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01/13/23Really? Where are those reviews listed? Kylie Page
12/30/22Lily Mei is an intresting One - give there are no revie available…hmm Elite Companions to Lookout For
12/22/22Eros is ful of scam ads. Especially Las vegas. It actually Comical how they post the same Girl but Under different names. Eros Scam Bait & Switch
12/20/22I hope it doesn’t turn out to be one Of Those bait+switches where shes’s simply agreed to have her image put up just to stir up interest for AIA But whenever anyone tries to make a booking is simply told she‘S “booked out”. Brigette B is on AIA
12/08/22Same Jenna love that was on set with Alia Janine just recently doing comedy. I wonder If she could convince Alia to maybe get into the providing game. I’d happily go 4k/hour! Jenna Love Upcoming Tour
11/27/22Any info on her current status would be helpful I guess.  She’s been MIA for some time even though she was pretty active via her socials prior. Jessica Bangkok?
10/27/22Amber Lynn Bach if she‘s willing to accept. You have $10k to use, who do you book?
09/30/22I think that’s actually pretty fair given her status. Richelle Ryan
09/22/22I think that’s a fake. IG model
08/12/22God Damn it. I‘m stuck Overseas. Lexi Luna Visits NYC Aug 19-23
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