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The fine print makes it a pretty awful deal. Budget airlines like them will fee you to death on each flight. It might be ok if you are traveling with only the clothes on your back and you also have similarly flexible accommodations if you can't get a flight out. They also don't have many direct flights, especially to major cities. There are just too many hurdles.

I've flown Frontier a few times to Cancun and it was ok because that's a popular route for them but I wouldn't take them anywhere else.

Client Essential: Frontier GoWild! Summer Pass
02/01/23phone and gopro, but mainly because that's what i have around. in either case, i recommend a grip stick with fold out tripod legs. makes them much easier to hold handheld and when you don't want to hold it, pop out the legs and you can set it on the bed or side tables without much interruption. How are you recording?
02/01/23what gopro settings? I use one and it always ends up much darker than it should and the skin tone/color are too warm. How are you recording?
01/28/23yea the winner is mostly some regular OF collab with a face blur like people wouldn't recognize his dick after 50 other clips on her acct. Nikki Delano FanFuck contest

Oh boy this booking is becoming a bigger problem than I thought.

So the reason you're doing this is because of minimum booking times? Is it 3 hrs or overnight that's the minimum? Vegas... I think I might know who you're talking about lol. Be careful, you might end up on a dinner date that's 2+hrs and end up with a rushed private session. Anyway, I think it's a red flag that a girl has such extended times as minimums. 90min or 2hrs, sure. Anything longer than that for a required min says to me entitled bad attitude that you'd be stuck with.

It's probably a bad idea to spell out the time spent for each. I'd phrase it more in the form of a question of how she thinks a certain number of hrs goes for private/public time and then offer up what you think it should be. See if what she says even remotely matches your expectations at all. There's no point in talking if you're miles apart to begin with. If she's extremely vague about it or refuses to talk about it at all that's another red flag.

3x3hr dates a day? Same girl? Definitely don't do that. One session a day per girl max. Somebody unfamiliar she's going to think you're nuts or trying to game her min booking policies. Again, she'll just say "why not an overnight or 24 date then. If you turn her down, then you're a "bad cheapskate client." If she thinks you're gaming her she will take it out on you in some other way. Book a different girl same day if you want multiple sessions a day. Also, with that schedule (say 6 hrs of bedroom time) I'm not sure you're properly taking into account the physical part. It's not about stamina. All that friction will be unenjoyable after that amount of time for either of you.

As for activities, keep it simple. You want something that won't take too long since you're on the clock. Couples massage, spa treatment, meal and drinks, maybe a club for some dancing. Things like visiting tourist/cultural attractions, shows, and sporting events take a long time and tiring so really only for regulars where you're not on a schedule. You can also ask for input. She's local and usually has some activity ideas. On a short session you get to be selfish. On an extended one you have to consider what she likes if you want her best.

Longest you’ve booked a provider for, and tips for consecutive overnights with a PSE

My overnights were part of a trip or one of us is staying over off the clock. We know each other well and get along like friends for extended periods of time. Also important, familiar enough that our night habits wouldn't bother each other. Most providers have very particular rules about uninterrupted sleep and frankly are very annoyed at the idea of having a client with them overnight. They just offer it for the free money. Their socials have a lot of talk about overbearing and annoying overnight clients. Even with regulars I usually only do our usual couple of hours and we hang out for a few more. I mostly kinda want to be alone for sleep and privacy after also lol.

I don't recommend overnights unless you're extremely familiar with the provider to the point where you should be comfortable enough to be clear with her how much action you want. Set an itinerary of sorts with her - outline of how you want the evening to go. See how she feels about it. It doesn't sound like you know each other that well and you don't want to end up in a situation where you're both annoyed and getting on each other's nerves. Do you have activities planned outside? If you want to keep it fresh you need outside activities - gives you something to talk about and offers a distraction. You don't want to focus too much on both of you. A couple hr long session is like a hookup, you do your thing with little breaks in between. An overnight is like a real date. You're not in the room the whole time resting just long enough to recover to go again.

