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01/29/23Hazel Moore 2/27-3-2. Correction ***** Pornstar Escort Weekly Update Jan 29th-Feb 4th
01/28/23Yes Adria Rae. That girl though. Went from 90mins sessions to 5 hours.  Took a week or two to get over it.  Have you developed feelings for an escort?

doing an overnight might as well throw your money away. your not gonna have sex all night if thats what you are aiming for. they require 8-10 hr sleep mostly. your better of booking every few hours if you want sex consecutively


Longest you’ve booked a provider for, and tips for consecutive overnights with a PSE
01/24/23Me too. Although timing of mine is off so yeah. Elena Koshka
01/23/23Multiple shot are allowed it depends on timing. She is a clock watcher Adria Rae San Francisco
01/23/23LinkedIn Adria Rae San Francisco
01/22/23Yes bragging right. First to see Jewelz Blu here Do you prefer pornstars OR regular girls.
01/22/23Yep. She’s amazing. She will make that’s 2k worth it Adria Rae San Francisco
01/21/23Damn totally worth it Adria Rae San Francisco
01/21/23Yes she is still is Perfection Models  Adria Rae San Francisco
01/21/23I 2nd her. She was doing some in our 4 hour session. 420 Friendly Providers
01/20/23You saw Jasmine Vega lol let me guess she wasn’t into it all mechanical, covered, and smelled down there. What pornstar have you been with that was a TOTAL LET DOWN?
01/20/23Came back the following day all better then have our fun. Jewelz Blu
01/20/23No I spent 3500 for 2 hours laying down with her talking. Because I was sick. I’m not gonna have sex with her and make her sick. What kind of asshole would do that. And if you aren’t aware PM doesn’t allowed cancellation. Jewelz Blu
01/17/23I’m sorry but she needs to be removed from the list. Not one but two member on here got scam. I doubt it’s really her twitter instagram and OF that’s even her. All her comments are all turned off there’s no way to tell it’s even her. EA UPDATE!!! EA-List
01/13/23Does this crime fit its punishment. Hell Yeah it does. This dude think he can just take secret picture / videos of his session without the consent of the person. He has another thing coming from him.  That’s wrong on all level. Give what we do in this hobby a bad name.  What would you guys do if yal were in her shoe? Talk about other people privacy   He lost that privilege when he decided imma secretly take picture and record this session. He got lucky she didn’t expose his address to the entire world.  Her exposing his picture and number to other providers so they can know who he is and to black list so they don’t have to go through what she went through. Is his life over? Maybe ? Maybe not. No one knows. He’s lucky she didn’t post his name. He got what he deserved.  Another Client Outed!
01/12/23Bank claim if you can  Eros ad for Mellanie Monroe: Scammed of $13,000
01/12/23Not that there’s anything wrong with them. I’ve used them twice and no issue Kylie Page
01/12/23Hate to break the new guys but she’s with PM. That is a PM number.   Kylie Page
01/09/23It’s the price we pay for other people screwup. It sucks but sometime we have to be the adult and suck it up. She’s just doing what’s best for her business. Can’t really blame her.  Admin Fee
01/09/23I know lol it would be cool have porn star friends. Which I have two Aspen Ora and cali carter. Their main cell number not google number. It’s not always about sex. The friendship would be nice Expecting more?
01/09/23Yeah that makes sense. Expecting more?
01/08/23Going to AVN is like going to a car show.  You can stare all you want but you ain’t going home with that ride  Post AVN blue Balls
01/07/23She retired porn/escort end of 2018. Came back to escort end of 2021. Who was your first escort ever?
01/07/23I emailed got a response and she is Soo busy and isn’t available try again next month  April Olsen
01/06/23Athena Palomino 2018 right before she retired. Hot damn  Who was your first escort ever?
01/05/23Email them and find out.  Screening process
01/05/23The one time I’m glad she doesn’t allow DATY lol Bad experience with a provider
01/05/23This was back in 2019. I didn’t even know bad fish smell was a thing til I experience it with her smh Bad experience with a provider
01/05/23I know PC takes $400 for every hour thr porn star makes. So it depends on the hours then minus 400 What does the pornstar escorts earn on average?
01/04/23Tryst mention she wasn’t a good fit for them. I think Crystal Chase on PC any experiences?
01/04/23Ahh yeah your bright she’s moving to Nevada Cali Carter
01/04/23I think you can still see her. But for outcall in Sacramento California last I spoke to her about work was  2 weeks ago. 
[email protected] 
Cali Carter
01/03/23so pretty much pay for her flight  numbers of nights shes in chicago and food? Cytherea Chicago Sponsorship
01/02/23Searching for the elevator has always been a pain in the ass.  Sometimes it’s next to the reception desk. Sometimes passing by etc… if they can tell you where the elevator is before coming that would be great if not.   You slowly walk pretend listening to music or talking on the phone.  Quick glance at the area searching any sign of the elevator and walk towards it.  Pray that hotel doesn’t require keycards  Incall
01/01/23Adria Rae  Who is your absolute favourite Pornstar escort?
12/30/22No but I can identify what kind of room. Is it weird
12/30/22Well it’s not my fault. I’ve seen about 4 porn star in that same Hotel. Enough for me to recognize the bedding and mirror lol Is it weird
12/30/22Be smart do not ask them upfront regarding meet up.  It is AVN time folks
12/28/22Wait what. You never eaten out of any pornstar you seen? Thoughts on Paris White?
12/27/22At the moment nope Your best overall experience?
12/26/22I’m ok with paying deposit as long as I know it’s legit. But then there are times when you just have to take a leap of faith Paying For Others Mistakes
12/26/22  Paying For Others Mistakes
12/26/22Adria Rae and Elena Koska my top two.  Your best overall experience?
12/26/22I read this before. Especially remembering offering 10k in person and rejecting. Bruh get help. This hobby isn’t fit for you. You can’t just stalk someone like this at a concert you saw they are going to. I know you were embarrassed but imagine how she feel you asking her in public probably near her friends and family that doesn’t know what she does yet. It’s not something they advertise.  My 2022 Escort Story
12/26/22She been through this one too many times.  There’s a limit on how one can take this type of cancellation. She’s doing what is best for her. Unfortunately we are collateral damage of other mistakes. Just part of life.  Paying For Others Mistakes
12/23/22Joey white for me damn. Praying for a tour soon PC added a few new girls
12/22/22They really sister? Or just stage name sister Kylie Quinn
12/21/225 hours.  What’s the longest you have hired a girl?
12/19/22I emailed. Just trying to find out how much first lol Skyla Novea
12/19/22Yes she’s or whoever running the twitter and instagram is a scam. Don’t be fool like me and trust them twitter and instagram who in this was her main account (other porn star follow it too) Bunny Colby twitter instagram
12/19/22Someone literally said the same thing last time lol Skyla Novea
12/18/22She’s back on PC Adria Is with Perfection Models My 2022 List

