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Escort Review Forum - What Are They?

The typical escort review forum that most people search for used to be for Ford escorts, but no longer. These days, what people are really looking for are escorts like as in providers or prostitutes.
If you are a hobbyist or are considering using the services of such providers, being the wise consumer that you are, you might want to look around to read any reviews on a escort provider. Finding a escort forum board is fairly easy. Doing a quick Google search in your area will quickly provide you with many results.

What you want to look for when deciding which escort review forum to use is the amount of actual active members. The more members (real members), the better your chance at getting your questions answered.
Look out for auto-generated content, posts or threads. They should be fairly easy to spot as they are mostly gibberish that a human obviously did not write. Also, check out adult industry news for updated pornstar content

How do I use a Escort Review Forum

Using a escort review forum is faily simple as most forums follow the format of "posts" (or topics or threads) and "replies". Sometimes the replies to an original can be nested infinately, which is often the case for olders forum boards, like those embedded in Craigslist, but those typically become unruly and unreadable after many levels down. The result is that the user spends more time traversing the "tree" than on the content itself.

Modern forum boards often serve a very targeted interest and are scoped to keep the viewer in a desired subject. That being said, most newer forum boards are very simple: 1) Ask a question (start a topic or thread), and 2) Get it answered or start a whole conversation around your question. That's it!

Are there advantages to being a paid member of a escort review forum?

Just about every forum board requires you to create your membership before they will allow you to post to it. Most are free and some are "closed" or paid. Being a paid member of a escort forum board definately has its privileges.

For example, Escort Access will only show you posts and replies if you are a paid member, and those posts and replies contains highly useful information!! You can get personal direct reviews from other hobbyists who have direct knowledge and experience of the provider that you are asking about.
Members in this paid forum also discuss escort prices openly. You will know without a doubt if what you are about to pay is fair.

Quite often, forum boards that are open and free to the public run wild and are absolutely filled with spam. Perhaps the largest forum system to date is Reddit. With over 21 billion page views (21,000,000,000) a month, 50% of the top Reddit subcommunity pages are links to other places.
Yes, Reddit is a great place for sharing on and voting on information and posts, but they are quickly banning content when it comes to escorts. A specialided escort review forum then makes sense, better if you have a pay a little something for it each month.

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