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chances are if you’re being threatened by a “husband” it’s Athena Palomino herself. She had a husband she is getting a divorce with but she’s using that as an excuse. I dated her for around 6 months where she had been telling me she was doing fan meet & greets and private “fetish” work which I wasn’t comfortable with but believed her. 

Around 5 months into the relationship I did some digging and found this website and several others with reviews so I confronted her to which she stated you all were lying and not to believe strangers on the internet, then eventually she slowly began gaslighting me into thinking I was insane and did everything in her power to attempt to emasculate me or convince me that I was insane and should be institutionalized. 

The threats are likely because she wanted to continue her relationship with me but the genie was already out of the bottle. 

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