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10/13/22Went to go see her and got the she's on the rag message at the last minute smh Jojo Kiss
10/13/22you in there now Attn: You lucky NY fuckers
10/13/22that happened with me with allie nicole she kept one wording me and it seemed silly or just like yeah whatever so I said F it then perfections try to say I didn't send them certain info so I screen shot it to them and they caught a attitude I had to put them in they place getting tough over Email lol you wouldn't have that same energy if we were face to face Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)
10/13/22dude I made it my goal to never have a inbox on my outlook everything gets directed to a folder Being Turned Off in Booking Process (Feedback Appreciated)
10/13/22Lourdes has the use it or lose it deposit scheme also Jennifer White Late Oct NYC
10/12/22on perfection models the same people that promote brandi love Samantha saint reviews
10/12/22there job is harder then actual pornstars so yeah give them that credit they have to promote them selves and have their own social media type of presence Pornstar of OF Model?
10/12/22warning?? Chloe Amour in NYC

she's on Eros a lot also but couldn't find any videos



Isabella Lux-NYC
10/12/22she is...but it's through Perfections and they're a bunch of assholes so if you wanna lower your standards as a person to see a provider then go ahead but I'm good Samantha saint reviews
10/12/22Fryguy you pay online then pick where you go like quest diagnostics Testing
10/12/ and talenttesting are the same thing if you look them both up Testing
10/11/22A few days like 4 at most Testing
10/11/22Yes she's 2500 on PC probably because she's based out of Miami and those Boujee Fuckers pay that all coked up and not caring lol Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/11/22This is the site they all want you to use and the locations will come up Testing
10/11/22Oh hell yeah!!! Chloe Amour in NYC
10/11/22Who you got in your plans? Reviews
10/11/22Don't Octavia know I love her!!? LMAO Zoey Sinn No Longer Providing
10/11/22Lol you can kinda tell she wanted a BF by some of her interviews Zoey Sinn No Longer Providing
10/11/22Glad I got to meet her before it ended Zoey Sinn No Longer Providing
10/11/22Great list Reviews
10/11/22I like to talk to most providers about the industry as it intrigues me and some of their stories are so similar or the thing companies do is just crazy... Zerella Skies Close Call
10/11/22[email protected] Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/10/22I posted all mine lol Reviews
10/10/221500/hr 10k for overnight 20k for a weekend Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
10/10/22She asked for a 20% deposit though I'm good Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/10/22queefing is when a girl farts out her vagina beat boxing is when a person mimics drums percussions and other instruments with their mouth. Do you get the joke now? LMAO Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/10/22I had her booked then caught Covid smh Kenzie Taylor Pittsburg
10/10/22She use to make her queefs beatbox CTFU Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/10/22April Snow is on PC I can get the price if you're not verified she is a hot redhead Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
10/10/22It's actually 2500 and hell no she's not worth that al all lol you have to be Christy Mack or Kendra Lust for that price Veronica Rodriguez in NY
10/10/22She responded Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/09/22Just be yourself I have an open conversation most providers are actually cool as hell Taking that first plunge
10/09/22We all wish it was a certain city lol looks like her honeymoon is over and she back to work Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/09/22Hopefully her titties are getting along now and not going their separate ways...CTFU Sarai Minxx in Chicago Now
