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12/01/22Really? Damn, was thinking of booking her. What was wrong about her? Elite Companions to Lookout For
10/12/22Yeah I figured as much, I mostly did it to test the advice given to me recently. I use the Google app on my phone to reverse image btw. Have I learned?
10/12/22How does it work exactly? Like what’s the process of IKMS? I mostly wanna know cause I want to be discrete Testing
10/10/22Oh my gosh thank you. I’m gonna be honest, I always try to do the research but honestly I still have a lot to learn in the hobby. I didn’t even know you could Google a number. I tried reverse image search but nothing came up for some reason. Thanks! Too Risky?
10/09/22Gonna be honest here. I hate how long I last. I’ve actually had multiple sessions in the past where I didn’t even finish, so I have to either go big with more time or I don’t masturbate for a full week to get the job done while still lasting a good amount of time. Idk if it’s tied to that, but it definitely makes it both worth it in actually finishing AND it definitely feels so much better than a normal climax Is Masturbating Smart Before a Meeting?
09/23/22I just wanna say how cool this is, this really helped me find things out that in struggled to find myself. Thank you for all this EA Update: Enable Notifications!
09/23/22Darn, so does that mean she’s no longer providing since she’s not on there? Anyone know if Violet Starr escorts?
09/22/22I read somewhere that you could book her at some website called Helpubookher or something. Idk what that site is so I didn’t trust it really Anyone know if Violet Starr escorts?
09/16/22Did not know she provided. Definitely gonna book her when I get the chance Carmen Valentina
09/12/22I am rooting for you, because she’s definitely in my top 10 SAVANNAH BOND
09/10/22Oh? I’ll DM you Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/10/22My all time dream would be with Peta Jensen and Alexis Texas, but they don’t provide sadly. Lexi Luna if she were to provide in LA and Brandi Love but I’m not sure if she provides Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/09/22I used Eros and PC. Haven’t heard of Slixa before. As for Tryst agency I was sad to see Lexi Luna wasn’t in LA, she was one of my dream ones lol LA recommendations
09/04/22How would you go about asking Angie? If you don’t mind me asking. Hoping these UTR girls provide ?
09/04/22What do you mean by covered everything exactly? Like bbj? Vina Sky
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