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08/22/22Basically, every escort ad site is having issues with scanners sending phishing emails to escorts and if you’re dumb enough you click on links in horribly miss spelled and bad grammar emails and not looking at the sender of the emails and not typing the url in yourself then you end up on a dummy site giving away your log in info, there is no hacking as no one is using brute force to crack passwords. There are also emails claiming that you have a new message from a client and to click the link which is fooling a ton of ladies…. They’re still clicking links and not checking senders like they’ve been being told to do since all this started… Please do your research
08/22/22No. Tryst is different from trystagency. Not affiliated. New to this hobby
08/22/22Adultlook are better review sites. Sites are also regional specific so depending where you are there can be better sites for that area, like pd is mainly California. TnAb is Pacific Northwest, east coast has different sites as well as the south. Best site for reviews
08/22/22For asking to delist from their website. They hate women on that site and require explicit details that can land both clients &providers in hot water because it’s incriminating details on illegal activities. TER is the worst of them all. EM, PD, TnAb Best site for reviews
08/22/22EM used to have an arrangement w/TER but they no longer scrape reviews from there. TER is not provider friendly &allow fake reviews&refuse to remove them even when they list services you don’t provide. TER has threatened to report providers to HSI … Best site for reviews
08/22/22False, ladies can’t have neg reviews removed. Sometimes reviews don’t post bcuz something triggers their system. We can flag a review if it contains personal/identifying info, if it’s slanderous & provide screenshots it was retaliation/or u never met Best site for reviews
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