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Welcome! :)

Guys, here you go:

Penthouse pet and award winning pornstar VENUS in Nyc and Atlanta!

Christ! Disgusting asshole!

This is why we can't have nice things. And I believe this isn't the first rape you posted about this year.

Client Raped and Beat Provider
11/29/22Dude, this girl is sexy as f***! Jealous (in a good way!) Glad to hear you had a great experience with her! :) Angelina May (Gigi)

Hottest escort? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But I will try to help you with the rest of your question, though it will require a bit of homework on your part. So there's a European (I believe Russian) escort, very well reviewed, who tours the United States at times named Polina Sydney. that I think would fit your bill. However, the bad news for you is that she hasn't been in the United States for quite awhile.

I recommend you follow her twitter (@PolinaSydney), and look at who she retweets, which are mostly her European escort friends. And if anyone strikes your fancy, and they're touring your neck of the woods (or somewhere you're willing to travel), try to find more information (any reviews online), and then go for it. That's about all I can do for you, Report back here if you can. Good luck.

P.S. If you do go for this, have a translator app ready on your mobile device. Again, good luck.

Hottest escort right now

It depends on the escort, honestly.

Some, maybe even most, escorts can be like chameleons, and...well, for lack of a better word, act and dress relatively "normal."

But there are some that...well, I guess it's just part of being human, but there are definitely just people from all walks of life that lack awareness. I know at least one escort that would just show up all dolled up like they're going to be working at the club later, and my family would look at me like I'm insane, lol.

Would you bring an escort to Thanksgiving Dinner?

So to add to the confusion, she's (or someone) is on P411 (, and she also has a number of reviews on TNA Board that seem to indicate she's...real? (

I guess proceed with caution, unless someone has seen her, and can confirm that she's an honest-to-goodness provider.

As an aside, if this is a giant scam of some sort, apologies to the community. My bad.

European Pornstar Lana Sins Currently in San Francisco until the 20th
11/18/22Oh shit, really? Crap...uuuhhh...sorry, guys. European Pornstar Lana Sins Currently in San Francisco until the 20th
11/14/22I assume you're referencing this girl:, in which case, yeah I get it. Though both Chloe's are hotties, really.. :) Chloe Amour
11/10/22OMG?! Back in the day...she was an amazing porn performer! Don't know if that guy in the convo is telling the truth, or is simply misinformed, but I hope she's doing well. I can't find any definitive socials on her, so I assume she's just living the quiet life, and I hope she's saved her $. Jenaveve Jolie -- Reddit convo -- She providing?
11/10/22Wishing you all the fun in the world! :) Adria Rae
11/08/22Friday aka Linda Friday would be my kryptonite, lol. Is Minka worth the money?
11/03/22It's $6,969.69 j/k Kiara Mia NYC
11/03/22Happy to hear your first time with a provider was a great time! :) All Flour Purpose Review
11/02/22I'd have to flip a quarter between Kesha Ortega (longtime fan) and La Paisita (newer fan.) For me, both are too sexy for words. The language barrier concerns me (my spanish is no bueno, lol.) Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK

So, I don't know if this agency website is legit or not, but all the same, FYI:

Maybe someone here has had experience with this agency?

By the way, with the ladies you listed, we may have similar tastes in women, lol.

Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK

I'm similar in taste to you OP.

BUT...I sometimes see girls whose sexiness is so off the charts, they override my personal tattoo preference. Someone mentioned Christian Savoy...that's a great example of someone who I don't care how many tattoos she has. She just gets my blood boiling, in the best way possible, lol.

Question: Tattoos or No?
11/01/22Pretty much this; you may be able to suss out you're not communicating with the escort, but it could be an assistant / booker / agency / pimp / significant other, etc. No way to know really. How do you know she doesn’t have a pimp?
10/28/22I never have, though there are a few I would have if asked. But the thing for me is that trust is earned, so this isn't like a hard yes or no. It just depends. Is it smart to take a picture with a escort?
10/27/22This. I mean, not just porn, but movies and television make it seem awesome. But in reality, it's kinda...okay? Not bad, just nowhere near as hot as videos make it look. Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?


