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11/28/22Then you should have just said white and kept it moving Hottest escort right now
11/28/22Lol, so many questions, where are you based? Where have you looked and what one person thinks is hot others wouldn't, its subjective. Hottest escort right now
11/26/22It is, kerb crawling isn't. This PSPO is more for the appearance of streets being "cleaner" than a ban on sex work. UK Cracking Down on Escorting
11/23/22Ok thanks and noted Reviews: Sarah Jessie, Amia Miley, Jessa Rhodes, Kleio Valentine, Nadia Jay, Tia Cyrus, Daisy Stone
11/23/22How did you get an invite to the forumsubreddit, I've been trying to join Reviews: Sarah Jessie, Amia Miley, Jessa Rhodes, Kleio Valentine, Nadia Jay, Tia Cyrus, Daisy Stone
11/23/22Also thanks for the reviews, jealous of the jessa experience and even more interested in what daisy was saying lol Reviews: Sarah Jessie, Amia Miley, Jessa Rhodes, Kleio Valentine, Nadia Jay, Tia Cyrus, Daisy Stone
11/23/22What is this subreddit? Reviews: Sarah Jessie, Amia Miley, Jessa Rhodes, Kleio Valentine, Nadia Jay, Tia Cyrus, Daisy Stone
11/23/22 Allie Nicole Scam?
11/22/22Within the comments someone posted an earlier review where she did the exact same thing to another person. Also jokingly had a tiktok about it Allie Nicole Scam?
11/22/22EscortClientsOnly Allie Nicole Scam?
11/17/22Victoria summers suggested that I see Barbie Sins so it's good to know someone else here has seen her Barbie Sins Tour
11/12/22Would also be interested in hearing your UK hitlist Angel Wicky in London
11/12/22I was just about post this, got a text and an email. I am considering it but also considering taking a break from the hobby as its in Dec, plenty of time to decide Angel Wicky in London
11/09/22Judging from her onlyfans it's seems she is only doing anal. I may be showing my age here but Aurora Jolie used to only shoot anal scenes as she said she was saving herself for husband. A gimmick and it worked I guess. Jessie Rogers aka MzJessie
11/01/22All the sites I mentioned show pornstars but eurogirls is probably the best place to start Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
11/01/22Best website depends if you are solely looking for pornstars- eurogirlsescort, adultworks, tryst, uksugarbabes, internationalsugarbabe Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
11/01/22Legal in the uk Best websites for Spain, Colombia and the UK
10/28/22How long did you have with Blair? My PSE List
10/27/22I just emailed a provider asking whether we could have a shower together . Now that you mentioned the hair thing I'm expecting her to say no. I wasn't planning on having sex just a bit of mutual foreplay Is shower sex enjoyable with a provider?
10/26/22Lol that's wild. There are mid to lower priced women that wouldn't do that so not sure why Ryan would do that without asking. Maybe she has those meds that mean you are untouchable to anything and everything Vicki Chase Review (October 2022)
10/26/22It's such a predicament, half of me is saying wow that's cool but I also don't know if I would want someone to trust me based off of some questions. Vicki Chase Review (October 2022)
10/23/22Caught by LE or SO? Safety tips
10/21/22Ahh, makes sense in what she says about protections Val Steele
10/21/22No idea why I said 10, just went on the website and its atleast 30 Val Steele
10/21/22Well without derailing the thread that I started, if what you are saying is true about Hussie I'm actually grateful I don't live in the US as I would do everything I could do reach out/contact about 10 of the woman on their books Val Steele
10/19/22Not interested in providing services or not interested in joining Tryst? Alexis Adams Availability
10/19/22I've had a long crush on her, would consider fmty Alexis Adams Availability
10/17/22Just wanted to check whether anyone had real life reviews Skye Blue
10/17/22I know this post is old but whenever I see payton I wish this will change PAYTON PRESLEE
10/17/22Sorry $3,333 per hour, I'm not hating on the fee, charge what people are willing to pay but boy Kiara Looking for FMTYs
10/15/22As everyone has now mentioned they are incredibly slow. I've used their site to contact two providers, found an alternate method, met them and still haven't got a response from uksugarbabes UK Sugar babes
10/14/22I would like to know also Does Lauren Pixie provide ?