Elena Koshka

Cali Carter (2x) 

Octavia Red 

Athena palomino 

Adria Rae (5 hours) By far the best one

a few non pornstar  


My 2022 List
12/17/22Some dude on here claim he knows bunny and says she doesn’t have s as social media accounts. And that’s the one that are active and followed by other porn star are fraud. Bunny Colby twitter instagram
12/17/22Yep. Bunny Colby twitter instagram
12/17/2220% discount on all their models? Ashlyn Peaks Review
12/16/22Hot damn she is gorgeous  Sarai Minxxx Visiting Nee York
12/15/22so your telling us the Instagram and twitter where a bunch of her fellow Pornstar also follow is a scam? Bunny Colby
12/15/22no clue. The Info of her tour was on her Main twitter and instagram. if it was hack she could have said something. IDK Bunny Colby scammed possibly?
12/15/22I hope so too she seems like a nice person base on her videos Bunny Colby scammed possibly?
12/15/22Possible Scam. Might be her or her account got hack *****  Bunny Colby scammed possibly?
12/14/22What’s there to explain. There was a post on redit she scammed the dude and made a tictoc about it. Mocking the dude Allie Nicole


My name is ____ I am interested in scheduling an appointment with one of your models. Please let me what info you would need from me to make it possible. Thank you


bro have you not been paying readying what the group wrote. Stay away from her. Waste of time and money. will stall time on her clients til its over or even possible run off with the money. Point is stay away from her.