10/08/22Damn my man you be on them! Lol I'm about to give my list lol Sarai Minxx in Chicago Now
10/08/22Yeah I seen her before back in June I had her google number on my text app but lost it Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22Just Email her she said so far just San Francisco maybe one more city Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22I think the point is be confident and enjoy the moment Don't worry about going too long or too short just enjoy the sex and the person Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/08/22If you think about good long porn scenes are like 25-30 mins Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/08/22It's on Eros also Cali Carter in San Francisco.
10/08/22I always last long it's a gift and a curse lol Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
10/07/22Last I seen was 900/hr no reply to any email yet For all my NYC People! Part 2
10/07/221500 and yeah she is For all my NYC People! Part 2
10/07/22The ones you showed off her Twitter Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/07/22You find the hottest regular escorts lol Elite Companion Spotlight: Pamela Neri
10/07/22The only time I tried a same day thing was when I got left hanging with Jojo Kiss on the rag smh Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #13: Scheduling
10/07/22I got turned down for being Hispanic by a white chick so I was confused lol Native American Provider
10/07/22I would give her a deposit extra money a gift and show up on time lol she's is a goddess lol Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #13: Scheduling
10/07/22All the pics they advertise of her are lies she looks like she-hulk now lol I was going to book her til The Collector saved me Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/07/22I got that one before and responded like I was the cops and they were caught I copy and pasted and actual legal document and changed a few words they never responded lol Intimidation Bullshit Tactics
10/07/22she's definitely not a Nava-ho lol Native American Provider
10/07/22Welcome to the site Happy Friday
10/07/22anybody know a updated Email for Rharri Rhound or if she still provides? Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/07/22Brittany Andrews
Karen Fisher
Kenzie Taylor
Lydia Black
Marcela Alonso
September Reign
Lexi Lore
Leda Lotharia
Exxxotica Edison NJ
10/07/22that doesn't even sound appealing lol, like is your breath hot? Zerella Skies UpDate
10/06/22Got my first down vote lol You guys have any idea how i can have a session with a japanese pornstar?
10/06/22DragonThroat? Lol Zerella Skies UpDate
10/06/22??? Alexis Tae
10/06/22Hire a escort and push her eyes back with your pointer finger lol You guys have any idea how i can have a session with a japanese pornstar?
10/05/22When you're an asshole lol How do you know your Blacklisted?
10/05/22We got him back into the positive I have no review though she's hot and if you're a fan go for it I just had duo with 2 PS that had 0 reviews and it was great Alexis Tae
10/05/22That pic of Gina West doing a split on the dildo...if any guy doesn't want that to be his D in reality then IDK WTF is wrong with him lol Hello everyone
10/05/22She moved there just for you! Lol I know you been waiting good thing you were patient... Ivy Lebelle
10/05/22For no other reason beside popularity lol Janice Griffin
10/05/22Are you sure that 100% her AIA utr hard to understand lol For OF Clients: Toochi Kash
10/05/22Why you guys down vote my boy for asking a simple question? Lol Alexis Tae
10/05/22She's on Pamela Peaks also Diamond Kitty
10/05/22I doubt it she's still really popular at the moment Janice Griffin
10/05/22Good questions Loving this site!!
10/05/22Welcome to the community great prices btw Loving this site!!
10/05/22Damn considering she's Latina she's basically black herself smh Diamond Kitty
10/04/22Sweet thanks! Diamond Kitty
