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01/25/23I’ve seen Izzy @ chicken ranch. She is a sweetheart! Actually had no idea she was a porn star until she told me. She looks much better in person imo. 3000 for 1.5 hours (you can negotiate if you want) and it was a wonderful experience. Everything needs to be covered. Nikki Sweet and Isabella Nice at Vegas Ranch's.
01/13/23Saw her in November. She has a very cool girl vibe. She’s a bit restrictive (only light kissing), everything needs to be covered w/o clean test, can’t eat her out without a test either. Definitely open and speaks her mind which I appreciate.  Emma Starletto Los Angeles

Wasn’t it her sister Kacey that did the scamming? Here’s a thread about it:

Not sure if it necessarily means Kylie’s is BS too?

Kylie Quinn $1200
12/26/22Can vouch for the chicken ranch = good experience. Also, Sheri’s is the one right next door. Lacey Lennon at Chicken Ranch
12/23/22It is $10 / entry payable thru Venmo / cash app  Kylie Quinn
12/21/223 hrs What’s the longest you have hired a girl?
12/20/22I definitely highly prefer natural. But then again I’m also into super petite, slim & A cups. Not a lot of breast reduction going on in the adult world … Natural or Enhanced?

Current (in order): Alex Grey, Uma Jolie, Paris White, Emma Rosie, Karla Kush

Past: Alexa Grace, Payton Avery (was on PC for a hot sec), Jaye Summers (might be UTR now?), Ariana Marie (rumored), Emily Willis 

2023 Wishlist
12/14/22What’s the best way to reach out to Scarlett Sage? AVN Lineup/ Hotel References
12/13/22Hey at least this Amy Taylor is getting some extra publicity here! Does Anyone do This Dumbshit?
12/11/22Everything must be covered in a NV brothel by law. PSE just means you get a recording Lacy Lennon providing at Brothel
12/10/22+1 million for Jaye Summers Happy December
12/10/22Makes me dropping 3k for 1.5 hrs with another star at the same location seem like a bargain :) Lacy Lennon providing at Brothel
12/08/22NV brothels are required to be fully covered for BJ & penetration by law Legal brothels Chicken ranch
12/08/22I paid 3000 for 1.5 hours. YES I KNOW I WAS “RIPPED OFF” aka paid a very high price. But the experience was 10/10 and I would pay it again for the same service. Fun fact the girl is a former porn star; you can check their website if you wanna see who. Legal brothels Chicken ranch

I see y'all are constantly adding new options which is fantastic. Expanded touring would be tremendous.

Do you feel like the newer girls are more / less likely to get involved? I'll throw a few hail mary's (no particular order):

1. Mackenzie Mace

2. Payton Avery - she was with PC for a very short time; I think she only does camming now

3. Dani Blu

4. Maya Woulfe - says on her twitter she doesn't do meets but a man can dream...

5. Lily Larimar


Happy December
12/06/22+1 for DC Happy December
12/05/22One time I was asked to take a shower and the girl took like a 20 min one after me. When I asked about it, she said they did count towards time but we ended up going over so it ended up not mattering. Does Showering take up time?
11/30/22Tried to edit my original post to thank everyone for their excellent insights but much of my original post got deleted instead. Looks like I will be creating an OF account and using some of the strategies below in the near future. Cold Approach Part 2 - Online / OnlyFans

So I reached out to a provider I know; according to her, this is commonplace at these types of events. In her opinion, it is fine as long as you are respectful and nice about it. I.E., don't go in guns blazing but a bit more subtle: "Hey, are you attending any of the after-parties? I'd love to chat a bit more." 

Now, this is only one girl's opinion, and she is publicly on one of the big sites, so take that into account. Feel free to downvote if y'all think it is a BAD idea!

Cold Approach Part 1 - Live / In-Person
11/23/22This is good info, thx. Seems like a convention is not a good forum for this, maybe an after party event would be better. Fwiw, I have had success cold approaching in a strip club w/ an OF model. Cold Approach Part 1 - Live / In-Person
11/15/22Very difficult to just start out. Booking your first shoot will be the most challenging. 1. There are a LOT of legal signoffs for "pro" shoots. 2. Many agents are not going to send girls to work with someone brand new. Rank your favorite model agency!
11/15/22They have a bevy of quality actresses for sure. There are just a couple top girls I prefer at some of the others. Rank your favorite model agency!

All time: Alexa Grace 

currently active: Chloe temple with lily larimar a close 2nd


Who’s your FAVOURITE pornstar?
11/12/22Thanks for the tip! Anyone know Cecelia Taylor?

Several thoughts on this:

1. Most actors / actresses look different from what you see on-screen. Makeup, lighting, post production, whatever the case may be. In my experience, half look better and half look worse. Granted, I’ve long thought Lana looks significantly different from her “film look”. 

2. I actually appreciate “candid” or no makeup pics bc it shows a. The girl is confident in herself b. I get a more realistic expectation. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m not expecting a girl to do like two hours of professional (like hire someone to do it) hair and makeup before each meet. More info is good, right? It’s all about managing expectations. Plus it’s extra exciting seeing someone prettier than her pictures!

3. I really don’t think this pic is THAT bad. I mean cmon lizard level??

What happen to Lana Sharapova?
10/25/22Felt compelled to comment: I’ve dealt with T a few times this year and all three went fine. Interested in more info for sure, but I’m loath to judge based on a one sided account with no rebuttal. I mean two of those charges are from over 20 years ago. The Fuck is Going On at PC
09/30/22Another vote for DC! Where do you want providers to tour?

16k on 4 PSE starting this summer. I like to go for extended sessions > 2 hours.

My friends like to joke that I’m “cash poor”

How much has everyone spent on a Provider Overall?

I saw her earlier this year. Very good experience. 1700/hour; I did two. I reached out to her email directly but its run by PC.

We chatted for a bit (she's very receptive to compliments) and started with some kissing. After that, I ate her out which was magical. I think she was in a good mood at that point because she suggested a few other positions and I sorta went along for the ride. I completely lost track of time TBH. 

Definitely would recommend. 

Charity Crawford?
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