11/22I haven’t seen her, but i say take the chance!  Giselle Collins
11/11/22I had a regular but she Got reallt weird and diva like in the end Do you guys have regulars?
11/08/22A Quick Google search returned nothing, best Bet would be to contact her on Twitter Kira Noir
11/06/22Joslyn is such a sweetie in real life Joslyn James New Orlenas
11/06/22They always say that until the money dries up  Aria Wolf Retiring Soon

Best website in spain: slumi 

Best website in the UK: Adultwork

i dont know What the best website in Colombia is

Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
11/02/22She’s so hot i wish i was in that city Joslyn James in New York Now
11/01/22Nice review!! Ashley Fires review
10/30/22I did it a few times and That’s it. I would NEVER share them on Social Media for my privacy  Is it smart to take a picture with a escort?
10/30/22I couldnt find anything about her on a Google search  Gia Paige
10/28/22One of my all time favourite porn actress! Richelle Ryan Reminder

Joslyn James is so hot she’s on my list!

Was Blair Williams good at facefucking like in her videos?

My PSE List
10/27/22It’s simply NOT worth it Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?
10/27/22Thanks also she’s hot as fuck! I wish i was in NY Joslyn James Reminder

Wow!!! Where did you hear that??


i can’t wait either!

Danielle Derek Chi-Town
10/26/22Thanks for the review, i enjoyed Reading it Vicki Chase Review (October 2022)
10/22/22From my own experiences i wouldn’t recommend it. What happened to me was that the Two girls liked eachother and just started talking without including me Are Duos worth it?

If you mean agency wise, i’d recommend Tryst (

Ebony Girls/Pornstars
10/22/22I dont Think she does, i did a bit of research and i couldn’t find anything Fit Kitty
10/22/22A Quick Google search returned nothing BUT reach out to her via OF i would say Alyssia Vera
10/20/22Damn!!! 10/10 in every aspect! Summer Bombshell
10/20/22She’s so hot! Thanks for the review  Richelle Ryan Review
10/19/22I searched for it on Google and there is no clear answer, i would try to contact her on OF if i were you  Kate Dee
10/18/22Great review, glad you had a good time with her! Reese Robbin review

I just did a Quick search and i found one hot PS

visiting Lisbon 


Providers in Lisbon, Portugal?
10/15/22@theeaglekid * UK Sugar babes

Like @theaglekid Said, they are slow

i would recommend adultwork

UK Sugar babes
10/14/22I would say that she definetely does, “under the radar” though Sera Ryder
10/14/22I dont know BUT i would shoot her a DM on OF Does Moriah Hill escort?
10/13/22Man! She’s hot and one of my favourites, maybe i’ll go for it Sara St Clair in Miami and Los Angeles
10/13/22I haven’t personally and i only found reviews that was locked behind a paywall when searching for her Jojo Kiss
10/12/22I would say that it’s probably fake Have I learned?
10/11/22How was she? European Clients: Niykee Cruz
10/09/22God Damn! She’s so hot! Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22Danielle Derek does PSE Greek

Now i would advice you to use a new number to text her from, also text her short and to the point if that makes sense.


"Hey Danielle

I´ve seen that youre in town and i would like to spend (x amount) of time with you, would that be possible?

Sincerely (name)" 




Danielle Derek
10/05/22I personally Think that it was just a Rich guy who bought her. She’s the definition of a MILF Deauxma Providing?
10/05/22Not totally sure BUT if she does, oh man she’s gonna be expensive Janice Griffin
10/05/22Not totally sure BUT if she does, oh man she’s gonna be expensive Janice Griffin
10/05/22Welcome to this amazing community Gina!  Loving this site!!
10/05/22I would say that she is, DM her on Twitter or her email  Angel Dark available?
10/04/22Damn, she’s hot!  For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
10/04/22I don’t, BUT Damn!! I’s fuck her brains out Sienna Day
10/04/22Welcome! Hello everyone
10/04/22Damn, she’s actually hot Brittany Andrews
10/02/22I haven’t personally dealt with her, but i say BOOK HER! Live out your dream Jayden Starr
10/02/22Damn!! I wish i was in Canada For Canada!!! Anna Evans & Stella St. Clair
10/01/22Michelle’s fine as fuck! A true MILF Richelle Ryan
09/30/22This hottie should get bigger tits, waiting for it Danielle Derek Tour Dates
09/30/22Las Vegas Where do you want providers to tour?
09/28/22She has a very good body indeed Sarah Jessie in NYC
09/28/22Wow!! Amazing! Review straight to the point, i like it Ashley Peaks Review
09/28/22There is a bunch of the ranches who only have your standard everyday girls which is super boring, so you have to look for reviews on Google and pics of the Ladies  Legal prostitution USA
09/27/22Nice Review, Thanks! Jennifer White review
09/26/22She does 10000% also DAMN she’s hot! Savanah Storm
09/26/22She’s really hot! One of my faves! Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair

