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12/06/22 Kaden Kole
10/27/22 My PSE List

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11/29/22GG is also available on P411 under a different name. Isabella Preslie. Angelina May (Gigi)

she's not providing at the moment.


Nina Elle
11/20/22I saw her in September. Nice time. Not sure if I'll repeat, though. Definitely worth a one time encounter. Sexy Vanessa

Favorite PS in terms of filmography or private session ?


Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/06/22every single penny. she's raised her rates across the board. it starts at $1500 for the first hour. What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?

$2500 / hour on Mz Dani

$2k / 4 hours on Valentina Bellucci

$1800 / 2 hours on Jade Jayden

$1700/hour on Blair Williams via PC.


What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/05/22i showed her my test results and she understood. My PSE List
11/05/22rough pse ? possibly My PSE List
11/05/22bbfs ? yes....+$500 My PSE List
11/02/22Yes, age is a factor for some providers because there are significant maturity issues with men below the age of 30. It's a trend that's seen everywhere and not just the hobby. Lack of self-awareness and being pushy is incredibly off putting to providers. Limits of certain providers
10/30/22$1700/hour. No specific upcharge for bbfs as long as you don't go blabbing to Trinity/PC or AIA. I got tested within two weeks of my meeting with her and showed her my results. My PSE List
10/28/22one hour My PSE List
10/28/22Is that a question ? If so, yes. My PSE List
10/28/22She's looked like an angel with member in her mouth. My PSE List
10/16/22*+ve Pornstar Escort of the Day: Mz Dani
10/12/22I don't know of anyone who has given Mz Dani a +be review. I saw her and I can assure you that it's a subpar session. Lighting your money on fire would is preferable to spending money on Mz Dani. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Mz Dani
09/21/22Holly Berry....no upcharge for Greek.

She's semi-retired and doesn't see anybody new.
Your Greek experiences

Thank me later. She's on p411 as well.
IG model
09/17/22I saw her last year in Tampa. She's really cool. Great time. Highly recommend. She's in Vegas nowadays. Carmen Valentina
09/04/22It's $2.5k/hour with a $1k deposit. I'm scheduled to meet her tomorrow. Mz. Dani offering FMTY
09/04/22$2.5k/hour with a $1k deposit. Mz. Dani in Vegas
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