10/14/22Happy to hear you have been able to find someone you wanted to book My first escort
10/11/22Would highly recommend, really good vibes European Clients: Niykee Cruz
10/10/22Big fan, seen her before European Clients: Niykee Cruz
10/07/22Ain't her instagram pics recent? Maddy O’Reily NYC Confirmed
10/07/22I'm probably a bit naive but I always feel guilty when contacting many providers and making alternate plans as weirdly I feel like I'm giving them the run around. But I've been let down by my plan A's plenty of times so its why it has to be done , fortunately I haven't been sent messages but just have them go ghost on me when I try to book later Intimidation Bullshit Tactics
10/04/22Angel wicky was my first encounter into this hobby, I was so nervous lol. Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22That being said as it's not illegal here there is more quantity of providers in general and people make this a punting hobby so will see 1-2 girls a week. They will not be interested in pornstars but the rest of us will be Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22There are pornstars who escort that charge 1k per hour which isnt too far away from US prices, this is also a UK known pornstar and not a global one. A good name in the US will translate to a good name in the UK. Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22Lol Valentina Nappi
10/04/22Once the lineup is announced I'll spread on reddit as I get asked about some recommendations for London escorts Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22Nothing to add* Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22I got nothing to end except potentially looking at Tower Hill - Close to the financial centre of London so they can get that banker money also some decent hotels. Could also try the outskirts of canary wharf . Working on this as we Speak
10/04/22I'm hoping she is part of the list you were talking about who want to come to London lol Pornstar Escort of the Day: Jenna Starr
10/04/22Her and Lauren pixie would be a dream come true Advoree2
10/03/22I mean if you are under 5'8 and want to join the OF Social Scene it could be a good look. This could be the beginning of a great career. Good luck to all who apply Kazumi Offering FuckAFan
10/01/22Thank you, I'll be ready to welcome them all with open arms and a few monthly payslips lol Where do you want providers to tour?
09/30/22My wishlist or talent on tryst? Where do you want providers to tour?
09/30/22London, UK - my pitch is that it's legit over here, dollar/gbp is near parity so they can ask for their same rates, added appeal that we don't get loads of traffic so we would probably book everyone for their full trip just off of novelty Where do you want providers to tour?
09/29/22I was going to post about this as ella Hughes mentioned it in a tweet. I see UK and European providers so I have been ultra cautious and have taken a break for the time being. We have good testing facilities in the UK but I can't speak for Europe. Syphilis Update: Be Cautious of Europe Providers
09/24/22Started in March, seen about 10 PSEs and have spent around £7.2k , 2hrs each. Probably will slow down now and have started a separate account for the hobby How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?


can you tell me why you have me listed as available on your website as an escort when I’m actually not offering meets at all and also whilst we’re at it, maybe explain why you’re taking 25% upfront deposits in the form of gift cards for booking fake me’s time?
Ella Hughes
09/22/22Feels like BS to me though, I couldn't find her as I just assumed she was in the uk Ella Hughes
09/22/22Yeah I would check her twitter to see if she is there and yeah the pricing seems way too low, almost worth flying out there lol Ella Hughes
09/22/22Where did you see Ella Hughes listed? Maybe I used the wrong filter but I couldn't see her. I know she used to provide a few years back but didn't anymore - unless there had been some recent developments. I have seen a few of the girls listed on the site and they have the exact same number as I contacted them on so I'm assuming it's legit Ella Hughes
09/17/22Thank you Anny Aurora
09/17/22The fact she landed in Farnborough makes me think she flew by private jet. Let me try My luck even though my SW pot probably wouldn't stretch that far Luna Star International Provider
09/17/22If it was an outfall, why did you leave ? I may have misunderstood. Julie Cash
09/09/22CBJ? Damn thanks for the info because I think I would have been a bit surprised on the date if that occurred Elite Companions to Lookout For
09/09/22I had booked Jemma Jones as she was touring in London but unfortunately she had to cancel the London bit of her tour. As soon as she comes (if she does) I'm definitely booking again. Elite Companions to Lookout For
09/07/22Why do some posts get downvoted, lol Demi Sutra NYC Tour
09/07/22They didn't cost you anything? I'm gonna have to DM you because that is way more interesting than a positive review lol I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/06/22Wherever you work, are they hiring? I had a hell of a Summer!!
