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09/26/22I've seen her, and her performance was lackluster. Zara Xena Extended NYC Stay
09/15/22Yeah same for me. All of your review posts are just showing up as the photo and a small part of the first sentence or two. Ryan Conner Review (August 2022)
09/15/22I had a duo with her and Jenni Tay. She's amazing and I wish she gave me the option to see just her at the time. Hopefully, I'll get to see just her and possibly take her up on the option to record as well. Pornstar Escorts Q&A: Sara St. Clair
09/07/22If you catch Danielle on a good day, you are in for an amazing time! Danielle Derek NYC
08/27/22Her TER ID is: 297187 She was listed as "Ava" on that site. I've seen her, and she's a mixed bag to be honest. Not GFE (a big strike in my book), doesn't put a lot of effort in, I honestly booked her because Danielle Derek flaked on me earlier that day and she happened to be in town. As they say, YMMV, but I wouldn't repeat with her.
Any reviews on Zara Go? She also goes by Xena XO. Couldn’t find reviews
08/21/22I've always been a fan of Aletta Ocean, but lately Anastasia Doll has replaced her in my mind. Anastasia is the younger, curvier version of Aletta, so as long as her performance is up to her appearance, she's worth at least 2 hours at that price. Anastasia Doll or Aletta Ocean
08/18/22She's listed in two different cites, but one ad ended on the 17th, so the New York ad might be legit. However, as others have said, a few two many red flags. Best I could say is call and see what kind of vibe she gives off. BRAZILIAN BELLA
08/18/22The next time I see her, I want to see her by herself. I did a threesome with her and Jenni Tay, and didn't get to focus on Sara as much as I would have liked. Sara St. Clair Touring
07/29/22Since Eros links expire, I would suggest having people post a screencap of the ad. Otherwise, you'll have a bunch of links that just lead to a state's landing page. EROS SCAM DEPOSIT LIST
07/19/22I was looking forward to more of the same the 2nd time. But she was having an off day and the performance was lacking in comparision to the 1st time. She's an amazing tit-f%ck of course! Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek
07/19/22I have seen her twice. Both were two hour appointments. I can honestly say I enjoyed the first time a little bit more than the second. We did a little of everything during my first time seeing her. BBBJ, lots of DFK, all positions, tit-fucking. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Danielle Derek

If it's someone that doesn't have enough reviews and I'm trying her for the first time, I'd say I usually will go with an hour to get an idea of what her performance will be.  If I'm going back for more, I don't book anything less than two hours because now I know what I'm in for and want to enjoy that feeling for as long as I can. So far my longest booking has been four hours and I'm looking forward to seeing that sexy lady again soon for another four hour session!

What's the amount of time you guys need with an Escort?
07/16/22Probably just wants to get a look at them as they currently look, sans photoshop, filters, older photos, etc. Any escorts that do videocalls?
07/16/22I've always found it easiest to book with Danielle directly. But I also agree with Cytherea, you shouldn't have to pay a cancellation fee if your flight gets cancelled. cancellation fee
07/04/22Can definitely agree with this. I show up dressed very well and have received both verbal compliments and non verbal responses (body language and facial cues that show excitement) from the ladies I've seen. It is clearly a change of pace when they see a guy come in dressed well. The last two providers I saw ended up giving me extra time at no charge because of the good mood I put them in. Escort Rules to Live By, Rule #4: Dress Code
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