If I were to offer an alternative recommendation, book a few hrs session on day 1 (maybe even dinner date length) then book her again for the same thing the next night or the night after. Personally I like a day off in between just to have a little time and distance apart and allow for some post nut clarity. Don't prearrange multiple dates even if you're fully intending on it. See how that first one goes. Besides she'd probably try to squeeze you for a continuous date at that point like 48hrs instead of 2 consecutive 8-12hr overnights.

If you're insistent on overnights, do what I said above. Go over her rules on rest and social time. Tell her your expectations for private/social/public time. Have activity ideas ready - different ones if you're seeing her on multiple nights. See how she reacts. At the end of the date if you're feeling good bring up another then. Also pay attention to how she reacts here.

Longest you’ve booked a provider for, and tips for consecutive overnights with a PSE
01/26/23if you can get 2 member providers to vouch for you, getting in is easy. I don't recall needing more than that. Not sure about screening if no vouches. P411

the best thing about it is that for many providers it's a streamlined screening process. many have a fair amount of faith in the ok's so if you have at least 5 or so you can usually clear screening pretty fast. some agencies also will clear you with enough p411 ok's. some will still want additional screening/info and usually they'll point that out on their websites. there is a vocal number of providers who hate it (some being members themselves) and actively speak out about it being unsafe. there have been instances where people share accounts, are bad clients anyway, or get rubber stamp oks. people do get banned but obviously there are always more. It's no golden ticket but it is still trusted by enough where you can find a date easily.

as for its value as a screening tool for you, it's good but again I wouldn't stop there. I have been deposit scammed before (just once) from a p411 member provider. I reported it with proof and they listened but didn't really do much. most members are reliable but I wouldn't forgo checking for reviews, mr number or other screening methods.

annual fee is about 150. there are shorter renewal terms but the annual is the best per month price. no forced auto renew.

01/26/23pc makes spelling errors all the time. i wouldn't make anything of it Nia Nacci
01/24/23Your actions were about 90% of the way there. After screening, simply ask if the agent/provider is comfortable discussing details like services, rules, and limits. At that point if you get the ok then ask your questions. What Not to Do Clients
01/20/23jasmine vega and allie nicole are easily my 2 worst (and I saw allie when she wasn't outright ripping people off and she was still terrible) What pornstar have you been with that was a TOTAL LET DOWN?
01/14/23A couple from Reddit and in particular from 1 I trust Kylie Page
01/14/23Sorry to hear about getting hacked. Hope you get it worked out. Would love to meet next time we're in the same city! Hello Community
01/13/23She's had pretty consistently bad reviews - poor attitude, shorting time, agreeing to things in person then playing dumb or outright changing the deal after money changes hands. I'd avoid. Kylie Page
01/09/23Very nice person runs hetarea. Book with confidence. Small roster being their only problem Hetarea Group
01/09/23AVN really isn't the best time and place for bookings. Their priorities while there are 1. Shoots, 2. Signing, 3. Their bf/so's, 4. Partying, then 5. Bookings. I've always planned well ahead and most end up falling through. At least most cancelled or declined instead of showing up tired and uninterested. The times it's worked out is either repeats/regs who make me a part of their schedule, or dumb luck that I happen to book someone who had a light signing and shooting schedule. It's just too big of an event and clients are the lowest priority. Of course booking ahead maximizes your chances but with AVN always expect flakes and cancellations. Just try to enjoy the party. Post AVN blue Balls
12/19/22She plays little games like this. Just how she is. Sarai Minx closing her booking form
12/17/22Personally I wouldn't ask for discounts. Surefire way of getting blown up. Discount is a trigger word trust me lol. Also chances are even if they accept, they'll take it out on you in some way that'll be worse than just paying the regular rate and getting good service.

