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12/16/22Easy to get scammed these days. Like I said I have few times.. Bunny Colby
12/16/22Hacked, from the horses mouth. Hasn't Ben on social media for almost full year.. Bunny Colby
12/15/22i know her personally. and she has been trying to get these fakers down, but everyday fake profiles increase. Bunny Colby
12/07/22According to her, that's not her..and if you read the eris review a yr or so ago..even the one guy who met her said she looked different was a bit ch and tits were not fake.. after one meeting then this review she quit...also it has fake contact numbers..sheibs actually trying to get a the fake profiles taken down..
And there are few that use here pics and ripped off few people in the past..
She has quit all of it, is what I was told by her...and she knows about people getting ripped of too.
Bunny Colby
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