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02/03/23Because they don’t have a strong sense of reality and have wildly unrealistic expectations in life.  Why do PS & PS Escorts want to Be DJs?
01/28/23Lol this chick is such a mess.  Vitoria J
01/11/23She’s on PC too.  Kalina Ryu Visiting New York
12/26/22I think you should leave it alone for a while and maybe try again down the road. Things change and people change with time. See some other girls in the meantime so you can handle the situation better next time in the future. The good news is it’s not like you’re blacklisted with her anything. You just need more experience and to be more knowledgeable.  My 2022 Escort Story
12/23/22No way lol. I think it’s fake but would love to be wrong.  Maria Gjieli Ad Legit?
11/13/22Do they still have a site? Perfection Models
11/08/22She would have to do that as well as bbfs and rimming for it to be worth it for me. Luna Star Going To Milan
11/08/223k an hour lol Luna Star Going To Milan
11/06/22Does April Olsen still provide? Seeing a pornstar before they hit the industry
10/27/22She’s on PC now too Kalina Ryu November Tour
10/25/22If you ever watched her Instagram live I think you’ll see her personality and rational changes by the minute. I’m sure she’ll be back.  Savannah sixx
10/17/22Isn’t she in her 40’s lol Kiara Looking for FMTYs
10/16/22In short she’s just a huge waste of time. She’ll make plans with you then sell out the last minute and go ghost. She does it repeatedly. Camila Cortez info?
10/16/22*DM me* sorry autocorrect Camila Cortez info?
10/16/22I was talking to her for a little. You’ll have to do me if you want more info. Camila Cortez info?
10/11/22Is she still $2500? Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/10/22I mean they all try and use their “status” to branch out and get away from porn. The reality is very very few do. Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/10/222k is the max I would pay for a girl but I think she’s more actually lol.  Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/04/22Now SHE is worth 2 or 3k.  For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
09/30/22I wish Instagram filters went offline for a day. I guarantee 98% of females wouldn’t post the entire day.  Spencer Scott Tour/Don’t Be Fooled by Pictures
09/23/22It’s the Instagram filters. Some of these girls pushing mid 30’s look nothing like they do on Instagram.  ATF's that don't look the same?
09/17/22So your the one who handles ALL her booking flying her every where? Luna Star International Provider
09/10/22Vanna Bardot for me  Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/08/22OF has been trying to go public for a while now. Eventually I think they do make the permanent pivot away from adult content.  Sophie Dee OF Money
09/06/22I think it might be HER that has the money not him. Riley Reid
09/05/22I mean what he’s saying is half true. Everyone has a price. If leaders of countries can be bribed and paid off anyone can. Katt Leya
09/03/22It’s pretty obvious she is. Honestly at this point I’m not even sure why she does UTR escorting. Luna Starr FMTY
09/03/22Yea she has someone privately with connections  handling her booking for rich clientele 100% for sure. Even in Miami she’s at a different condo or home every weekend. One of the guys in her stories she was at dinner with had to be in his 70’s or 80s for sure. I want to book her but don’t really think she’s worth 3k Luna Starr FMTY
08/30/22Yea her and Luna Star need to come down to reality imho. I would love either one of them but for older PS that’s too much. VR Tour Dates
08/30/222k Is reasonable. 3k way overpriced imo. FYI Veronica Rodriguez is touring again
08/30/22I tried to add her flyer with dates but it won’t let me FYI Veronica Rodriguez is touring again
08/30/22Isn’t Luna on Lourdes also? Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/30/223k is a lot for luna but if you look at her Instagram it looks like she gets booked every weekend. Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/09/22The question marks were supposed to be an emoji lol Availability?
08/09/22Man if Vanna Bardot ever provided ?? Availability?
07/09/22Who is Vanna Bardot with or what is her contact info? I made a list of pornstars who escort.
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