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08/06/22That is a lot. Vina Sky
08/06/22If you're suppose to see her Sunday, then tomorrow is great for confirmation. Call. Confirming/Chasing
08/06/22How much is she? Vina Sky
08/06/22We love all your work and your escorting ways. Can't wait to see you in person, might bring my raincoat. lol Thank you to my fans
08/06/22Jesus! 3K for her, I don't know about that. Maybe for the next fan. Veronica Rodiriquez NYC 8/9-8/11

ATFs I wish...

Alexis Texas, Penny Flame(Prime), Peta Jensen, Bree Olson, Lisa Lips, Honey Wilder (prime).

Who I've seen....

no one yet, sadly.

Who I want to see.....

Chole Temple, Joslyn James, Aria Lee, Uma Jolie, Alina Ali, Blair William.

Top ATFs?
08/03/22Appreciate the review my guy.  Daisy Stone Review
08/03/22Nice add on.  Welcome Mona Azar to the Tryst Family
08/02/22I've sent DMs to every bit of social media she'll let you message her on and got nothing back myself. Chantal Danielle

I usually smoke some weed and have a shot before I meet an escort. Comes me down completely. Also, I've heard from friends that she's very mello and makes you feel like you've been friends for a long time. You have nothing to be worried about. 

Just make sure you throw down a review. Wanna hear about that meet up

Sara Jay Meeting
08/01/22First COVID, now this. The way the world is going it's getting harder and harder to be in this hobby. Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
08/01/22I've been looking for her escorting since the day I found out about her and I've found nothing. Always check back every couple months to see if anything turns up and it never does. If someone knows something, let us know. Xxlayna Marie
07/29/22That sucks. I bet she'd make some serious money if she escorted. Violet Myers
07/28/22This is bullshit to the max. Notice the ad is for more of a virtual date then a actual one. Why put that there when he as social media platforms? Sophie Dee ad
07/28/22Didn't hear much about Erotic Monkey but I hear TER isn't the most reliable for reviews giving its free account access with a review. Tips on how to get started into this hobby
07/27/22She's married? I never seen anything about that. Ava Devine UTR?
07/27/22I'd say the most important thing is to know they offering rimjobs. You'll be less uncomfy asking it. How to ask for kinks but keep it professional?
07/27/22Would you say that goes more for pornstars who escort? given they are so popular. Is Bringing an Escort to an event smart?
07/27/22The sounds like a hell of a deal. Thinking about NYC in September
07/27/22I wouldn't see Emma, I heard her attitude isn't great. Haven't heard a lot about Chloe Temple. I'd go paige ownes, something about that firey red hair screams great sex. Which of these do you recommend?
07/25/22shit. I heard somethings but this has to be the worst I've heard. Sienna West is Touring Again
07/25/22Never heard about that, but I never used Lourdes. Are the rumors about Harli_Lotts true?
07/25/22Does it matter? PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/25/22heard about this awhile back. Whole thing was all over her IG and blew up reddit a bit. That's a whole pass for me. PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/24/22No solid review from myself, but I've heard good things. You should see her. Daisy Stone
07/21/22Thanks for this, love the lineup. HCE to Keep a LookOut For.
07/21/22i can confirm you'll be paying 2K an hour, though I did see her a couple years back but i think the price is the same. I enjoyed the entire experience and know you will to if your a fan. Brandi Love experiences?
07/20/22I gotten rejection from an escort just because I'm African-American. Most escorts have a no African-American Policy, but this one didn't leading me to find out the hard way.  Rejection
07/17/22This is a good question. I follow a lot of pornstars that might be UTR and when you see them like certain posts you think they're in the hobby but you just don't know. I say the best thing to do is to send a message anyway you can. Agency Twitter Accounts
07/15/22Ava Austen, really? That must have been a wild night. Could we get a review? PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/15/22I know you'd be worth every single penny. Do you plan on touring soon? Having fun in the pool today
07/13/22There was a great place like that once, but reddit took it away. The majority of those girls have OFs and some aren't scared to talk about it, might be best to contact them there. Instagram/influencer booking
07/12/22I can put it this way. I have never seen a bad review of Victoria. She didn't use to be so much, but after that popular and fame along with surgery after obvious surgery, her price went up. Victoria Cakes worth it?
07/11/22Are you shitting me? Blacklisted for saying no for weed.... I really hate how some escorts abuse their power. Has anyone been Blacklisted before?
07/11/22Thanks for the review. How did you book? Shay Sights Review
07/11/22Usually this kind of question is asked during the booking process. This lets the escort know their's no surprises and what you want exactly. If you're asking this after the fact it might be tough to wiggle that in now. Best thing is to print it out, its a hard copy for you and her. STI Test
07/11/22Always wanted to see her, but the reviews are too harsh. Better booking someone else. Nicollette Shea
07/10/22Ava Devine was my favorite, The stories I heard about her would leave any man wanting, but it was before my time and she supposedly retired from escorting. Still, I hear good things about Sarah Vandella over at the ranch. Favorite vegas escorts?
07/01/22Demi Sutra!!! I had no idea she escorted. You may have just got a new client. Started working with some new ladies

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