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02/06/23Emailed her few months ago.. never heard back Rose Monroe
02/02/23Agreed. I posted my list and got negative responses as well.. some of them saying that “I’m making this up” .. who on earth would I even do that.. smh The negativity of some people is fucking unbearable
02/02/23They were great.. I’d definitely repeat! My list
01/31/23I already wrote about them previously My list
01/31/23Not worth it! My list
01/31/23This whole BBL trend is becoming infectious in the porn industry because of all this OF/IG models doing it. Connie Perignon Possibly Out of Commission For Awhile
01/29/23Her rates are different.. I met her through a very good friend of hers so the rate she gave me was different that what she usually charges Blueface Barbie Review
01/29/23I decided to take this one for the team.. now you have one review Blueface Barbie Review
01/29/23I met her during her prime and paid for whatever she asked.. she was such a great time and hot body.. but now she’s kinda weird too.. I wouldn’t repeat  Vitoria J
01/23/23Were you able to get response from her via email? Maria Gjieli on Eros
01/22/23Any reviews about her? Maria Gjieli on Eros
01/19/23Jenna Starr.. the worst experience  What pornstar have you been with that was a TOTAL LET DOWN?
01/17/23I heard that lucky B offers CBJ only.. anyone had a recent review on her? Lucky B & Virgp Peridot Offering Duos
01/17/23Heard mixed reviews about her .. mostly bad.. I won’t take the risk with much money Nicolette Shea on PC
01/11/23$4K for FMTY Lia Lovely Review
01/07/23Pretty depressing  Anyone Looking to Book Alex Harper?

They offer all covered services.. even CBJ..

I met Gabriella Allure and tbh I think she doesn’t have good hygiene.. don’t waste your money.. you can pay the same for a better experience.

Tatiana T Duos Tour
01/05/23It’s fake. I emailed her before and she said she doesn’t provide  Need Confirmation for Jordyn Falls
01/04/23How can you book her? Rose Lynn Q&A Coming New Week
01/02/23Where do I find this video that everyone is talking about? Halle Hayes…..

1- Bridgette B

2- Savannah Bond

3- kayley Gunner

4- Luna Star


New Years Resolutions “Provider Addition”
12/30/22Saw her before.. nice lady.. regular escort experience.. not a PSE just regular GFE Bree Taylor

Maybe you met her after she took her meds lol

I've met over 30 pornstars and let me tell you that she was the worst!