09/04/22Thanks Connie Perignon
09/03/22In London it's more about depth of choice other than having a preference for me. I date all races but upon reflection I have only seen non black providers. Some of the black providers don't see black males and the ones I have been interested in our calendars haven't aligned. Now you have said this I'm going to look again. I have 3 in my hotlists Race When Picking Provider
08/31/22Wow this sounds amazing. I always feel like it's best to scratch an itch, life is short, money comes and goes. Also what you don't want is what ifs, especially if a SW just stops providing Providers Are a Luxury
08/25/22She seemed responsive on reddit but that feels like a lifetime ago Alyx Star
08/22/22Been following her on twitter for a short sec so amazed to see her on here. The US really has all the luck lol Welcome to the Tryst Family All Natural Blonde Susie Stellar
08/21/22Yes but the point of not seeing a client's test has less about if she is tested regularly and has something it's more that the client could give her something or am I reading this wrong? Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/21/22Am I being naive to be shocked by this? Like her health is her livelihood so why wouldn't she want to see it. Even if she was on PreP it doesn't stop everything Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/21/22Am I a hater if I say I can't stand Adam and personally I don't find Lena that attractive Ryan Reid
08/20/22This has happened twice to me in my relatively short hobbying career. One was just beginning her cycle and the other one was just ending . I was more concerned about any discomfort they may be feeling because if I didn't look down there , I wouldn't have known Was on my way to an appointment and she got her period on me
08/20/22Congrats to her. I remember asking her If she was ever going to come to the UK because FMTY would be detrimental to my bank account Elena Koshka is Pregnant
08/16/22Definitely worded this wrong lol, i meant to say I would be paying her £1k, a European pornstar Shona River
08/15/22I like booking for 2hrs to relieve any pressure but I'll have to rethink that philosophy if I go ahead and book lol Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ryan Conner
08/15/22All I hear is how great Ryan is , in the old reddit sub she let a few take pics etc. What else would you say are the positives ? Would you Rather? Karia MIa or Ryan Conner
08/15/22I would rather they accepted Amex so I can start collecting points Has it Gotten to This Point?
08/15/22I'm seriously considering requesting a meet when she comes to London. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Ryan Conner
08/13/22@theeaglekid - how did you find tina kay and Victoria summers. They are both on my list to see but I try to space out my meets especially when I do 2hr incalls London Tips/Recommendations
08/11/22So I did meet her, very last minute, is looking to quit so didn't want any record on Adultworks, wasn't actually going to take the job but was given a good reference from another PS that I saw. Booked for 2hrs , stayed for just a bit over 2.5hrs Confirming/Chasing
08/09/22She is part of the few that whatever they asked for I would be for it. Even if it means not eating for a few months I'll be there Availability?
08/07/22I think I may be getting played . She reached out this morning to let me know she will arrange a time once she gets into London. She then messaged back a few hours later saying she is still on her monthly (which I completely understand, no resentment towards that, how could I), maybe I'm slightly jaded but is she looking for a way to cancel without saying it. I have held off any Plan B attempts but I'm getting slightly edgy lol. Confirming/Chasing
08/06/22Thursday, she confirmed it shortly afterwards but nothing since. I think I'll text tomorrow morning and if there is no response I'll chalk it up to the game and start looking for alternatives Confirming/Chasing
08/05/22With regards to suggestions I would say ava austen , may have to give a small deposit but she is legit , established and won't disappoint . I'll come back with others London Tips/Recommendations
08/05/22Shona river and kiara lord both advertise on tryst when they pass through London. London Tips/Recommendations
08/05/22Ava austen is on tryst though I booked her via adultwork London Tips/Recommendations
08/05/22I live in London and it has to be adultwork, I even check on uksugababes ( who can be terrible at replying) find the girls then look on adultwork to book. Though cheaper than the US there is a premium for pornstars which could be defined as someone with a few onlyfan videos to someone with an extensive brazzers catalogue. Last point on Adultwork- try their reverse Booking, put the amount you are willing to pay/time/date and let the providers come to you. Then pick your most suitable. Also try for both established and PS providers London Tips/Recommendations
08/01/22In the UK we currently have limited doses of the monkeypox vaccine and gay men are currently being prioritised . You would need to be on PreP also but I have had from some female providers who have found ways to get the vaccine Is MonkeyPox Something We Should be Cautious Of?
07/31/22@Tryst - while she was on your website do you know if she goy any meeting requests? If that's confidential I understand that too. It makes me feel like I should just take the plunge and fly over and see certain stars because you never know Chloe Temple/Kay Lovely contact
07/27/22BBFS is an option?
Emma was responsive on the previous forum and seemed like she would be a nice meet.
Paige is hot and performs well so I would hope that translates to a good service provider but who knows, same with chloe. You can't go wrong but to be sure maybe take out Emma based on the other comment. Now it's 50/50
Which of these do you recommend?
07/22/22I have no reviews but from her performances I would consider flying over to the US to see her Kay Lovely Experiences?
07/21/22 I have asked ones who didn't have a No BM policy just in case and they are nearly always insulted by it but I would rather ask than find out the hard way Rejection
07/16/22I can definitely do that, just need to make sure I do her justice, will definitely be booking again PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/15/22We do have a few, ava austen is one who i was fortunate enough to see and that experience was amazing PS Escorts to Look Out For
07/15/22I really need to consider making a visit to the US, it's quite limited in the UK. PS Escorts to Look Out For
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