Allie Nicole
12/13/226-8k ish. Plus first class flight and hotel and food April Olsen
12/13/22I’ve actually ask them. If you fly to LA you can book for the 1 hour. If you FMTY minimum is 4 hours April Olsen
12/13/22Your flying to LA? April Olsen
12/12/22Ruin my feeling towards her smh. Room was a mess. I don’t think her agency back then even told her I was coming til last min. Her wig was on the counter. Mess everywhere I was Soo disappointed Kailani Kai Looking for a New York FMTY
12/12/22You think that’s disappointing. Try seeing Jennifer white back in 2018 and getting a CBJ smh. Kailani Kai Looking for a New York FMTY
12/11/22No. For me I’m a firm believer on responsibility first then pleasure. I would have to double check if all my bills are paid first then have some fun.  Especially when it comes to porn star.  Do You Use Income Tax Money on Providers?
12/10/22I don’t think they even make that per a scene lol Lacy Lennon providing at Brothel
12/09/22Brooke Logan for me Any blast from the past you missed out on?
12/09/22Should take out Allie Nicole. Nothing but bad news with her.   AVN Lineup/ Hotel References
12/07/22What’s her name? Lol  I wouldn’t ask for a discount. Just wait till next time. It’s responsibility before pleasure. Don’t forget that.  Is it ok to ask for a discount from your regular provider?
12/06/22Have you verified with PC before? I get at least 24 hours reply every time I contact them. NYC recommendations?
12/06/22Well I’m all set to see Bunny Colby. Made my deposit and confirm. Wish me luck guys Bunny Colby
12/06/22smh sending deposit tomorrow morning Bunny Colby
12/06/22I’m planning on seeing her in Pittsburgh the 19th. Who knows she might cancel her tour again after the first day lol Bunny Colby
12/06/22Tryst buddy you have resources. Any way you can verify it’s really her? Bunny Colby
12/06/22That first email is from PC her first tour but quit after the first day Bunny Colby
12/06/22Not if her stuff are verified with a check mark. Twitter instagram Bunny Colby
12/06/22I email. And she’s doing a poor job verifying though. Just picture ID employment. No reference Bunny Colby
12/06/22She posted a picture on her Instagram and twitter. Bunny Colby
12/06/22Feel free to add Chicago Happy December
12/05/22just remember to bail me out if something goes wrong lol Bunny Colby
12/05/22already sent in my request. Wish me luck. taking a drive for you guys Bunny Colby
12/05/22that 20% deposit .ehhh sounds scary lol Bunny Colby
12/05/221500 hour.   And 20% deposit to secure a date.  Bunny Colby
12/04/22It’s one thing to take the money and say she’s coming back. It’s another when she post a tic tok about it. That’s just horrible Allie Nicole in Los Angeles
12/04/22Cali Carter. Dallas 12/5-12/8.  Pornstar Weekly Tour Updates Dec 4th
12/04/22There was a whole page on here about her scanning away a client then posting a tic Tok mocking it Allie Nicole in Los Angeles
12/04/22Avoid her at all cost.  Will run away with your money  Allie Nicole in Los Angeles
12/03/22She’s retiring soon bro. You should see her one more time. Lol Real talk - if you’re married how do you partake?
12/03/22I just swap out the ones I seen lol. Real talk - if you’re married how do you partake?
12/03/22Omg I just google that lmao. Damn Anyone been with Isabel Moon?
12/03/22Before the relationship starts I would have a hall pass set up first. “ I love you babe but if anyone of these porn star are available I need Togo see them. “.  Real talk - if you’re married how do you partake?
12/02/22It’s a win and a lose. Some ppl like it some ppl don’t. What is an AA Policy?
12/02/22Well it’s still up to them too see who ever they want to see.   And you can’t blame them. You guys do have large penis. It’s a complement  What is an AA Policy?
12/01/22I do that too lmao I always pray the lobby is full so the front desk don’t pay attention What do you do when you have a Key Card?