10/04/22Thanks Diamond Kitty
10/04/22I was going to say I've seen a lot of famous European PS that go for like 400-700 Euros Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22Her price went down actually from 1500 I guess cause she went independent but that 49 inch made me tap out a few times lol Pornstar Escort of the Day: Jenna Starr
10/03/22Go on Tryst links they have a budget filter Los Angeles Escorts Suggestions
10/03/22Drive to Tijuana and get some tacos lol San Diego
10/03/22NY or Philly or anywhere east coast and I'll be your first customer lol Hello everyone
10/03/22That what this forum is good for help each out Chicago recommendations
10/03/22What the price? Kate Bloom and Emma Rosie....NYC Nov 1-15
10/03/22Do you tour? Hello everyone
10/03/22Where people can share there favorites from the pass anyone 10 year or more King putting back on to the classics
10/03/22No wonder why she stopped lol Bridgette B.
10/03/22Rachael Cavalli $1200 Los Angeles Escorts Suggestions
10/03/2250 dudes in one night lol Kazumi Offering FuckAFan
10/03/22Amia got a lot of bad reviews especially for being too drunk or high Chicago recommendations
10/03/22Jade Skyy will be there Oct 17-20th
[email protected]
$800/hr and everything is on the menu
She is whore and knows and live it lol she either matched or was better than any PS I've met
Chicago recommendations
10/03/22Jenna and Sara st. Clair Chicago recommendations
10/02/22Russian chick's are easy to pull for no cost lol Lana Sharapova in Boston
10/02/22Can we start a atf nostalgia page King putting back on to the classics
10/02/2280s baby Right I seen big names for Luke $300-500 in like 09-10 yeah 2000-2012 was fire too King putting back on to the classics
10/02/22I was on the fence too she's a legend and always brought her A game to the scene but I need to know how she looks now vs then Jesse Jane
10/02/22He made it a tag if anyone booked her in Houston Jesse Jane
10/02/22Lol you must be a oldhead like me 90s had the best PS King putting back on to the classics
10/02/22Options for me on this list Jenna Foxx Rharri Kenzie Taylor Ivy Wolfe Chloe Temple For all my NYC People! Part 2
10/02/22I think she is drop dead gorgeous and she is 100% a option For all my NYC People! Part 2
10/02/22I'm interested now she is hot Arabella Raphael going on Hiatus
10/02/22The show was good quicksilver is a good actor Would you rather? Kristina Rose or Trinity St Clair.
10/01/22Tryst is one of us with the job title lol Kendra Lust
10/01/22jealous 100% Kendra Lust
10/01/22you know by experience? Arabella Raphael going on Hiatus
10/01/22WTF is Trinity cooking with all those carrots,cucumbers,and corn? some pussy soup? lol Would you rather? Kristina Rose or Trinity St Clair.
10/01/22yeah I don't belive she scamming but IDK she need to update that 1992 Yo! MTV Raps website and not ask for a deposit less the appointment is confirmed Kendra Lust
10/01/22I'm a network Engineer for all of the northeast Amazon warehouse's believe me I deal with a lot of dumb shit!! lol Kendra Lust
10/01/22Good info! Arabella Raphael going on Hiatus
10/01/22can we trade lives for one day lol I have a cute kid you can hangout with her lol Kendra Lust
09/30/22A lot of these providers don't look like they use to and they use old photos or the agency uses old photos gotta go to their Twitter or if you can OF smh Spencer Scott Tour/Don’t Be Fooled by Pictures
09/30/22Correct it's ashamed we gotta get verified and research so many platforms for one hobby hopefully we can recruit some providers to join us here For all my NYC People! Part 2
09/30/22DC has been getting some love lately also Where do you want providers to tour?
09/30/22kinda happy I don't live in LA I would be broke as shit lol Where do you want providers to tour?
09/30/22**Pegging-400** I Know you def copping this!! CTFU Best Rimming Provider?
09/30/22We gotta stop killing each other first! lol Where do you want providers to tour?

