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09/24/22My takeaway is that to get pussy from this girl you had to be charming and attractive and on top of that you also had to pay for it to. But to me the whole point of paying for it is that you aren’t charming or attractive so you can’t get pussy for free and either have to pay for it or go without.  I Hooked Up With a PS Through OF: Full Story / Review
09/11/22Thanks Rephrased ilu question
09/11/22Did I say any of that? Did I say I have feelings? Did I say I think I’m the only one she’s talking to? Did I say I think I’m special? No, I didn’t say any of those things. How weird is it to say “I love you”?
09/11/22We’ve been talking on OF for five months How weird is it to say “I love you”?
09/11/22Zero How weird is it to say “I love you”?
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