Shes Amazing 


Cali Carter in Dallas, TX.
12/01/22This has happened to me twice. There’s no way around it. Unless they can call ahead and ask does the hotel have key cards to use the elevator. I don’t find this annoying. I find looking for the damn elevator harder. Cause you have to look around for it. Especially if i you have to pass the front desk. To get there which is annoying.  What do you do when you have a Key Card?
11/29/22oh Im fine, never gotten threaten before for sleeping with someone wife or soon to be ex. I just dont want the provider to get in any trouble. Does porn star like it when we work a review about them?
11/29/22@tryst do yal like it when a review is written about anyone of your models. ? Does porn star like it when we work a review about them?
11/29/22Curios if we go to their hometown. would they allow the 1 hour session?  Ive ask about FMTY with PC and the minimum they allow for that is 4 hours is the least. but what if we fly to them?   @tryst how does that work your agency?  Kay Lovely update (!?)

NYC Sophia Leone 12/4-12/10

NYC Chloe Temple 12/4-12/9

NYC Rebel Lynn 12/4/-12/9

DC Rharri Rhound  11/9-12/2

Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update Nov 27th
11/29/22sure.. Cali Carter   Touring Dallas 12/5-12/8  will be one of her last few tours then retirement  Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update Nov 27th
11/27/22Cali Carter 12-5/12-8 might be her last round before retirement  Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Nov 27th
11/26/22Still waiting for someone to post a review on her  Kali Roses Visiting New York
11/25/22if its legit hard pass. lol Skylar Novea
11/25/22Your guess is good as mines Skylar Novea

any reviews on Aria Lee?


Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Nov 20
11/21/22Porncompanion Aria Lee
11/21/22Just email them and find out not allot of people want to deal with them. And only talk to them when need to. Perfection Models

Lily Carter 

lexi belle 

tori black

lacey Channing 

kimmy granger 

What pornstars do you wish provided?
11/19/22She said no bbfs Adria Rae
11/16/22If no linkdlin then where you work and website. Perfection Models
11/16/22Pretty much as for the same thing I just didn’t have a linkdlin account. ID and with a selfie next to your ID. Perfection Models
11/16/22It’s better to be over protective and feared than none at all.  Perfection Models
11/16/22No BBFS. CIM yes CFS? Is that cute funny and sexual? Then yes Adria Rae
11/16/22Well guess I ended her night then. Adria Rae
11/15/22Next Tuesday Adria Rae
11/15/22Be nice and respectful. Her body guards room is across the room from her.  Adria Rae
11/15/22Best sloppy BBBJ ever  Adria Rae
11/15/221 hour 1800 90mins 2500 2 hours 3200 Adria Rae
11/15/22Nov 15-18 **** Cali Carter
11/14/22She’s on porncompanian you’re gonna have to fly her to you and spend about 4 hours just to get her out. Or fly to LA and hopefully they will show allow one hour  Aria Lee
11/13/22Staci carr. She may not have lasted long in the business maybe 2-3 years but she is damn fine and hot damn gorgeous  Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/12/22Please Share. I’m flying from Chicago to NYC just to see Adria lol need to prepare incase thing go bad lol Perfection Models
11/11/22Yes but it’s nice to have multiple just to change it up. Every now and then Do you guys have regulars?
11/11/22I just gave them all my porn Star reference lol 5 to be exact Adria Rae
11/10/22I’m seeing her the 15th lol flying from Chicago in the morning rest a bit then see her at night. Then back in the morning Adria Rae
11/10/22I didn’t give them LinkedIn just a few references and picture ID Adria Rae
11/10/22Nope I just kept is straight forward. And just provided what they ask for. Then that’s it. I’d rather not Piss them off lol Perfection Models
11/10/22Damn good to know Perfection Models
11/10/22LinkedIn. Work email. Or rs2k and a list of porn star that can vouch for you Adria Rae
11/10/22So I can get black mailed by PM if Adria tells them about this? Lol I’ll be discreet and do my best lol Adria Rae
11/09/22Care to share the process? Good news and bad news
11/09/22She did return this year but just anal scene Jessie Rogers aka MzJessie
11/09/22Damn. Who can confirm this is real and what’s wrong with the agency? Good news and bad news
11/09/22When you get this info? Good news and bad news
11/08/22Feel free to post review on Lexi lore Tryst Agency Insights
11/07/22If your getting any communication then doubt anyone will lol Kenzie Anne
11/06/22Amazing absolutely gorgeous What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?