I've never dealt with PC - does 'Mike Morgan' run it?

The Fuck is Going On at PC
10/25/22Your assumption is correct; provider changes their rates, but mentions somewhere regulars / previous clients are "grandfathered in" to previous rate. It also bears mention this isn't automatic with all escorts; everyone runs their business different What does it mean to be grandfathered in?
10/24/22I thought she looked great before. If those pictures on her twitter are accurate, she still looks great to me. Victoria June before and after

Your questions are loaded man! :) I suspect you'll get a varied number of responses, including me, but you asked, so here's mine. I'll preface by saying I could absolutely be wrong. Just my opinion dude. :)

1.) I'm going to focus in on your own words: "I dont want to catch anything even if it isn't a major infection/disease." - if you truly feel this way, just play it safe and use a condom. I've had awesome sex with a condom - the idea that you can't have awesome sex without one is just...stupid.

2.) So, one things good providers do is that they create a fantasy. It's not real life, it's fantasy. Taking a break from the real world for an hour or two or however long you booked her. So some are more forthcoming than others in their real life personal preference. But it's just that - real life preference. Some girls prefer bigger, some girls prefer smaller, some girls prefer average, and some girls honestly don't care about the size, as long as it's functional. I can't speak for September Reign, but I'd recommend to not focus on the size, and focus on the moment. Easier said than done, I get it. I'm small myself, and I can say with the girls I've met...they don't seem to care. Is it their true feelings? I don't know, but absolutely zero of them have made a big deal about it, so if every provider I've met doesn't seem to care, why should I?

3.) All I can say is look up the internet, see if there's any concern about it. If you have extra pills lying about, you may want to experiment using them before, let's say masturbating (or sex with a partner if that's an option for you), and try to observe any differences in how they affect your body, how they make you feel, etc.

Whatever you decide in the end, good luck! Hopefully, you'll have an awesome time! :)


This is awesome! Just tested it out, and it works perfectly!

Thanks to everyone on the EA team for their hard work! :)

Escort Access Update!!!

Just my two cents, but I kinda think this is true of all reviews, on basically everything, whether it's a product on Amazon, a business on yelp. It's better to look for recent trends and patterns in reviews in general, and take everything with a grain of salt. Reviews have their place, absolutely - just stop treating any review like they're some type of gospel.

Even in this hobby...well, there's a reason experienced clients keep saying YMMV (your mileage may vary) all the time.

The Erotic Review isn’t Fact
10/14/22Good luck bud! Hope everything turns out great, and you have tons of fun! :) My first escort

Basically echoing what everyone here is saying. There may be a very good reason for her / her assistant / her agency's poor communication, but that doesn't excuse it, if that makes sense.

To answer your final question, you don't owe her anything, and honestly, just don't bother and move on. That may sound mean, but this is real life. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Communication is like a game of hot potato, and she's the one choosing to not toss it back to you, not the other way around.

On the off chance that, let's say she (or her assistant / agency) DOES get in touch with you with concrete appointment details at some point,obviously  it's your choice if you wish to proceed with the date. But you have every right to politely say something along the lines of "Apologies, but I didn't hear from you for X # days, so I did make alternative plans. Hopefully, our schedules can align at a later date. Take care!"

Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)

Good on you for putting in the effort to keep yourself safe! More guys need to do this, in my opinion.

Regarding reverse picture searches, since someone asked: There are a number of ways to do it. Google works well, is another. I recommend using multiple if you have time - in my lifetime, I've had one find stuff that the other did not.

So, you're never 100% sure when it's someone that's less reviewed / popular, and there will always be a degree of risk involved. Basically, you're Sherlock Holmes, looking at clues, and trying to figure it all out.

Searching the # on the ad didn't really reveal much.

Using a different name in an ad isn't really a deal breaker, to be honest. It would help a lot if she advertised at multiple places. Her socials can reveal a lot of extra information:




Looks like there's hardcore on her OF, so some promise there. BUT looking at her IG, it looks like she's in London right now, not Los Angeles. It is possible eros screwed up the ad posting dates (yes, they've done that. Just trust me on that.) BUT, for the moment at least, I'd advise you to stay away. But everyone's risk tolerance is different, so it's up to you of course.