here's Lauren Phillips list 



Outfit request-200


Greece to Paris(round trip)-400



Rimming (you or me)-400



BBFS-400 (must be tested within 7 days on ) 


Best Rimming Provider?
09/30/22porn star experience smh I don't know man maybe let email her a find out what's the difference lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22What kind of dressing she toss your salad with? Lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22Omg her butt implants look so damn weird LOL That Was a Quick DJ Career
09/29/22Now I have to Google her lol That Was a Quick DJ Career
09/29/22Looks like this month was only Scarlett Hampton on AIA anyways Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22at least she got a open menu lol you know all dudes on here want is greek and bbfs lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22even PSE is a add-on like da-fuq!?? lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22she got packages too lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22What about AIA? Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22She going back to rocking the mic? CTFU That Was a Quick DJ Career
09/29/22Lauren Phillips has it as a add-on lol Best Rimming Provider?
09/29/22there are a few coming to chicago I'll keep a eye out and join the list Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22too windy lol Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22super hot Karla Kush in Hartford CT Oct 6th-Nov 30th
09/29/22be careful with US too they catch shit all the time also Syphilis Update: Be Cautious of Europe Providers
09/29/22I know the struggle I misses out on so many good ones before I knew how to do research or groups like this For all my NYC People! Part 2
09/29/22DR has sex resorts also I have a girl and a kid so those type of adventures are gone for me as for now probably done with the hobby til like next year as well with all the holidays coming up but I'll keep a look out to help you guys Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/29/22incall they were both in NYC on the same dates they didn't even know each other lol Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/22She does it a lot in her videos so I don't see why not I had a few threesomes and they been pretty over rated this one was fun and good Jesse is a good time really silly made me laugh a couple times where I had to stop lol also talks dirty as shit Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/22Both deep throaters lol Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/22Bbfs yes with test I'm too old for msog lol so idk I can ask video is also a maybe Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/22She still stuck in that sink?! LMAO Shotgun blast, but any name here?
09/28/22Your whole list is awesome except Joslyn James she doesn't do it for me PS I met
09/28/22She's amazing all the way around personality,sex, and looks drop dead hot hopefully she comes back she's on a break and might not PS I met
09/28/22I paid for 1 but left way after 2 hours lol Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/223k for 1 hr 5 for 2 Jesse Pony / Natalie Knight review
09/28/22You never know 8 years is a long...time and I'm addicted to porn on the low lol Eva Lovia
09/28/22Ok gotcha Ashley Peaks Review
09/28/22Can't wait til her a Zoey make a move over here lol Ashley Peaks Review
09/28/22I'm a freak! Lol Eva Lovia
09/28/22Will be meeting her today will leave a review afterwards Jesse Pony in NYC
09/28/22My girlfriend looks just like her lol I would never tell her that lol Eva Lovia
09/28/22Lol the shit does look like a 1992 website but if you email her for a updated list she'll give it to you Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/28/22The only legal brothels are in Nevada Legal prostitution USA
09/27/22You can go to and pick Pittsburgh as the city or tryst links also porn companions has Pittsburgh as a city alluring intros also has a Pittsburgh section Pittsburgh
09/27/22Like the post king makes? They're pornstars that are touring Porn Stars to Lookout for
09/27/22Yeah for $400 more you can have a double lol Jennifer White review
09/27/22But her list is just as good or better than Lourdes Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22Lol she's only 53 a few years older than Brandi love Lisa ann etc. Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22You're a brave man to complete that perfection model verification I couldn't do it without cursing them out lol Jennifer White review
09/27/22Jennifer White is also on Pamela peaks site for LA and Vegas Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/27/22Jennifer White is a yes she's on Lourdes Pornstar Escorts -- Lets do some recruiting bros
09/26/22I give them huge tips....the tip of this DICK LOL no but seriously I think bringing a gift or getting one off their wishlist would go a longer way Tipping
09/26/22Even though she's 4' 11" not 5' lol PC always gets the height wrong they got Harley Dean as 5'5" I'm 6'2" and she was damn near eye to eye with me UTR JA New York (PC)
09/26/22Heeeyy!! I WAS RIGHT LOL UTR JA New York (PC)
09/26/22All 3 at once lmao Need advice
09/26/22Measurements sound like Joanna Angel but I'm just guessing lol UTR JA New York (PC)
09/25/22It's Aiden Ashley Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/25/22I've ask them a few times and they always told me Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/25/22I mean I get both sides of the story if you dig deeper but if they were smart they would team start their own production company and make sure girl get residuals instead of bitching about how you made it Lana Rhoades BTS on the Industry
09/24/22Yeah plus the height and measurements don't add up Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/24/22I seen a list from like 2010 where top tier names were like $400-$700 0 How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22I just started this Summer don't want to think about how much I spent or even try to add it up lol but all of it was side hustle money I eventually broke even How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?
09/24/22It use to be Alexia Anders but she is not UTR anymore Email them they'll tell you Who’s the UTR AA on PC?
09/23/22it says 1500 on the eros ad that's standard now and for all and great reviews sounds like a must to me Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/23/22I knew king was joking lol Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/23/22I give a bitch 10k you my wife now ctfu Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/23/22def seems like a 100% freak Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/23/22according to her she's rated number 1 lol Jade Jayden NYC tour!
09/23/22not only that just plastic surgery,age,etc. especially some agency they use old photos not trying to say any names out of respect but some of the ads is not who they are now ATF's that don't look the same?

now this is a girl worth 2k-3k I don't know what the hell is on the mind of some of these other providers lol