2900 with Elena Koska. 90mins plus anal and video record

then 3400 with Cali Carter. 2 hours and video record 

What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/05/22Get out of here. You saw Anya Olsen? Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
11/04/22Making a Sex tape with them. So far I have 3.  I  can now look back and be like “ I had sex with them “  What’s a Big fantasy of yours that you’ve fulfilled with an escort?
11/04/22Along with Sophia Leone review please.  
Kali Rose Tour Dates

Athena Palomino  right before she retired . 


Who was your FIRST pornstar escort!
11/01/22As long as she’s still and look hot I don’t really mind Question: Tattoos or No?
10/29/22Pleae share the source of where you contacted this person.  Pamela Peaks Scam (Sophie Dee)
10/28/22For yourself yeah. Memory to look back and be like. Holy shit I had sex with her.  Even better if you paid for recording.  And it’s pretty much up to you where to store it safely.  Is it smart to take a picture with a escort?
10/27/22Lexi belle, lily Carter, tori black, Britney Beth , capri cavanni You have $10k to use, who do you book?
10/27/22No due to Shrinkage  Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?
10/27/22Either.  Pussy is pussy. As long as it’s clean.  And smells nice.  What is your favorite type of Pussy
10/27/22Lmao roast beef bruh What is your favorite type of Pussy
10/23/22In find this really stupid.   Literally. It’s their body their choice.  Safety tips
10/22/22It’s better if you go in one on one.  So you can focus on one girl at a time. You might blow it on one girl girl before hitting on the 2nd  Are Duos worth it?
10/22/22It was when I saw her last year in Chicago. Not sure now. She hasn’t toured Chicago this year. :( Reviews of Hazel Moore?
10/22/22She’s a sweetheart.  Skin very smooth. Kissing bbbj all position. Does anal for extra but needs advanced notice.  Don’t know about bbfs. Did not ask.   Overall great experience  Reviews of Hazel Moore?
10/22/22Maybe it’s a good thing pornstars don’t tour in Chicago that much.  Would break my bank accounts if they keep touring lol Leda Lotharia/Lexi Lore Exxxotica Duos
10/17/22Wonder who’s the father is. Fan?  Bf?  Elena Koshka
10/14/22[email protected]. Try this buddy. Sophia Leone
10/14/22Did you use the email on PC?  Sophia Leone
10/14/22Scams.  If you look at the reviewer it’s pretty much the same circle of people  Autumn Falls? Can't be!
10/12/22One of the hardest verification you would have to go through Jennifer White Late Oct NYC
10/12/22How do you reverse image? Lol   Plus it’s not verified ero. Probably fake Have I learned?
10/11/22Thank you Testing
10/11/22How long does the process take? Testing
10/10/22Athena Palomino will be in Dallas. Highly recommend if your a fan of hers. No anal though. Bbfs unsure.  Visiting Dallas
10/10/22I went overboard.  Elena Koska Cali Carter (twice) Athena palomino Octavia Red.  Think I’m done for the year.   Reviews
10/09/22Just make sure you do your research on this lady. This page is very helpful Taking that first plunge
10/09/22Who’s the lucky lady? Taking that first plunge
10/09/22They take about 6 hours to shoot lol video ends up with 30 mins lol Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/08/22I know. Doubt it will be Chicago since her last time wasn’t that great. Have you seen her? She gives out her Google number for faster response Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22I saw her post then check Eros lol Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22Was literally gonna post this lmao.  Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22Shit the longest I lasted was 45mins and that was with Aspen Ora. After that barely 10-15 now ???? Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/08/22It depends on the person body. Yes jerking off before seeing provider last longer but half of the time if your large then that won’t be the case. You won’t be able to shoot your essence.   Made that mistake when I saw Athena Palomino lol  Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/07/22yes She is indeed absolutely Gorgeous Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #13: Scheduling
10/07/22thats alot of money too. shes really contempt on requesting Deposit when she does plan touring again. Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #13: Scheduling

