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09/13/22 Alexia Anders
08/20/22 Octavia Red

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were you rude to to the provider from  previously  meet? I have read some shitty ass reviews how they were to the providers. I get it they escort, sell their body for sex but absolutely do not have to treat them like sex machine. 


How do you know your Blacklisted?
10/05/22Please bring some to Chicago one of these days lol Savannah Sixx NYC Nov 14-18
10/05/22That was when she was with a crappy agency. Trysts is a trustworthy agency. Savannah Sixx NYC Nov 14-18
10/03/22Please add Chicago ton your tour when you plan one. Thank you Hello everyone
10/03/22Absolutely gorgeous. I’m too far out lol damn  Hello everyone
10/03/22Amia Miley has bad reviews hard pass. Unless you personally seen in person Chicago recommendations
10/03/22no problem. and yes they do offer multiple round. it all depend after you gain some confident aim for pornstar. Do your research on them before seeing pornstars that tours chicago. Feel free to use this site. This site been really helpful with info. Chicago recommendations
10/03/22they have amazing girls 450 per an hour. the girls there dont say no beside anal/ filming/ bbfs. other than those its fair game to them. Chicago recommendations
10/03/22 Chicago recommendations
10/03/22what type are you looking for and how much you wanna spend? Chicago recommendations
10/03/22inexperience he said hes not there yet seeing pornstar blowing 1500. Chicago recommendations
09/30/22Chicago needs more lol all the good ones are NYC or LA  Where do you want providers to tour?
09/29/22ive only used PC. havent used any other Porn star site til who ever comes to Chicago lol Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22i seen the Tour list on PC . not really intrigue in the ones that are coming. Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22aww man why they never come to Chicago Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th

Nope they are part of the wish list though 


Capri Cavanni and Kortney Kane
09/28/22FMTY damn. Someone loaded.  
great review
Ashley Peaks Review
09/27/22Nope. We wish but nope  Eva Lovia
09/27/222k for 1 hour.  That’s without bbfs ahead of time request.   Damn. I do feel bad for them their booker be taking  $300-400 per a hour. On PC Jennifer White review
09/25/22I take this back. I too seen a girl off of OF but would you count her as a porn star? She was one of those girls from girlsdoporn Jenelle Eva Evan. Mexican / Indian (mostly Mexican). She is base in Chicago. I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review

i dont think they will offer in call if you go to their home city. if they tour then yeah but if you go to their home city then it has to be an outcall. money wise why would they spend money on a hotel for one client. 


Pornstars that offer incall
09/24/22I seen that list too lol but I wasn’t at age lmao How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22$16,500.00 for me. I usually see one porn star a year as a treat for myself. But this year I went over board and saw 5. 
I remember back in 2018/2019. They were 1200 hour. When I saw Athena palomino then Jennifer white.  Now prices are 1600 hour.  
How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22That’s a lot of work just to have sex with this pornstar. For 4k 2hours. That’s a lot. Hope she was worth it  I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review
09/24/22Why don’t you email and ask Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/20/22Did it with Elena Koska. It was amazing. She was very vocal  Your Greek experiences
09/17/22I agree OctaviaRed is a total sweet heart  2022 reviews
09/14/22She been to New York twice this year. Just no one has put a review up for her.  Alexia Anders
09/13/22Other than she charge 1500 nope  Any info on Rory Knox? Apparently coming to DC
09/11/22Which one there two. The Mexican or white one Nicole Rey
09/11/22Yes you can say. Your paying for your time with her. You can say it do anything you want with her.  She’s not gonna run off or anything  Rephrased ilu question
09/11/22You should go with “love you too”  How weird is it to say “I love you”?
09/10/22She’s base on Chicago? No way.  Hot damn  Welcome Scarlett Hampton to the Tryst Family
09/09/22Alex Gray is In LA  LA recommendations
09/06/22If you go to Sacramento you can see her. I think. Lol I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22And Elena Koska I had a hell of a Summer!!

