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08/05/22I agree. Unless I had a bad experience with one provider it is difficult to rank them for sure. Top ATFs?
08/05/22I cannot believe I missed out on the time where Kimmy was active. I don’t think she ever made it my way though but it is great to hear that she’s cool! Top ATFs?
08/05/22I hope she gets the break she deserves. I’ll just be saving to get those 3 hours of bare fun with her again. Brenna Sparks No Longer Escorting?
08/05/22Makes sense. Her crypto entrepreneurship is DEEP. I do remember when I met her she said she had difficult focusing on her portfolio and company as she was booked thoroughly Brenna Sparks No Longer Escorting?
08/04/22Oh that’s a good idea. If I don’t jerk off before I’ll nut in like 10 minutes and take forever to get back up. For some reason jerking off before let’s me last longer but the weird part is I usually can get hard quicker to make the MSOG worth Athena Palomino
08/04/22The wig is curious. I do love blondes but she is my type so that’s fine. Sucks you couldn’t finish, did you take viagra? If she ever tours my area I’ll make sure to see her. Is she on other agencies? PC is quite expensive Athena Palomino
08/04/22I’ve seen Daisy before and she was great. I wonder if she will double with Emma, she told me they’re good friends. Take up the offer if it’s on the table boys  For all my NYC People!
08/04/22Any review of Aria Lee? She’s currently someone I want to see Pornstar Escorts to LookOut For
08/04/22Extra 300 could be used for Greek, film, or whatever too right? Hehe Pornstar Escort of the Day: India Summer
07/31/22She is a good time. Should def check her out. Be open with her with what your expectations are Kali roses in NYC
07/31/22I have always been ok with just one 30 minute session. In and out quickly. Sometimes though if the model is very hot I’ll do 1.5 hours if the price is right  What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?

I last saw her last fall. She was great. She seemed pretty high/ sleepy and did vape during our session but it was on the patio while we were chatting. 

her BBBJ was great. Very enthusiastic. DFK. 69 on the table. Let you film. Mish, doggy, CG all great. She also is still shooting as far as I know so she’s pretty clean. BBFS and Greek is on the table but idk how much more it costs. MSOG. 

she has gotten  some plastic surgery and she has lost a ton of weight. Ass is still great. 


Daisy Stone
07/31/22How much extra would BBFS be? Alex Gray - looking for info
07/14/22She does through PC. She even asked to film the session for an amateur video (already released it somewhere, she blurred all of the faces out) Kali Roses
07/14/22I once got black listed by A PSE who has a network for elite companions bc I tested positive for covid and could no longer make the appointment. She demanded I pay a percent of the missed booking or be out on a blacklist. I didn’t pay because I thought not spreading covid was a good reason. Oh well. Still able to see providers so not sure how good that blacklist is  Has anyone been Blacklisted before?

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