Nikki Benz is BACK!!! Providing to Maybe?
09/22/22you mean thanks for squirting the word...pun intended ;) LMAO Fake Cytherea Scam
09/22/22get the latex free Durex real feel or Trojan bare skin closes thing to BBFS STDs are Going Up
09/20/22Lauren Phillips Msog-200 Pse-200 Outfit request-200 FIA-200 Greece to Paris(round trip)-400 Greek-400 Filming/photos-400 Rimming (you or me)-400 Pegging-400 CIP-400 BBFS-400 (must be tested within 7 days on ) Your Greek experiences
09/20/22She hot Westcoast got the best options! Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery
09/19/22Speak for yourself some agencies are straight assholes and forget that we are the CUSTOMERS but you guys are great Follow the rules
09/17/22Lol I looked it up wasn't on there so I asked the provider What does Greece to Paris full trip mean?
09/17/22It means switching holes back and forth I got it What does Greece to Paris full trip mean?
09/17/22Great post thanks 2022 reviews
09/16/22List too long to DM what area you looking for? Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22Yeah they basically cursed at me I had to put them in their place like you wouldn't have that same energy with me if we was face to face Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22I have the list on my email Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22They have a damn "elite list" that you can't even book until you pass 2 appointments not to include you have to give them money before booking an appointment and whoever is promoting Brandi Love is a asshole too Lourdes May be Screwing Up
09/16/22I used to wanna fuck the shit out of Lacey Duvalle now I wouldn't fuck her with your dick and someone else pushing lol sometimes we gotta let the legends go... Would Ava Devine be worth the money now?
09/16/22Stop kissing ass! Ctfu Lets have some fun in Nashville
09/16/22When I seen Zoey Sinn she was in sweat pants and cropped sweat shirt I liked it made me more relaxed like her being in that chill mode Do we care what a provider is wearing?
09/14/22She was utr Alexia Anders
09/14/22Yeah these prices are getting ridiculous even the 1500 minimum Alexia Anders
09/13/22I would love to see her also I think she's hot Jesse Pony in NYC
09/10/22Great topic BTW we need more of these Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22Yeah I would love to do it but I never wanted to go by myself but all my friends ain't shit and are broke lol Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22Jill Kelly use to provide like 2013 and I just missed out Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22There's these resorts in Dominican Republic where you get to choose from a group of girls to be with and also get a duo or you can pay to switch girls every day wish I could've afforded in my 20s now that I have a kid don't think I could swing it maybe when she's older it was also on playboy tvs 100 things you need to do in life Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22Damn all these down votes?? Fucking cornballs!! Planning to book for Exxxotica
09/07/22Alexis Texas going be there maybe I'll get her Number this time and not bitch she a like 2 others are the only ones I know that list is trash lol Planning to book for Exxxotica
09/07/22According to Tryst rharri is $900 [email protected] found this Email also Planning to book for Exxxotica
09/07/22I took my Ex's virginity and it took like a year and a half to get her to be the freak I needed lol she was such a prude New Escort Auctioning Virginity
09/07/22Who the fuck would want to pay for a Virgin? Lol New Escort Auctioning Virginity
09/07/22Same the condom threw me off a few times so Cali would be my atf if not for that besides being unrealistically hot and incredible sex she treats like a person more than another client I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/07/22Well my bad I actually did book Jenna Foxx room for this NYC tour but the price was around a hour and half and considering I seen a few different times it was like a major discount I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/07/22Paris Bank everything covered basically a escort not worth the 1200 get an Elite I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22Yeah definitely she top 2 on every site probably from the memes lol Riley Reid
09/06/22Yeah I usually don't write them or read reviews unless they're bad all the details about what happened is weird I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22Jenna Starr is worth booking just from the BJ skills alone lol I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22Cali Carter is super awesome personality and sex wise no complaints at all I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22She said was taking a break so I don't know if from providing all together I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22Yeah no emojis I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22There's a reason I didn't hit review when selecting a topic and this forum is only for "reviews" I missed it because only 3 people have left a review I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22This the first time I ever pulled the trigger I missed out on a lot in the past I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22I was trying to book Cali again but she canceled her tour I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22That's a lot of reviews are you trying to book all of them? Lol I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22But also a couple of these dates didn't cost me anything I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22If you ever watched any rap videos my work probably has been in there I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22I'm a regional IT manager for Amazon but I get most of my extra cash from Ebay and T-Shirt company I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22You can DM me if you want and ask any questions I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22You can DM me if you want and ask any questions I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22I've met her her bj game is worth the price alone personality is a little straight to point which is alright with just compared to other PS I met that were very friendly and liked to chat and whole lot of ass so bring your A game Jenna Starr NYC Tour
09/06/22Prices are crazy now I was looking at a list from 09-2010 and prices were $300-$500 for top names wish I started sooner lol1 Eva notty
09/06/22I can agree one of the best Jenna Starr NYC Tour
09/05/22Thought the same thing but she'll email you right back Pamela Peaks?
09/04/22Use the Email Tryst provided and ask her lol Nicole Aniston
09/04/22I can't believe most of thr going rates are 1500 when I have no clue who 90% of them even are...but yeah 2k or more you better be on that top 10 list Kalani Kai Worth 2K
09/03/22Can you say motorboat? Lol Ashlyn Peaks available in Miami and Ft Lauderdale
09/03/22I got turned down by a provider for being Hispanic lol and she was white so idk wtf she wanted lol Race When Picking Provider
09/03/22After reading Uma reviews I would say Holly Would You Rather? Holly Hendrix or Uma Jolie
09/03/22she's also providing independently Pornstar Escorts to Lookout For
09/01/22what a dickhead NYC Provider Attacked/Verification
09/01/22 Carmen Rae/Chloe Temple
09/01/22God Damn she's hot! Skye Blue

