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09/18/22Their screening process is very tough they are asking soo many personal details of us for booking a girl which is not the same for other agencies Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/14/22The funny thing is in her Tryst profile she said that she allows MSOG too Providers POV on Climaxing
09/12/22I heard Aletta Ocean is very much of PSE and very freaky girl Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/12/22Aletta Ocean is a regular traveler so she barely checks her own social media or emails Aletta Ocean in Milan
09/11/22You can't explicitly talk about escorts or sex acts on email with provider because that can get either both of you arrested that's why she replied in that way that's all Laura orsolya
09/11/22I was wondering why I didn't see her ads on AIA and I thought she stopped providing Welcome Scarlett Hampton to the Tryst Family
09/10/22I would love to hang out with Dani Daniels for like 3-4hrs I know she doesn't escort but I would take her for dinner date or beach date and maybe travel around LA or maybe discuss some hot topics etc. Same goes for Lexi Luna, Skye Blue, Syren De Mer etc. Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/08/22Eh don't take these headlines in a face value we all know there were girls who had only fans had to sell their properties to finish off their rents loans etc. Sophie Dee OF Money
09/08/22Well thad as doesn't exist anymore armani black
09/08/22At one point she did a FAF and after that she stopped all of it that's it Karma Rx
09/07/22I heard the same thing she allows BBFS and CIP but not anal September Reign NYC Tour
09/06/22He literally kinda said she provides and willing to send email for you lol Nicole Aniston
09/06/22I doubt she doesn't provide BBFS with almost $2k rating lol @sapphi10489 Connie Perignon
09/06/22Diamond Foxx has retired from porn and escorting as for Penny Pax and Reagan Foxx I haven't seen any concrete proof to support whether they provide or not What aobut Diamond Foxxx, Reagan Foxx and Penny Pax?
09/06/22Have you met her ? Jenna Starr NYC Tour
09/05/22I mean she provides Preference
09/05/22You have to reveal your personal information through that site only then you can access through Lourdes is the only agency where screening is very hard Lourdes?
09/05/22Great I am really looking forward for your reviews kingmob4212 Ivy Wolfe
09/03/22Where's your review bro ? Booked Ivy Wolfe
09/03/22I remember someone on pornstarescort subreddit saying the experience was worse Victoria June
09/02/22Holly Hendrix all the way cause she is very much intho this and I don't know about Uma Jolie Would You Rather? Holly Hendrix or Uma Jolie
09/02/22Which agency is Harley Dean providing ? Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
09/01/22Oh I am really hoping she comes back to providing soon Skye Blue
09/01/22Oh cool I am really hoping she comes back to the field Skye Blue
08/30/22Welcome Valentina Bellucci Touring on NYC
08/28/22I mean Sara St Clair is lesbian and I have heard very good reviews about her and same goes about Jenni Tay who is lesbian too and I have read reviews saying many had good time with her as long as she is not starfishing anyone I don't think there's any concerning in this Zerella Skies Full Lesbian
08/26/22Noice Welcome Hazel Grace to the Tryst family
08/21/22I mean if she was she would have said it on Twitter but she didn't and not even on OF I assume too unlike Paige Owens who has announced break on porn and escorting for learning graphic designer What happened to Blair Williams ?
08/21/22Anastasia Doll prices are cheap so I guess you can go with her as for stardom it's Aletta Ocean Anastasia Doll or Aletta Ocean
08/21/22Oh ok ?? What happened to Blair Williams ?
08/21/22You can even use Porn Companions too or New to this hobby
08/21/22So she doesn't allow BBFS even with $2500 ?

Lol ok
Lexi Luna REVIEW
08/18/22Sarah provides you can easily book her through her website Sarah Jessie and Kayla Paige
08/18/22She provides but don't expect her to take bookings because she is very aggressive person and calls out people on her email don't even try to book her Jordan Maxx
08/17/22I agree with this and porn has seriously affected my penile erection and I feel like I should control watching it. Has the Hobby Decreased or Increased your porn watching?
08/16/22Thought that was the reliable site lol Please do your research
08/14/22but what if there are escorts who allows bbfs for newbies tho it's not necessary that everyone tells no to it so I really disagree with this take if the person don't show any test result then covered is the best option but I think if both shows test result then I don't see any harm doing bareback for first time Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #11: BareBack
08/11/22Huh how to book her ? Kailani Kai ESCORTING!!!!!
08/10/22Didn't know she used to escort this is a new info for me !!!

does she allow BBFS ?
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