Shit I thought I had a year. seen 5 porn star this year. 
Cali Carter (twice) Athena Palomino Octavia Red hazel Moore  Aspen Ora  


I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/05/22I saw Jennifer white back in 2018 and I wasn’t impressed. She’s gorgeous but everything was covered. Maybe she’s better now but good luck if you see her. Lourdes?
09/04/22I just go to who ever is Hot with stellar reviews.  Race When Picking Provider
09/03/22Can you confirm if she provides? Lol Nicole Aniston
08/31/22she still Provide just not on tour anymore. if you go to Sacramento you can still book her Pornstar in Chicago

only tours i see is

veronica rodrigue 9/5-9/9

Ivy Wolf 9/12- 9/15

Amia Miley 10/3- 10/6. Avoid her i read she had bad reviews  (up to you)

Ashley Lane 10/9- 10/12

Pornstar in Chicago

2500 hour


FYI Veronica Rodriguez is touring again
08/30/22I too am from Chicago.  And nope. Only way to see if a pornstar is if they tour here. You missed out on a bunch of good ones. That came already. Unfortunately  Pornstar in Chicago
08/25/22There are reviews on her on TER Scarlett Hampton
08/24/22That’s not her Twitter  Alleged LuLu Chu Contacted EA
08/23/22She does have a few reviews on TER if you have time this check them out Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22Looks like she’s touring. Soon. Hopefully somewhere your traveling too Boston (9/12-9/15) DC (10/4-10/7) San Francisco (11/1-11/4) New York (12/1-12/10) Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22They take awhile to reply. I don’t recommend fmty cause it requires 4hours of booking. And flights and hotel. And they require a deposit for fmty.  You can pray she tours one day or you can go to her city to get 1 hour session.   Rebel Lynn?
08/21/22She is in the porn business and is required to do testing regularly Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22Damn well it’s not mine. I saw her in march bbfs style by accident. We were in the moment and she said screw it. Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22I agree is is a sweet heart. Didn’t want to waste my offer to finish off BBBJ. I get it life happens Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22Where you see this from?  Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/20/22Ended** Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22That’s happens to with Hazel Moore last year smh. We were about 5 mins in a position and she started bleeding. Needed up giving me a long BBBJ I felt bad lol but it felt amazing Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/19/22How come no one comes to Chicago. Lol Lexi Lore Review
08/18/22Did not ask about BBFS. did do BBBJ Kissing/ tongue DATY CIM she doesnt do greek. all position yes Octavia Red
08/18/22on TER i did. waiting to be approve though Octavia Red
08/18/22Yes she does.  I just saw her last Thursday.  She’s a sweet heart.  $1500 hours.  She’s currently in Mexico though for vacation  Octavia Red
08/13/221800 a hour.  Jesse Jane
08/11/22Nope best you can do is research the person to see if she’s Real and legit reviews then pray  Deposits

Octavia red is coming to Chicago on a tour. 
Im actually seeing her on the 11th.
non PS Macie killer body   Has amazing reviews



Chicago Recommendations ( Ps or Non-ps)
08/05/22She posted she’s taking a break from it for a few months. Focusing on her other media for the time being.   Brenna Sparks No Longer Escorting?
08/05/22Someone mention Ana Rose cost $600. Not sure if it’s true.  She’s in Miami. Even though she’s suppose to be in Dallas.    Weekend in Miami
08/04/22No my fault. Thought it was a good deal to jerk off prior to the date. To last longer but nope smh. 
her price is 1 hour 1600
Athena Palomino
08/04/22She is legit and real.  She does wear a blond wig though.  She is   Amazing. Literally eager to please. I’ve seen her in Chicago last month. I couldn’t finish but she just kept sucking making sure I finish.  Not a clock watcher as well  Athena Palomino
08/02/22The number matches her TER review numbers  Confirmation on Kaden Kole Eros Ad
08/02/22On Reddit before they deleted everything on porn star escort. Someone did say she’s unreliable for timing.  You have to be real lucky to get in sync with her timing Ana Rose in Dallas
08/01/22600? No way really?  Ana Rose in Dallas
07/31/22Pass 10k you can see 5-6 other porn star.  Why are one when you can see 5-6 plus Youll be lucky if you could get a hold of her. A lot of scam going on with her pictures.    Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
07/21/22Literally just saw her this past Monday in Chicago. 2nd time seeing her she is amazing full on GFE there’s one fake review on TER.  That dude got scam by someone else not Cali. I know her. She keeps in touch with her clients she gives out her Google number to every clients.   Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
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