looks like she still does has a schedule on her site and all

Sara Jay
09/01/22Signed up with Lourdes to access their provider list. Chose Allie Nicole and built a trip to Miami around it. She spent the promised three hours with me though no services were provided. I feel robbed. I do not recommend her lastest review Allie Nicole Touring
08/31/22Definitely knock a lot off my bucket list hot black girl atf pornstar threesome and sexy teen lol Asian has to be next I Def got all the money back but like king said it becomes repetitive and less fun Providers Are a Luxury
08/31/22She was doing pregnant porn ctfu Kelsi Monroe
08/31/22Def missed out on Cali Carter was her last tour too Pornstar in Chicago
08/31/22100% with more to come lol Carmen Rae/Chloe Temple
08/31/22I guess I didn't wanna miss out on opportunities as in the pass when looking for my atf I Def did Providers Are a Luxury
08/31/22I never paid for sex til I seen I got to book cali Carter then it was Zoey Sinn then a duo with Jenna Starr/Rachael Cavalli then Jenna Foxx and hazel Moore all in the same month lol I definitely got tired and burnt out to the point I didn't even watch porn Providers Are a Luxury
08/31/22TER had a review on April of this year try both Gmail account if not dm her Twitter lol Rharri Rhound
08/31/22Jade skyy
120% freak bbbj, bbfs with test Greek is included $800/hr and her deep game is 100% on point she sucked me off to the balls and let me cum in her mouth to finish
Recommendations in New York
08/31/22She got all bad reviews as a time waster which sounds accurate when trying to book her she would 1 word reply to the point it got annoying and I said F it... Allie Nicole Touring
08/30/22Luna worth the 2k kinda VR Tour Dates
08/30/22Not even close to being worth the 2500/hr she is charging VR Tour Dates
08/30/22BBFS or BBBJ? Jenna Starr
08/29/22I did a double with her a Rachael Cavalli she kinda stand off and straight to the point but sex was great she made go limp when she was on top from riding me so hard but I would 100% book again off the BJ alone best I ever had Jenna Starr
08/24/22that's another thing about this hobby you think of the girl in all the videos and need do research on what they currently look like, like all all those Maddy Oreilly posting with old photos then you go on her twitter and it's not the same Rebel Lynn?