Have I learned?

It's an interesting conversation topic. I usually ask the question: where is your bread buttered? (what is your primary source of income?)

So are you a provider who also has an OF to sell some content, or are you primarily an OF girl who is willing to meet clients? Personally, I prefer the former, because they're more likely to take their job (meeting me) seriously.

Why does that matter? It comes down to professionalism, and taking your job seriously. Some dudes overlook this stuff, but it's more than bomb sex and awesome looks. Things like personal hygiene, discretion, cleanliness (this hotel is an unsafe dump,) etc.

I could be wrong, but I think the former cares more about these things than the latter, which is why I prefer seeing them instead.

But it's not clear cut and dry, though we'd like it to be. There are some OF girls that started out in sex work as providers, than transitioned more into "full time" OF girl, so it all depends. Some examples of this are Ashley Barbie Baby, Taylor Nicole, a couple others I can't think of at the moment.

Pornstar of OF Model?
10/11/22Kept my eye on her for a long time (fun fact: used to go by Priya Rainelle), and she basically NEVER tours around. I guess the DC politicans keep her busy. Just kidding. Well...50% kidding, lol. :) Priscilla Reiss
10/09/22This! Good luck man! :) Taking that first plunge
10/08/22Her OF is surprisingly still up. August Taylor
10/08/22Basically this - genetics, fitness level, diet, lifestyle - all play a part in all of this. For me, I usually (with exception) have strong sexual stamina. In fact, at times, maybe a bit too much, lol. Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/06/22This JAV actress has toured the US this past year, and will be back sometime this fall. Her twitter is @JAVactressAnne You guys have any idea how i can have a session with a japanese pornstar?

Your budget is a bit limiting, but I suspect you knew that already.

Nikki Sexx is around it (maybe a bit over, depending on incall or outcall - contact her for latest rates of course.)

Shay Sights I believe is $1200/hour

She's an older pornstar, but Ashley Shye is in the area, well within your budget (

That's all I can think of. Good luck!

Los Angeles Escorts Suggestions

They're not pornstars, but for Chicago, in no particular order, I'd recommend: Alyx of Chicago (, Sasha Stolin (, or Haley St. James ( All are really well reviewed, and love their job. Someone else mentioned Christie L'Amour, who I agree with as being a strong consideration too.

Do be upfront about your inexperience - I promise, they won't judge you or anything like that. Good luck!

Chicago recommendations
09/29/22Just a slight clarification (which she fixed on her IG.) She'll be in San Francisco the 14th and 15th, not LA (she's in LA, specifically LAX area, 2-7) Danielle Derek Tour Dates
09/29/22Holy crap dude! I'm not in NY, but nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to do this man. Much appreciated! :) For all my NYC People! Part 2

So when I first decided "hobbying" many years ago, I did an insane amount of internet research, and the conclusion I came to with regards to the ranches - if you're legitimately good at negotiation, you'll probably have a good time. Because in a strange reverse of hiring an independent escort (or even going to a parlor), instead of dealing with non-negotiable rates, you're actually going to negotiate what you're paying and the service you'll get with the girl in her private room. I myself can comfortably look in the mirror, and know for a fact, that I suck ass at negotiation. I wish I didn't but that's life. Anyways, just an FYI.

Then again, this was many years ago, so if someone who actually has gone to a ranch fairly recently can chime in here, obviously their word should be taken more than mine, lol. In any event, good luck! :)

Legal prostitution USA
09/26/22There's really no hard and fast rule / rule of thumb that I'm aware of. Usually, I bring a gift that, if I have enough time to plan ahead, is from there Amazon wishlist. Or a gift card of some sort. I have in my lifetime, sent them a digital gift card if I had an amazing time. I personally think amount should be up to you, based on your own funds. If money is no object for you, obviously spend whatever amount you want, lol. Tipping
09/23/22There's a review sitting around here somewhere, I think. Also, tons of reviews on TER. I do wish her touring rate was less, but what else can you do? Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/20/22Never done it - I'm one of those guys that has ZERO interest in it. Not even mildly curious about it, lol. Your Greek experiences
09/17/22I do something similar to this. Basically, the first meeting is 60-90 minutes (2 hours TOPS.) And if our chemistry was good, if I had a good enough time, and schedule permitting, there may be a 2nd date. Julie Cash

This definitely falls under the personal preferences category (though you can make a fair argument that this applies to basically everything, lol.)

