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01/07/23Holly Hendrix WHO’s the best pse for hardcore facefucking?
01/07/23She’s an ATF. Damn. Would’ve been great if she provided. Definitely top 10 all time for me Valerie Kay
01/07/23Bro. You are the luckiest MF out here!!! Who was your first escort ever?
01/07/23Glorious Who was your first escort ever?
12/30/22I have actually seen the video and I can’t help but feel a little repulsed. Like someone else said, it can’t be a rumor if it’s true. I won’t judge anyone who opts for her but the reason that might be the reason behind why her prices are so good. Isabel Moon in New York
12/30/22She is an absolute smoke show. Latinas are my favorite so she is definitely in my wish list Welcome Andreina Deluxe to the Tryst Family
12/30/22I have seen her. Where is a good place to post a review? (I’m new to this site, sorry). Does Aaliyah Hadid provide?
12/30/22Did not meet her but did see her as a feature dancer. She is very beautiful irl. Does Britney Amber still provide?
12/30/22That is exactly how I feel. In my honest opinion, she is the most naturally beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. But with all of that being said, my session was still underwhelming for reasons I won’t go into detail about here. It’s a shame Uma Jolie - looking for some input
12/30/22Damn dude you lucky sob I would cut off my left nut just to see her once and you’ve done it 7-8 times!? Mannnnn life is so not fair lol STOP BOOKING JULEZ VENTURA!!!
12/30/22You are luck asf. She was on my list but I definitely recognize a scam when I see it. Juelz Ventura Eros Scam..... Ad Still Up.
12/30/22What is seeking? How would one go about booking with them? Camila Cortez info?
12/30/22Yes. I want to ?? Luna Starr FMTY
12/30/22What would be her price range? I am very interested. AVN Lineup/ Hotel References
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