alexia anders is available close second lol

Alleged LuLu Chu Contacted EA
08/23/22They suck until you become verified and actually book a appointment with then then after they've been pretty good no reviews they just added her and a few others recently Rebel Lynn?
08/23/22Where's it say they're on tour or providing? Exxxotica Edison NJ
08/23/22She still fuck tge same? Lol Exxxotica Edison NJ
08/23/22There's a huge list of who's attending on the actual website but these are the only one's I know 100% that will be providing Exxxotica Edison NJ
08/23/22She reminds me a little bit of Brooke Wylde I had a little addiction to her videos lol Welcome to the Tryst Family All Natural Blonde Susie Stellar
08/21/22You calling me out Tryst? Lol Planning Ahead
08/21/22You're more brave than me as soon as I see blood I'm limp lol but I guess you not getting a refund lol Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22Jojo Kiss Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22I met hazel Moore she was a sweetheart Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me

I can second this, so far I ask her about our appointment, which she said she is canceling and will be refunding my deposit soon.

we'll see.

Sommer Isabella (Warning --Deposit Issues)
08/19/22location says miami? Elite Companion Spotlight: Tori Hendrix
08/19/22it got burned down! lol Reddit
08/18/22We also had this discord that was kind of like social media I.enjoy the off convos we had and the off topics but yeah not enough interaction for me on EA so far Reddit
08/17/22Honestly I feel weird watching a video of a girl I been with lol Has the Hobby Decreased or Increased your porn watching?
08/17/22like I said good luck trying to book her, her agent is a real asshole Brandi Love
08/17/22good luck trying to set that up the people handling her bookings are horrible and are like pulling teeth to get a reply from! Brandi Love
08/15/22I paid one girl through PayPal and selected pay in 4 option lol another one I put on the PayPal credit lol Has it Gotten to This Point?
08/13/22[email protected] Christina Savoy Touring Boston & Los Angeles
08/13/22Most of them are smart enough to tell you choose friends and family lol Deposits
08/13/22Tried booking her when she was around just like Allie Nicole real flaky on responding and horrible at communicating that is enough to me to explain how they'll be as a provider and I was good Christina Savoy Touring Boston & Los Angeles
08/11/22Can't believe they all go to club risqué that place is 100% trash lol well all strip clubs are Monique Alexander Dance/Tour Schedule
08/09/22I'm going miss Kenzie Taylor fucking covid! Went the whole 2 years and avoided it til now smh Pornstar Escort to Lookout For
08/08/22Yes her measurements said DD! She was a UTR reasons why I had to find out who it was but I can go down the hood and find a skinny Spanish girl for free lol Veronica Rodiriquez NYC 8/9-8/11
08/06/222500/hr Vina Sky
08/06/22no experience just the way she looks you can get way better for 1000-1500 Amia Miley
08/06/22She went from a 10 to a 6 anyways lol Phoenix Marie
08/06/22YES she too expensive def not worth $1700 let alone $1000 Amia Miley
08/05/22where is she located it's not on the site? Elite Companion Spotlight: Jazzy Gold
08/05/22not from Twitter at all a few is from me messaging them the rest are from agencies just gather the list for myself and all in the area For all my NYC People!
08/04/22Yeah I'm loving her videos For all my NYC People!
08/04/22ctfu...she took this down already bi-polar is right! Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
08/04/22those maddy pictures are all lies!! lol Pornstar Escorts to LookOut For
08/04/22just found another UTR and found out who it is they want 3K and aren't even built like that or popular anymore Sybil Stallone
08/02/22Too bad she bailed on that DC trip smh Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
08/01/22Get there early get a drink in you not drunk though just enough to take the edge off if you don't drink then still get there early and do something to take your mind off of it watch some funny videos on YouTube Sara Jay Meeting
08/01/22I wouldn't even pay 10k for Halle Berry so no lol Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
08/01/22??I can Def see that with dome of her interviews Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
08/01/22She also wants a $500 deposit fuck that! Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
07/27/22Yeah confirmed 2500 Brett Rossi experiences?
07/27/22No review but she's expensive like 2k/hr I believe Brett Rossi experiences?
07/25/22Once you're verified they are good but if not they are horrible at communicating Is PC worthy the hassle?
07/25/22She was my first porn star experience very good and communicating and the other guy is right she gave me her google number which she still replies to she was an awesome time as well and let me up early I booked directly and will again when she's around she gives the full PSE Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
07/24/22Worst with communication Allie Nicole? Any one have any information on her?
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