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12/11/22Great catch Welcome Gia OhMy to Tryst Agency

Don’t ever do anything to make her feel bad she’d has a reputation for posting her drama on her social media and putting it on public display 

be warned

The More You Know: Aliya Brynn

Looks like she is making content and whoring it out

big $$$$

CJ Miles
11/09/22They helped me meet Reese Robins and Karla Kush. Easy and painless always answer emails quick Tryst Agency Insights
11/07/22FUCK YES !!! Zoey Sinn Back on Tryst Agency
10/18/22You guys made my weekend visit to LA amazing and one to remember with Reese now I cant wait to come back Welcome Petite Summer Col
09/24/22I would break off a huge chuck for some fun with Nikki for sure Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/06/22I am with you there. while some might say hell no..others will pay it. I have some on my bucket list that I would drop huge money for and people would say I am crazy. Kalani Kai Worth 2K
09/06/22She has been out of the game for a few years Has anyone seen Jada Steven’s Lately?
08/21/22Trinity can barely answer the emails for porn companions let alone run an entire different agency. I highly doubt she has anything to do with it at all Legitimacy of Agency: Secret Dream Date
08/10/22DAMN she is hot Ashlyn Peaks
08/03/22Never been a tattoo person but holy fuck this is something I could get used to. I only hope she is as naughty as I imagine  Chantal Danielle

Daisy is wonderful your review is on point for sure. Glad you didn't blame Daisy for the communication thing that is most defiantly NOT her. the shitty communication is all PC fault

I need to meet Daisy again, glad to hear she is still as amazing as ever

Daisy Stone Review
08/03/22fucking beautiful ladies are everywhere. DAMN I need to make more money  Elite Companion Spotlight: Brooklyn Monroe
07/30/22She used to a few years back I think she was on the Hetaera site, but if I remember correctly she was super flaky. her scenes arent even that great. huge tits though Violet Myers
07/30/22talk about a teaser. got a link?  Alexis Andrews review
07/30/22That right there is alot of ass Monica Santiago Escort?
07/30/22PC has the worst customer service out there. Emailing that agency will get you no answers. I am a verified member with them and have seen a few models through them last year but it certainly seems things have gone down a bad road. Rumors about her are all over and when you start to hear them from the girls themselves well you just start to think there might be something to the stories  Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/28/22met with Harley a few years back when she was in NYC and yes she is smoking hot. But I would never see her again. But if you are into drunk bi-polar girls that think they are gods gift to the world then by all means go spend that hard earned money.  Harley Dean reviews?
07/26/22Well this is very good news. Now I need to make a trip to Miami Luna Star
07/20/22Dead fish?? Jessie Saint
07/20/22Heck yes you guys do. glad to see more options popping up. I hear great things Best In Vegas
07/20/22Guess I need to put that part of Florida on my travel map Panama city Florida
07/20/22OMG those tits though. maybe one day she would change her mind Natasha Nice

She back again I wonder how long it will last this time? Its really sad when someone with her looks and fame seems to just mess things up by not showing up for appointments. 

Maybe things have gotten better. Anyone want to pick squares at how long she lasts this time

Riley Steele via PC
07/20/22OH My I remember seeing her work before. I mean who isn't a fan of sexy MILFs? I guess I need to find my way to Phoenix and If I remember correctly she def likes anal so that's a huge plus HOT Blonde MILF in Phoenix area

PC can sometimes take a week or more to respond to an email so if you can find a direct connection do it. (but if no kissing def not)

Its cool they are bringing on more top ladies but if you cant even answer email requests then what does it matter


Megan Rain

found all that in a 10 second google search. Took me longer to make this post than to search the info. Try and do better next time 


Carmen Valentina
07/11/22Yeah don't show up expecting bare services if it wasn't discussed before hand. If you went through talent testing you can share the email or QR Code with thwm..but again this should be something talked about during the booking and screening process. STI Test
07/11/22I get the feeling she likes being in front of the camera more than she likes doing things in private.
And for the money she is asking why would you want a smelly dead fish
Nicollette Shea
07/05/22I have seen Karla and can say whole heartedly that she is an amazing time. I knew going in I needed more than an hour and i will post a review about this at a later date when i can get my thoughts organized. She still looks amazing Karla Kush in Hartford CT 7/5-8/1
07/05/22I have emailed you and want to make this happen for sure Anyone got any info on Lexi Luna??
07/01/22I think I have a friend that MIGHT be able to put me in touch with her and I can direct her to either here or the right folks to help her out Misty Meaner Contact Info?
07/01/22I 100% agree. sometimes bringing a small gift that makes them remember you (in a good way) helps ALOT when you might need to ask her for a reference in the future. Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #3: Read up on your Escort
06/22/22God I hate spam bots. Just the worst. SO GREATFUL
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