Never tip them.

i’ve never tipped, there’s no reason

09/26/22I dont Think she provides  Karmen Karma
09/26/22Out of those 3 if i had to select, i would choose Daisy, also, who’s your ATF? Need advice

It says to contact her through

Not sure if she retired

Desire Drea of Las Vegas
09/25/22Lana is fucking stupid, all she knew was how to take dick and now she’s complaining about it… What the hell Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry
09/25/22Probably around $50k to be honest How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22I’ve already turned it on, Thanks EA Update: Enable Notifications!
09/22/22I Can personally recommend her Danielle Derek West Coast Tour
09/20/22Well, i’ve done greek with Danielle Derek at one point, Nice BUT it was my first time doing greeek and its not for me Your Greek experiences
09/17/22Contact her on Twitter/OF Alena Croft
09/17/22DM her on onlyfans/twitter Mariza Lamb
09/17/22I hope you didn’t pay anything Julie Cash
09/14/22She is really hot!! One of my absolute favourites Pornstar Escorts Q&A: Sara St. Clair
09/14/22The fuck?! 1700?! Alexia Anders
09/12/22I also dm’ed you the link Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/12/22I think that you need to reach out directly via WhatsApp. Here: Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/12/22If i was a MULTI billionaire many times over i would book her for a whole day Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/12/22My guess would be that she does escort. I would try and reach out to her over OF or a booking email in her bio on Twitter Lilly James
09/11/22She’s basically saying that she does in fact escort, so have fun Laura orsolya
09/10/22One of the biggest things on my bucket list would be to go to Colombia or some other place in SA and just fuck bitches for no money basically. It’s really cheap down there. You Can model material girls for $30 an hour  Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22Amazing! Joslyn James in VA
09/08/2252, i’ll pass on that Alexis Golden Tour
09/07/22What a Nice summer! I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22I dont really know who she is, but you´re right about her new ad. Im sure she still escorts Armani Black

I Think so, i found this

Eva notty
09/05/22I dont know who she is but she does escort for the right price, I’m 100% sure of that Has anyone seen Jada Steven’s Lately?
09/05/22Every girl escorts, it always depends on the price Katt Leya
09/04/22Did she let you fuck without condom?  Connie Perignon
09/04/22She’s gone back to being a basic boring College girl ever since she took her implants out Nicole Aniston
09/02/22She looks like the kind of slut that Can take a good facefucking, Nice! Jade Skyy
09/01/22She’s available with Tryst Rylee Rabbit
09/01/22I didn’t even know who she was till now Dani Banks recent tour - Did anyone get in on this?

I have not personally met her but i found this review which is from this year 

Julie Cash
08/27/22Yeah, there’s alot of These fake accounts  MIa Kay Fake Accounts
08/27/22Jesse Jane the OG porn stepmother! Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
08/27/22You might just have to take the plunge Is this a scam or cop?
08/26/22Joslyn is so hot right now! Joslyn James Strip Tour
08/26/22I have had no experiences in strip clubs at all as i Think they’re a scam! Better go to a brothel and pay for sex Strip Clubs
08/25/22Nina Elle Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli
08/24/22I didn’t even know who she was  Mz. Dani in Vegas
08/24/22I havent seen anything official about her doing that Chanel Preston

