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01/29/23Absolutely not. If you’ve ever had a true relationship you know that providers don’t even compare. Don't confuse loneliness with “feelings”.  Have you developed feelings for an escort?
01/12/23Anyone got an update? Her Insta links to her Twitter in question so I’m sure it’s real. Just want to see if anyone took the plunge. I don’t live in Miami so I can’t verify Maria Gjieli Ad Legit?
10/28/22Definitely Lisa Ann turned this down You have $10k to use, who do you book?
10/13/22Private delights Elite Companion Kali Kay
10/13/22Her rates are up there with many high-class escorts or pornstars. But she offers everything Elite Companion Kali Kay
06/29/22Who want to go to sapphires on the 29th :) lol jk maybe NYC Sapphire Strip Club Escort Attends
06/28/22It’s in her bio on her insta, @mami_gisback Anyone have any experiences with Mamigiany?
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