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11/16/22lets hope Roxie Sinner
11/09/22yeah that is sad news about her being with them. Fix this for us tryst haha Good news and bad news
11/08/22I did already Tryst Agency Insights
11/08/22I agree with Spacemanspiff I met Lexi Lore through them back in August and it was easy. Communication was fast and they were informative. Plus having stayed in contact they have given me insights on other providers they don't even work with that have resulted in me both saving money AND having a few great experiences that did not make them a dime. Best customer service I have had. Tryst Agency Insights
10/24/22YES great addition would love to see her next time she is in NYC. Couldn't get the other agency to answer anything least I know you guys will Welcome Andreina Deluxe to the Tryst Family
10/18/22TER is dead for sure. Fake reviews in exchange for 2 week free VIP memberships. Its BS for sure. once in a blue moon you can find a thread of truth but the days where you could truly find good info there are gone The Erotic Review isn’t Fact
10/11/22Welcome Happy Friday
10/07/22One of the top 5 experiences I have had in this hobby. Karla Kush Hartford
10/05/22I had references and got approved in less than 24hrs....DAMN she needs to come to NYC Reese Robins special Rate for October
10/05/22Is this the chick that always posts about being a real lesbian, but is fine getting paid to take dick?  Zerella Skies NYC
09/28/22So damn sexy Ashley Peaks Review
09/06/22Jenna's BJ skills are on point Jenna Starr NYC Tour
09/06/22It is all covered. Maybe I got her on a bad day but Her princess attitude isn't worth $500 Vina Sky on PC
08/23/22Worth every penny. Get more than an hour or you will with you had Pornstar Escort of the Day: Karla Kush
08/13/22Bucket list for sure. I will be posting a review for sure. Jesus this will be fun Lexi Luna Visits NYC Aug 19-23
08/11/22I was one of those lucky few a few years back when she was in New York. She was amazing no doubt. glad I have that memory Nada Stevens?
08/10/22I spent time with her and I can attest that she is just as amazing in person as her pictures look here. She is a pleaser MILF alert
08/08/22Purring sorry Brittney Andrews
08/08/22She is super hot but makes this pouring sound while she fucks. I think it's a tick. Sort of a boner killer. Makes me laugh now Brittney Andrews
08/08/22Hello and welcome to the community. I see that you and your friend Lexi Lore are visiting NYC next week. I believe I am gonna reach out and see just how slutty you really can be. Your videos are pretty hot Hello everyone
08/08/22Next time you are in New York we are gonna have some fun. Bucket list stuff for sure Thank you to my fans
08/08/22can confirm that rate..Good luck at getting a reply from PC unless its a girl that is on tour Catalina Ossa Information
08/08/22There are some damn fine non porn star ladies out there for sure Elite Escorts To LookOut For
08/08/22I agree with @Tryst you might want to get tips from people that are doing what you want to do. This sort of reads more like an ad than anything else Starter Tips?
08/06/22I have seen India and can promise that this is a woman that truly loves what she does.  Pornstar Escort of the Day: India Summer
08/06/22I seen Amia a few years back through PC. She is not the porn star from her earlier work. Still hot but not the experience I was expecting. Pretty sure the mini bottle of Patron had something to do with it. I mean if you need to be drunk to do this work then maybe this is not for you. I can see where guys that are her fan would still want to see her but I wont do it again Amia Miley
08/05/22She has been on my bucket list for awhile. next work trip to LA is getting organized and this is a great reason to volunteer for that team Oh and Alexis T is back and ready to spread joy and cheer
08/03/22I would also be interested in hearing a review that anyone might have.  Ivy lebelle available in LA
08/03/22Jesus Christ she just gained a new fan in me for sure.  Chantal Danielle
08/01/22Got lucky enough to spend time with India before. She leaves an impression on a person that is for sure. All you Boston guys are lucky fucks  India Summer in Boston Aug 8-11
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