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01/24/23I think a few people have been interested in hearing how Kailani Kai is (myself included). I'd pick her, but I think her rate is 2k/hr Kailani Kai In NYC (Should I Book?)
01/19/23Thank you for all of your hard work. Are any models planning on touring to Chicago this year? I LOVE my Job
01/04/23Thank you. I'm curious to see if anyone will book her. I'd like a review before I book myself. Aubrey Black back in the USA
01/04/23That a good thing? Aubrey Black back in the USA
01/02/23What is her P411? Aubrey Black back in the USA
12/19/22Any ideas on what her cost is? Gem Jewels
12/08/22Some people have posted below about cities to tour. I want to add Chicago to the list Happy December
11/01/22Did you book her? Kaylani Kai
09/28/22How was Hot Ass Hollywood? Was everything covered with her? PS I met
09/28/22Thanks for that. That sucks CBJ. PS I met
09/28/22Rylee Rabbit PS I met
09/17/22Oh wow. How was the booking process? Julie Cash
09/05/22Yes like King said, just email her. If you ask for an active list for a city, she should give it to you if you're verified with her I believe.
Pamela Peaks?
09/01/22 Rylee Rabbit
08/20/22Call her Elizabeth now. Alura Jenson Retiring from Industry….
08/11/22Almost certain she stopped after COVID. I know she would take bookings whenever she was performing at different clubs. Rose Monroe
07/26/22Anyone have any experience with Melanie Monroe? PS Escorts on Tour
07/22/22Wonder if anyone here has seen any of these beauties? HCE to Keep a LookOut For.
07/15/22Do you tour? Asking for myself lol Busty MILF escorts?
07/13/22Nope Any experience booking with Sara Jay
07/13/22I've had no issues and I've booked multiple times. Any experience booking with Sara Jay
07/08/22She's in my top list. Love seeing her. Welcome Hot Ass HollyWood to the Tryst family
06/27/22Great interview PS Escort Q&A: Cytherea
06/27/22Has anyone had any personal experience with her? Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
06/26/22I second this SO GREATFUL
06/26/22Will either of the two be going on a tour this year? Zoey Sinn and Ashlyn Peaks in Atlanta
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