For me, I like my girls naked, lol. Lingerie is nice and all, but generally, I don't care. But I get that tons of people care, maybe even have a fetish / fantasy they want fulfilled (yoga pants? cosplay? stereotypical schoolteacher, etc.)

Do we care what a provider is wearing?
09/14/22She's normally based in Los Angeles, but she tours around quite a bit. Towns & Dates are on her twitter: Like, as of this writing, she's in San Diego Elite Companion Spotlight: Bella Rose

As of today, maybe. She definitely has at one point.

Fun fact: Before Jenna Starr was Jenna Starr, she was an escort in Dallas. Different name, don't remember. The girl Juliet was her duos partner (and might still be?), and presumably also escorted independently (maybe with an agency, again who knows?)


So my two cents, take it or leave it, and this might be a super-lame answer...But since you said it's your first time with a provider...I say don't worry this. Seriously; not trying to have a go, but to me, you're over-analyzing, over-thinking, etc. Just go enjoy the new experience, and leave your analysis after everything is said and done.

With all that said, really hope you have a great time! :)

Post-Nut Clairty
09/09/22Forgot to mention Nikki Sexx. LA recommendations
09/09/22Jade Jayden, normally based in Florida (Tampa? Not sure.) extended her Los Angeles tour, so there' another option for you. Well reviewed: LA recommendations
09/07/22This! At least for me personally, I would prefer to be with someone experienced than a virgin 10/10. New Escort Auctioning Virginity
09/06/22The question marks were supposed to me emoji's. I tried, lol. I had a hell of a Summer!!

All I'll say is...Nice!


I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/04/22I seem to recall in the old pornstarescort subreddit someone reviewing a pornstar (don't remember who) that he booked through, of all agencies, Pamela Peaks. I know her website looks like something out of the late 90's, but the guy who posted it basically had said nothing but good things to say dealing with Pamela Peaks, so that may be an option? In any event, good luck man. Richelle Ryan

This scumbag...Unbelievable.

Prayers to the provider. I can't even imagine what she's going through right now.

NYC Provider Attacked/Verification

Well, if you want pornstar, and even someone reviewed here at EA, there's Amy Anderssen, who's based in New York, and has a tryst profile.

There's Ingrid Johnson, a former pornstar (like, I believe she was active in early 2000's.) Very well reviewed. No tryst profile as of today, but here's her website:


Recommendations in New York
08/30/22Oh, and Lily DDD is touring there too right now (her ad is on Eros) Pornstar in Chicago
08/30/22In no particular order: Haley St. James, Giselle Amour, Sasha Stolin, Alyx of Chicago, and a new one that I think is only touring Chicago Lara Brasileira. Oh, and no tryst profile, but longtime provider Marissa DeMarco is touring Chi-Town 9/2-9/5. Pornstar in Chicago
08/30/22I have no clue what your tastes are in women, but I'll throw out some names anyways (all with Tryst profiles, so look them up yourself.) I have NOT met these girls (I want to, but I'm never in Chicago), they're well reviewed, and YMMV always applies. Pornstar in Chicago

You guys may not have pornstars, but in my opinion, you have a ton of great providers in Chi-Town worth meeting.

Pornstar in Chicago
08/29/22Sooo...take it or leave it, but since you mentioned a "long appointment," just something else to consider. In my opinion, first ideal meeting (at least for me) is 90 minutes to 2 hours. Why? Because there is such thing as chemistry between two people. And if you've ever been on any date with anyone (doesn't have to be an escort,) and there is zero chemistry, it is miserable as fuck. Jenna Starr
08/29/22from perusing their social media or reviews. There's a lot you could do to make an informed decision. Also, for this guy to do this on their, talk about a guy that should NOT be married. Newlywed arrested for soliciting prostitute during his honeymoon
08/29/22Loaded question - which ad site did he look up? What did the ad look like (any info for social media, a dedicated website) Did he do a reverse picture search (wanna bet money on this one), Does this provider have ANY history of providing, either... Newlywed arrested for soliciting prostitute during his honeymoon

For lesser known providers, you can never be 100% - you just do your homework, like trying to put together a puzzle, and decide if she's worth the risk.