She sure is for the right price! Anyone is available for the right price



Abigaiil Morris
08/22/22I had no luck in my search either BUT i would say contact her by email. Every girl escorts, it depends on the price Katie Kush
08/22/22Aletta Ocean definetely! Anastasia Doll or Aletta Ocean
08/22/22Not exactly sure BUT for the right money, everyone does DessD
08/20/22Sounds Nice, Thanks for the review Janet Mason Review (June 2022)
08/20/22Sounds like you had a great time! Awesome Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)

Zoey Sinn and Ashley peaks are listed to tour Atlanta this month


im sure there are more pornstars who is touring Atlanta though 




08/18/22Agree! BRAZILIAN BELLA
08/17/22Have a good time!  Booked 2 hours w/ Amy Anderssen this weekend!!
08/13/22I see it as like going to the doctor, if you have an appointment and dont show up, you're gonna get fined The Point of a Cancellation Fee?
08/12/22I dont know BUT i would guess she does for the right money Ariella ferrera
08/12/22To my knowledge she does not openly escort A.J. Applegate
08/10/22I’m not sure 100% but i would say that she does for the right money. Hit her up on onlyfans or if she has an email in her bio  Does Ryder Skye Escort?
08/08/22Welcome to the community! 
Hello everyone
08/08/22I’m in my mid twenties and i would say the oldest i would go 40 Oldest You'll Go
08/06/22I think that a reputable testing clinic is fine Showing test results to go raw?
08/06/22She´s known for scamming Juelz Ventura Eros Scam..... Ad Still Up.
08/06/22Every pornstar escorts for the right money Phoenix Marie
08/04/22Agree! Adultwork seems to be the best place to find girls London Tips/Recommendations
08/04/22Why not? Tell us Sybil Stallone
08/02/22Im not sure but DAMN!!! That’s a hot piece of ass Chantal Danielle
08/02/22It looks legit Confirmation on Kaden Kole Eros Ad
08/01/22Lol, we shouldn’t be “cautious” at all. No vaccine is needed, just like with Convid. It’s all a hoax. Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
08/01/22These scammers are the worst, but the fact that people keeps falling for it is beyond me!! EROS SCAM DEPOSIT LIST
08/01/22Welcome Ashley!! Welcome Ashley Anders to the EA Community
08/01/22I hope she means 10k for 4 days  Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?

I found this when i searched her name on google

You Can also contact her through onlyfans i think

Kira Noir
08/01/22I do not have any experience with that girl but welcome to our community! Davina Applegate?
07/30/22It looks genuine as the domain was registered in 2007 and Will first be expiring in 2030 (according to Escort book
07/30/22I’m not into tall girls, how tall was she? Angelina Diamanti
07/30/22To be honest, i couldn’t find any reviews about her when i searched for it Olivia Jayy reviews
07/30/22I keep hearing bad things about Trinity and the Way she does business. I wouldn’t deal with any girls That’s under Tiffany’s controm Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/29/22You sure Can! You Can always book a filming session with any escort film sessions
07/28/22I couldn’t find anything specific about her escorting when i searched BUT every pornstar is available for the right money I’m sure Anna Chambers??

She does

Nina Kay

I’m sure she does if the right money is offered.

i would contact her on one of her many channels

Jewelz Blu Available?
07/27/22Be a TOP G and let the girl bring YOU gifts! Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #8: Gifts
07/26/22I remember the first scene i Saw her in were Throated… wonder if she gotten any better Luna Star
07/26/22Haven’t ever seen any reviews of her, but i’s say go for it Sophia Leone in NYC
07/26/22You should do it! Thinking about NYC in September
07/26/22I found an age Old review on her at Kayla Paige reviews?
07/26/22I remember when a guy i knew took an escort to his sons wedding as his “date”. What a fucking baller! Is Bringing an Escort to an event smart?
07/26/22Danielle Derek! She’s a super fun girl for only $400/hour (i Think it was)! Recommendation
07/26/22Thanks for the review! I wanted to book her before but i never Got to do it, you’ve just ignited my desire for her again Alycia Starr Review
07/25/22I usually find alot of good, genuine videos of escorts on spankbang Pornstar Escort Videos?
07/21/22I want to know her name as well Has anyone seen her?
07/21/22What a HOT piece of ass  PS Escort of the Day: Carmen Valentina
07/18/22Her boobs!!! The best boobs of any pornstar that escorts Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek
07/16/22That’s daddy’s girl! Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
07/16/22I’ve been to Madrid a couple of times and i’ve always booked girls through  Booking in Spain
07/15/22$800/hour Amy Anderssen Review
07/15/22$800/hour Amy Anderssen Review
07/15/22Yep, multi pop was included Amy Anderssen Review
07/15/22I actually dont Think there is Touring in Hawaii?
07/15/22My Two cents would be to forget the overpriced pornstars and stick with the regular girls. You Can get a girl for $35/hour in the dominican Republic!  Does anyone have any information on pornstars in prague and dominican republic?

