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01/23/23I'm looking for her on Private Delights too, tried searching but no luck Spencer Bradley in New York
01/18/23Wonder if this has to do with the procedure I think she talked about on socials, think she was getting a BBL or something? Connie Perignon on Hiatus
12/30/22On AIA she's 1.6K with 400 deposit New Years Resolutions “Provider Addition”
12/29/22@dmu was gonna try to DM you, but it's not working, any brief details? guessing you went through Lourdes? Jennifer White Dancing
12/29/22She's been on my list for a while but negative reviews I've seen have deterred me from taking the plunge by now Jennifer White Dancing
12/28/22Just an update for this list, I reached out to Armani Black via the number on her Eros listing and she said she's not going to be in Vegas. Her socials say otherwise but again, those were from a few weeks ago so guessing something came up or she changed her mind. AVN Lineup/ Hotel References
12/22/22If my memory is right, it was like 350 for an hour. so I guess it may be a case of getting what you pay for, but that was typical for the higher end providers here, ranging between 350-600 for the hour Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sophia Deluxe
12/22/22Saw her once in Toronto, and can confirm that she's not all she's cracked up to be IMO. I accept some fault as I got lost and was trying to find the hotel she was at but I did keep her posted. Got to the room and I was reminded of how I was late, so I apologized and went to shower. Came back, as I'm drying off and making small talk, I was scolded for using my towel that I just dried off with for wiping my face because it touched my areas below the belt. I rebutted with well, if I've showered and cleaned properly, it shouldn't be an issue. 

Proceed to the main even, was promised bbbj, got cbj, she seemed very disinterested throughout the entire session, I just kept trying to enjoy it as much as I could because I did pay for it. All in all, after I finished, she seemed to open up a bit more and be a bit more social, but for me at that point it was too little, too late. Won't repeat personally.
Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sophia Deluxe
12/20/22Was tempted to give her a go, but now seeing she doesn't offer PSE, kind of a lunchbox letdown Connie Perignon Rate Increases
12/09/22got an email that AVN had a special rate for today, don't know when the deadline was but looked like 209 a night for a room at resorts world which may not be a bad thing if you can just take an elevator up and down from the convention. had I not already had a room booked elsewhere I would've done that. 

Also, anyone got any info on where to inquire about Caitlin Bell, Lilly Hall, and/or Armani Black? Checked the usual spots and the only place I ever recall seeing either was on Eros and I'm trying to avoid all sketchiness lol
AVN Lineup/ Hotel References
11/25/22I'm guessing she does, if you go to the website in her twitter bio, and click more at the top, there is a screening form... just speculating and putting 2 and 2 together Kristine 38N & UTR Duos Pittsburg
11/21/22Where'd you see this amigo? Aria Lee
11/15/22I saw the exact same thing a while back, was curious myself, but I believe I saw on her socials she relocated to Cali, again pure speculation on my part but yeah i'm curious as well. Spencer Bradley?
10/02/22Toronto, Canada, I've seen a couple here, Amy Anderssen lived here at one point and I had seen Sophia Deluxe before but not nearly enough roll through here. I think it used to be better when some strip clubs had feature dance schedules but it's dried up a lot. Where do you want providers to tour?
09/26/22Based on that description, I'm guessing Joanna Angel, pretty sure she's based out of NYC or around there and the measurements fit UTR JA New York (PC)
09/12/22definitely go the twitter route. They will not mention anything about it on OF Lilly James
09/11/22Yeah Spencer Bradley I'm dying for, but can't go the OF route, and tried snapchat but rarely if ever got an answer I made a list of pornstars who escort.
09/11/22Any intel on where to go even with referral or how to find out the process there? Figured it was a longshot asking lol I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/22/22Good Lord. Nikki Benz that’s a dream but my only concern is that she’s too high up there for me to feel like she’s actually enjoying herself lol just doing a favor for a peasant lol I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/17/22Is her number public somewhere? Or did you book through agency first and then she gave it to you afterwards? I searched her and saw a couple online but would rather go to her directly as opposed to agency first tbh danielle derek
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