Dont be That Asshole who dont go their appointment when their time comes. It is extremely rude. Especially for provider who dont take deposit. Literally wasting their time and money that they could be making. For instance Cali Carter when she was last in Chicago about 6-8 people did not show up to their appointment. Ive gotten lucky enough to get to know her and 

talk to her daily /or weekly. She will consider taking deposit when making appointment.  She does not want to but will if them asshole keep wasting her time. 

Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #13: Scheduling

were you rude to to the provider from  previously  meet? I have read some shitty ass reviews how they were to the providers. I get it they escort, sell their body for sex but absolutely do not have to treat them like sex machine. 


How do you know your Blacklisted?
10/03/22Please add Chicago ton your tour when you plan one. Thank you Hello everyone
10/03/22Absolutely gorgeous. I’m too far out lol damn  Hello everyone
10/03/22Amia Miley has bad reviews hard pass. Unless you personally seen in person Chicago recommendations
10/03/22no problem. and yes they do offer multiple round. it all depend after you gain some confident aim for pornstar. Do your research on them before seeing pornstars that tours chicago. Feel free to use this site. This site been really helpful with info. Chicago recommendations
10/03/22they have amazing girls 450 per an hour. the girls there dont say no beside anal/ filming/ bbfs. other than those its fair game to them. Chicago recommendations
10/03/22 Chicago recommendations
10/03/22what type are you looking for and how much you wanna spend? Chicago recommendations
10/03/22inexperience he said hes not there yet seeing pornstar blowing 1500. Chicago recommendations
09/30/22Chicago needs more lol all the good ones are NYC or LA  Where do you want providers to tour?
09/29/22ive only used PC. havent used any other Porn star site til who ever comes to Chicago lol Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22i seen the Tour list on PC . not really intrigue in the ones that are coming. Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22aww man why they never come to Chicago Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th

Nope they are part of the wish list though 


Capri Cavanni and Kortney Kane
09/28/22FMTY damn. Someone loaded.  
great review
Ashley Peaks Review
09/27/22Nope. We wish but nope  Eva Lovia
09/27/222k for 1 hour.  That’s without bbfs ahead of time request.   Damn. I do feel bad for them their booker be taking  $300-400 per a hour. On PC Jennifer White review
09/24/22I seen that list too lol but I wasn’t at age lmao How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22$16,500.00 for me. I usually see one porn star a year as a treat for myself. But this year I went over board and saw 5. 
I remember back in 2018/2019. They were 1200 hour. When I saw Athena palomino then Jennifer white.  Now prices are 1600 hour.  
How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22Why don’t you email and ask Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/20/22Did it with Elena Koska. It was amazing. She was very vocal  Your Greek experiences
09/17/22I agree OctaviaRed is a total sweet heart  2022 reviews
09/14/22She been to New York twice this year. Just no one has put a review up for her.  Alexia Anders
09/13/22Other than she charge 1500 nope  Any info on Rory Knox? Apparently coming to DC
09/11/22Which one there two. The Mexican or white one Nicole Rey
09/10/22She’s base on Chicago? No way.  Hot damn  Welcome Scarlett Hampton to the Tryst Family
09/09/22Alex Gray is In LA  LA recommendations
09/06/22If you go to Sacramento you can see her. I think. Lol I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22And Elena Koska I had a hell of a Summer!!