Just a tiny note on screening, if she's legit - even though she didn't ask for additional details, your email may have been enough screening for her to go on.

Between the two ads, the phone #'s match up, but the email addresses don't, which can be weird, but eros customer service is reportedly horrible, so them failing to update information isn't outside the realm of possibility.

I would advise doing a reverse picture search (tineye is the easiest browser based tool to use, but I'd advise learning multiple ways to do it, and using them all to help you try and piece the puzzle together.)

Outcall only is fairly standard in Vegas, so nothing red flag-y there.

Lack of reviews is not a deal breaker, but would help a lot.

Doubt it's LE - those types of stings are usually incall, and try to be efficient and cost-effective. In this case, catching only one person is neither.

But yeah, it could be a scam. There are tons of providers in Vegas, some very well reviewed and popular, pornstar or not. Personally, I'd be more comfortable booking with them instead.

Sorry - I'm babbling a bit - I should go to bed, lol. In any event, good luck! :)

Is this a scam or cop?
08/27/22So there have been a couple of instances where I bought lingerie gifts to providers, and in all cases, they offered to model it for me. So I'm assuming that many (not all) providers would be perfectly fine with them modeling any outfit you bring, assuming it is a gift. Special outfit requests?
08/26/22Interesting! If it's not too much trouble, can you go into detail why? Thanks in advance! :) Name / Link of the Civilian Counterpart to TTS?
08/26/22Aha! I knew I wasn't going insane (debatle, lol.) Thanks, man! :) Name / Link of the Civilian Counterpart to TTS?

Sorry dude; I've only been to a strip club a couple of times in my lifetime, and if there is pay for play, I certainly didn't see it, or know about it.

I HAVE to imagine it requires deep pockets too. Like, if you're a professional athlete, you got a chance here. If you come in thinking you'll get good, cheap, bomb sex, well...

Strip Clubs
08/25/22Both, lol Nina Elle or Rachael Cavalli

Yeah, what sapphi said.

Just to add two points: I've seen Alyx (or her booker?) post on Eros occasionally, and the contact info matched up with what was on PD, so despite the lack of reviews, it supports the idea that it is her (though with a severe lack of evidence, it can be a VERY clever con artist, so be careful!)

But the other point I wanted to make - there are providers, pornstar or not, that basically aren't available all year round. So when they post ads (eros, tryst, pd, etc.) they're available. When they don't post ads, they're not available. Some are really organized about their scheduling and letting you know availability, others just wing it, and even more fall somewhere in the middle.

If Alyx is legit, my gut is telling me she falls in this category. There's no ads up as of today, so even if you decide to shoot her an email, don't be surprised if you hear nothing.

Alyx Star

So my two cents; take it or leave it, obviously.

When I'm with a provider, I basically read the room, read body language, and let things develop organically, including how the dirty talk unfolds. Some girls are very non-vocal, while others can't stop talking, and everything in-between. Some are stereotypically porn-y in the way they speak, others can be a bit more original.

If you want to have a bit more...I guess "control" over that, maybe ask the provider you have in mind if they'd roleplay a fantasy you have in mind (school teacher? hot babysitter? etc.) The best providers will also end up talking to you in a way that's supports the roleplay, and up the sexiness a lot.

How do you talk to ps during sessions?

She's touring in SoCal right now, until August 31st.

