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11/17/22Was supposed to this summer for 2k per hour. Texts me 15 minutes before asking if I can push an hour which I agree to. Then, well past the newly agreed upon time, she texts me saying the price is actually 3k because she forgot to include the agency fee. Even though I connected through her personal email. I declined the meeting and wouldn’t look to again. I’m sure it’d be great, but not many reviews of her anywhere. Heather Vahn
11/11/22Have you send proof that she provides? Connie Perignon possibly Deported?
11/06/22Jade Jayden worth it? Was thinking about an hour session with Greek and would love to know! What’s the most you’ve paid for an escort?
11/01/22Will she book same day? Would love to get her in the morning if I can. Any insight? Joslyn James in New York Now
10/16/22Bama Football gotta take out that loss somehow  Joslyn James Alabama
10/12/22https://isabellalux.com/ Isabella Lux-NYC
10/08/22Only downside is no Incall. Not a deal breaker, but unfortunately enough to make me look over while in NYC where rates are absurd. Native American Provider
10/08/22So in jest, you can’t help any potential bookers out? IG model Kiki Doll
10/03/22Christie L’Amour is great. Was 550 for the hour and went 3 times. Legitimately seems to enjoy what she does and wants to make you happy. If she’s not touring I would definitely look into her! Chicago recommendations
10/03/221200 for an hour and 1700 with Greek Shay Sights
10/02/22Maybe a pre 2010 star tab? King putting back on to the classics
10/02/22She looks as you’d expect. Pretty enthusiastic and pretty into it. Covered sex, but after she told me she loves to see your pop. Second time around I finished on her and she loved it. If you have the money , I’d recommend. Shay Sights
09/21/22Polly pons? Nice. Any insight or contact info? Your Greek experiences
09/20/22Extra charge there? If so what was it? Your Greek experiences

Id honestly probably declare chapter 11 for an all inclusive with Angela White and Savannah Bond.I’m not sure if it could get much better than that

Happy Saturday...What if you could?
09/05/22Know her rate and if she offers Greek? May have to give her a shot Danielle Derek NYC
08/20/22Man, she is definitely on the list, but 2500 is steep!  Lexi Luna REVIEW
08/09/22Disappointing as she is totally stunning, but ya gotta respect it!  Madison Ivy
08/04/22Anyone been with Monique Alexander? Might give it a go if it’s worth it. For all my NYC People!
08/03/22I can’t confirm man, but I’d likely say no. With the amount of followers and subs she has, I’d say that would be far fetched unfortunately. If you find out otherwise, though, please inform the forum! Amanda Nicole
07/30/22Very fair point, but I guess I was thinking more so in the terms of high profilers that you shouldn’t miss out on ATFs worth waiting/ saving for? NYC based
07/30/22Contacted Nicole in March and the price has jumped given her “rise”. Also, contacted febby, but the communication hasn’t been great. Worth it? Top Anal Providers?
07/30/22Shay sights and Amy anderssen both in that budget and very beginner friendly  Recommendation
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