You can always be honest - say you'd love to see her and it's not a reflection of any diminishing regard for her but you'll have to pass this time because money is tight (your choice if you want to provide a reason). If she decides she wants to work something out with you, let her take the lead. Otherwise don't bring up the subject of discounts.
Is it ok to ask for a discount from your regular provider?
12/17/22She's a nice girl and a lot of fun. She's thicker than when she started out and her rate even direct is a bit higher than average ps BLAIR WILLIAMS IS BACK !!!!
12/16/22She was with tlc for a long while then pc. Also direct if you happen to meet her in person and vibe. She was pretty open about it. Very flaky but fantastic if you do end up meeting. Had a good number of regulars and SDs so lots of demands on her time lol. Kenzie Reeves Engaged. No Chance of Providing. Maybe…

I'm not sure what you mean by "around this." There's not much you can do if you want to see providers who tour. Sometimes they book hotels with key elevators, sometimes not. You could take it upon yourself to book a room at a hotel you know doesn't have key elevators. Locals generally provide at their home or share an apartment just for bookings with others. Major city hotels frequently have key elevators, just the way it is. Incalls in the suburbs or more rural areas tend to not.

As for ways to get around the key issue discreetly, if they're remotely organized just follow their lead. They will guide you someplace to meet discreetly and you head up together - like the floor of the restaurant/bar, the conference room floor, the area by the elevators, lounge, wherever. They're the ones who have to meet multiple clients so they've put in a lot more thought into it than you have lol. Ask them for directions around the lobby so you don't look lost. Most of the time I'm directed to some area away from the front desk. A few times the provider arranged to come around the corner outside the hotel and handed me a key and asked I wait 5 minutes before heading up.

It's not really a big deal. Corporate has to put out statements against it but they know a lot of their revenue in non-convention times come from escorts. As long as no one is making a scene they're not going to do anything. Generally just don't hang around inside the hotel. If you have to wait, wait outside out of sight then follow their directions to the meet.

What do you do when you have a Key Card?

Generally they range from ambivalent about it to negative. Relative few actually like having reviews. There's the privacy thing you already mentioned as it can be frowned upon in the industry. If you think about it there's very little upside in reviews for them. Their name recognition usually gets enough bookings and anything negative brings unwanted attention. When you add in egos you get them being upset at 7 or 8/10 mad they aren't getting 10s. There are many instances of girls putting guys on escort blacklists, sites, or mr number reviews when they get an unfavorable review. That's why I always caution people to properly anonymize their reviews so that they convey relevant info but not identifiable details.

Even non-ps escorts generally don't like reviews. Most of them just live with it because they don't have the name recognition to generate bookings.

Does porn star like it when we work a review about them?

1. Don't mention anything remotely resembling escorting, meeting up, privates, or any other clever term you think gets around censors or regulations on OF. They have a strict policy about it and getting both your accounts flagged is not the way to getting on her good side lol.

2. Tipping does nothing. If they know they can get generous tips and gifts from you for nothing, they won't ever meet you.

3. A live video chat is about the best way, although it can get expensive quickly due to number of chats you might book with a particular girl or several. If they're UTR it might take a few chats for them to get comfortable enough for you to ask. I certainly wouldn't suggest booking a chat then asking 30 seconds in. If you know they provide but you just want to try direct you can probably get there faster. If you're picking up a good vibe (1st call or otherwise), ask for an email or some other outside of OF method of communicate where you can contact them. Ask how she feels about a meeting there.

4. Don't try to be clever and ask to "content trade" with them if you're not actually a well established talent. That gets their creep radar up.

5. Most of the time they don't run their own accounts so they won't know it's you. If you're not live video chatting assume you're not talking to them. I wouldn't trust any kind of text or dm service they offer.

Cold Approach Part 2 - Online / OnlyFans
11/23/22even if you do end up in the room with her she'll stall and make it awkward in every way in order to discourage intimacy. i've warned people about her before and some rubber stamp reviewers were giving me shit about it. she'll show up but she's a time waster and a staller. it's what she does. Allie Nicole Scam?
11/20/22she's 2k last i checked at aia. Chloe Amour NYC
11/14/22Long story short I had a booking and he told me she had to cancel. Offered me replacement options but I wasn't interested so I said no thanks. He flipped out saying I wasted his time and started with the threats. Blocked him after that. Perfection Models

Stay away from the overtly family/kid friendly hotels. I wouldn't do the Wynn either. Their security can be a bit tight because of the Wynn name. On the strip, I've stayed at Cosmo, Caesars, and Planet with no issues. Most of the time they only have security watching the elevators during convention/event hours then just key elevator the rest of the time. Personally I'd never give a stranger a key to my room and leave them alone with it. I've never had a problem with meeting a girl somewhere like the bar or some other area away from the elevators and then walk with her back. I've never had to do anything more than flash the key and nod at the security person as we walk through.

