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12/01/22I don’t consider my SB as an escort.  The last escort was the only one I saw for two years.  Just knew what I was getting and things never were awkward.  Do you have one escort you visit again and again?

I’ve reached out to a few thru twitter/Snapchat.   There have been hits and misses. Full disclosure, I’ve dated a couple IRL so know more of the older ones.  

tried it with Kate Bloom, set up a deposit and date. Ghosted and blocked after deposit. 

now I’ve done it differently.   If they have Amazon wishlist will send them gifts with my Twitter handle and phone number.  With the following. “Enjoy this gift from your fan.  If you are willing to video chat, here’s my number along with twitter handle.” This has recently worked twice with two of my favorites and it’s a weekly video meet.  They’ve both said when I’m in their town to let them know.  

Another has become my SB after reaching out to her thru SC.  Funny thing is that she lives in my city and we hang out quite often. 

Cold Approach Part 2 - Online / OnlyFans
11/10/22if Jessie Saint was ever within a 6 hour drive from my city in the texas, I’d book four hours plus with her.   Exxxotica Washington, DC Escort Lineup
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