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08/07/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Stephanie West
08/06/22 Pornstar Escort to Lookout For
08/05/22 Elite Companion Spotlight: Jazzy Gold
08/04/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: India Summer
08/04/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #10: Incalls
08/03/22 Elite Escorts to Look Out For
08/02/22 Elite Companion Spotlight: Brooklyn Monroe
08/02/22 Pornstar Escorts to LookOut For
08/01/22 Sienna West in Houston!!!
08/01/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sienna West
08/01/22 Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
07/31/22 Welcome Ashley Anders to the EA Community
07/30/22 Harley Dean Official Eros Ad
07/30/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Jada Fire
07/29/22 Escort Rules to Live By: Rule #9, Confidence
07/29/22 HCE to Keep a Lookout For
07/28/22 Kimberly Rose Scam in Boston and NJ
07/28/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Connie Perignon
07/27/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #8: Gifts
07/26/22 PS Escorts on Tour
07/25/22 PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/23/22 PS Escort Q&A: Sommer Isabella
07/22/22 Sienna West is Touring Again
07/22/22 PS Escort of the Day: Amy Anderssen
07/21/22 HCE to Keep a LookOut For.
07/21/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #7: Hygiene
07/20/22 PS Escort of the Day: Carmen Valentina
07/19/22 PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/18/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek
07/17/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #6: Outcalls
07/16/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
07/15/22 PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/14/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Miss Raquel
07/12/22 Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/10/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #5: Reviews
07/09/22 PS Escorts To Look Out For
07/05/22 In case it was missed….. Q&A with a PS Escort: Nikki Sexxx
07/03/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #4: Dress Code
07/02/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ebony Mystique
07/01/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #3: Read up on your Escort
06/30/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sara Minx
06/29/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #2: Stay in your Price Range
06/28/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Alia Donovan
06/27/22 PS Escort Q&A: Cytherea
06/27/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Nicolette Shea
06/26/22 Danielle Derek Review
06/25/22 Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #1: Know What You Want
06/25/22 Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sheena Ryder

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08/07/22[email protected] Pornstar Escort of the Day: Stephanie West
08/07/22She’s the standard $1500 for the hour. Catalina Ossa Information
08/07/22I enjoy MYLFs myself, literally can’t get enough of them. So for me age stops at about 65, only ensues I have yet to see Nina Hartley and I’m giving myself plenty of buffer room. Lol Oldest You'll Go
08/07/22PC is the only place, sadly. Pornstar Escort to Lookout For
08/06/22This is a really good question. I get it, when you send a deposit don’t hear from the provider you automatically start think the worst. Shit, I still do that. Question, when did you send the deposit? Confirming/Chasing
08/06/22Bad experience? Amia Miley
08/06/22Oh god! I can’t imagine the amount that would be. Phoenix Marie
08/06/22No. I haven’t seen anything hinting she’s a provider. Sad really, I’d love to see her. Phoenix Marie
08/06/22Try Raven Rose, heard through sources she’s a lot of fun. Houston Recommendations? (PS or non)
08/06/22I wish I had a chance at her. Came into the hobby way to late to experience that fun. Kendra Lust
08/05/22She scammed a lot of clients. It’s very questionable as to why her ad is still up especially since this has been going on for years. Juelz Ventura Eros Scam..... Ad Still Up.
08/05/22Best to go straight to her website. Elite Companion Spotlight: Jazzy Gold
08/05/22Don’t we all. Lol Weekend in Miami
08/05/22Well, you can try Ashley Anders I believe she’s under 1K and sexy as fuck plus she’s right there in Avails. Sexy Vanessa, who I believe is about $700 for the hour. Sila Star who’s $900 for the hour also. Weekend in Miami
08/05/22Is that $600 set in stone or can we go a little higher? Weekend in Miami
08/04/22G.O.A.T For all my NYC People!
08/04/22Yeah, I don’t think so. I follow her on every social media she has and nothing leads me to think she’s a provider. If she is, then she’s super UTR. Amanda Nicole
08/04/22Can we get a review? Just saying “Don’t see her” leaves more to wonder. Sybil Stallone
08/03/22To each there own. I know guys that love spending time with her: Pornstar Escorts to LookOut For
07/31/22Not gonna lie. Body is amazing and the BJ skills is up there with the greatest, but no one is going to pay 10K just for that.  Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?
07/31/22Second this. Saw her on Chcoclate Citi and she caught my attention. Minnie Scarlet review?
07/31/22Haven’t seen anything yet, but I’ll keep an eye out and get back to you. Anya Olsen
07/31/22Soon. Very soon. India Summer in Boston Aug 8-11
07/30/22Oh! Well that’s different I guess. Though the thing about high profilers, is they don’t usually have an expiration date on providing. If they aren’t going anywhere no need to rush. Just my opinion. ATFs worth waiting/ saving for? NYC based