Shit I thought I had a year. seen 5 porn star this year. 
Cali Carter (twice) Athena Palomino Octavia Red hazel Moore  Aspen Ora  


I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/05/22I saw Jennifer white back in 2018 and I wasn’t impressed. She’s gorgeous but everything was covered. Maybe she’s better now but good luck if you see her. Lourdes?
09/04/22I just go to who ever is Hot with stellar reviews.  Race When Picking Provider
09/03/22Can you confirm if she provides? Lol Nicole Aniston
08/31/22she still Provide just not on tour anymore. if you go to Sacramento you can still book her Pornstar in Chicago

only tours i see is

veronica rodrigue 9/5-9/9

Ivy Wolf 9/12- 9/15

Amia Miley 10/3- 10/6. Avoid her i read she had bad reviews  (up to you)

Ashley Lane 10/9- 10/12

Pornstar in Chicago

2500 hour


FYI Veronica Rodriguez is touring again
08/30/22I too am from Chicago.  And nope. Only way to see if a pornstar is if they tour here. You missed out on a bunch of good ones. That came already. Unfortunately  Pornstar in Chicago
08/25/22There are reviews on her on TER Scarlett Hampton
08/24/22That’s not her Twitter  Alleged LuLu Chu Contacted EA
08/23/22She does have a few reviews on TER if you have time this check them out Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22Looks like she’s touring. Soon. Hopefully somewhere your traveling too Boston (9/12-9/15) DC (10/4-10/7) San Francisco (11/1-11/4) New York (12/1-12/10) Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22They take awhile to reply. I don’t recommend fmty cause it requires 4hours of booking. And flights and hotel. And they require a deposit for fmty.  You can pray she tours one day or you can go to her city to get 1 hour session.   Rebel Lynn?
08/21/22She is in the porn business and is required to do testing regularly Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22Damn well it’s not mine. I saw her in march bbfs style by accident. We were in the moment and she said screw it. Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22I agree is is a sweet heart. Didn’t want to waste my offer to finish off BBBJ. I get it life happens Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22Where you see this from?  Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22Ended** Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22That’s happens to with Hazel Moore last year smh. We were about 5 mins in a position and she started bleeding. Needed up giving me a long BBBJ I felt bad lol but it felt amazing Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/19/22How come no one comes to Chicago. Lol Lexi Lore Review
08/18/22Did not ask about BBFS. did do BBBJ Kissing/ tongue DATY CIM she doesnt do greek. all position yes Octavia Red
08/18/22on TER i did. waiting to be approve though Octavia Red
08/18/22Yes she does.  I just saw her last Thursday.  She’s a sweet heart.  $1500 hours.  She’s currently in Mexico though for vacation  Octavia Red
08/13/221800 a hour.  Jesse Jane
08/11/22Nope best you can do is research the person to see if she’s Real and legit reviews then pray  Deposits

Octavia red is coming to Chicago on a tour. 
Im actually seeing her on the 11th.
non PS Macie killer body   Has amazing reviews



Chicago Recommendations ( Ps or Non-ps)
08/05/22Someone mention Ana Rose cost $600. Not sure if it’s true.  She’s in Miami. Even though she’s suppose to be in Dallas.    Weekend in Miami
08/02/22The number matches her TER review numbers  Confirmation on Kaden Kole Eros Ad
08/02/22On Reddit before they deleted everything on porn star escort. Someone did say she’s unreliable for timing.  You have to be real lucky to get in sync with her timing Ana Rose in Dallas
08/01/22600? No way really?  Ana Rose in Dallas
07/31/22Pass 10k you can see 5-6 other porn star.  Why are one when you can see 5-6 plus Youll be lucky if you could get a hold of her. A lot of scam going on with her pictures.    Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
07/21/22Literally just saw her this past Monday in Chicago. 2nd time seeing her she is amazing full on GFE there’s one fake review on TER.  That dude got scam by someone else not Cali. I know her. She keeps in touch with her clients she gives out her Google number to every clients.   Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
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