Pornstar Escort of the Day: Jayden Jade
08/22/22@lettucemeat Ooohhh...interesting! Honestly didn't know that stuff. Sounds like a ton of gratuitous drama. Also sounds like they're a pain in the arse to deal with. Best site for reviews
08/21/22Keep in mind that you should always take reviews with a grain of salt. With that said, TER has been around a long time, and is probably the the most "reliable" of what you listed. EM is known to steal reviews from TER, but I'm sure they're some accurate ones on there considering how long it's been around at this point. P411 isn't a review site - it's a verification service, and relatively hard to get onto for potential clients and providers. Best site for reviews
08/19/22NOOO!!! (Wish I could insert the Darth Vader NOOO gif, lol.) Alura Jenson Retiring from Industry….
08/18/22I'm working off my memory here, but if I remember correctly, she doesn't specialize in Greek, but is open to it. Obviously, advance notice is a must, and I have no clue if there's an upcharge involved. Piper Press Touring

I think EA is work in progress. But you can say that about anything, really.

It is nice that we don't have to worry about the Reddit overlords suddenly deciding to shut everything down because "reasons."

I think as more and more people discover it and sign up, it'll become the double-edged sword it's destined to become - a nice place for people who hire providers to talk, but there's always at least one person who ruins it for everyone.

08/18/22This is a great takeaway that I wish more people take to heart - reviews shouldn't be treated like sacrasanct. They're just tools/clues for us to decipher. Look for trends and patterns, but be open to the possiblity that they may wrong sometimes. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Angelina Valentine
08/17/22While my porn viewing has decreased over the years, I feel like the biggest influence on that for me, is that at some point, even before OnlyFans and making your own content was a thing, the industry became SO saturated with beautiful women. I mean, back in the day (I know I sound like Grandpa Simpson, lol.) it was like Jenna Jameson or Chasey Lain. Fast forward to around 2005-ish, and there were what seemed like dozens of girls I was keeping my eye on. It simply became too much to keep up with. Has the Hobby Decreased or Increased your porn watching?
08/16/22I don't believe that's on the menu; fromI don't believe that's on the menu. My understanding is that she's basically a high energy, super horny GFE more than anything else. Piper Press Touring
08/16/22Wishing you an awesome time dude! :) Booked 2 hours w/ Amy Anderssen this weekend!!
08/16/22They seem to have an open relationship; like, he was with her when she came to the States, but she was also definitely providing, and creating content with others. Aubrey Black

I've never met her, but she does come to the States.

In fact, you literally missed her; she was in the States earlier this year for a few months - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami primarily (though she may have hit New York and Texas...but my memory may be off.)

She's well reviewed too, so she has that going for her.

Pay attention to her social media for if / when she comes back. Twitter: @realaubreyblack

Aubrey Black

If we're talking pure physical attractiveness and nothing else, for me, Kiara has a slight edge (slight is the key word - they're both hot!)

BUT...there is such thing as chemistry, passion etc. And when you factor those in, along with available information...Ryan is more reviewed, and many of them are glowing, so all things being equal, Ryan all the way.

Would you Rather? Karia MIa or Ryan Conner

Holy crap! She looks better than ever! Aged just like fine wine!

MILF alert
07/31/22They're in her tryst ad Jade Jayden touring SoCal most of August 2022
07/29/22In theory, this would be fantastic, but based on tons of feedback from providers dating back to when FOSTA-SESTA passed back in 2018, their customer service has become super duper crappy. In other'll never happen. Sia Lust scam on Eros

Heh, I wish. She looks great!

I don't know why, but I have a good feeling that you're going to have an awesome time! :)

Has anyone seen her?

In a manner of speaking. This has happened a number of times to me; there are variations on the details, but essentially, I set an appointment, and when I try to confirm, crickets. And with getting ghosted like this, there's simply no way to know what happened.

I'm going to assume stuff like this happens, not just to me, and it's important to remember not to get overly pissed off. Life happens. Not worth it to put them on blast, With that said, I don't ever bother trying to book with that person again. Plenty of fish in the sea, and business is earned.

In a perfect world, 1.5-2 hours would be just about perfect for me.

Also, this is a strange "debate" for anyone to have - it's a personal preference, no? If anyone is honestly having arguments about the "optimal" time for a escort date, maybe this person has too much time on their hands.

What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/13/22Same, lol! So Who Are The Girls You Missed Out On?
07/07/22Great job as usual King! :) In case it was missed….. Q&A with a PS Escort: Nikki Sexxx
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