ATFs are worth it especially if their on your list. No money is to much for them, because if you were to see someone else and lose your chance you’ll feel like shit for sure. 

ATFs worth waiting/ saving for? NYC based
07/29/22Thanks for the review. She may be added to my list. Angelina Diamanti
07/29/22That would be a great idea! Sia Lust scam on Eros
07/29/22Thanks for posting this. Sucks this keeps happening to us. Sia Lust scam on Eros

First, know who you want to see.

Second, research that PS.

Third, reach out directly or through agency.

Think if you do this then you’ll be good.

Tips on how to get started into this hobby
07/28/22Saw this, definitely on something. Even if she finds her self an Elon Musk no way they’d go for unless she’s on call with that ass 24/7. Even then she’s selling her ass, so that’s something else. What do you guys think of Victoria Junes Proposal?
07/28/22Oh I know, the stories I’ve heard are legend. Ava Devine UTR?
07/28/22Her email is on her Twitter. Did you email her? Nina Kay
07/28/22Did you try through her OF? Anna Chambers??
07/27/22Surprise when I heard she was married. Thought she wasn’t that kind of woman. Ava Devine UTR?
07/26/22I don’t see anything wrong with asking for a rimjob. Being honest straight from the start is your best option. I recommend doing as much research for the provider as possible before emailing. Most providers won’t answer the first email back if you have any kind of sexual content in it, this is asked at the second email when they know your serious. How to ask for kinks but keep it professional?
07/26/22Shit!! I wish! Alison Tyler Available?
07/26/22Aye! Nice review. Her ass must be way bigger in person. Alycia Starr Review
07/25/22Saw that same clip. If I had the chance I definitely would do that. Never know what could happen and it’s a good chance you’ll be looked at as bold as hell. Is Bringing an Escort to an event smart?
07/25/22What you looking for? Recommendation
07/25/22I think it depends on the escort. Booked Sheena Ryder once and it took her two weeks to get back to me. Rule of thumb though is at least a week in advance. Booking: How far in advance?
07/25/22Yup! Saw that happen. Talked to that guy. Told me that entire experience was nutz. PS Escorts of the Day: Kristina Rose
07/22/22Holy fuck!! Sienna West is Touring Again
07/22/22Yeah, that’s why I put for “some” to enjoy. Not really made for everyone. Sienna West is Touring Again
07/22/22What sites are already there? Curious. Trustable escort sites in Africa ?
07/21/22@NunziatoLindi. There has been rumors of her providing but nothing concrete. @MeetLexiStone, does frequent FMTY and is sexy as hell. @YourMissMonroe, constantly touring and will have no problem jumping on a plane to Singapore. High-end escorts/pornstars in Singapore
07/21/22It might be, if you ask. PS Escort of the Day: Carmen Valentina
07/21/22Question. What are you looking for? In a provider I mean.  High-end escorts/pornstars in Singapore
07/21/22Jesus! Welcome. Can’t say I’ve seen a sexier blonde. Welcome the beautiful Sophia Del Mar to the Tryst family
07/20/22When it comes to rejection I always see it as that’s just one provider. There are plenty of others that’ll see me. Rejection
07/19/22If this guy is smart, he’ll say yes to this. India summer will be the best time of your life. Panama city Florida
07/18/22I’ve always need 1.5/hr when seeing a provider. I enjoy talking for a little bit and getting to know them making it easier for me to get comfortable. What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/17/22It sucks, but I haven’t heard of any escorts going to Panama. The close I believe the mungo is to Costa Rica. Panama city
07/16/22The erotic review isn’t always as trustworthy as people make it out to be, but it’s better then nothing. Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #5: Reviews
07/16/22How do you personally know her, but are looking for reviews on her. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Cali Carter
07/16/22If they escort then it’s a good chance they videocall. Can I ask, why videocall if you can see them? Any escorts that do videocalls?
07/15/22I’ve heard some tales about her and let me say, these rumors may be right in the money. Are the Rumors about Casca Akashova True?
07/15/22You guys have some banger PSs over there. Do you know any over there are are escorting? PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/15/22Doesn’t get more busty then you. Lol Busty MILF escorts?
07/15/22I agree. Men all over the world go to DR just to live like a king in one of your brothels. On top of that the women there part most PS to shame. Does anyone have any information on pornstars in prague and dominican republic?
07/14/22I fucking wish!!!! Haven’t seen anything though. April O’Neil
07/13/22Usually if they say no reviews it isn’t a good sign, but the whole point of a review is basically to know if you’re being scammed or not. You aren’t, only thing to do now is take the plunge. Hailey Madison NYC
07/13/222K and no kissing. That’s a pass. Megan Rain
07/13/22Ava Devine. I will always regret not getting into the hobby sooner. So Who Are The Girls You Missed Out On?
07/12/22Same! Haven’t heard anything bad. Victoria Cakes worth it?
07/12/22Bet your ass they were. Elite Companion: Sila Star Review
07/10/22Karia went down. Her price use to be 4,444. Which is pretty crazy, but she’s aiming for the high rollers so I guess it make sense. PS Escorts To Look Out For
07/08/22Trsyt has all the gems. Lexi Lore first time in NYC Aug 15-19
07/08/22Does she @manmountain. I tried booking a long time ago, but got stopped by her assistant saying she no longer escorted.  So sad that none of my favorites escort.
07/08/22Go into the experience with confidence. Most people would be nervous going in affecting their performance, if you go in their confident ready for the time of your life you’ll definitely have a good time.  Booked Ivy Wolfe