Quite frankly, they know what's going on anyway. The entire security staff knows all the local girls and they can clock an escort a mile away. The key is just discretion so they have a reason to ignore it. Ask the girl to dress casually and bring an outfit to change into if that's your thing.

Discreet hotel recommendations in vegas
11/12/22they don't take p411 because they're only really interested in your rl info. Adria Rae
11/12/22i had a bad experience with pm the first try and that was enough for me. Perfection Models

lol "making her a regular" seems so formal like going steady or something. repeating can be a good thing because some familiarity usually helps the experience but don't do it out of fear of branching out. if you're worried about leo, learn to do better research. reputable providers are easy to find. you can start with the one you know and ask for recommendations. since you know her, you can be honest about what you're looking for and generally she'd have a few friends she could steer your way. stay away from listcrawler, escortalligator, skipthegames, or other bottom end ad sites. most stings and robs will be there. for any girl look for her web/social media presence. check contact info against other ads and reviews. there are message boards with local sections also if you take a little time to seek them out. you can find reputable agencies there. leo isn't going to backstop a deep cover just to bust some mongers.

Do you guys have regulars?

they're fine. i've booked a few times with them. for the same girl their rates tend to run high. i'd have no reservations about using them again.

good: fast replies, good comms, organized, reliable once you're in. i've had no issues with booking and when something does come up they're proactive in reaching out.

bad: they won't talk about services at all - they only set up the date and you'll have to figure out the rest when you meet. 1st time screening is convoluted - iverify is very unresponsive even though they're the same people. seems like they made it a separate thing to make the agency look like a bigger operation than it is. i had to pester them for days to finally get approved. their roster can get out of date. they keep names around longer than they should or when they've not fully secured their commitment so sometimes there's unnecessary back and forth trying to find someone.

Alluring intros
11/03/22I used to care a lot more about it. Once I started seeing more of them in person I find I don't care at all. I've watched scenes where I thought a girl's ink was really silly or bad looking but when she was in front of me I've never once thought about her tats again. It didn't seem important anymore lol.  Question: Tattoos or No?
11/03/22I've been told younger guys tend to be rougher and have a higher tendency to show up drunk or high. They also might get attached and obsessed more easily. I imagine one main reason they don't talk about is whales are mainly older guys and they don't want to bother with one and done young guys. Limits of certain providers

I've seen Carmen before and she's pretty good. Not spectacular but good gfe service and a professional customer service attitude. I mean that in both ways. You're not going to think she feels anything for you and the session won't be wild but she's always made up and pretty, organized and easy to book, gives good gfe, nice conversationalist, and good at managing time during the session so you get your pops mixed with convo. She's friends with Rachel Smithe, Carmen Vasquez, and Amy Anderssen to name a few and they would be some that might be at Club Curiosity.

As for Club Curiosity, I've never attended but she has told me a little about it. It's an upscale party where you can explore bio ladies plus ts. They'd have a swing, harnesses, toys, etc. I think they'd have at least 3 ladies but I can't tell you how many clients attend. I'm told they keep the number under control so no one would be left out all night I guess.

In case you wanted the tea also, here's what I know: I think most of Carmen's bad rep comes from that weird very public beef she has with this group of escorts. According to Carmen (there's a twitter account that has a lot of receipts to back it up btw), she and one of the girls had a duo and the other girl showed up completely trashed so Carmen cut her off and may have said something publicly too. The other girl then got her friends involved and they went at Carmen hard. Carmen also has a no-review policy which doesn't help with countering all that. She also requires deposits even from regs which turns a lot of people off.