I´ve booked her a few times in the past and i´ve always gotten a quick response by reaching out to her by phone. 

She´s one of my all time favourite girls, that´s for sure!

danielle derek
07/14/22I believe that EVERY ONE of these ig models are escorts, ain’t no Way they’ll say no to money UK IG models/influencers
07/14/22I can’t remember the price exactly but i Think danielle Derek was $400/hour so i would definetely recommend her! Prices Question
07/14/22She definetely does, i’s reach out to her either on OF or Chaturbate if it was me Jasmine Daze
07/13/22Tbh, i Think the best Way is to DM them directly Instagram/influencer booking
07/13/22Sophia Rossi!!!  So Who Are The Girls You Missed Out On?
07/11/22Thanks Shay Sights Review
07/10/22Don’t forget to leave a review!! Booked Ivy Wolfe
07/10/22Been to vegas a few tines and there´s alot of girls there, both at the ranches and just on the streets  Favorite vegas escorts?
07/10/22Nice list, thanks! I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/09/22There is a ton of good agencies in Budapest but i would suggest dealing with the girls directly Budapest
07/07/22Nice review! I really enjoyed Reading it Review of Karla Kush
07/07/22I Think they get them from talent agencies who manages these girls How are pornstars hired for shoots?
07/07/22If she is verified it is her otherwise if she’s not verified i wouldn’t take the chance armani black
07/06/22I’s say that she is probably escorting  Jazlyn Ray
07/06/22These Q&A’s are amazing! Keep them coming  In case it was missed….. Q&A with a PS Escort: Nikki Sexxx

I see that there is some reviews off her on a few sites, but they’re all behind a paywall 


if i find any free reviews, i’ll let you know

Lauren Phillips
07/05/22Sent you a Message on Snapchat How To Become An Escort? Reupload

I would suggest not just starting a porn company to meet your favourite pornstars, but to make money from it

How to open a porn company?
07/05/22Oh my!! :) What area are you in? I’m available for hookup and fun??
07/05/22I haven´t personally been with Alura, but im thinking about booking her I´ll leave a review if i do alura jenson/Kylie Kingston
07/05/22She says “no meetups” in her Twitter bio so i doubt that she does. Nala Brooks
07/05/22She stated that she do NOT escort on her website and only shoot for professional companies. Kali Roses
07/04/22I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t escort Valerica steele
07/04/22If i were you, i’d contact her though onlyfans/ her email and try to set up a meeting Well,Is there any way that i can meet non ps escorts?
07/02/22I mean, if you Got the money, sure. Live your life, enjoy it extras
07/01/22So far i haven’t seen any pornstars touring in Kansas, sadly Kansas City Pornstar Escorts?
06/30/22I couldn’t fins anything public about her escorting but i would contact her on onlyfans for sure Misty Meaner Contact Info?
06/30/22Eva notty ???? one of my favourite milfs NYC Sapphire Strip Club Escort Attends
06/29/22I quite like all of these “escort rules to live by” posts Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #2: Stay in your Price Range
06/28/22IMO* Anyone have any experiences with Mamigiany?
06/28/22It is ALOT since she isn’t even a mainstream pornstar, Way overpriced IMP Anyone have any experiences with Mamigiany?
06/28/22I LOVE how slutty she looks and her tits!! Oh man, they´re the best thing about her Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
06/27/22Not gonna Lie, i actually enjoyed reading this Q&A Please do it with more pornstars PS Escort Q&A: Cytherea
06/27/22She sounds like a dream!! I would definetely book an hour with her just to see What all the fuzz is about Danielle Derek Review
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