Jenna Starr Review
12/29/22No and No Carmela Clutch
12/29/22Yes. 20% Carmela Clutch
12/28/22(30 mins:$800, 1 hr:$1200, 2 hrs:$2200, 3 Hrs:$3200, Overnight:$5000) Carmela Clutch
12/25/22Nice body .. the problem is not matter how long you book her she only allowed 2 pops and keeps complaining about how much she doesn’t like big dicks (in case you have one lol) Richelle Ryan in New York
12/21/22Meeting her next month! Lia Lovely (Jadore Jayanna) Review
12/18/22Met her a couple of times.. one before porn and second after she started shooting for porn.. her behavior completely changed.. like she doesn’t give a fuck. It was good while it lasted lol Connie Perignon Rate Increases
12/16/22How would anyone contact uptown Jenny.. sent her emails and texts but I got no response. Pornstar Escort Weekly Tour Update Dec 11th
12/16/22Hot body but all is covered.. not worth the price Hot Ass Hollywood in New York
12/13/22Awesome.. does she do FMTY? Welcome Ivy Lebelle to the Tryst Agency
12/13/22Been seeing/hearing a lot of this .. maybe there’s a wave of STDs hitting the porn industry that’s why these girls are being careful or maybe they’re playing us. The thing it’s sometimes safer to fuck a PS than a random girl from seeking or secret benefits as they get tested regularly.. I become more clear when I book a PS to ask about GFE OR BBJ if she says no I move on. Sorry to hear that and thanks for the review TOFTT: Vanessa Blake Review
12/12/22Coz she’s fucking mental with multiple personalities disorder lol..she can flip anytime during the meeting and makes you totally uncomfortable with her rude comments and shitty personality. Jenna Starr January Tour
12/12/22I just flew her to see me last week. Overall nice lady with an amazing body.. what disappointed me the most was the CBJ, she brought small condoms and I’m on the bigger side so the condoms kept breaking and we ended up finishing via titfuck .. tbh I wouldn’t repeat for the price Kailani Kai Looking for a New York FMTY
12/08/22Not really.. her body is totally weird.. everything covered.. attitude.. not worth it Would Brandi Bae be worth it?
12/08/22Got a hold of her via email for a possible meeting. Will let you guys know how it goes. Pornstar Escort of the Day: Mandi May
12/07/22Hopefully getting some girls to come to Boston  Happy December
12/03/22I sent the email last month and a text today Uptown Jenny
11/29/22I wish.. she was very clear she only see regulars or referrals from trusted friends like Riley Rabbit (who I met before) Angelina May (Gigi)
11/29/22Her friend was much better than her.. but she makes the whole vibe bad and uncomfortable Jenna Starr Offering Duos
11/29/22No email her.. it was through a friend of hers who I met before. Angelina May (Gigi)
11/29/22 Angelina May (Gigi)
11/29/22Dallas Texas Angelina May (Gigi)
11/28/22GFE.. but it’s like fucking doll.. no response.. rude comments . Totally mental Jenna Starr Offering Duos
11/28/22I met her recently for a duos. Horrible experience.. bad communication skills .. she will force to cum faster so she can end the meeting early.. I had better experience with $500/hr escort than this girl.. unless you wanna blow your money away Jenna Starr Offering Duos
11/26/22She used to book with porncompanion.. I wonder what happened  Kali Roses Visiting New York
11/26/22She does provide.. I emailed her and she responded right away.. I’m just if someone saw her before Kristine 38N & UTR Duos Pittsburg
11/25/22How did you book her? I wonder if she does a FMTY Anybody in NYC want to DP Nicole Doshi?
11/25/22Anybody had any luck booking her? Lia Lovely
11/24/22I met her last month.. it was such a great experience  Pornstar Escort of the Day: Sara Jay
11/20/22Anyone had a experience with her who share it with us? Ebony Mystique
11/19/22I met her few years ago before she got rid of her big boobs and ass. Good experience.. BBJ on point.. BBF with test.. very sweet lady Victoria June

She doesn’t provide GFE.. everything is covered 

nice girl tho.