Has anyone been to Club Curiosity?
10/29/22It entirely depends on how sensitive your real personal life is. I'm guessing the clients in question aren't concerned, but it certainly isn't a good idea if they're in a relationship, work in a conservative company, or are some kind of public figure. Personally I don't have any of those problems so it isn't high on my list of issues but I really only do pov anyway lol. Is it smart to take a picture with a escort?
10/29/22I've heard similar stories the last couple of years. Pam used to be solid but she's definitely on the don't trust list now. Your story is not an isolated incident. Pamela Peaks Scam (Sophie Dee)
10/28/22the hair thing isn't a big deal as long as there's a hand shower pointed below the neck and she can tie her hair up. Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?
10/28/22the idea is better than the execution. water tends to "dry out" the private parts so it can get a little chafe-y. if you're using a lot of lube then you lose sensation. if it happens in the moment it can be fun for a bit before you continue in bed. i personally wouldn't want a whole session of it and certainly wouldn't pay an upcharge for it. Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?
10/25/22not doing shoots anymore... interesting. until this i didn't even realize she's shot almost nothing the last few years. Quick Q&A with Adriana Deluxe
10/23/22I don't know how relevant that bbfs report is. Guy said he paid like 4k and no cip. I think he was more concerned with flexing how much he makes. Reviews of Hazel Moore?
10/23/22I've seen less than stellar reports on both. Mia was not msog (asking for full rate for another round) and Jessie is non-gfe. Maybe it's a product of them being relatively new. Mia Kay/ Jesse Saint Duos

I generally wouldn't recommend a duo for a first meeting (with either ideally). You go in blind and have no idea of chemistry and vibe between you and them or them with each other. Some see it as getting the full rate (or upcharge) for half the work. One could show up drunk or high expecting the other to pick up the slack. Hard to avoid those if you don't know them. Duos have caused a lot of falling out between providers for some of the same reasons. It's kind of a minefield. Could be they barely know each other or not at all. You can always get lucky of course, but why take the chance if you can help it given the expense.

If you want the best chances and the least anxious way, I'd recommend asking one of your regs or someone you've had good sessions with if they have doubles partners. You can do the same with anyone you've seen that you've had a good time with. They most likely have a list. They probably have a favorite too. I'd ask for an intro and then see the other girl solo first. If it goes well then bring it up to them about a duo. Since you know them you can be candid about your anxiety, hopes, and expectations. This way you're walking into the duo knowing you're with providers you trust and knowing they'll take care of you.

How to schedule is the easy part. Contact the booker or the provider and say you'd like to have a duo session. Work it out the same from there. Independents will only schedule duos with providers they know but some agencies might book 2 together who've never met if you request them. I think that's really awkward. Sometimes it works out but I've heard from a lot of girls who were/are agency girls how uncomfortable they are with that. Some agencies are clear in their roster profiles who each would do duos with.

Are Duos worth it?
10/23/22great addition! if she's around through december will have to see about a vegas visit. Welcome Andreina Deluxe to the Tryst Family
10/19/22She's gorgeous but a mess of a rep. The only thing I can personally attest to about her is that she's flaky. I was booked a few times and ended up flaked on last minute. Each time I was told personal issues were behind her and clearly they weren't. I suppose I should be thankful because at least I wasn't out any money. I'm done trying. Uma Jolie - looking for some input

Really after that first followup went unanswered you should have dropped it then. Many providers are extremely poor at timely correspondence and scheduling, porn girls doubly so. It's not you.

At this point you probably should send a quick message to make sure there's no ambiguity that you're not meeting. Something like: "Too bad we never locked down a time." "Sorry we couldn't connect. Best of luck!" I'd recommend not answering her again either. You don't want to be in the situation where she decides to take up your offer at some late date that gives her the opportunity to blow you up like it's your problem.

Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)
10/12/ and are the 2 trusted services. they both should have results in 1-2 business days. cet is a bit more expensive. most people choose whichever has the more convenient draw facility. i know my status is basically a civie tts but i don't know why you wouldn't just use tts in the first place. you can do a full panel with your primary doctor too or at a clinic for much cheaper or free but that'll take longer (my primary takes about 4 days) and whoever you're trying to see might not accept it if you're not already familiar. Testing
09/29/22yea she does greek with advance notice Jennifer White review
09/27/22She's certifiable. If you have a problem with literally everyone, maybe the problem is you? She's never met a bridge she didn't set on fire, or a friendship she didn't turn toxic. She's gotten more bites at the apple than anyone in the industry but she always acts like she's the one who got screwed over. Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry

I've never tipped. Not many situations where I would. I show my appreciation for good service by repeating, mostly multi hour. If they're easy to schedule and reliable I'll repeat often. I've never had the issue of not being memorable enough even on the second visit. For those repeats I've extended time, given gifts (only to regs that I know who will receive it well), bought meals and drinks, that sort of thing. I'll be more generous especially if they go out of their way to give me a good reference.

