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11/07/22Thank you for this post. Fuck these scammers it pisses me off so much Cytherea Scam Page

I am probably one of the nicest girls out there sometimes to a fault. BUT ONE THING that pisses me off more than anything is people fucking over my fans and lying to them or scamming them using my name.

if you want custom videos from me just email me its that simple

Fake Cytherea Scam
08/16/22If she is not requiring a recent clean test then she is gross and your gonna catch something Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #11: BareBack
07/31/22I will fuck you all weekend for Is Teanna Trump worth the 10K?

I am gonna speak on this cause I think that its important to get the point of view from the girl.

Be straight forward and profession/respectful in the email when you are first booking your appointment. Nothing puts a girl on the spot more than asking when we are there with you in the room.

it makes the entire rest of the time spent together very awkward 


How to ask for kinks but keep it professional?
07/21/22THANK YOU for this post. I make sure my pussy and ass smell like heaven every time I meet someone. and if their junk is smelly it is an instant turn off. I mean there is almost always a bathroom go give your business the once over and double check Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #7: Hygiene
07/16/22Working on pla Ning a nyc tour as I've not been there in ages Having fun in the pool today
07/16/22That is not your fault and they shouldn't ask for a fee like that. A situation out of your control should not require you to pay a penalty.
cancellation fee
07/11/22I have personally blacklisted people
When you cross a line it's over
Has anyone been Blacklisted before?
07/11/22If I show up to an appointment and someone says hey I got tested here is my proof and it wasn't talked about BEFORE I arrived it's not gonna happen. Everything you showed me as proof I would think is a scam and I might just leave
All trust is tossed right out the window
STI Test
07/09/22He'll yeah I made a list of pornstars who escort.
07/03/22I don't mind some pics and video for free but something like greek is gonna be extra. A day of not eating and making a super clean booty hole for clean fun takes work so thats extra extras
07/03/22I get asked crazy stuff all the time Why guys want to have girl piss in their mouths is beyond me Does anyone has ever requested extreme kinks and fetishes?
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