Ryle Rabbit Confirmed in Dallas
11/13/22India Summer and Hot Ass Hollywood  Best squirting PS escorts
11/13/22It’s not that bad and it’s partially her fault.. she went to a foreign country (Turkey) with a passport that is almost full.. they couldn’t give her a visa in a full page.. I’m sure she learned her lesson and won’t do something stupid like that again.. Connie Perignon possibly Deported?
11/12/22Heard she offers CBJ.. one pop .. not worth it Xena NYC
11/09/22I would avoid Taylor Lynn.. met her few months ago. She gained a lot of weight with average performance.. plus all is covered including CBJ .. not worth it  Elite Companions to LookOut For
11/09/22I don’t think so. She became religious and started speaking against porn. Jessie Rogers aka MzJessie
11/08/22Met her before .. one of the most boring fuck I have ever had.. great body and BBJ but not very pleasant personality.. not worth the amount she’s charging.. thumbs down  Jenna Starr Boston Confirmed
10/19/22I met her last summer in Boston.. nice lady but she had a bad boob job that ruined her massive boobs. Amy Anderssen in Boston
10/19/22I was planning but she said that she want to go have dinner at the hotel restaurant.. basically asking me to leave Richelle Ryan Review
10/11/22I posted all mine before  Reviews
10/08/22Through a girl I met before who’s friends with her IG model Kiki Doll
10/06/22Heard she offer only CBJ .. not even GFE Lucky B Dallas
10/06/22Met this lovely lady in Phoenix few months ago and she is amazing I highly recommend her. Loving this site!!
10/03/22Met her recently.. nice girl .. great body.. everything is covered tho Rylee Raye
09/30/22Boston  Where do you want providers to tour?
09/30/22Her email is on her twitter.. I’m asking if someone has any experience to share about her Richelle Ryan
09/29/22Katalina Kyle does a great rimming Best Rimming Provider?
09/28/22I wrote a review about her before PS I met
09/28/22Yeah.. everything was covered.. she has a great body and great personality.. but the cbj was a turn off for me.. especially with how much she charges PS I met
09/28/22Only Victoria June PS I met
09/28/22Agreed.. I only saw her once and probably won’t repeat PS I met
09/28/22Overall 7/10 .. I was bummed by the cbj part but she has a great personality and easy to talk to PS I met
09/28/22Agreed.. she is a lot of fun! PS I met
09/28/22She was great.. she really enjoys what she does and really into fucking.. BBJ, BBF are on the menu.. she also squirts PS I met
09/28/22I met her during her prime porn days.. BBJ, DFK, BBFs.. not sure if she still provide.. also I heard she had breast reduction. PS I met
09/26/22Didn’t see good reviews about her Zara Xena Extended NYC Stay
09/24/22What was your experience with her? Elite Companion Spotlight: Angelina Avery
09/20/22I thought you’re not supposed to send these requests on social media or OF. IG model
09/20/22Had once with Katalina Kyle.. not too bad.. she actually enjoys it but it’s not for me Your Greek experiences
09/18/22Of course I paid before.. you can’t just not pay when you meet these PS Julie Cash
09/18/22I wish you would have responded to the question I asked last month before I booked her Julie Cash
09/18/22It was a hotel room I specifically booked for that meeting.. I just left while she was changing..I couldn’t stay any longer with her poor hygiene and bad smell Julie Cash
09/18/22I’d highly recommend Gina West.. she’s a ball of energy  Recommendations: Phoenix, AZ
09/18/22It’s on tryst.. I can’t find any review of her tho Lila Lovely
09/14/22Thanks for the advice.. I booked them next month.. will update with a review after meeting them. Juliet
09/07/22Sounds like a scam ??  New Escort Auctioning Virginity
09/06/22Planning on meeting her in October.. would love to hear of any feedback from whoever met her Jenna Starr NYC Tour
09/05/22How do you contact her? Preference
09/05/22I heard she is expensive and provide cbj only.. ask for more money when she meets in person.. you gotta see who she hangs out with (same kinda mentality providers) won’t take the risk Dani Banks recent tour - Did anyone get in on this?
09/05/22Possible.. I’d say after she verify you ask her about the menu and prices Connie Perignon
09/05/22With all data being leaked nowadays and ends on dark web and scammers blackmailing people I wouldn’t give all these personal infos to anyone.. I tell them I can provide you a list of recent models/PS I met.. you can contact them to find that I’m safe and real.. if they don’t like it then my life doesn’t need that kinda risk Lourdes?
09/05/22Syren De Mar .. if she provides  Preference
09/04/22I won’t repeat even if it was for free.. such a bad experience.. not worth it at all! Casca Akashova September Tour Dates
09/04/22She’s just too rude and it’s really difficult to communicate with her .. even I’m verified with her and I have a 10+ list of references with pornstars I met.. ugh so annoying  Richelle Ryan
09/04/22Her rates are also on her website Connie Perignon
09/04/22I didn’t ask.. I usually prefer not to Connie Perignon
09/03/22I met her a year ago.. shes fun.. BBJ.. BBF (with a recent test) .. I heard she underwent some surgery of breast reduction and ass reduction and focusing on her DJ career. Victoria June
09/03/22She’s probably spending the weekend with one of those rich folks in Martha’s Vineyard  Luna Starr FMTY
09/02/22Too bad she never visit the northeast Ashlyn Peaks available in Miami and Ft Lauderdale
09/02/22Seeing her in few weeks will update my review after Rylee Rabbit
08/30/22I reached out to Kalina (out of curiosity) booking are handled by Lourdes who are a pain to work with in term of verification, deposit, membership.. etc.. If you got the money go for Luna through Tryst who are easier to work with than this whole Lourdes nonsense  Kalina Ryu and Luna Starr Duo Made in Heaven
08/30/22Anyone has any experience with her to share? Is she really worth it? Luna Star
08/29/22(30 mins:$800, 1 hr:$1200, 2 hrs:$2300, 3 Hrs:$3200 Overnight:$6000) Jenna Starr
08/27/22Any recent reviews of her? Julie Cash is Planning a Tour
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