Ultimately, if you want to tip or give gifts, do it because it makes you feel good - like you're being generous or spreading good cheer. Don't do it because you think it makes you extra headway or better service or somehow that you'd be more memorable. It won't unless you're going to be a whale.

09/18/22It's not a surprise the tour flopped. No one wants to work with lourdes (lita) if they can help it. Most every girl I know say lita doesn't care about them at all, which would be fine if she was at least good at being a booker. Lourdes rates are unnecessarily high (higher than everyone and the girls don't get a bigger cut), the screening is insane (intrusive personal info - past and present addresses, work, ID, to name a few on top of references), gatekeeping the roster by separating it into tiers where you have to book so many times to even see it, asks a 1k deposit before 1st booking **that expires!**, asks for deposit again if you haven't booked in a while, and they keep non active girls on the roster which makes booking harder because of the extra back and forth. Lourdes May be Screwing Up
08/31/22any tours planned? if not then i guess on my next trip to LA Alexis Tae available in LA
08/27/22LE most likely don't post ads on eros, although they have been known to monitor it. They tend to post on the skipthegames/escortalligator end of the pool. Could be a scam, b&s, or rob though. Rate doesn't seem to make sense given looks and location. I'd pass. Is this a scam or cop?
08/23/22she escorted for quite a while. last time i saw her was late 2019. she had a p411 profile and booked directly. she's quit for good due to some bad experiences as the profile is long gone. Kendra Sunderland
08/23/22she tours quite frequently so you can be sure to catch her somewhere. I've heard a few reports and they're generally at least ok to positive. gfe service. Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22I saw her a few months ago. she signed up for summer school and currently busy with that. What happened to Blair Williams ?
08/04/22i'd travel for that but also would love to see her on tour. Oh and Alexis T is back and ready to spread joy and cheer
07/27/22Depends on the function. I certainly wouldn't bring one unless I'm absolutely sure of the situation. I've attended retreats and functions that are implicitly "no WAGS" and everyone brought a sb or an escort. I don't know about it boosting anyone's profile realistically (or weight as you put it), it's more like hey you're part of the lifestyle so we are more comfortable with trusting you. It's basically like sharing a hobby. Is Bringing an Escort to an event smart?
07/27/22i'd be cautious about paying a deposit due to her extreme flakiness. Sophia Leone in NYC
07/27/22haven't seen her post for a while now. she was a regular visitor to San Fran and would post on eros. Alison Tyler Available?
07/25/22horrible provider. very limited, stuck up attitude, time staller. won't stop talking - not just chatty but clearly trying to drain time, "can i have a smoke first?", not reacting to physical gestures to get started to the point of very awkward. Allie Nicole reviews?
07/25/22i've had good and meh sessions with her. she's good when she's not too high. pros: pretty open menu, takes direction well, good attitude. cons: frequently late, spacey and lethargic when she's smoked too much, nonstop vaping can be distracting, room always a mess and smells of weed, talker. she's never been bad, just gotta be on the ball to keep her focused and keep things moving along.
Daisy Stone
07/08/22no deposits when i dealt with them Chocolate citi models
07/04/22They do the job. Bookers come in basically 2 flavors: scheduler or concierge. PC is a scheduler. She has no patience for much back and forth. Fine if you're sure and just need to get on the schedule. Def not a concierge collab exp Is PC worthy the hassle?
07/04/22Used them a few times, last was early 2021. Organized and prompt through whatsapp. Screened by p411. Others noted problems with text/email. Tried a few times after that and got no replies. No status updates since. Chocolate citi models
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