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03/14/23if your doing bbfs, i dont get how you wouldnt take a test. I only get tested 3 days prior to a bbfs meet and 3x/times for the next 90 days. but any time i do bbfs, i do 3 days and try to stretch it to 5 days if im seeing multiple in a short span Should we be getting tested regularly in the hobby?
03/13/23its crazy how many people lack just common social sense A Story on What Not to Do as a Prospective Client

suggest to her for her to come to seattle. i will 100% book

Zoey Sinn March Tour
03/02/23Sometimes you gotta think with your head and not your dick. He's a 10 but 3k is crazy to pay per hour Pornstar Escort of the Day: Hailey Rose
02/28/23Thats if your able to book her and she doesnt flake on you Brianna Dymond Breast Upgrade
02/20/233k is crazy. she hot but not 3k hot Welcome Hailey Rose and Max Fills to the Tryst Family
02/19/23how do you book christina cinn? Pornstar Escort Weekly Update Feb 5th-11th
02/19/23does sweet sophia offer BBFS/CIP? Sweet Sophia
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