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12/18/22 My 2022 List
12/17/22 Ashlyn Peaks Review
12/06/22 Kaden Kole
10/27/22 My PSE List

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Sexy Vanessa ?


Who is the oldest pornstar to escort?
03/26/23$2500/hour. One pop only. No kissing. No BBFS (despite the fact that I had a gold panel test from TTS Miami). Rude. $1000 deposit. Invest that shit in TSCO, PayPal, ASML, ACLS or I Bonds. Mz Dani and Uptown Jenny duo?
03/19/23I would not recommend a solo meet with Mz Dani. Waste of money. A duo with Uptown Jenny might be worth it, though. Mz Dani and Uptown Jenny duo?
03/12/23I'm in healthcare IT and I make $125k / year. It's not much when you live in an area with a HCOL. I've had a decent run so far, though. How much do you make to afford this hobby?
03/02/2329 How Old were you when you started this hobby?

good ole us-east-1 of AWS acting up again, huh ?


P411 Down
02/27/23Would love to meet the legendary India Summer in Miami. Working on Tour Cities for 2023
02/17/23She did incalls in Chicago when I met her. Lana Sharapova 3 Week New York Stay
02/15/23@king-sama4u2nv : the truth is, in common laws systems....you can sneak in almost any sort of provisions into contracts as long as it doesn't nakedly run afoul of the law. NDA’s Normal?
02/15/23She is from Atlanta......I don't think she likes the place anymore because it's gone a sea change in the past 10 years or so. Kaden Kole No Longer Touring Atlanta
02/13/23Absolute goddess. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ashlyn Peaks
02/11/23I think she has link on her IG bio. Review-Aubrey Black
02/11/23Active PSEs - date ? Yes. Engagement ring or wedding band ? No.

Retired PSEs - yes to both.
Would you ever date a pornstar?
02/11/23That physique is just so righteous. Ashlyn Peaks Review
02/10/23I think she's still waiting for her new tits to heal. She got surgery last December and she also told me about a visit LA for some follow up work. Didn't get the exact. I don't think she's posted any new ads. Kaden Kole in NYC
02/10/23I think she's in a relationship. She only g/g stuff nowadays and has quit the providing scene. Candice Dare

Short answer, yes.

Long answer, it's complicated.

Is it Getting Harder to be Grandfathered in These Days?
01/19/23I met last month. BBBJ. Kaden Kole Official NYC Move
01/19/23She's on hiatus until her boobs heal.
She usually responds to my texts and I haven't heard a peep in over a month and half.
Her earliest come back date is February.
Kaden Kole in Los Angeles
01/19/23Mz Dani What pornstar have you been with that was a TOTAL LET DOWN?
12/18/22She's on Eros and IG as well. Miami based model My 2022 List
12/18/22Fun. My 2022 List
12/18/22Providers will offer cut rate prices for guaranteed moolah. Has ANYONE ever bought a girl for a whole week?
12/17/22I already did.

Kaden Kole
Ashlyn Peaks
Are you gonna fuck a PS before Christmas!
12/12/22I'd need 3 pct of your profits, though. Do You Use Income Tax Money on Providers?

Invest that cheddar in paper I Bonds. Hell, the IRS and Treasury actually grease the skids for you on that one. The Fed Reserve's aim of 2 pct inflation is a pipe dream. We're lucky if inflation stays at 5 pct for the foreseeable future.


Do You Use Income Tax Money on Providers?
12/10/22I don't know. I just hope to get the grandfathered rate. Kaden Kole
12/08/22I met her 4 days before her procedure. She's out until February - March. Kaden Kole New Tits!!!
12/08/22There is a number on her Eros ad. She usually responds within a reasonable timeframe. Kaden Kole New Tits!!!
11/29/22GG is also available on P411 under a different name. Isabella Preslie. Angelina May (Gigi)

she's not providing at the moment.


Nina Elle
11/20/22I saw her in September. Nice time. Not sure if I'll repeat, though. Definitely worth a one time encounter. Sexy Vanessa

Favorite PS in terms of filmography or private session ?


Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/06/22every single penny. she's raised her rates across the board. it starts at $1500 for the first hour. What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?

$2500 / hour on Mz Dani

$2k / 4 hours on Valentina Bellucci

$1800 / 2 hours on Jade Jayden

$1700/hour on Blair Williams via PC.


What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/05/22i showed her my test results and she understood. My PSE List
11/05/22rough pse ? possibly My PSE List
11/05/22bbfs ? yes....+$500 My PSE List
11/02/22Yes, age is a factor for some providers because there are significant maturity issues with men below the age of 30. It's a trend that's seen everywhere and not just the hobby. Lack of self-awareness and being pushy is incredibly off putting to providers. Limits of certain providers
10/30/22$1700/hour. No specific upcharge for bbfs as long as you don't go blabbing to Trinity/PC or AIA. I got tested within two weeks of my meeting with her and showed her my results. My PSE List
10/28/22one hour My PSE List
10/28/22Is that a question ? If so, yes. My PSE List
10/28/22She's looked like an angel with member in her mouth. My PSE List
10/16/22*+ve Pornstar Escort of the Day: Mz Dani
10/12/22I don't know of anyone who has given Mz Dani a +be review. I saw her and I can assure you that it's a subpar session. Lighting your money on fire would is preferable to spending money on Mz Dani. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Mz Dani
09/21/22Holly Berry....no upcharge for Greek.

She's semi-retired and doesn't see anybody new.
Your Greek experiences

Thank me later. She's on p411 as well.
IG model
09/17/22I saw her last year in Tampa. She's really cool. Great time. Highly recommend. She's in Vegas nowadays. Carmen Valentina
09/04/22It's $2.5k/hour with a $1k deposit. I'm scheduled to meet her tomorrow. Mz. Dani offering FMTY
09/04/22$2.5k/hour with a $1k deposit. Mz. Dani in Vegas
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