Bro, your list is one of legend. I’ve always wanted to see Nina, her in-depth tutorials along with her amazing body would make for a great time.

So sad that none of my favorites escort.
07/07/22Holy shit!! Definite book right here. Welcome Hot Ass HollyWood to the Tryst family
07/03/22Curious about this question also. Never dealt with them before. Chocolate citi models
07/03/22My guy…… Does anyone has ever requested extreme kinks and fetishes?
07/02/22I mean. It doesn’t sound like a bad offer. The BBFS alone would be enough for some, but that Greek is pretty tempting. Anyway, paying an extra $500 for these offers a pretty standard. extras
07/01/22If not this way, then you can go through her official site which is on her Twitter and click inquire which also emails her directly. So you have an abundant of choices. Sky Pierce through PC
07/01/22Oh! Well, she gave you the email in her stories so it’s fair game to use that. Whether is goes to her or PC is up in the air. Now what you could do, is DM her directly through either her IG Twitter which is a better chance of getting back to her. Sky Pierce through PC
07/01/22It sucks, but for some reason not a lot of PSs or elite companions go to KC. Kansas City Pornstar Escorts?
07/01/22Can I ask, what IG? There are a couple of fake ones out there and it even fooled me when I started out? Sky Pierce through PC
07/01/22Aye! She got a boob job. I remember when she was flat to all hell, thought that was kind of her trademark. Could have went big at any time in porn. Kapri Styles
06/28/22Really great to have you here. Hello Everyone
06/28/22I haven’t seen her, but I’ve heard good things. Put it this way, you won’t be wasting your money. Have anyone been with Nina Elle?
06/25/22After being in the industry for so long, you are still a knockout. SquirtWoman #1 Squirt Queen is here
06/25/22My goodness I love that woman. It only took me seeing her one time to get me hooked. Can’t wait to see her again. India Summer in Los Angeles

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