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08/31/22Years ago so I don't have any recent intel, there has been discussion that she's no longer available or potential other issues. Back when I did see her it has to rank as one of the best, would go again if I could find some solid current reviews.  Veronica Avluv
08/15/22I believe she was available in the past, but that was like 5 or more years ago. Tiffany Watson
08/09/22Saw her several years ago, I think she's best if you combine it with a little femdom. I'd have repeated but she didn't allow filming. I can confirm the purring as well, depending it can be a turn on or a distraction.  Brittney Andrews

London is great and as mentioned the prices are typically much better, but unfortunately trending in the wrong direction. 


I used to always see Emma Butt but looks like she might be taking a break. You can try reaching out through Adultwork but there is a last login date you can view to see if someone is being active and it looks like she hasn't logged in for over a month.

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