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09/27/22That PP list though. It's huge because it has a lot of women who have retired and/or listed multiple times. I guess that is to be expected when you've been updating the same single-page website for decades using Notepad.exe Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22@trystagency I haven't texted her in years. I'm sure she has a different # by now. I do regret never getting around to making a better effort to do a threesome with her and Katrina Jade! ?? Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/27/22My main interaction with her is she was able to hook me up with a 19-year old Elsa Jean last-minute when Riley Steele flaked. That ended up being a total win-win for me. Pornstar Escort of The Day: Trinity St. Clair
09/25/22Accuracy isn't their forte, so maybe it still is Alexia. They used to have a policy where you see 3 PSs and they'll give you access to the UTR list. Of course, as soon as I got my 3rd, that option disappeared. Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
08/21/22When I saw her, I had my test ready, and she told me she didn't really need to see it. TBH, that was kinda a turn-off. Elena Koshka is Pregnant
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